6 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Save Your Old Wine Bottles

An estimated 35 million bottles of wine are consumed during the Christmas season alone. Imagine how many bottles will go to wastebaskets if they’re not going to be recycled or put to good use. There are a lot of gorgeous ways on how to reuse wine bottles and this list will make you.

We’re rounding up ways on how to creatively reuse or recycle wine bottles and create impressively good decorations around your home.

6 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Save Your Old Wine Bottles

Elegant Flower Vases

To make these chic flower vases, clean your wine bottles first then let them dry. Place tape on the bottom part of the bottles (straight or sloping) and paint the untaped part with white craft paint. The tape will serve as a guide to put the glue and glitter on. After the paint dries, put glue and glitter.

When choosing the color of the paint or glitters, consider matching it with the theme of your house. Or, you may combine black paint and gold glitter or gold paint and multi-colored glitter for a different vibe.

Place fresh flowers and display your new vase on a tabletop to make an interesting centerpiece.

Elegant Flower Vases


Twine Wrapped Bottles

Dressing up your old wine bottles with twine is one of the best ways to completely change their look. But doing so is not as difficult as you think.

You will need twine (in any color), hot glue, fake flowers, and twigs. First, wash clean your bottles then let them dry. Start putting hot glue at the bottom of the bottle then secure one end of the twine. Wrap the twine around the bottle going up. You should put hot glue after a few wraps to make the twine more secure.

What you will get is a fully-covered bottle. It is okay to leave it like that but I recommend that you attach a flower or any other decorative accent in the middle or going down across the bottle. Finish off with twigs that you can put inside the vase.

Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles


Wine Bottle Planters

If you are into horticulture, you can make use of your garden wall space when you place wine bottles as wall planters. You don’t need to dispose of old wine bottles because they can be used to showcase your flowers and herbs.

For a charming garden display, you will need old wine bottles (preferably in different shades), glass cutter (if you don’t know how to use this, ask someone who knows how to cut wine glasses), wall hooks, craft wire, and plants (flowers, herbs, or aerial plant varieties).

Start with cutting the bottom part of the wine bottles and wrapping craft wires around each bottle. Next, create hoops using craft wire to attach the bottles to wall hooks. Secure wall hooks on the wall area (with enough spacing for each planter) and hang the bottles upside down. You are now ready to place your chosen plants in each bottle.

Wine Bottle Planters


Wine Bottle Centerpiece

If you look around there are a lot of sources of inspiration to make a cool wine bottle decoration. This one’s super simple and easy, especially if you know how to use a wine bottle cutter.

To create a rustic-style tabletop decor, all you have to do is prepare wine bottles for cutting. Cut the bottom, about 1/4 the bottle’s size. You may cut in the middle or beyond that to create height variety. Don’t forget to smoothen any sharp edges.

Next, get a slab of wood and tea candles. Place the tea candles on the slab, light them up, and cover the candles with wine bottles.

If you’re out of gift ideas to family and friends, this is a great option. It’s unique and inexpensive.

Candlelight Wine Bottle Centerpiece


Wine Bottle Pantry Storage

There’s beauty in simplicity so reuse your old wine bottles by making them part of your pantry. No need to do anything, just pour in each bottle, rice, beans, lentils, or even dried herbs.

I recommend that you use clear, uncolored wine bottles so that you can easily recognize what’s inside. These bottles also look much nicer than the plastic packs the beans or the lentils usually come in.

Don’t throw away the cork! This definitely is one way to save the environment from plastic pollution.

Line these bottles on a shelf and you got yourself an instant pantry ornamentation. Stick waterproof labels for a more organized feel.

Wine Bottles Kitchen Storage


Wine Bottle Garden Borders

You may opt for the traditional wood fence panels, but if you have saved enough wine bottles (hopefully after a year or two of dinner parties and celebrations) you may use them to create a border for your flower beds or garden patches.

To do this, bury the bottles upside down (only the neck), sections in your yard or garden. You may choose to use a specific color or one type of bottle to come up with a cohesive design or opt for a variety of wine bottles in different sizes and colors for a more scattered, unpredictable design.

Note that you may need to use a trowel to make holes and allow the bottle necks to be buried deeper.

Garden Fence Wine Bottles


Wine bottles are decorations by themselves but the list above only shows how you can use them in many ways around your house. Easy-to-do bottle projects can also be done with the kids, making them know the value of resourcefulness and creativity. Furthermore, upcycling wine bottles is one of the best ways to save the environment. If we can reuse bottles, there’s no need to use additional plastic containers, thus contributing to reduce plastic pollution especially in our seas and oceans. If you haven’t tried doing bottle crafts, I hope this list inspired you to start one.

Shalene Salvatierra

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Michael - February 27, 2018

I’m definitely holding on to my wine bottles from now on. So many great ideas. They look great for pantry storage and it’s easy pour out just a little of what you need.


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