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11 Cool DIY TV Stand Plans & Ideas

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Searching for a way to make your TV storage area more useful? Or don’t have a proper TV stand as yet? Each of these DIY TV stand plans can be used to create more storage space for additional connected devices and also fancy showpieces. 

Whether it’s a gaming console, DVD player, music system, or whether they are JK Rowling’s books or intriguing flower vases, you can keep them on the additional shelves that come with each of these plans. These plans offer different TV stand heights and widths. Even better, each of these DIY TV stand ideas come across a range of budgets.

How about saving up thousands of dollars and building your own customized DIY TV stand as per your home digital entertainment equipment? There are bench-style stands, cabinet storage, drawers, sliding doors, minimal woodwork, and even pipe-themed stand legs. You will find enough options to build the perfect stand for your television set.

11 DIY TV Stand Plans & Ideas

11 DIY TV Stand Plans & Ideas

Here are 11 must-see DIY TV stand plans to help you on your TV stand-hunting journey.

1. 2 Layered Board and Pipe DIY TV Stand

diy tv stand plans

Two evened out planks of thin wood and a few galvanized pipes shall make for a solid TV stand built. Ideally, these pinewood boards should be 1-inch thick and 3.5 by 2 feet in measurements. Keep in mind, lighter stain application will help the natural wood lines and grains to stand out.

Get a set of galvanized pipes that are ¾ in diameter and give them a coating that matches your table color to some extent.

There is plenty of extra space on the main table and even another whole storage section for your added digital consoles.

2. DIY Tripod TV Stand

diy tv stand plans

Dealing with space troubles and already have an end table or console table in your room? This oakwood constructed tripod TV stand will occupy the least area and also act as a sturdy solution for large TV’s.

The little gap right below the top intersection could be used to place a compact soundbar, rather than relying on expensive sound systems with multiple boxes around the TV and wall.

You will need minimal equipment and you can also access the well-curated PDF for spot-on instructions.

3. DIY TV Stand Plan with Fireplace

diy tv stand plans

Does your family culture rely on bonding over home movie nights? This DIY TV stand idea could be the ultimate makeover that your living room needs. The thought of having a fireplace in the middle of your entertainment system may seem absurd but the DIY strategy accounts for all the common worries associated with this project. 

Additionally, there are 6 wide compartments to enhance the functionality of the TV stand. Also, the fireplace is prefabricated and doesn’t require you to do any complex technical arrangements.

This DIY solution may be slightly heavy on your pocket. But the value is justified due to its unique design and reliable durability.

4. DIY Farmhouse TV Console Stand

diy tv stand plans

If you’re looking for something rustic yet simple, then the broad surfaces and X-shaped plank design could do you justice. To ensure you depict the accurate detailing, you must not opt for this plan if you’re looking for a quick solution. 

The lower shelf holds several storage boxes that consist of day-to-day essentials. These include remotes, newspapers, keys, and even additional TV accessories. Whereas the upper shelf is broad enough to accommodate a DVD player, WiFi router, and gaming console together.

Be ready to do plenty of cutting and drilling!

5. DIY Mood Lighting TV Stand

diy tv stand ideas

Unlike most of the DIY TV stand ideas we’ve mentioned, this one comes with a safeguarding feature for the back of your TV too. Another USP is the hollowness with which the lower compartments have been designed. This, along with the intricate grooves on the stand walls allows you to install an ambient lighting setup.

Now, irrespective of whether you have a QLED display television, you can add a strip of mood-setting LED lighting to offer viewer’s an enhanced viewing experience. 

The lowest pallet on the backend of this TV stand can be made as a detachable attachment. This lets the lighting be visible on the other side too.

6. DIY Wooden TV Panel and Stand

diy tv stand plans

This DIY TV stand plan will occupy lesser space and leave your area looking more roomy. The main structure would comprise of a wooden wall of long, thick, and wide pallets. There would be drawers, cabinets, and shelves installed on this wall. The top shelves are located at a height great enough to place decorations that do not distract the TV viewer.

Recycled wood would help gather 80% of the materials you need. This could be considered as an entire media wall unit with multipurpose usage options. For example, a pair of Bose soundbars on the upper shelves can allow great sound management in the room.

7. DIY Rustic TV Media Cabinet

diy tv stand plans

This farmhouse TV cabinet stand could be classified as a remarkable merging of a set of double 4 pane windows on each door. The brackets on the door give this TV stand a more wholesome and complete feel. Even better, you will also use heavy-duty latches that give out a catchy vibe.

The crown molding you choose must suit the staining pattern you are trying to achieve. A slightly broader baseboard and crown molding wouldn’t be a bad idea if you want to place some bronze or jet black statues. 

8. Tall Corner DIY TV and Media Console

diy tv stand plans

Do you like TV’s placed at a height? This plan focuses on offering DIYers a high-table TV stand that comes with ample of storage space. The steps are mentioned with such clarity that you could finish this project within 2 afternoons of 6 hour woodworking days.

Due to the size, it is best to build it for the corner of your room. Also, there’s another DIYer, Debbie. She has curated a separate guide to help in performing this impressive finish. 

9. DIY Bar Door TV Stand

diy tv stand plans

Ever thought you could give your TV stand doors a barn-like aura? This tutorial has colorful diagrams, material lists, and a free PDF to help you. 

The dim white paint goes extremely well with the glass knobs. If you do not find all-glass knobs, make the hinges white too. The credit for this color inspiration goes to the color Antique White by Shervin Williams (code: SW 6119).

10. Reclaimed Cable Drum & Pallet DIY TV Stand

diy tv stand ideas

Here’s a DIY TV stand plan that uses sliced cable drums that are attached to the wooden wall created by you. Unlike the other plans that develop into flat surfaces, this stand is curvy in design. Although the TV would be mounted on the wall and the half-drum would be used for keeping equipment. 

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to acquire this one-of-a-kind TV stand by putting in a bare amount of woodworking efforts. 

11. Classy DIY TV Stand Idea

diy tv stand ideas

Perfection would be the perfect term for this TV stand. The sleek makeover is evident in the slanted carving on either side. Even the lower section of this stand has a little open space with generous openings to make it look less cramped.

The tutorial gives you access to techniques that help complete this plan over the weekend. It is suggested to get a pocket-screw jig for first-class joints. This significantly cuts down the costs of several expensive clamps.

TV’s up to 55-inches can fit on this oakwood TV stand. Be warned, if you plan to use maple or birch for this project, you’ll have the shell out at least an additional $100.


Our favorite is the Reclaimed Cable Drum & Pallet DIY TV Stand. The storage areas come in an exclusive design that no other plans can match. However, based on space constraints, the type of TV set, and the interiors of your home, your choices can vary. 

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