Best Tile Saw Reviews in 2018 – Money Saving Guide

With an experience of around 4 years in tile cutting, me and my team conducted a research and tested the various tile saws on different types of tiles to create the list of best tile saws in 2018 in the present day market.

TOP PICK: SKIL 3540-02 7-inch Wet Tile Saw

If we were buying a tile saw ourselves, I wouldn't hesitate to get the SKIL 3540-02 7-inch wet tile saw for all the home improvement projects.

It is corrosion resistant, can cut hard materials, is very flexible and provides unparalleled performance while in operation.

95% of the people who own it, love this amazing tile saw, I highly recommend it to you.

Based on our results, we decided to curate a list of top 7 tile saw reviews for our readers which will make it extremely easy for you all to find the perfect saw that meets your requirements and help you live the year 2018 with the right saw.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We considered the most important factors like whether the tile we need to but is heavy or brittle, how big is the area to be cut, is the area dry or wet, whether the work environment has water or electricity availability and some more. We have discussed all the benefits of a good tile saw, included the ultimate buying guide and reviewed the top tile saws for you.

Read on to find out what to look for in a good tile saw and why those features are important. Every brand of tile saw out there has their advantages and disadvantages and in the end, the choice totally depends upon your requirements, so this guide will give you a head start with the help of our research.

Best Tile Saw Comparison Table 


Blade & Type



Where to Buy

Detailed Review

Skil 3540-02 wet tile saw

SKIL 3450-02

7-inches - Corded


dewalt d24000 wet tile saw review

Dewalt D24000

10-inches - Cordless


SKIL 3550-02 wet tile saw

SKIL 3550-02

7-inches - Corded​​​​


dewalt D24000s wet tile saw with stand

Dewalt D24000S

10-inches - Cordless


qep 22650q wet tile saw


7-inche​​​​s - Cordless


chicago electric industrial tile saw

Chicago Electric

7-inches - Cordless


dewalt dwc860w

Dewalt DWC860W

7-inches - Corded


Best Tile Saw Buying Guide - Things to Consider

Let’s admit it, choosing the right tile saw is a difficult and confusing task. Keeping that in mind I decided to personally write the simplest buying guide for tile saws using which you can easily narrow your search and choose the tile saw that suits your needs from out top 7 picks.

An appropriate tile saw can take away a lot of burden from your shoulders and can benefit you in multiple ways. A tile saw is a uniquely designed, safe and easy to operate power tool that helps you to cut any kind of natural or man-made tiles (porcelain, stone, ceramic etc.) with ultimate precision and proficiency.

The ability to cut a hard as well as a fragile tile with different angles is what qualifies a good tile saw.In this section, I will discuss the advantages, features you need to consider and the different types of tile saws which you can go for depending on your needs.​

Essential Tile Saw Features

  • Water Source. As I did mention earlier about the advantages of water while using a tile saw to cut the tiles, it prevents damage, helps to cool the blade and lubricates the tiles as well as the tile saw blade for smoothness. There maybe a garden hose or a pump container as a water source, it all depends if you are looking for a portable or a tile saw just to use at your home and not outdoors.
tile saw reviews
  • Blade Type. Depending upon the task, you need to choose the saw blade that suits you. For dry cutting, choose the wet/dry handheld tile saw blades, use only the wet diamond blades for wet cutting since they use cool water. To attain maximum cutting power, use handheld saw blades for dry cutting and a wet diamond blade attachment with a table tile saw.
  • Blade Capacity and Adjustment. The capacity of the blade refers to the ability of the cutting head to be adjusted so it can hold various blade sizes. Make sure you choose a tile saw with this feature if you wish to use it on multiple kind of tiles and projects of varied nature. The blade adjustment is the feature of how well the tile saw blade can be adjusted to cut tiles at different angles (bevel or miter cuts). The more angles you can tilt the tile saw upto, the better.
best wet tile saw
  • Blade Size and Power. The size determines the cutting diameter and depth. The most common blade sizes are 4.5″, 7″ and 10″. The ideal tile saw blade size for all home improvement projects is 7-inches. You can always look for other sizes if your job has other requirements. The blade power decides if the tile saw will be able to cut thinner or thicker tiles. I recommend you to buy the most powerful tile saw that suits your project needs and budget as well. Though the most suitable blade rotation is 3600 RPM for the home applications.
  • Thermal Overload Protection. The models that come with a direct drive motor, help to tackle this problem of overheating of the saw with the help of a water reservoir. The reservoir can store water, reuse or even draw from an external water source.

How to Cut Tile With a Wet Tile Saw

I found this amazing video by The Tile Shop which shows some great tips about cutting a tile. Watch it now and learn the different methods of tile cutting.

Advantages of a Good Tile Saw

1. Money Saver: As a beginner, you will be instantly attracted to hire a professional if you are looking to install new set of tiles at your home, but why call one when you can do it yourself? With the help of a tile saw that suits your home improvement project, you can easily cut and install tiles without having a trained craftsmen do it for $50-$100/hour. Bare in mind, that these charges can vary depending upon the nature of the project and the tile patterns.

2. Freedom of Usage: There are basically two choices you have, one is to rent the tile saw for a considerable amount of time and the other option is to buy a suitable tile saw by doing proper research and using it whenever you want with full liberty. I as an expert would strongly advise you to buy one. If you are wondering why, my answer is because life is all about saving money by thinking long-term and buying a perfect tile saw will serve the purpose of tile cutting not only for an hour, a day or a few weeks, but for years and it’s actually like blowing your hard earned money if you choose to rent it.

3. Cost Effective: It goes without saying that a good quality tile saw will more than likely cost slightly more than an average tile saw. If you want a durable tool that will last you for years, it is definitely a good idea to purchase one that is a bit costly from our list. There are of course good quality ones on the market that come at affordable prices so price is not the only determining factor when it comes to finding a top quality tile saw. However, it all comes down to the features, capabilities and specifications which you wish and that matters the most.​

Types of Tile Saws

1. Wet Tile Saws

The wet tile saw is probably the simplest and best choice if you are a beginner, amateur or even an expert. It is the best suitable tile saw for all your DIY projects and home improvement jobs. It is really easy to use and operate and also promises the best cuts you will see on the tiles. The seamless operation and the ability to make perfect cuts over time never makes you feel tired while using this saw even for hours and performing multiple cuts for your various projects.

It is known as a “wet” tile saw because it uses water to cool down it’s tile saw blade and prevents any kind of damage because of the overheating caused due to repeated cuts. The water even helps to lubricate the tiles and the saw blade and keeps the dust particles away ensuring your health safety. We have many wet tile saw reviews listed below, so make sure you choose out the best of them.​

2. Handheld Tile Saws

These are the best portable tile saws and can be very handy while you are traveling, working outdoors and cutting pretty huge materials. If you use it for smaller jobs, make sure that you have the tile secured before you perform the cutting action. There are two types of hand held tile saws; corded and cordless models. With regular practice, you can even make curved or odd shaped cuts using this kind of tile saws easily.

Using this saw is as easy as just plugging it in an outlet and start cutting tiles since you don’t need to set up these saws. It can be helpful for cutting stone tiles for countertops and removing tiles but since it has smaller blades, it is not suitable for making deeper cuts. There are 3 variations of these saws,

  • Dry Handheld Saw – Doesn’t have a water motor and hence overheats when multiple or deeper cuts are performed
  • Wet Handheld Saw – Cutting action requires water flow
  • Dry/Wet Handheld Saw – Can cut tiles in presence as well as in absence of water

I would personally advise to choose this tile saw if you have some experience in the tile cutting department. It requires some know-hows about the water usage and expertise to make the desired cuts, so don’t get too excited with the ease of use and the mobility factor.​

3. Table Tile Saws

The table tile saws are known to provide extra smoothness when you are looking to make multiple cuts or cut a large piece of tile. They possess a large blade which makes them the best choice for cutting thick tiles since they offer more depth capacity. The speciality cuts can be handled properly by buying attachments like a bevel or miter tool.

You will find some of the table saws in our best tile saw reviews in the next section. Though the table top tile saws are considerably quite more expensive as compared to the handheld tile saws but they provide much more consistency in return as well.​

Top 7 Tile Saw Reviews

Best Tile Saw for Homeowner

This is best rated tile saw available on Amazon today and considering the value it offers, I had no hesitation to reward it with the No. 1 position on our list as well.

Be it your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom tiles, SKIL manufactures the top tile saws and this company is known for its research and revolutions since years.

Skil 3540-02 wet tile saw

SKIL has established and dedicated itself into the industry and aimed at providing top of the line, unparalleled power tools including their brilliant tile saws.

The SKIL 3540-02 is a corrosion resistant (with a stainless steel top) and a very flexible (allows 0 to 45 degree bevel cuts) wet tile saw.

It comes with an adjustable rip fence with miter gauge to ensure the accuracy of the straight and miter cuts. This is a table top wet tile saw that allows very smooth tile cutting with superb stability while in operation.


It has the perfectly sized 7-inch tile saw blade which is ideal for any kind of home improvement jobs which is cooled down by the water reservoir. This cooling system even helps to keep the dust and debris away to keep you safe.


  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel table top
  • Adjustable rip fence with Miter gauge
  • Bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Blade cooling water reservoir


  • Suits the DIY and home projects well but not the professional jobs
  • Might need a little practice to cut delicate tiles

Best Professional Tile Saw 

The runner up in our list another wet tile saw but this time it’s offered by none other than Dewalt. Whether you are a re-modeller, a floor specialist or a beginner, Dewalt D24000 tile saw is one of the most trustworthy and performance packed tool for all your home improvement projects. 

dewalt d24000 wet tile saw

The renowned brand has built this beast machine with a lot of features and power as we speak. This tile saw is perfect if you are willing to spend money on it, it can be coined as “It is worth every penny” and personally, I think this will surely make it to my best wet tile saw in 2018 list as well.

  • Cutting Ability

The 15 AMP and 1.5 HP motor combined with the 10-inch diamond blade makes it look like cutting a piece of cake and not porcelain or stone tiles. It’s 3-1/8-inch cut depth allows you to even cut the V-caps tiles or pavers with ease. There is a special plunge feature which facilitates you to shape the tile pieces meant to accommodate power outlets etc.


  • Powerful 1.5 HP motor to cut hard material
  • Stainless steel rail system for accurate cut
  • ​Excellent water control and cleaning features
  • check-circle
    3 years warranty, 1 year free service


  • ​Little bit noisy
  • times-circle
    Must take care of components so that they don’t rust

Best Wet Tile Saw for DIY

SKIL is known much more for building confidence rather than helping in building out the projects. The SKIL 3550-02 is a variation of the top model 3540-02 with a little bit but nice modification and with a slightly high price tag.

You would be happy to know that this new feature will save you the tiring walks back and forth to your garage and cut the tiles right in your room.

SKIL 3550-02 wet tile saw

The body of SKIL 3540-02 is built out from aluminium (table top) of durable quality which makes the surface, rust-resistant. Similar to the 3540-02 model, it also has an adjustable rip fence with miter gauge in order ease the straight and miter cuts.

For the variation cuts, the bevel angle can be set at 0, 22.5 and even 45 degrees which makes it quite malleable compared to the others on the list.

  • Type of cut

Hydrolock System: One of the nicest innovations and modification exists in SKIL 3540-02 wet tile saw. There are two guards (upper and lower) designed to keep the water splash at a minimum and contained just limited around the blade.

This allows you to cut the tiles right in side the room where this saw is installed without having you visit the garage as we talked earlier and in turn helps you complete your projects much faster. Moreover, it also reduces the tile saw clean-up time when the job is finished.


  • Cheaper than Dewalt and other tile saw brands
  • Out of the box features not found in other saws
  • Weighs 24 pounds which helps in wet sawing


  • Plastic blade guard (questions durability)
  • times-circle
    Motor isn’t powerful enough for large scale projects

Best 10 inch Tile Saw

This Dewalt beast is the heavy duty version of the Dewalt D24000. It comes with the extra height provided by the wet tile saw stand. The ultra-powerful Dewalt D24000S tile saw is capable of cutting porcelain tile and stone, renovating bathrooms or even tiling a kitchen floor.

dewalt D24000s wet tile saw with stand

The heavy-duty or the bulkiness of this saw is the main highlight since it makes it eligible to cut larger and thicker tiles continuously. The specifications and features of Dewalt D24000S wet tile saw are pretty much the same as the base model though there is one outstanding feature that we discovered.

  • Specifications

​Cantilevering Rail/Cart and Stainless Steel Rail System

This feature is a prime addition to this model by Dewalt. It allows the user to make use of the 24-inch ripping capacity and facilitates to create diagonal cuts on the 18-inch tile size. There is also the integrated stainless steel rail system into the tile saw frame which promises quick and accurate cuts.


  • Powerful 1.5 HP motor to cut hard materials
  • Stainless steel rail system for accurate cuts
  • Excellent water control and cleaning features
  • 3 years warranty, 1 year free service


  • Noisy
  • times-circle
    Must take care of components so that they don’t rust

Best 7 inch Tile Saw

This is a product loved by the beginners and many experts as well. The QEP 22650Q wet tile saw is primarily aimed at cutting the ceramic and porcelain natured materials. Though its 7-inch continuous rim diamond saw blade also helps you cut through the marble, granite and stone tiles.

qep 22650q wet tile saw

It features a powerful 3/4 HP motor which is capable of generating 3,600 RPM and helps in various task completion. It possesses a rectangular shaped frame which has an adjustable cutter and a stopper. It also has a very durable vertical cutter and cut a lot of tiles in long term.

"The customer reviews are very positive as 93% of the total customers have rated it positively which includes many beginners and experts."

As usual, you should obviously take extra care while cutting the delicate tiles since the stability of the platform matters a lot. It is a silent tile saw as compared to all other models in the list and pretty easy to operate for the beginners as well. It can perfectly suit a home owner or a newbie tile cutting service provider who is in the learning phase currently.

Best 7 inch Tile Saw

If you are looking for a professional and powerful wet tile saw, this might be prove to be the best wet tile saw for you. It has a two-position cutting head that allows you to adjust the saw blade for various types of tiles or bricks having thickness of upto 3.5-inches. It comes packed with a very powerful dual-capacitor motor with thermal overload protection & sealed bearings.

chicago electric industrial tile saw

It is obviously bigger in size (due to the steel frame precision linear bar) as compared to the above household-specific tile saws but it still manages to provide a very smooth operation on any kind of bricks or tiles which makes it stand out.

"This is one of the best wet tile saw on our list if you want are a proficient contractor at an industry and are looking to train your employees."

Chicago Electric 2.5 vs SKIL 3540-02 vs QEP 22650Q

You would be amazed to know that this tile saw has proven to be more powerful than the SKIL 3540-02 as well as the QEP 22650Q models. Though it totally depends upon your purpose of usage since the 2.5 horsepower Chicago Electric tile saw is best suitable for the industrial purposes where you need to deal with different tiles of thickness on a regular basis.

The Chicago Electric 10-inch Industrial Tile Saw features a powerful saw blade which is capable of making cuts of length upto 24-inches and is equipped with heavy duty cast alloy column and cutting head for reduced vibrations while operating. A

part from the robustness of the body, it is also a very smart tool since it boasts a built-in 3 gallon per minute water pump, removable easy-to-clean high-impact ABS water tub. Plus, the head can be pivoted to 22.5 and 45 degree angles for bevel cuts. 

Best Small Tile Saw

We saw QEP 22650Q earlier that was capable of cutting the ceramic and porcelain tiles and we have another such powerful competitor, the Dewalt DWC860W Wet/Dry masonry saw.

It brags a 10.8 AMP motor which allows any user to cut through the granite, porcelain, ceramic concrete or any other stone materials. The premium 4.5 inch diamond blade can help you cut the materials upto 3cm deep (either in wet or dry conditions).

dewalt dwc860w

It features a powerful 3/4 HP motor which is capable of generating 3,600 RPM and helps in various task completion. It possesses a rectangular shaped frame which has an adjustable cutter and a stopper. It also has a very durable vertical cutter and cut a lot of tiles in long term. 


It weights around 15 pounds and the product dimensions are 15.7 x 20.1 x 9.9 inches which makes it easy enough to transport outdoors or to another place.


  • Very powerful motor as compared to it’s size
  • Can control water-volume spray onto both sides of blade
  • check-circle
    Wet blade designed for outside use
  • check-circle
    Very easy to control
  • check-circle
    Comfortable handle
  • check-circle
    Long cuts with a button push


  • No tool case, this one needs one to transport and store it
  • times-circle
    Makes loud noise due to high RPMs
  • times-circle
    You can touch the side of the spinning blade that comes with this tile saw without serious injury, unlike a spinning wood-cutting blade, which can hurt you in a dangerous way

With the help of this wet/dry tile saw, Dewalt makes a point that they even have a mid-ranged product that can match some of the top range tile saws manufactured by other tile saw brands making it the premium choice for the users.

The Dewalt DWC860W is one of the perfect tile saws for you if you deal with the tiles professionally or if you are a serious Do-It-Yourself’er. So make sure your choose the right card!

Final Words – Over to You!

Considering how competitive the market of tile saws today is, I admit, that it was really tough to build the perfect tile saw list keeping in mind all the various factors. However, we tried our level best to carefully craft our best tile saw list, that would suit things like the needs of you, the customer and how much you are willing to spend on a tile saw.

We hope the information and our research benefits you. Now you should be able to make a better decision on which saw you should buy after reading every detail.

Since each tile saw is tailored according to the type of user, based on your requirements and budget, you can now easily choose which tile saw would be the best for you. If you are an experienced user of this tool and think we missed out a potential tile saw on the list, please let us know by commenting below. We would love to hear your inputs.

Emily Floate