Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews & How to Choose One

Making the right choice for a hybrid table saw could be a tedious task. Maybe, as a professional woodworker, you're searching for the best hybrid table saw to use for your different woodwork projects. Or you're simply a DIY enthusiast looking for a premium hybrid table saw for your DIY crafts. Whichever category you fall into, these hybrid table saw reviews will simplify your decision process as you'll get a feel of the top-rated products.

Let's get down to it. Our top pick is Grizzly GO715P Hybrid Table Saw. This polar bear series Hybrid table saw combines the lightness and portability of the contractor saw and the dust control features of a cabinet saw. 


The Grizzly GO715P Hybrid Table Saw is highly recommended for people looking for a 2-in-1 affordable table saw.

It's portability and lightness doesn't limit its ability to get the job done. This hybrid table saw has the power to literally cut any kind of wood with great accuracy.

You see, you get these outstanding benefits for a little above $1,000. The Grizzly GO715P is definitely the best hybrid table saw available in the market today.

The interesting part is that... This round up of top hybrid table saws will help you skip the hassle of going through the features of several products as the benefits and drawbacks of the best hybrid table saw are clearly stated. You see, you NOT only get to know their strengths, the review also elucidates their weaknesses. The weakness is what many product advertisements FAIL to mention since no one is willing to expose their Achilles heel. 

Why Should You Trust Us?

We're a team of experts dedicated to helping you make the right choice through an unbiased comprehensive guide. Most agencies do pay reviews or irrelevant reviews since they lack the skill to do a proper research. This review is carried out to help you make the right choice and select the product that's most suited for you. 

After using the various products in the market and spending over 30 hours in research, we've come up with a list of top four hybrid table saws. In this list, you'll discover all you need to know about these amazing products and finally be able to pinpoint the right machine suited for your project. 

There’s no such thing as a perfect DIY tool, and you probably know that already. However, the brands and models we’ve picked don’t have any serious disadvantages—if they did, they wouldn’t be part of the list!

Best Hybrid Table Saw Comparison - Features, Ratings, Price

Top Models


Cut Angle



Shop Fox W1851


0–45 degrees

410 lbs

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36-inch


0, 22.5 & 45 degree bevel cuts

24 lbs

Shop Fox W1824


0-45 degrees

380 lbs

Shop Fox W1837


0-45 degrees

243 lbs

Grizzly G0715P


22.5 or 45 degrees

69 lbs

Best Hybrid Table Saw Buying Guide - Things to Consider

A hybrid table saw combines the best features of a cabinet saw and the contractor saw. With the hybrid table saw, you get double benefits for a little price. So, the hybrid table saw is cost-effective, making you get more value for your money.

If you get one of the best models, they can be set to be very accurate, and yet they’ll also be light and small enough so you can move them around in your shop.

So how do you pick the best ones if you’re going to do your own search for the best saw for you? Although each hybrid table saw has its unique features, there certain things to consider before making your purchase.

Important Hybrid Table Saw Fundamentals

  • Size: If you have a small shop, then you’ll need a hybrid table saw that can fit your available space.
  • Power: What exact tasks do you need to do with the saw most of the time? You need to have the horsepower and the rip capacity that matches your needs. It is one thing if your most common use for the hybrid table saw is to rip hardwood that measure less than an inch thick. It’s another thing entirely when you tend to rip thick maple on a daily basis. 
  • Safety Features: Table saws are by their very nature inherently dangerous. So safety is always an important consideration. Most saws offer a riving knife as a way to prevent kickbacks. Kickbacks are after all the most common cause of table saw accidents. But you may find other safety features in the different models. These may include blade guards. 
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    Dust Collection System: This is one of the main problems with contractor saws, and it’s still a problem with lower-quality hybrid table saws. At the very least, you need to have a 4-inch dust port. Without a proper dust collection system, you don’t just have to contend with pesky cleanup issues. You also risk your health.
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    Quality: How good is the fence? The quality of the fence is the main factor in getting a great fit. You also need a high quality belt system, so that you don’t suffer slippage problems and power loss. One of the reasons why it’s very important to read hybrid table saw reviews written by customers is that you can get a fair idea of which models have fences that aren’t good and which belt systems are prone to breakdowns.
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    Ease of assembly: All the features won’t matter if you aren’t able to assemble the table saw properly. This should be easy, and the instructions should be clear. Problems with assembly won’t just get you poor results—it can get very dangerous! So read hybrid table saw reviews written by regular folks. What’s easy for an expert may not be that easy for newbies.
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    Price: You can’t really ignore this factor. After all, part of the reason why you’re getting a hybrid is because a full-size cabinet saw is way too expensive.

Hybrid Table Saws Vs Other Table Saws

Before the advent of hybrid table saws, DIY hobbyists only had 2 options for saws.

One option is to get a cabinet style table saw, which offered the best features. These are big and heavy, and they’re very expensive. While the investment may be worthwhile for contractors, the price is too expensive for regular DIY hobbyists.

The other option is a contractor saw, which is much more affordable. But the problem with these saws is that they weren’t all that good, so you tend to get lower quality results. They don’t have enough power for your furniture-making needs and they’re hard to adjust. Often they also have very poor dust collection systems. These things need lots of proper maintenance, and they still tend to break down more easily.

The hybrid is the new 3rd option. It offers many of the features you see only in cabinet saws and not in contractor saws. They’re smaller and less expensive than cabinet saws. But they produce better results than contractor saws, and they don’t need as much maintenance. Check out the below hybrid table saw reviews and you’ll notice that people just prefer hybrids to contract saws.

Hybrid Table Saw Uses

A hybrid table saw is ideal for any type of Residential DIY projects or Woodworking.

This is especially true if you choose a decent one from our featured list. It can do the same residential and light commercial jobs that cabinet saws can do. It’s great for making small cabinetry and for craft projects.

With this saw, you can make a lot of different types of furniture for your home. You can make simple tables and chairs, desks, cabinets, and bookshelves.

Top Hybrid Table Saw 2018 Reviews 

Want to know which one is the best for your needs? Find the most suitable hybrid table saw among these top best hybrid table saw 2017 contenders now.

1. Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw with Extension Table

Shop Fox W1824

This is a hybrid table saw that designed to work on both 110 and 220 volts. It features a 2-HP motor with a ripping capacity of 30 inches. It measures 58 (L) by 36 (W) by 40 (H) inches.The arbor speed is 3850 rpm and the max dado width is 13/16 of an inch. The maximum cut depth at 90 degrees is 3⅛ inches. At 45 degrees, it’s 2 and 3/16 inches. Perhaps the most notable features here have to do with safety. It comes with a riving knife that works well in preventing kickbacks.

It also has a quick-release blade guard, and this is a clear guard so you can see where the blade is cutting on the work piece. As you push the workpiece into the saw blade, the guard lifts, and it remains in contact with the work piece through the whole cut.You also have anti-kickback pawls. These keep the work piece travelling in just a single direction. When a kickback occurs and the work piece moves backwards, these pawls dig into the workpiece to slow or stop its backward movement.


  • It’s easy to assemble. Lots of hybrid table saw reviews mention this.
  • The safety features (riving knife, blade guard, pawls), are in one assembly, and easy to remove.
  • The T-shaped fence glides and is easy to move.It has a 4-inch dust port.
  • It’s fairly durable and comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Once the blade is aligned properly, there’s no need to adjust the miter gauge and fence.


  • Adjusting the blade can be tricky.
  • Moving this around your shop can be difficult. It weighs 380 pounds and there are no wheels.

All in all, it’s a solid table saw and the safety features are outstanding. It’s not surprising to see it get so many positive hybrid table saw reviews.

2. Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife, 10-Inch

Gizzly GO715P

Many consider this as the best hybrid table saw under $1000. The typical Grizzly hybrid table saw review tends to sing its praises, as lots say that it’s the best hybrid table saw for the money. It measures 60 (L) by 36 (W) by 40 (H) inches.

Consider first that its specs mirror that of the Shop Fox W1824:

  • It offers a 2-HP motor with an arbor speed of 3850.
  • The maximum cut depth at 90 degrees is also at 3⅛ inches.
  • ​At 45 degrees, it’s 2 and 3/16 inches.
  • It also features an easy-glide fence system, a quick-release riving knife and blade guard assembly, knurled knobs for fence adjustments, and a 4-inch dust port.​

However, all these similar features come with a much lower price. That’s why many say in their Grizzly hybrid table saw review articles that this is the best value hybrid table saw today. So what can you expect from this best hybrid table saw contender? Since nothing is perfect, however. Even some rave hybrid table saw reviews may note these pros and cons.


  • It’s fairly easy to assemble, and it should only take a couple of hours.
  • The adjustments stay dead-on.The splitter works extremely well.
  • This comes with a fantastic fence with terrific results.
  • You have regular and dado blade table inserts.
  • The safety features include a riving knife, a quick-change blade guard, and anti-kickback pawls which you can place away from the work piece.
  • The price is very affordable, and you may not find it easy to find a contender for this  under $1000.


  • It’s a couple of inches longer at 60 inches.
  • It’s also quite heavy at 450 pounds. Since it doesn’t have wheels, moving it around your shop will be a challenge.

In any case, if you have a limited budget it doesn’t mean you have to do without the features of the best hybrid table saw. You may end up writing a rave hybrid table saw review about it yourself. However, it’s very popular so you may have to spend more time looking for a seller. It sells very briskly that sellers quickly run out of stock.

3. LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36-inch Hybrid Table Saw Rip 110 V

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V

What is the best hybrid table saw? Just about everyone who has tried this Laguna Tools Fusion saw say in hybrid table saw reviews that this is the best hybrid table saw for the money. It may be several hundred dollars more expensive than the Shop Fox, but it seems like every hybrid saw review on this gives it top marks.

The most notable feature you may notice here is that the trunnion isn’t attached to the tabletop like in other hybrid table saws. Instead, it’s mounted on the frame just like on cabinet saws. 

This makes sure that the tabletop is always flat. You also have premium features that you may not see in other hybrid table saws:

  • It has built-in wheels.
  • It comes with a quick-change riving knife.
  • It features a double miter slot.It also comes with a precision fence with hairline readout.
  • The adjustments for blade height and bevel angle are very smooth.The maximum cut 90-degrees: 3¼ inches.
  • For 45-degree cuts, it’s 2¼ inches.The rip capacity is 36 inches. It features a 4-inch dust port and a belt drive.
  • It measures 44 by 27 inches with extensions.
  • It only weighs 266 pounds, and with the built-in wheels it’s very easy to move around.

As for the drawbacks, there are very few issues. The insert plate is rather mediocre, and the wrenches are certainly cheap. All in all, it still offers the best value hybrid table saw models can offer for the dedicated hobbyist.

4. Shop Fox W1837 Hybrid Table Saw (Under $1000)

Here is another Hybrid Table Saw by Shop Fox. It brings along every feature that you expect from a great quality hybrid saw. It works simply phenomenal, and this is the reason everybody loves it. With a great power motor, the rip capacity of this product is 30 inches to the right and 15 inches to the left.

The speed of this hybrid saw is 3450 RPM, which is not bad. The diameter of the blade is ten inches. It accompanies all the features of a cabinet saw as well, and it has an ability to control the dust. The assembling process of this hybrid table saw is very simple, and that makes it all more convenient. It is definitely a product worth giving a chance.

Following are some of the amazing features that this hybrid saw offers:

  • It comes with 2 HP motor.
  • It offers interchangeable riving knife. It comes with a mobile base that is built in. 
  • The height and angle of the blade are adjustable. It is dust resistant so it will make your work all free of dust. 
  • You can tilt the blade from zero to 45 degrees. You can lose the blade any time and adjust the angle according to your choice.
  • The rip capacity is 36The quick-release blade guard assembling process is another great factor.
  • It is covered with a warranty of two years so in the given time, you can exchange and return the product in the case of any issue. 

Talking about disadvantages of this product, there are not many except the fact that it is little heavy so you cannot move it around on your own. Also, adjusting the height and angle of the blade is something quite tricky with this product so take extra care when doing so. 

OUR TOP PICK: Grizzly GO715P Hybrid Table Saw

Final Words – Over to You!

It’s very easy to make the wrong choice when you’re buying hybrid table saws. It’s a very costly mistake too.

That’s why we’ve prepared this of the top 3 best hybrid table saw models. All these hybrid table saws are dependable, durable, and easy to assemble and use. They’ve received lots of rave hybrid table saw reviews. They also come with reasonable price tags. With one of these saws, you’ll find your DIY projects easier, more fun, and with much better results.