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DeWalt DWS709 vs DWS780: Which One To Choose?

DeWalt has been a prominent brand name for many years. They are coming up with a multitude of tools, every year in order to make the lives of the woodworkers easier. These yellow tools are the first choice of the contractor because of their reputation for performance and durability. Therefore, it is only obvious that you, […]

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How to Cut Laminate Flooring [Easy Guide]

Today, Laminate has become very popular and is used both in residential and business property flooring. Learning how to cut laminate flooring can prove to be a great skill, since the laminate floor is mostly not the size of your room. However, cutting laminate flooring is a task that you need to perform very carefully […]

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What is Parawood? Here’s All You Need to Know

When choosing wooden tables or chairs, you’ve probably heard of the term parawood. It is a pretty common type of wood used to make furniture. There are various types of parawood furniture that you can find in different stores. You’ll be able to find parawood chairs, parawood dining tables, and many more. Why is it […]

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A Guide to Contractor Table Saw Dust Collection

Dust collection is an important process in woodworking. Wood dust can be dangerous for one’s health and mostly, it takes a while to clean it. To relieve this problem, contractor table saws are oftentimes used to dispense the wood dust whilst working in the shop. Before, you would still need to purchase a dust collection […]

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Brad Nailer: A Comprehensive Guide for Woodworkers

A very common power tool used for DIY and home improvement projects is a brad nailer. It is used to fasten 18 gauge brad nails in various repairing projects. Attaching pieces of furniture, small carpentry tasks or attaching trims, it does it all. This guide will help you get all the knowledge you need to […]

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