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12 Gorgeous DIY Dollhouse Plans & Ideas

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Have you ever thought of letting your children dwell on their creativity by letting them customize and manage the interiors of a dollhouse? The number of eye-catching accessories available to tweak a dollhouse gives them enough options to set up at least 4 to 5 dollhouse layouts. Whether you get a child-sized or a small dollhouse, the little furniture, dolls, mild colors, and overall aesthetics will keep your child engrossed.

We have curated a list of 12 gorgeous DIY dollhouse plans. DIYers can use cardboard, wood, plastic, bookshelves, suitcases, and several other materials to go about this child-centric project. Repurposing is always a brilliant option as you not only save funds but also get absolute freedom with respect to customization.

On a side note, planning to build a DIY wooden swing set in the backyard? Or has your child grown-up to deserve an organizational dresser in their bedroom? Both these items can be made in a single weekend!

Either way, it’s time to execute what you came here for! Let your children relish the thrill of decorating, maintaining, and deep-diving into the dollhouse-world.

1. DIY Wooden Beauty Dollhouse Plan

DIY Wooden Beauty Dollhouse Plan

Housing 4 floors with added tiny vertical dividers, this DIY dollhouse plan assures spaciousness, height, and an open-ended built. Unlike closed dollhouses that need to be intricately decorated on the insides, this dollhouse is unbelievably easy to modify, provided you have diversity in accessory choices.

This plan follows a simplistic approach. The materials and dollhouse schematics are mentioned in an image and should be fairly easy to build. Currently, this structure doesn’t have any doors and the same will be up by the DIYer sooner or later.

Take inspiration from the handmade interior decorations of this dollhouse and you could easily work something similar out.

2. DIY Fold-away Dollhouse

DIY Fold-away Dollhouse

Got space constraints at home? Don’t want your kid to spend countless hours playing with the dollhouse? This fold-away structure is the most portable of all our DIY dollhouse plans! With 3 layers, a simple fold will make the house as thin as a little poetry book. Unlike the previous dollhouse, this one has doors and windows too.

Miniature stickers can be put on the surface and one could set up an attractive aura along with a dining table, chairs, and some table items. You will have to add dollhouse-hinges to the doors and the center point of the 3 folds. Consider checking the Dewalt Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill for the same.

3. DIY Miniature Crates Dollhouse

DIY Miniature Crates Dollhouse

Crates are always a handy item, and due to their boxed body, it is quite simple to create a dollhouse mansion without strenuous cutting or woodworking. There is also a pergola made of wooden dowels, under which a moss sheet is placed as grass. Spice up the outdoors by throwing in some vines, lanterns, and gardening equipment for the ideal backyard setting.

Expect to use a placemat for flooring and fabric (of your choice) for the wall coverings. Simply stock one crate over the other and you could expand your dollhouse with minimal efforts.

4. DIY Handmade Wooden Dollhouse

DIY Handmade Wooden Dollhouse

The refined finishing, matching color coding, and innovative symmetry of this dollhouse makes it a sleek choice. The guide showcases an extensive material list along with a step-by-step guide with pictures. You will start from scratch and assemble the main piece in the first 3 steps.

Pay extra attention to detail in step 4 as that’s when the behind board is attached. The addition of varied scrapbook paper types to this board is what gives a unique interior to each of the 3 tiny rooms in the dollhouse.

5. DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

Did you ever imagine the wonders a bookcase can do for children? From a boring book-stocking shelf to a lively dollhouse loaded with dollhouse furniture and dolls! The number of decoration options will keep your kids entertained throughout. Even better, the distinct wall paint for each room gives the house a more happening vibe.

Don’t expect this plan to teach you everything. A lot of part joining, decoration, furniture setup, and color coordination is left in the hands of the DIYer. For aesthetic purposes, you could even place small books as a thick flooring for each room. If possible, let each book stand vertically and decorate each room by its own linguistic setting.

6. DIY Modern Dollhouse

DIY Modern Dollhouse

The usage of a dollhouse kit will help you power-through building the mainframe structure. Try acquiring the suggested kit as it comes with captivating design add-ons such as a fireplace and skylight. Further down, you’ll be using Milk Paint colors such as Monument Grey, Pale Peace, and Tavern Ale for the rooms and roofing.

Once the painting is complete, it’s time to personalize the inside walls with different designs. This is when you can assure each aspect of the dollhouse is synchronous to the patterns you add to the inside walls.

7. DIY Barbie Dollhouse

DIY Barbie Dollhouse

People working on a DIY dollhouse project from scratch will have to purchase quite a bit of materials, although extremely cheap. Wooden dowels, scrapbook paper, 2nd hand barbie furniture, fabric, extra wood, etc. are the most important materials needed.

Parts have been cut with precision for the windows, hallways, and doorways. Moreover, being on the modern side, this dollhouse doesn’t come with stairs for every floor. In fact, it comes with an elevator (there is a video available). You can even access videos regarding how the DIYer built and placed the beds, lamps, and elevator.

8. DIY Small Playset Dollhouse

DIY Small Playset Dollhouse

Being on the same page as DIY advocates, we are strong advocates of minimalism. Two pieces of standard/recycled foam core, chip brush, sticky dotted roll glue, scrapbook paper, and some craft tools are all you need. The X-shaped obtained after cutting and merging the two foam core pieces will be the main structure. All decorations are made either on or around them.

Whether you want to cut the foam core for doors or not is a personal choice. Although one can gather plenty of furniture and doll placement inspiration from the images in this guide. Above all, this compact dollhouse is foldable, making it also portable at the same time.

9. DIY Haunted Dollhouse with Peg Dolls

DIY Haunted Dollhouse with Peg Dolls

This plan comes with plenty of freedom in design and construction attributes. You can use cardboard, plywood, or any other board material of your choice. Make sure the material is printable as that’s the key element in assuring the house showcases its haunted aura. No better time than Halloween to get this dollhouse ready!

Wondering how to make these spooky peg dolls? Don’t worry. The guide teaches you how to make the peg ghost, skull, ratty, black cat, and even the peg skeletal body. A collective of 8 rooms and the entire structure being black makes this an epic option for horror-content fans.

10. DIY Dream Dollhouse

DIY Dream Dollhouse

Made purely of soy-based plywood and finished using non-toxic linseed oil, this 3 storey dollhouse is specially made for 12” dolls. The guide is beautifully created with crystal-clear instructions and quick DIY hacks. For example, the long staircases are made by cutting 19 pieces of 1×2 to the width of the stairs.

You will find a full-fledged tool list, cut list, shopping list, and a step-by-step visual guide with images coupled with spot-on dimensions. Do not avoid the preparation instructions as they go a long way in deciding the quality of your end product.

11. DIY American Girl Dollhouse

DIY American Girl Dollhouse

If your little one is a diehard fan of dollhouses, then this human-sized dollhouse could be his/her best gift ever. Made to fit 18” dolls, this structure can be built in under $200. Most importantly, the entire piece is made of plywood to promise durability. The vast amounts of space make customization a journey by itself.

The fact that it has casters wheels makes it much easier to move around the house. You could even keep it in the living room during celebratory occasions like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or Easter Sunday.

Glance through these 10 amazing sliding compound miter saws to strengthen your carpentry arsenal!

12. DIY Dollhouse Bookshelf

DIY Dollhouse Bookshelf

How lovely would it be to allow your child to draw and paint the detailing of their dollhouse? As seen in the image, using the right aspects of artistic mastery, each floor of this dollhouse house can be given the raw feel of a fully-liveable home. Even the gable roof doesn’t fail to impress. It gives a complete ‘homely’ feel to the house.


Surprised at the varying assortment of DIY dollhouse plans available? Well, even we were. There’s so much you can do with these houses. One could even place the dollhouse on their kid’s nightstand or choose one of these DIY tabletop ideas to merge the beauty of both creations.

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