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Brutus 10600BR 24-Inch Tile Cutter Review

Brutus, known widely as a prominent brand which has been manufacturing multi-purpose tools is known for the functionality and the strength of the power tools. This case is no different when it comes to the tile cutters. Along with the efficiency, the tile cutters of Brutus are designed in a very compatible way that the […]

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Roberts 10-64 13-Inch Pro Flooring Tile Cutter Review

Roberts 10-64 13-Inch Pro Tile Cutter is a renowned and immaculate flooring cutter that is used to cut tiles, wood, vinyl siding and rubber. Roberts has been a well-established brand with predominance among the power tool market especially when it comes to the flooring tools. The functionality and the efficiency of the tools are the […]

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QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Manual Tile Cutter Review

When it comes to cutting ceramic tiles, glass and porcelain; tile cutters are usually the first name that pops up. These heavy duty power tools are quite essential in the home. They make jobs like laying tile flooring or kitchen backsplash easy to accomplish especially for DIY enthusiasts.  There are all kinds of tile cutters […]

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M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch Tile Cutter

​Known for having a rich history of manufacturing and product development, the M-D Building Products begun in 1920 with its full name, Macklanburg Duncan. Later, it was shortened to the M-D Building Products with a 90-year legend of designing and manufacturing the products.  These products are the industry leaders for a while now as they […]

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QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter Review

Any device that makes work easier can be termed as a machine. It may be a manually-operated or electrical and no matter its mode of operation, the purpose is to ease the work of the user. One such device is the manual tile cutter. Although the operational flexibility of ceramic and porcelain tile cutters is […]

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