About Us

Tools make woodworking easier and more effective as you build your favorite projects. Learning which tools and how to use them can be the difference between a completed and an abandoned project. Whether you’re a professional or DIY enthusiast, you’ll find that tools are essential to any project you choose.

Most people need to learn how to use the various tools available for each product; some are stuck with archaic tools because they do not know there are new improvements to improve their jobs. Other times, several similar tools can be confusing and make even the most experienced woodworkers second-guess themselves.

About the Blog

At Pro Tool Guide, we understand the challenge of picking the right tool and using them correctly, so we’ve set out to make it easier for you. Enough of all the vague guides on the internet without proper details or being too sophisticated that amateurs cannot relate.

Topics We Cover

  • Concise DIY guides in simple terms that even amateurs can handle
  • All types of tool and their uses
  • How to use these tools to complete your projects
  • Woodworking tips and trips

About Our Tools Guides and Product Testing Process

We utilize several working processes to get you these guides, how-tos, best guides, and more. Our unique process involves a team of professionals passionate about DIY projects and woodworking.

In addition, we use a testing process to compare each product for product comparisons and best buys. On the other hand, DIY projects tend to get a different process as they usually consist of building and recording the process from scratch.

A lot of effort goes into providing the helpful and correct information about tools and their uses. Here’s our checklist for our product reviews:

  • Product quality
  • Product availability
  • Cost
  • Customer reviews and feedback from users
  • Reviews from reputable sites like Amazon
  • Product durability
  • Other factors that may be relevant to the particular product type

Meet the Team

Pro Tool Guide’s team is an energetic combination with varying opinions that ensures a balanced review process and engaging content. This team all have long-lasting passion for woodworking and DIY processes and work together in different capacities to get the helpful content you enjoy.

Emily Floate

Emily Floate

Hi, I’m Emily Floate from Michigan. Thanks so much for visiting this site, and wanting to know more about me.

I’m a diehard DIY and Woodworking enthusiast. I love it so much that if I am late for dinner…I am probably finishing my project or creating something new.

I have a passion for teaching, as this site may show, and I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Education.

I have my pops to thank for my love of power tools. It all started because of him– he was a super dad, a Construction Specialist who still made time for all 6 of us kids, and now enjoys his full-time hobby of Woodworking after his retirement. All of the knowledge I share here on Pro Tool Guide has been procured from him.

He has over 30 years in the industry, and I am greatly blessed that he taught all us kids to use every tool with proper safety and ultimate precision.

Pro Tool Guide is my first ever professional attempt to create a helpful environment where I can share my knowledge for choosing the best tools, and for creating the best DIY projects. I have tips related to home decor too, for those who are interested in the Home Improvement space. I hope that people around the world can also discover a passion for all things homemade, because all things homemade come from the heart.

My journey has been full of ups and downs, as there’s been quite the learning curve to improving and mastering my Home Improvement skills (I’ll admit, I’m quite the perfectionist myself). But with the proper guidance from my Dad, I like to think I’ve become quite the pro.

Lucien Lim


Hi there, I’m Lucien, and I’m from Tennessee 🙂 I’m so glad that you wish to know more about me and this blog.

I love all sorts of hands-on stuff– crafting, crocheting, woodworking, sewing– you name it, I’ve tried it (and stumbled at it too, haha).

I majored in Communications, and Emily is my long-lost (sorority) sister. More below on how we came together to start this site!

I hope you enjoy your time here, it means a lot to us.