About Us

Howdy! This is Emily from the Unites States. I am a die hard DIY and Woodworking enthusiast. I love it so much that if I am late for dinner…I am probably finishing my project or creating something new!

I am currently pursuing Masters . So when did I start using so many heavy power tools and create some beautiful DIY projects?

Well, it all started because of my Dad. He was a Construction Specialist and now enjoys his full-time hobby of Woodworking after his retirement. All of the knowledge I share here on Pro Tool Guide has been procured from him.

He has an experience of over 30 years in the industry and I am blessed since he teaches me to use every tool with proper safety and ultimate precision. Heck yes, sometimes we challenge each other as well to create something useful and let Mom decide the winner!

Pro Tool Guide is my first professional attempt to create a helpful environment where I share guides for choosing the best tools, DIY projects and tips related to home decor for those who are interested in the Home Improvement space.

My journey has been full of ups and downs since there is a lot of risk and challenge to get things done using the different Home Improvement tools, but with the proper guidance from my Dad, I admit, I have became quite a pro.

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