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DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw with Stand Review

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Established in 1922, DeWalt has been a top name in category of power tools for its increased productivity and versatility. When it comes to Tile Saws, in order to get the job done right irrespective of being a professional or a handyman, right tools are must and through its excellent quality and uniqueness. Today we will be reviewing the Dewalt D24000S.

DeWalt is trusted brand for many professionals as well as households in highly competitive tile saw market. Light, ultra-powerful, and a breeze to set-up, the D24000S by Dewalt is ideal for renovating bathrooms, cutting porcelain and stone, or tiling a kitchen back splash or floor. Moreover, it also comes in 2 boxes with D24000 saw and D24001 stand.

It is important to wear protective gear in the home or workshop. Steel toe boots and face masks are a must.

dewalt D24000s

Specifications and Features

DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw is the heavy duty power saw equipped with extra leverage and height afforded by its stand. And it has been inculcated with majority of features, the non stand version but it has modified features of its own as well such as stand for extra leverage and ease in cutting any types of materials.

  • Powerful Motor. The 1.5 HP engine with 15 AMP power allows to cut up to 24 Inches and 18 Inches diagonally.
  • Portable. All this while still weighing just 69 lbs enabling single person to transport and set it up and its compact saw frame helps in that.
  • Stainless Steel Rail System. For accurate cuts it has integrated stainless steel rail system in the saw frame.
  • Plunge. Plunge feature allows the user to make quick plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C registers.
  • Types of Cuts. Bevel cuts and quick angled cuts can also be made on tiles at angle of 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees with help of head pivots.
  • Dual Water Nozzles. The motor is equipped with powerful dual water nozzles which can be adjusted for optimal water placement on blade to minimize mist and over-spray.
  • Water Attachments. Rear and side water attachments can be placed on tile saw to contain water run-off and to catch blade over spray from large tile keeping the water in the pan.
  • Cutting Ability. For cutting V shape and pavers there is facility of 3-1/8 Inch cuts as well.
  • Warranty. It comes with 90 days money back warranty, 1 year free service and 3 year limited warranty. Also for easy cleaning saw is provided with removable cutting cart.

  • Cuts tiles in smoothest way possible, protecting it from tile breakage.
  • Its designed as one the best all purpose tile saws.
  • Even a first timer can cut tiles like a professional.
  • Self water containment system and preventing spillage is better than any Wet Tile Saw available in the market.
  • Provided tray fails to fit in tiles of maximum length mentioned. If required cuts are anywhere near the dimensions of table the task becomes difficult that is 18 inch or 24 inch.
  • Frequent complaints about tripping of built in beaker.
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Dewalt D24000S Customer Reviews & Ratings

DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw has received 4.8/5 star ratings on amazon based on 180 buyers opinions. On Amazon it has 155 positive reviews and 31 critical reviews with almost 93% reviewers giving it greater than or equal to 4 stars and only 3% giving it 1 star. While on official website of Dewalt, the D24000S Wet Tile Saw based on 13 consumer reviews it was rated at an average of 4.4/5.

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Critical Analysis

From critical point of view we can say that certain plastic parts used in Tile Saw might get damaged with time and type of usage but so far such complaints are few. Limited table space and cutting large tiles can cause few troubles but people are getting used to it. Yet people who were used to its competitor Chicago Electric 2.5" may find it weak and expensive initially but over long periods D24000S Wet Tile Saw with Stand is much more convenient and hassle free.​

Customer Reactions

“Looked at several tile saws before the purchase. Choose this one with no regrets, this is the best. Used it on a bathroom remodel. It can cut porcelain tile and Granite tile perfectly with no chips along the cut line. Used it to cut floor tiles, shower wall tiles. Cut angles on the porcelain tiles to make a finished edge on tile applications. Hundreds of cuts were made and still using the same blade. The bathroom looks professionally done thanks to this saw.”

Amazon Review

From detailed analysis of the consumer reviews we can say that for DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw us as well as majority of consumers were more than satisfied with it. Professionals who have experienced multiple types and brands of Tile Saws over the years were highly impressed by its obvious quality and functionalities it provided.​

Final Words

​DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw with Stand is currently prime DeWalt Tile Saw in the market, it includes all the features of excellent DeWalt D24000 along with additional stand and functionalities. Either it is a DIY task or some professional cutting work, D24000S Wet Tile Saw shows equal efficiency in completing both the tasks irrespective of being used by a professional or new user.

Let it be bought for cutting small materials such as porcelain, glass and ceramic without breakage or hard materials such as stone, masonry or marble without much hustle this Tile Saw can do it all. Hence. if money investment isn’t an issue, one can blindly go for DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw with Stand without hesitation as it guarantees its value as well as prime satisfaction, quality and accuracy at work.

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