About Us


Emily Floate (Founder & Chief Editor)

Hi, I’m Emily Floate from Michigan. Thanks so much for visiting this site, and wanting to know more about me.

I’m a diehard DIY and Woodworking enthusiast. I love it so much that if I am late for dinner…I am probably finishing my project or creating something new.

I also love cooking, praying, yoga, and the family life.

I have a passion for teaching, as this site may show, and I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Education.

I have my pops to thank for my love of power tools. It all started because of him– he was a super dad, a Construction Specialist who still made time for all 6 of us kids, and now enjoys his full-time hobby of Woodworking after his retirement. All of the knowledge I share here on Pro Tool Guide has been procured from him.

He has over 30 years in the industry, and I am greatly blessed that he taught all us kids to use every tool with proper safety and ultimate precision.

Pro Tool Guide is my first ever professional attempt to create a helpful environment where I can share my knowledge for choosing the best tools, and for creating the best DIY projects. I have tips related to home decor too, for those who are interested in the Home Improvement space. I hope that people around the world can also discover a passion for all things homemade, because all things homemade come from the heart.

My journey has been full of ups and downs, as there’s been quite the learning curve to improving and mastering my Home Improvement skills (I’ll admit, I’m quite the perfectionist myself). But with the proper guidance from my Dad, I like to think I’ve become quite the pro.

Lucien Lim (Author & Senior Editor)

Hi there, I’m Lucien, and I’m from Tennessee 🙂 I’m so glad that you wish to know more about me and this blog.

I love all sorts of hands-on stuff– crafting, crocheting, woodworking, sewing– you name it, I’ve tried it (and stumbled at it too, haha).

I also love desserts, Sundays, watching The Real Housewives, going to the spa, bridal magazines, being busy, and most of all, I cherish my family and love Jesus Christ.

I majored in Communications, and Emily is my long-lost (sorority) sister. More below on how we came together to start this site!

I hope you enjoy your time here, it means a lot to us.

If you have any questions, or useful tips for fellow readers, feel free to leave a comment on any of our articles, or contact us using this form.

Our Story

Being away from my large family to go to college was a scary time for me, and Lucien really helped me fit in. With how much we have in common, it truly feels like we are long-lost sisters.

We used to decorate our dorm together, help other sisters with their homemade gifts, and fix up anyone’s botched crafts. It took me a while to realize we could help even more people, by getting a wider audience.

So now this is our space to do just that, and we hope you enjoy your time here 🙂


Emily and I met in college, where we were in the same sorority. We knew each other since day one of pledge and kept bumping into each other in elective classes– that’s when I knew we have so much in common, and we’re meant to be besties.

Those four years was really the best time of my life, and I was so saddened that we might have to go our separate ways after graduation.

But Emily brought up the idea of sharing our crafts and carpentry knowledge with the world, and this site was born! It helps to keep us in contact, and I’m very grateful for that. Our families are now friends with each other, we go on road trips all the time, and she makes the best homemade gifts for my cousins.