7 Ways to Beautifully Showcase your Photographs at Home

Most people nowadays will take tons of snapshots using their mobile phones and upload them on social media. It may seem like the perfect place to store their treasured memories, but don’t you think that you should also showcase your photographs at home for your family and friends to see?

7 Ways to Beautifully Showcase your Photographs at Home

So here are 7 ways on how to beautifully showcase your prized photo collections. Below are super simple do-it-yourself projects that you can start doing anytime, as long as you have the tools and materials needed for each project.

1. Wood Letter Picture Collage

A collage art is a great way to showcase a collection of photos under a similar theme. You can start making a picture collage by cutting photos and sticking them on a board of your choice. But why not, instead of just a simple board, use a wood letter board to make your project more personalized and exciting? You may pick letters (your initials) or spell a word (LOVE, HOPE, or JOY) that would look awesome on top of your home’s tabletops. Finish off your masterpiece with mod podge all-in-one glue (brush a layer or two on top to set it all in place) and let dry overnight.


2. Bedroom Fairy Lights

Don’t return those fairy lights inside the storage box just yet! If you think their job is over once the holiday season is done, check out this bedroom décor idea. You only need 3 things: fairy lights, photographs, and small wooden clothespins (you can buy these from your favorite craft stores).

For this project, it is best to use your fabulous Instagram photos or Polaroid-style shots. First off, secure layers of fairy lights on your bedroom wall with hooks or thumbtacks, then attach your photos with wooden clothespins in between fairy lights.Turn the fairy lights on and voila! Welcome to your magical bedroom.

Turn the fairy lights on and voila! Welcome to your magical bedroom.

Bedroom Fairy lights


3. Picture Ledge Display

When you’re craving for simplicity and versatility, use picture ledges in your receiving area. You can purchase sets of picture ledges from IKEA or from furniture shops. Pick a color that will fit your theme and mount them on your desired wall area to make shelves. Now you may add your picture frames. Add as many as you want, in different designs and sizes, especially if you choose to install long picture ledges.

Now if you want to spice things up every now and then, go switch up picture frames and photos, remove old ones and replace them with new pieces, or put a few interesting stuff such as potted plants, toy figures, or books.

Picture Ledge Display


4. Washi Tape Frames

There are more than a hundred adorable ways to decorate using washi tapes. Crafters can never live without it because it is a staple in their stash, a very useful and versatile material for creating DIY crafts.

To make a washi-fied photo wall display, you need 3 things: washi tapes, photos, and a pair of scissors. First, you need to prep your wall to help the washi tape hold better. Clean your wall with a wet cloth then let dry. Next, cut strips of washi tapes to create frames for your photographs.

You may use washi tapes in different colors and prints, or use a single design for a more unified effect. This creative activity is, even more, fun when you do it with your family.

Washi Tape Photo Display


5. Bottle Cap Magnets

Why don’t you repurpose your discarded bottle caps and turn them into refrigerator magnets? Here’s how to do it:

  • Gather your bottle caps and clean them. Make sure to remove any residue before you begin.
  • Next, collect your pictures and cut them using a circle hole puncher (preferably 1 inch or smaller).
  • Then glue your images inside the bottle caps.
  • Get some magnets or magnetic strips then glue them on the back of each bottle cap.

Note: You may or may not use a craft glaze before gluing the magnets on to keep the bottle caps from rusting.

These fridge magnets out of bottle caps are also great for save-the-dates and, year by year photos, and everyday snapshots.



6. Driftwood Photo Stand

If your home has a rustic, shabby chic vibe, a single driftwood can become an interesting piece in a room. This particular DIY craft is the simplest by far. Find a driftwood that is chunky and stable. Then find a spot wherein you can put a slit big enough to hold your photos. You can cut through the middle but don’t cut through the rest of the wood.

The driftwood can be left in its natural state or you can treat the driftwood before it staining it for a more polished look. Place it as a main focal point on top of a cabinet drawer. Change the photos as often as you want, maybe put new photos as the season changes.

Wood Photo Stand


7. Empty Frame with Hanging Pictures

If you are unsure on what to do to a vintage frame sitting in your garage, here is a simple craft project that will only take a few minutes of your time. Old frames normally have this vintage charm so it is up to you if you want to revive it by painting or staining, or you may leave it as it is if you want to retain its natural beauty.

Start by cutting jute twine (or any craft string or rope) the same width as the frame. Secure each piece on both sides at the back with thumb tacks or hot glue. Get your photos, preferably small sizes, and hang them one by one using a small wooden clothespin or a craft clip.

What’s great with this kind of photo decor is it does not take a lot of space and you can still change up the photos displayed anytime you want.

Pictures within Picture Frame


Start compiling all your digital photos that you want to print and try creating these DIY projects to add a touch of personalization and attitude to your home. I hope you enjoyed spending time reading these gorgeous ideas of showcasing your pictures. Do let us know how you liked it by commenting below.

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