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10 Best DIY Portable Shooting Bench Plans & Ideas

Are you a shooting enthusiast? Attending plenty of backyard afternoons with your best pal where you’re shooting bottles, fruits, and probably even birds? Or do you make frequent trips to your forest cabin and give hunting a fair shot? Consider checking out these DIY portable shooting bench plans. There’s no better shooting experience than what […]

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30 Beautiful DIY Lampshade Plans & Ideas

Craving to acquire an intricately ambient lamp lighting setup in your home? The variety in materials used for lampshade fixtures ranges from wood, paper, fabric, stone, glass, and even color filters. Based on the natural and unnatural lighting arrangements made in your room, the type of lampshade you need could be determined. We have collected […]

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19 DIY Backyard Shade Plans and Ideas

Backyard renovations consist of an array of entertaining plans. You get to play around with tons of makeover ideas, and eventually, a question comes up, how about I install some equipment to provide backyard shade? These DIY backyard shade plans provide you with a variety of choices, be it semi-shade or full shade, whether for […]

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14 Sturdy DIY Table Top Plans & Ideas

Despite having a beautifully crafted living space, does that rugged coffee table top always spoils the view? You may have stylish interiors, quality designer-themed furniture, spacious placement, and even an eye-catching wine rack, but does the tabletop seems to disturb the pleasing visuals of your home? Altering your tabletop design could be a simple and […]

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  • Faiz
  • August 17, 2020