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Dewalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw Review

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Dewalt D24000: Since its inception in 1922, DeWalt has been a brand name in category of power tools for its increased productivity and versatility. In 1992, it introduced first line of portable electric power tools and accessories keeping in mind needs of residential contractors, re-modelers and professional woodworkers and it has been a world renowned brand in that field since then.

When it comes to Tile Saws, in order to get the job done right irrespective of being a professional or a handyman, right tools are must and through its excellent quality and uniqueness, DeWalt is trusted brand for many professionals as well as households in highly competitive tile saw market.

Whether it’s household task or for work purposes, world-renowned DeWalt brand’s D24000 is your go to tool when it comes to tile cutting. Equipped with a wet reservoir to keep things cool as well as 24-inch ripping capabilities to ensure precise fancy cuts and many more capabilities DeWalt D24000 tile saw is one stop solution to ease out tile cutting hustles.

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Dewalt D24000 Key Features

  • Powerful Motor. Equipped with a 1.5-Horsepower motor, which makes it a mini powerhouse as well as a 10-Inch diamond blade to accurately cut through hardest materials without much wear and tear along with dual water nozzle to cool cuts, DeWalt D24000 is all you want in a Tile Saw
  • Dual Water Nozzles. It is facilitated with adjustable dual water nozzles located near the 10 inch diamond blade to keep wet tile moist and cool as well as it minimizes mist and spray
  • Easy to Carry. Moreover, DeWalt claims its light weight 69 pound frame makes D24000 easy to carry around in just 2 trips
  • Cantilevering Rail or Cart System. Its abilities and power are on show when it rips as deep as 24 inches of material and 18 inches diagonal cuts of tile with the help of its cart system or cantilevering rail system
  • Plunge Feature. For quick cuts, design contains versatile plunge feature allows accommodating electrical outlets, A/C registers, et cetera
  • Miter Cut Angles. Integrated 45 degree to 22.5 degree miter feature provides total ease in making mitered as well as quick angled cuts.
  • New and unique design with large capacity and powerful direct drive motorCan be carried around by single person in 2 trips and doesn’t occupy much space
  • Well-designed dual water nozzle system which minimizes wasteful water dripping by trapping water and routing it back to the tub
  • Easy to adjust and locks at 45 degrees as well as 22.5 degree angles to make quick angled cuts
  • New innovative thick rubber bonding on top of rolling table to prevent tiles from slipping as well as easy assembly and removal with a side-lock.
  • Many regular DeWalt users believe this tile saw is not as dependent as its previous models
  • Multiple complaints of bearings beginning to howl and loses adjustments after few cuts
  • Professionals believe it is for household purposes only as its power and equipment aren’t good enough to handle big jobs such as cutting natural stones
  • Water dripping and spraying on machine during angled cutting and cutting beyond the extension of the tray.

Customer Ratings & Reviews

DeWalt D24000 has average Amazon rating of 4.5/5 stars based on 119 reviews and also “Thoroughly Reviewed” has selected it as their top pick tile saw. In Amazon review section this Tile Saw has 108 positive and only 11 critical reviews. With whopping 82% of 5 star ratings and less than 9% of rating less than or equal to 2 starts, this model leaves little doubt in terms of its qualities and abilities.

Critical Analysis

Further analysis of critical reviews suggests the low ratings can be attributed to the delivery or poor product or based on specific usage of the tile saw such as problems in cutting natural rocks and problems related to bearing howling and poorly instructed assembly manual.

Customer Reactions

Meanwhile in terms of positive reviews, more than 90% of the Amazonians were more than satisfied with the product. With people finding it value for money despite being pricey and easy to use for handymen, the tile saw is able to cater to the needs of the buyers. Majority reviews working as contractors or using it for household purposed claim it to be the best wet tile saw in the market and labeled it as a “beast” in doing the assigned task with ease and precision.

“The best tile saw on the market. I have owned and used many other (good) tile saws. This saw has them beat. It cuts straight, it is easy to operate, it is versatile, easy to carry, and contains most of its overspray.

Amazon Review

In general we can say that more than 90% of the buyers found DeWalt Tile Saw worth its price and claims and labeled it as the best product in the segment.

Final Words

For us where DeWalt D24000 stands out against its competitors is when it comes to its size and weight. A generous 3-1/8-inch cut depth provided with 1.5 horsepower motor weighing just 70 pounds makes it a go to Tile Saw. Its precision and clarity when it comes to cutting through hard materials like stone and porcelain with 10 inch diamond blade as well as cutting most V-cap tiles and pavers with plentiful 3.125 inch cut depth makes the Dewalt D24000 is a standout model among others SKIL and Bosch models in the similar market.