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QEP 650xt 22650Q Tile Saw Review

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The QEP 650xt 22650Q Tile Saw is a great cutting machine with great features that make it efficient in normal, natural stone and porcelain tile installation. The product features a powerful 0.75 horsepower motor which generates 3,600 rotations per minute for easy cutting through different materials such as ceramic tiles, marble, porcelain tiles, stone and granite.

QEP 650xt 22650Q Specifications

The durable steel frame and table are equipped with rubber foot pads which increase its stability. The machine also has angle and rip cutting guides which help in easily making repeat cuts and accurate cuts. The QEP 22650Q tile saw also has a water reservoir and recirculation system which are designed to maintain the working area dry.

It includes a seven inch continuous diamond blade which is well positioned to enable the saw to cut depths of up to 1.25 inches whereas its table makes a 22.5 degree and 45 degree tilt for the diagonal cuts.​

This tile cutting machine is popular for its effective tile grinding action that is facilitated by its quality features. Its powerful motor offers great performance including in demanding and tough installation applications including those involving delicate tile materials.

This product enables you to explore different options with the tiles that you prefer in renovating your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms at home. This QEP 22650Q review will show you the overall quality, features and the benefits of using a quality saw.

QEP 650xt 22650Q Features

  • Powerful Motor (3/4 HP). the saw is equipped with a powerful motor with a 0.75 horsepower that produces 3,600 rotations per minute. This makes the machine suitable for cutting through different materials such as ceramic, marble, porcelain, granite and slate easily and with accuracy.
  • Steel Table and Frame. Steel is indeed among the most durable materials available. The QEP 650xt 22650Q has its table and frame made from steel which ensures that the tile saw functions well without breaking easily even after subjection to days of use. The table has an 8 inch extension which is used on either side to support huge tiles when cutting. The table also features a flat table design which offers unlimited tile size for angled and rip cuts. The steel table and frame also help in ensuring the stability of the saw when under use for safe operation and prevention of sudden breakage.
  • Foot Pads. the foot pads are added to the steel table to increase the stability of this unit. This foot pads are made of rubber which prevents the saw from slipping on the surface where it is placed when being used. This makes the use of the machine easy.
  • Diamond-Coated Blade. the QEP 22650Q tile saw has strong blades which are diamond coated for easy and accurate tile cutting. The blades are rotated by the saw’s powerful motor to offer effective cutting performance on various materials. They are able to cut up to a depth of 1.25 inches.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design. this unit has compact dimensions; thus the length, width and height are 21, 22.2 and 9.5 inches respectively. It is a lightweight product with an average weight of 21.4 lbs. which makes it a very portable tool.
  • Water Re-circulation System and Reservoir. the 22650Q tile saw features a water recirculation system as well as a reservoir for keeping the working area dry which ensures safety operation.
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  • It enables you to make hassle free repeat cuts and accurate cuts thanks to the rip and angle cutting guide.
  • The machine is able to tackle tough and demanding jobs as well as delicate pieces with its powerful 3/4 HP, motor of 4.8 Amp.
  • It is suitable for cutting a variety of materials including ceramic, marble, stone granite and also porcelain tiles.
  • This is a very durable and stable machine when in operation due to the sturdy steel table and frame and thus easy to use.
  • It has an inch table extension which is usable on both sides of the unit offer support for cutting larger tiles. This tile saw delivers unlimited angled and rip cutting.
  • It is designed to keep the working space dry and also has rubber foot pads for stability
  • The unit needs more proper care in storage since it is not ideal for air-drying and will end up rusting. This issue can however be dealt with by ensuring proper storage care of the tool. It is advised to wipe it dry after use.
  • There have also been minor complains of the saw being loud. You may put on protective ear plugs for prevention of hearing damage.
  • There have also been minor complains of the saw being loud. You may put on protective ear plugs for prevention of hearing damage.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Online customer reviews and scores are a great source of information about this unit before your purchase. The saw has been applauded by most customers for its great efficiency in cutting and application in versatile tile materials. Most customers and users have shown appreciation to the QEP 22650Q for the powerful motor as well as the 7 inch diamond coated blades which add to its performance greatly.

qep 22650q

Customer Reactions

The saw has also seen customer popularity on amazon reviews due to its durability and stability which are facilitated by its heavy-duty steel frame and table with foot pads. Many have said the water reservoir and recirculation system are functional in ensuring the working area is dry and safe. The machine’s ability to tackle versatile materials has also been mentioned to be a very effective feature in a good number of customer reviews.

A few have complained about the cutting making a wet mess. It is however recommended to do the operation outside using safety glasses, heavy-duty rubber gloves and an apron.

Final Words

The QEP 650xt 22650Q, in general, is a great saw to purchase for your home or shop use. The durable unit is convenient for various projects that involve upgrading or renovating your house using tiles. It’s compact design which makes it portable and the powerful motor which enables you to tackle from tough to delicate projects makes this unit totally worth its reasonable price.

Anyone with a project involving tiles should not hesitate to order for one of these units on the amazon website, which offers free shipping and amazing deals and discount, and they will definitely enjoy its great benefits.

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