How to Use a Handheld Tile Cutter

A handheld tile cutter should be available in every house since it can come in handy sometimes. A regular tile cutting job can be done easily just by following some instructions carefully. Calling an expert for this simple job is a difficult thing unless you offer huge cash for this easy work, but if you buy the perfect tool for your home, you can do the job yourself.

You can purchase cutters in different materials, and many tools are available in the market to perform any tile cutting job like tile nippers, angle grinder, wall tiling batten, diamond blade and a tile cutter. But, if you are looking for an affordable and efficient tool to carry out this job, a handheld tile cutter is the perfect option for you.

What is a Handheld Tile Cutter?

A handheld tile cutter is very reasonable and can be purchased from online webs easily, and you’ll be able to find a wide variety of them as well. This durable tile cutter offers fast cutting with its sharp scoring wheel and teeth. This efficient tool allows you to perform simple tile job instantly and effortlessly.  If you are planning to buy a tool for a tiling job, a handheld tile cutter will be an ideal choice for you.  This portable tool can give you excellent finishing off your tiles to correctly fit around the corners of the room.

Who should use a handheld tile cutter?

A tile cutter is extremely portable, lightweight and safe so that it can be utilized by professionals as well as by beginners. A person who has never done a tiling job can do this work with ease just by reading this since it is that easy. Even, professionals can use this for their day to day work as it is really difficult to work with cumbersome and huge tools and requires some skills.

The sharp tooth and scoring wheel assure us instant result and attractive look that pleases us in all ways. It is a safe alternative to other tile cutting tools which has many advantages; you probably won’t ever regret buying one. This can even be a lifelong investment because you will be able to use them for a long time if they are taken care of. Here is a simple procedure to do all sorts of tiling work using this tool.

Steps to use a Handheld Tile Cutter

  1. Practicing the cut

Professionals can directly skip to marking for the cut; however, this is a significant step for the beginners. If you are not confident to perform the work, instead of spoiling the expensive tile you can practice the cut on some scrap or inexpensive pieces of tiles. You can watch videos online explaining how to use a hand held tile cutter quickly and is perfect for beginners; it will help you practice better. Apart from that, you can always read the guide and then start practicing on some cheap pieces of tiles.

  1. Marking for the cut

After having a little knowledge on cutting and after practicing a few times the next step is marking. Marking the area you are going to cut is extremely important because it will help you cut more accurately and will make the job a lot easier. Using a pencil or a marker, highlight the cut from the start to the end or you can just draw a straight line.

  1. Slide the scoring wheel

Take the scoring wheel of the handheld tile cutter and stretch it over the highlighted line. Apply decent pressure so that the line becomes the weakest point on the whole tile. You may do that repeatedly until the tile is at its weakest point.

  1. Cutting the tile

After you draw the scoring wheel over the marked line, step 4 is to place that tile on its line in between the jaws of the handheld tile cutter. Apply some pressure onto the tile and snap that tile into two pieces quickly. Always use the same amount of pressure to avoid breakage and get the perfect two pieces.

  1. Smoothing the edge of cut

This is not a mandatory step, but it is important when it comes to safety and finishing; it will also provide a much more attractive look.  Use a sharpening stone or sand paper to smooth the sides of the tile perfectly for the aesthetics.

Safety Measures while cutting using a handheld tile cutter:

A handheld tile cutter is safe to use, unlike any other cutting tool which requires a lot of precaution and concentration; and even can be very dangerous to use. But, while working with any sharp tool, you need to maintain some precautions to avoid the risk of any threats or any harmful situations. Whenever you are working with a tile cutter, use a protective gear to prevent your eyes from any particles that may damage them, so always remember to wear eye protection at all times.

Also, it is necessary to protect your hands from the sharp jaws of the cutter so to do that you can wear thick gloves that can keep your hands safe from the harmful teeth. If your tile cutter is made only from metals like Iron, aluminum, etc., you will have to protect your handheld tile cutter from the water, so it does not rust and stays the same color, with its perfect looking teeth.

Final Thoughts

So, this efficient tool is a great and an easy option for performing any tiling job for beginners and professionals; everyone will be comfortable with this object. Also, this tool is one of the cheapest tools available in the market for tile cutting; therefore, it goes easy on your wallet as well. You don’t have to worry about buying an expensive tool for the same job or hiring someone and then paying them.

Apart from all that it is much faster and does not require any electricity; you won’t even have to install anything. This impactful and safe tool can do your tiling job instantly and accurately if the right steps are taken.

Emily Floate

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