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DIY Bath Caddy Project

After a tiring day at work or home we all like to relax in a tub filled with warm bubble bath and perhaps a book or a tab tab right? Perhaps you would like to cool down with a drink? Well have no fear, I’ve got that covered too in this build. It’s pretty simple […]

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68 Amazing DIY Bunk Bed Plans

On our way to your heart as the best frugality site for DIYers, we present to you an all-inclusive list of the 68 best DIY bunk bed plans out there in one place for your convenience. Bunk beds are a great space saving tactic because they open up space beneath the bed for storage, play […]

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27 Artful DIY Sewing Table Plans

Here, we present you 27 DIY Sewing Table Plans to mend your soul. Sewing tables are often incredibly valuable especially very functional whenever you plan to embark in many unique works of art. The struggle of messing with the tangles of spools of threads and scraps of fabric is unfortunately a familiar story of many […]

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17 Snazzy DIY Ping Pong Tables

Whether you are a working professional, a house-partner or a school going kid, nothing refreshes you more than a game of table-tennis. From your hand-eye coordination to your temperature or to your spirits, a game of table-tennis raises it all. The problems with buying a table to support our enthusiasm, though, are various. Unlike our […]

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43 Classy DIY Sofa Tables

In our last article, we shared a huge list of DIY sofa ideas and today you will see some awesome DIY sofa table plans. A sofa table can be very handy if you are chilling and want to put down that glass of wine somewhere without standing up. It’s very helpful to put things down […]

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