How to Cut Tile Without a Tile Cutter

The name “tile cutter” tells you about the utility of the product. It is used to cut tiles. Tiles can be cut in straight lines with a tile cutter and nothing more than that. How about cutting tiles for the curved surfaces? Will the same tile cutter work? It definitely won’t. Don’t worry! There are ways to cut tiles without even using a tile cutter. Tiles of the floors have straight cuts and therefore the use of tile cutter makes sense. Let us now understand the cutting technique of tiles without using a tile cutter.

How to cut tile without a tile cutter?

The process of cutting tiles without a tile cutter is lengthier but within one’s budget. You don’t have to dent your pocket in order to cut tiles as per the need of the surface. Let us first understand the cutting of the tiles in straight lines and making holes.

  1. Marking the exact point: The first step to cutting tiles without a tile cutter is marking a point on the tile. The best is to mark the top of the tile from where you want to cut it into pieces. Make sure you have an accurate measuring tape or any device to check the point marked.
  2. Square: Now after the mark has been done, placing a square mark a little away from the marked point should be the next step.
  3. Scoring: With the help of a glass cutter, the tile needs to be scored on the point marked earlier.
  4. Placing on a solid surface: Now, it is time to place the tile on a solid surface, with a cloth hanger of wire under the tile with a proper alignment of the score.
  5. Press: After the alignment has been done, put pressure on both the sides of the tile equally. The tile will eventually break.
  6. Smooth the edge: If need be, you can make the edges smooth by rubbing them against a brick or a rough surface.

The above process is considered to be one of the easiest ways of the two proven methods. The other one is cutting tiles with the help of a wet saw.

Using Wet Saw

To use this technique of cutting a tile, follow the steps as mentioned below. It is imperative that each process is followed meticulously or else you might not get the perfect finesse of the cut.

  1. First of all, you need to fill the reservoir of the saw with water.
  2. After this, you need to mark the line cut on the side of the tile which is glazed or smoother.
  3. Now, place the tile in a way that the front part of the tile is facing upward right against the guide.
  4. Once everything has been done accurately, time for you to start the saw for the cutting process to take place. Remember that the tile should not be forced towards the saw. If you do that, you might not get the desired result. For a clean cut of the tile, let the saw approach the tile with no force applied. It needs to be natural.

I am sure; you have got the confidence in making the cut on tiles in your home without the use of any tile cutter which people usually use.

These methods of cutting the tile are convenient and quite cheaper compared to the use of tile cutter which is expensive to buy and maintain. You can be the master of tile cutting with these simple steps followed with precision.

Tiles are hard substances used to fulfill various needs in a household. To ensure that without the help of any professional too, you have the result that is just like a professional would give, you need to have the practice. Initially, you might break a tile or two but with time, you will be an expert. You will never need a help from outside for the tiles to be cut.


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