6 Mason Jar Craft Ideas for the Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner and we’re rounding up some of the best mason jar craft ideas that you and your family will enjoy making together.

Mason jars have become so popular during the past few years that they are seen almost everywhere — drinking jars in cafes and in restaurants, as decors and souvenirs in weddings, and inside posh household kitchens.  But why do people love them?

6 Mason Jar Craft Ideas for the Holiday Season

It was John Landis Mason, a Philadelphia tinsmith, who invented and patented a screw finish glass jar or bottle in 1858. People love mason jars because there are hundreds of variations available in the market today and there are more than a hundred ways on how to use them.

Here are a few mason jar craft ideas that you can try to give as gifts or to decorate your home this coming Christmas season.

Rustic Christmas Table Decor

Sticking to the classics is one of the best ways to showcase your home decorating skills because it won’t get out of style. Neutrals and earth tones will transform your home into chic natural. You may also want to add rustic pieces around your house to get that woodsy vibe. Good news is going natural doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Mason jars make perfect table centerpieces. To make a rustic-inspired centerpiece using old Ball mason jars, first, you need to spray paint the jars in Christmas colors — green, white, and red — then let them dry. Next, wrap twine around the neck of jars and tie them.

Transforming the mason jars into Christmas planters, you can now place holly and acorns to make them look festive. Place the jars in a Christmas-themed wooden box to complete a beautiful rustic centerpiece.

Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece


Gingerbread Granola Mason Jars

Gift jars had always been a hit, especially if they look really attractive. For Christmas, you can give food jars to your friends and family. And since the gifts should stick to the holiday theme, you can make your own gingerbread granola mix that they can merrily snack on during the festivities.

This is gingerbread granola with dried cranberries, pistachios, and white chocolate chips. Just mix them all up then finish with a gift tag and you’re done! You’ve got yourself a super easy and hassle-free mason jar craft project.



Snowy Mason Jar Candle Holder

This candle holder will remind you of a white, snowy Christmas. All you need is a mason jar, decoupage glue, Epsom salt, twine, holly decor, and a candle. First, you need to cover the outer part of the mason jar with decoupage glue (you may also use Mod Podge). Next, cover the jar with Epsom salt. Salt falling off the jar is a cool faux-snow effect, but if you don’t want salt falling off from the jar, apply another coat of decoupage on top of the dried salt or use a spray sealer. To finish it off, decorate with twine and holly, or any other Christmas deco that’s available in your craft stash.

The snowy candle holder looks better when the candle is lit.

christmas snow mason jar


Reindeer Jars

A reindeer jar is best for keeping kids entertained during Christmas parties. It’s fun to prepare and it will only need a few materials: brown pipe cleaners, a pair of googly eyes, red pom poms, glue, and chocolate pretzels.

Twist the pipe cleaners to form reindeer antlers and secure around the jar neck. Glue the googly eyes and the pom pom, then fill the mason jar with choco pretzels. You may also use malted choco balls or brown M&M’s.

This Rudolph reindeer will also make a cute Christmas present for the kids in your neighborhood.

Christmas Reindeer Jars


Mini Mason Jar Lid Ring Wreath

Is it time to change your Christmas tree ornaments? Why not veer away from the usual Christmas balls and try these mini wreaths to spice things up?

These mini Christmas wreaths are made out of mason jar lid rings. It might look complicated at first but it’s really so simple to do. So if you have some spare mason jar lids that you’re not going to use, you can still prettify them and have them on display.

You can start by cutting a piece of hemp twine and looping it through your lid ring. Tie the two ends to make a knot. Now that you’ve made the string to hang it up, glue the end piece of pine garland and wrap it all the way around the lid ring. Secure with hot glue at the end when the whole ring is fully covered. For the final touches, you may use buttons and glue them onto the pine garland. It’s recommended that you use buttons of different sizes and colors for variety.



Peppermint Sugar Scrub in Mason Jars

This is by far one of the best homemade gifts that your friends will surely like to receive this Christmas. What’s not to love in peppermint sugar scrubs?

You will need a wide mouth, a pint-sized mason jar (preferably Ball), 1 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of coconut oil, and 15 drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix all the ingredients with a spoon in a large bowl then place it in a mason jar.

Finish off with a candy cane and a rosemary sprig. Perfect for spa time!



Christmas season is the best time to bond with your family and share your blessings with friends and strangers. Whether it be sharing a craft activity together with your loved ones, watching a Christmas musical with colleagues, or starting a charity drive with your neighbours to support a cause and give back to the communities, Christmas time always gives us enough reasons to be more productive, more generous, and more closer to God.

Shalene Salvatierra

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