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10 Impressive DIY Loft Bed Plans & Ideas

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1. Simple DIY Loft Bed

diy loft bed plans

This is an 11-step guide with visual guidance throughout the course of each step. If you live in a small room and are trying to establish a separate workspace and sleeping space in the same room, then this DIY loft bed plan could help you out. 

Overall, the construction materials and tools will cost you under $100. This price for a workspace cum bed sounds like a steal, right?

The ladder design is kind of thick to ensure sturdiness in the case of adults using this bed. Each ladder step is placed at 17-inch intervals to make it easy to climb up and get down the bed.


  • Twin Sized Mattress
  • Sheet of ¾’’ plywood
  • 12 pieces of 2×6’ boards
  • 6 pieces of 2×4’ boards
  • 16 carriage bolts of 3/8’’
  • 16 nuts of 3/8’’
  • 1 packet of 3 1/2’’ screws
  • Miter Saw
  • Wrench
  • Drill
  • Clamps

2. DIY Junior Camp Loft Bed

diy loft bed plans

How about building a loft bed for your kids? All the lumber pieces to be used are either 2 by 4 or 4 by 6. The best part is the unique platform that makes it super easy for kids to climb onto the bed. 

If you’re worried about your kids climbing ladders, then as you can see, this loft bed has a safe platform to literally allow little ones to walk up the ladder. Even better, there is a section under the ladder that can be used as a toybox.

When you access this guide by Ana White, you will realize the number of usage and design possibilities that DIY loft bed plans can offer you.

3. DIY Clubhouse and Loft Bed

diy loft bed plans

Wondering what to give your kids on their birthdays? Nothing beats a loft bedroom that is created with an intention to give a clubhouse-like feel. The roof above this structure can be decorated as your kids like. 

Give it a Halloween or Christmas theme, whatsoever the occasion calls for! Also, the ladder has only 3 steps, is short, and is pinned to the surface of the clubhouse. The lower area can be used to place another bed, couches, drawers, or you can even leave it empty if you like.

One reason why this DIY loft bed plan is a must-try is due to the window attribute. You will actually be offering your children a room in a room, or rather a home in a home!

4. DIY Lego Loft Bed Plan

diy loft bed ideas

This is a DIY marvel! You will be rewarded with loads of storage space, play space, and super cheap hanging buckets to keep your daily belongings. 

You will also be using 2 IKEA Trofast Storage Units to reduce your burden of construction efforts. Only the loft bed and play table require you to do the cutting, gluing, drilling, and assembling. This plan has precise measurements for both these structures that you need to build by hand.

This could turn out to be a much-needed personal play or study space for your child. Put some labels on the storage buckets and your kid would be motivated to keep the room clean and organized at all times.

5. Micro-Bus DIY Loft Bed & Playhouse

diy loft bed plans

This is surely a big one. Although it’s a Volkswagen theme loft bed, you can access the sketch-up file and alter the design as per what you have in mind. 

The lower section of this DIY loft bed plan can easily fit another mattress but is primarily designed for playing purposes. 

Be warned, there is plenty of hardware, lumber, tools, and accents that you need to keep in place before you begin this project. Also, make sure you have a big enough backyard or patio region with a pergola to make this usable irrespective of the weather.

Supplies (tools only):

6. Sliding Barn Door DIY Loft Bed

diy loft bed ideas

It’s never a bad idea to get on with a barn-themed loft bed in your bedroom. The sliding barn doors make it a complete joy to get in and out of the loft bed. Despite the roofing, there is an open-end to erase the chances of even minimal amounts of claustrophobia. 

Keep in mind, this plan would work if your ceiling is at a height of at least 9 feet. Also, you can modify the roof panels as per your bedroom interior and make it more compatible with the overall aura of the surroundings.


  • Railings
  • Side Panels
  • Front and Back Panels
  • Mattress Box
  • Plenty of Lumber
  • Roofing Panels

7. DIY Loft Bed With Storage & Desk

diy loft bed plans

Aha! Here is a loft bed with a fully-functional living room like design underneath. There is a main table, side table, lightweight storage containers, several shelves, and plenty of space to comfortably place chairs, bean bags, or even a little couch.

The image may indicate that this is only for kids, but no, that is incorrect. Even adults can easily build this for themselves. That too with the lumpsum lumber costs being under $350. This comprehensive guide has dozens of images to ensure that each part’s construction and assembly process is explained without any missing information.

With the compactness offered, consider adding ambient string lighting to make it a more enjoyable experience. The images in the guide also give ideas on how you can achieve a fantastic color combination with the photo frames, storage boxes, accessories, and final coating of this loft bed.

8. High-Rise DIY Loft Bed

diy loft bed plans

Living on a tight budget? If you have no option but to adjust in a tiny room, then this high-rise DIY loft bed plan could be a savior. Even the ladder is designed such that is occupies the least amount of your room’s surface area. 

The lower area can be used as a freestanding closet. A couple of wooden shelves along with a pegboard and hooks could prove handy in holding your everyday essentials.

Above all, in case you share the room with somebody else, you can easily install an industrial pipe to add curtains. This permits you privacy, either while above or below.

9. Jet Black DIY Loft Bed

diy loft bed plans

This is the most elegant looking of all the DIY loft bed plans mentioned. The jet black design and on-point instruction manual won’t even leave a hint that you’ve made it all by yourself.

You can find every little detail in this tutorial. Right from setting the base for the mainframe to using an accurate number of lag screws and washers for the bed, ladder, and railings.

Once you’re done with construction, you must use SW Tricorn Black color (in semi-gloss) to give this loft bed it’s real feel.

10. Youngsters DIY Loft Bed

diy loft bed plans

Three C’s: Comfortable, cozy, and compact, perfectly sum of this DIY loft bed plan. This is a ladies-centric loft bed design and takes inspiration from Ana White’s fort bed guide. Make note, the rail height and overall height is increased for easily accommodating adults.

You will use high-quality brass angle pieces to hold the pinewood in place and prevent any mainframe damage. Eventually, the fabric you use and the paint coat you choose for the inner walls will make all the difference.


Who doesn’t want a loft bed? With the advent of modern lifestyle hacks, people are often not reminded of these bed options. The perks of these DIY loft bed plans come with a personalized workspace, additional storage options, and better usage of the area available.

If you prefer the traditional bunk beds, then these DIY bunk beds plans could help you find what you are looking for.