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26 Artful DIY Sewing Table Plans

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Here, we present you 26 DIY Sewing Table Plans to mend your soul. Sewing tables are often incredibly valuable especially very functional whenever you plan to embark in many unique works of art.

The struggle of messing with the tangles of spools of threads and scraps of fabric is unfortunately a familiar story of many keen sewers. These few room hacks that we’ve looked for you will surely help you Sew much Fabric, in little time, in a handy way.

And if crafting is something that fills up your life then my friend, you are on the right page. Following is the list of 26 Sewing Table Plans to make your life easy.

1. Mid-Century Modern Sewing Desk

Mid-Century Modern Sewing Desk

This Mid-Century Modern sewing Desk is for all women out there who have been struggling with the height of machines and sore shoulders. The builder of this particular table, made it quite easy for all of us to find it quite flexible enough.

The machine stores inside and then flips up for sewing, making enough space for you to work on the table when you are not sewing. Total Supply Spend was $13.32 AUD since they already owned the table and $62.32 to buy it all with the table.


  • IKEA EFFEKTIV door panel – $5 in AS-IS (any laminated panel will do)
  • 4 Cap-head 3/8″ x 6″ (you can go shorter)
  • 8 Washers – 3/8″ 
  • 8 Nuts – 3/8″


  • Pencil or marking tool
  • Jigsaw or router
  • Drill with 3/8″ bit
  • Spanner or wrench for nuts & bolts
  • Orbital sander or sanding block


2. DIY IKEA Sewing Table

DIY IKEA Sewing Table

This DIY IKEA sewing table is a sure shot Win-Win situation for those who are looking for a cheap yet an Uber chic. This DIY is quite handy to make as the builder of this sewing table herself tried it for the first time and found it simple to make. Below is the list of supplies that you might need for the same.


  • Ikea INGO or other dining/kitchen table with a rail under the tabletop
  • 1 wood 2×2(It needs to be at least twice the width of your table)
  • 1 board to use as a shelf on which your machine will sit under your table.(For details refer the link below)
  • 1 wood 2×2
  • Safety goggles
  • Jigsaw
  • Medium and fine grit sandpaper
  • Wood filler
  • Miter or hand saw (to cut your 2x2s to size)
  • Drill (¼” drill bit, Countersink bit)
  • Mini Kreg Jig Kit
  • C-clamp
  • 4 1 ¼” wood screws
  • 4 bolts (4” long, ¼” diameter)
  • 8 washers, 8 nuts, 4 bolt caps


3. Free Motion Quilting Table (Made from a Dining Table)

Free Motion Quilting Table

A penny saved is a penny earned. Have an Old Dining table that you no more put in to use? Then we have found a solution for your cost cutting. After all a good surface for quilting is any day wonderful. Following is the list supplies that you need to use for making your homemade Sewing machine.


  • 3, 1*6 boards bolted
  • 2*4 or bigger piece of Ironwood
  • 2*4 pressboard
  • Handful of drywall screws
  • Jigsaw
  • Safety goggles


4. The Little Miss Handy’s Sewing Table Plan

The Little Miss Handy’s Sewing Table Plan

Little Miss Handy Believes in crafty and Self-sufficient methods of making a sewing table. According to her, it’s all about finding a happy balance between a needle tension and fabric weight. The unique feature about this sewing table plan is that it allows enough space for your legs. Being too tall to fit in would not be a problem for this Sewing Desk.

Also, it will just take a couple of hours to build up, and I assure you that your hard work will pay off. This sewing table measures almost 4 1/2 feet square, so if you’re looking for a table neither too narrow nor too broad, then, this would definitely meet your specifics.


5. The DIY Cutting Table Plan

The DIY Cutting Table Plan

Need a customised Desk but not acquainted to tools much? Then this DIY would be a great option for you. The builder of this particular desk got the cutting done at a nearby hardware store, leading to use of minimal tools, as the majority of the work is not supposed to be done by you.

The supplies in total would cost round about $200 excluding the tools. If you’re looking for something quick, then, what better than this. Refer the link below for further details.


6. The White Customized Sewing Room Cutting Table

The White Customized Sewing Room Cutting Table

Don’t have enough space for your art work? Here’s a deal. This White Customized Sewing room cutting table is extremely spacious. After all, besides a sewing machine, all the not-so-little details that come with it have to match your preferences, and must have enough space which it could occupy. The more comfortable you are when sewing, the more efficient you become.


  • 3 (2 x 2) Expedite Shelves
  • 7 Capita Legs
  • Wood Screws
  • Pressed Board 79 x 118 cm
  • Butcher Block 100 x 140 cm
  • Sand Paper
  • 10 L-Brackets
  • Wood Stain or Wax


7. The White Sewing Desk Table Plan

The White Sewing Desk Table Plan

Now, this one is definitely a masterpiece. Well, the most Unique table that I’ve come across till now. And if you’re fond of something unique, just like me. Then this is the perfect DIY plan opportunity for an elegant Sewing desk.

The USP of this particular desk is the desk itself, as it has been made with a combination of two different desk, the one that you won’t find at any nearby stores. For more details refer the link below.


8. Ana-White Narrow Farmhouse Table

Ana-White Narrow Farmhouse Table

Who, more than a sewer can understand the pain of a tumbledown sewing desk? To cater to this sturdy need of yours, I have, to offer you this amazing DIY sewing table plan. Now, another good thing about this sewing desk is the space that it occupies.

This desk is quite narrow, consuming very less region of your room, making it easier for you to put it in your other work of art, or may be something else for instance.


9. The Large Brown Sewing Table Plan

The Large Brown Sewing Table Plan

So here I’ve found this Sewing Desk for those sewers, who have always found themselves comfortable with a larger desk. So if you’ve got your whole room set up, and are only one step away from the final touch then, what better than a large desk for your Art work? The area below the desk will also provide you with enough space to store your materials.


  • 1 Sheet Maple Veneer Plywood (8×4 ft)– $40
  • Skinny pine trim moulding strips – $24
  • 6 cheap Ikea desk legs – $21
  • Finishing nails – $3


10. The Drop-leaf Sewing Desk Plan

The Drop-leaf Sewing Desk Plan

This wardrobe mystery table is quite a chic. I found this idea a bit different than others. The wardrobe itself makes the work space too spacious yet occupying, not much of the space at the same time, paradoxical, isn’t it? I really liked the drop-leaf idea here.

After all the storage space increases too, due to the vertical height of the wardrobe table. So if you’re planning to make something out of your home furniture, this might be a good option too. For more details click on the link below.


11. DIY Chalkboard Fold Down Sewing Table

DIY Chalkboard Fold Down Sewing Table

A majority of us have an interest that our house space doesn’t support; neither does our budget. But the time’s about to change with this really smart DIY project which helps follow your sewing interests without compromising on space.

The model uses easily and cheaply available Ikea material and a procedure that won’t necessitate any expertise in handling tools. Refer to the following blog for further details and imaged description of the same.


12. DIY IKEA Knock Off Sewing Table

DIY IKEA Knock Off Sewing Table

Most of us make do with old coffee tables or office tables for a sewing table. Unfortunately, the knee space available in such tables limits the number of machines you can access without having to keep going back and forth.

But, fortunately, we now have Ruby’s DIY idea for a new and easy-to-make sewing table within about 143$! All you need is a few furniture pieces, cord grommets and a hole saw drill bit. And, well, of course, the patience to drive down to the store.

Read on to explore Ruby’s idea of a spacious and sturdy sewing table.


13. A Sewing Table for Small Spaces

A Sewing Table for Small Spaces

This one’s for those part time sewing enthusiasts who are facing troubles placing their sewing machines and sergers around the house. This DIY table can be neatly tucked away or rolled into your cupboard. Making this table requires the skills of a novice and the budget of your dreams (20-50$)!

Ana White suggests plywood or MDF as the main building material. She provides us with cut diagrams for the same in her elaborate blog, the link for which you’ll find below. Please make sure there is a locking hardware is installed on the fold out legs and table-top.


14. Singer Sewing Machine Wood Base

Singer Sewing Machine Wood Base

Over and above the sewing tables, what we really need is a good, sturdy base for our sewing machines. This DIY idea is an incentive for you guys out there who are tired of their original cases, which, let’s admit, are probably falling apart and maybe even smelling bad.

This project was designed keeping in mind the Singer sewing machine models but it will pretty much work for any other company’s models given that you’re careful with the measurements. For the schematic description of this project, refer to the link given below.


15. Furry Little Bench

Furry Little Bench

Small benches to keep your sewing machines on are available off the stores at quite reasonable prices, but these don’t go with our lavish dreams of a gorgeous table for pretty little machines, do they?

Well, as far as they have the bones for it, buy them. And let this DIY idea worry about the redecorating it according to your likes. Who else here is dying to have a furry little bench with a golden metallic finish?


16. Super Easy DIY Sewing Set

Super Easy DIY Sewing Set

If you’re a space deficient sewer with a fashionista at heart, this DIY idea is perfect for you. It makes use of hair pin legs and a desk top sealed with semi/high glass polyurethane giving it a chic look.

It is a simple design that will take you just up to a few hours including the drying time! All that beauty fit into a perfect budget is our need of the hour. Look up this DIY project from the following link.


17. Drop-in Sewing Table Hack

Drop-in Sewing Table Hack

How frustrating is it when the fabric gets caught under the sewing table in the middle of your work? It’s so tiring to pick on the cloth again and again, as if sewing isn’t hard enough already! But here’s the perfect hack for avoiding that little trouble.

Give your sewing table a slight makeover to get a drop-in sewing table within a few hours by following the easiest of the procedures, because Yes, you can!


18. Andreas Sewing Table

Andreas Sewing Table

A slight modification of Ana white’s design of a sewing table, and voila! A beautiful sewing table idea by a man whose sewer wife’s sewing clutter got into his walking path.

This smooth rolling, small space table is actually well engineered enough to hold your machine’s weight along with the add-ons of your sewing kit (clutter, as he calls it). Read on to find out more about this modified Ana White table if you are facing the same problems with your clutter.


19. Super Easy Sewing and Quilting Desk

Is your floor the only table big enough to allow you to quilt? Is your talent getting “floored” unnecessarily? Try out this DIY design by Ana White. The built in table has large drawers for sewing notions, a shelving unit with adjustable shelves for less accessed stuff and a compact build.

She uses ideas from her Turned leg farmhouse table to give it a modern, posh look. Accurate measurements and careful planning accompanied by some enthusiasm would all you’ll need


20. DIY Inexpensive Sewing Table Design

DIY Inexpensive Sewing Table Design

Here’s another impressive modification of Ana White’s DIY design that helps infuse your personality into the table that will hold your beloved sewing machine! This one has colourful extension wings with a floral design and a beautiful finish using white paint with primer.

Keep in mind that the legs will need extra hardware according to the weight of your sewing machine. It will take you about 10-20 hours, keeping you pleasurably busy on a lazy weekend and an overall budget of just about 80$.


21. The Wood Topped Side Cubby Crafts and Sewing Table Idea

The Wood Topped Side Cubby Crafts and Sewing Table Idea

Many of us are extensive users of the sewing machine and a few drawers are just not enough to cram up all our utilities. This counter height project table features two drawers and 18 cubbies to keep all of your crafting supplies handy.

This modification of Ana White’s design uses solid pine and high end plywood. The crafter recommends sanding the pieces multiple times and finishing it off with a clear poly protector for the table top.


22. The Extra Long 2 Foot Wide Needlework Table Project

The Extra Long 2 Foot Wide Needlework Table Project

Inspired by Ana White’s narrow farmhouse table design, this crafter came up with an idea for a 2 feet wide sewing table with a hole cut for his sewing machine to fit in with a support at the bottom to hold up the machine to table-top level.

Why go for expensive 500$ tables when you can easily build this model within a 125$ budget and have ample of space for your sewing ventures?


23. The Piano Hinge 36 Inch High Sewing Table Idea

The Piano Hinge 36 Inch High Sewing Table Idea

Motivated by Ana White’s sewing table design, this experimental crafter has a beautiful 36 inches high sewing table design for us. This works best for people used to work at counter height. But remember to adjust the thickness of the legs according to the added weight.

The crafter emphasizes on the need to adjust the depth at 36” as well, which, if neglected, will make the legs stick out once folded.


24. The Decorative Blue Integrated Sewing Table Desk Build

The Decorative Blue Integrated Sewing Table Desk Build

Short on space for you’re the storage of your crafts? Here’s an idea for you to make a crafts room that triples as a cutting table and fabric storage. Imagine the furniture space you’d be saving, and of course, the money!

Built from Ana White’s plan for a Modern craft table, this model uses MDF coated several times by polyurethane over the stain to avoid the prickly texture of the material from pricking on the cloth while you’re working. But this one will take intermediate skills of woodworking, so take care of that.


25. The L Shaped Mint Green Sewing And Cutting Corner Table Idea

The L Shaped Mint Green Sewing And Cutting Corner Table Idea

Using the Modern craft table design by Ana White, this innovative sewer created an L-shaped sewing table that would snuggly fit into any corner of the house. Not only is there a provision for storing your sewing accessories, but also room for your sewing machine separated from the cutting table.

While this is the ideal table for any sewer, let yourself be reminded that this project requires intermediate level of skills in woodwork and would take a few free days of yours to be assembled.


26. The Improvised Up cycled Saw Horse Style Sewing Table Idea

The Improvised Up cycled Saw Horse Style Sewing Table Idea

This Saw Horse Style table might actually come in handy for various uses around the house. This easy to build model also has space to keep your accessories near the legs.

It’s an economical 80$ project that might take up your weekend due to the polishing and staining required rather than the actual building part. This DIY design is a boon for newbies in woodworking and carpentry.


All About Sewing Tables

For many people sewing is not just a free time activity, but they perform it as a ritual. It is always beneficial for us to look for a designated unique platform for our Art practice. Now, for the very same reason, a Sewing Machine in itself is incomplete. One might need a few customised accessories for the same. Sewing Table is one of the major need that arrives when thinking about Sewing Machines.

Mechanical or vintage models as I like to call them are already outfitted with sewing machine tables. But if you’re having an Electrical one then referring to these options would be of a great help to you all. I’ve tried to cover up all the possible Types of Sewing Table plans, right from the Easy DIY Plans to a bit complicated ones. Following is a highlight as to what sewing tables are and a few more tips regarding the things that you shall keep in mind while buying one.

What is a Sewing Table?

What is a Sewing Table

A worktable for holding sewing materials, often supplied with a bag or pouch for needlework. The specifics varies according to personal needs too. It usually has a Chair table and a dustbin, adjacent to it.

The table sizes generally vary from person to person. So, if you’ve a large room space for your craft table and enough accessories for the same, then you could go for the large sewing desk or you could also go for a drop-leaf table plan that opens up when needed.

Tips for Building a Sewing Table

Always consider the height of your Desk

The first thing to be noted while constructing or selecting a sewing table is the height. What if the height of the table is a bit above your elbow? Or if the height is below your elbow? You will either have to strain your back or your arms, wrist and elbow.

Proper Lighting is Must

One of the major factors to be considered is proper lighting. You surely don’t want to stress your eyes while working. If the table can be rolled over easily then it won’t be a problem but if not then a bit more investment for the lights would help you from straining your eyes.

Efficient foot spacing

Another important thing to be noted on your checklist is the foot space. This might add up to one of your problems if not taken care of, while building your desk.

Adjustable chair

A chair with rollers would be a good option here, as you might have to keep moving a little for that one ‘perfect angle’ for the best stitch. Also make sure that the seats are comfortable enough for the long run, which would ultimately help you concentrate on your work more than trying to adjust yourself every now and then.

Contemplate the workspace

I might as well call this the most important aspect for deciding onto the size of the Sewing Desk. Sometimes you might just forget about the long fabrics that you might have to stitch, but due to lack of desk space the fabric would just fall on the ground. So, this too shall be considered.


I guess we have come a long way now. I’d just like to say that sewing tables when selecting or building, must cover all those aspects which you might then consider while you would be using it.

As discussed before, if you’ve got a specific place decided for your sewing table. Then, it is more preferable that you go on making your own customized table so that it could fit just-in-place.

Also, make sure that you’re having enough space for your work and if not, then, it is advisable to attach a drop-leaf so that when you’re not using the table, you could easily fold it in and use that area for other purposes too. I’m sure, once it is all set, you shall then, live in a web of ideas. And, a fabric, of your own making. Enjoy!

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