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5 Perfect Alternative To Pocket Hole Screws

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Joining wood, especially at odd angles, has always been a problem for woodworkers, with different joinery being employed to ensure firm joints. However, most of these joineries do not have the required stability and rigidity to stay firm when pressure is applied. One style of joining wood that is firm, stylish, and stable is the pocket hole joints.

Pocket holes are stylish yet effective holes for screws to join two blocks of wood. They join woods at awkward angles where it would have otherwise been difficult to achieve with regular screw holes. Pocket hole screws fit perfectly into pocket holes and hold wood together. There are so many reasons why pocket hole screws are the best for this kind of joinery.

One of the most popular brands of pocket hole screws is the Kreg screws. Kreg screws are the go-to pocket hole screws in the industry with life coverage and quality products; however, just like other pocket hole screws, they are expensive. The cost of getting pocket screws for your project will significantly increase the overall cost of production and this is why a lot of people are looking for alternatives.

Massca Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws

Massca Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws

Our Top Recommendation for Perfect Alternative to Pocket Hole Screws!

This Massca pocket hole screw kit with 500 pieces is among the best alternatives you can use for your pocket hole joints. It features both fine and coarse threads so you can use it in soft and hardwoods.

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Best Alternative Screws To Pocket Hole

Are there alternatives to pocket hole screws that you can use without sacrificing too much efficiency? This is what you’ll find out in this piece shortly. However, before delving into these alternatives, let’s see the structure of the pocket hole screw to get a better understanding of the kind of alternatives to use.

Massca Self-Tapping Pocket Hole ScrewsMassca Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws• 500 pieces
• Fine and coarse threads
• Plastic storage box
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Pocket Hole Screws, LIONMAX Wood ScrewsPocket Hole Screws, LIONMAX Wood Screws• 600 pieces
• Coarse threads
• Single size
Check Price
T.K.Excellent Wood ScrewT.K.Excellent Wood Screw• 1050 pieces
• 9 screw sizes
• Zinc finish
Check Price
Kreg SK03 Pocket Hole Screw KitKreg SK03 Pocket Hole Screw Kit• 675 pieces
• 5 sizes
• Self-Tapping tip
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Kreg SML-C125B-100 WR Pocket ScrewsKreg SML-C125B-100 WR Pocket Screws• 100 pieces
• Extremely affordable
• Blue-Kote finish
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1. Massca Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws

This pocket hole screw kit made by Massca comes in a 500-unit set. This may be less than some of the 1000 units set available but still large enough foremost average-sized projects. The screws are heavy-duty with the ability to hold joints firmly. They are also finely and coarsely threaded for different types of joints. Coarse threads hold softwoods better, while fine threads hold hardwoods better.

Box of Massca Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws

It is made of carbon steel which ensures the durability of the screw. It will not break when faced with extra pressure. It is then covered with a zinc finish for a clean luster look. It comes with a deep square head for easier tightening while its self-tapping tip allows the creation of fitting holes that will not disintegrate upon the application of pressure.

Massca Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws Review

There are five different screw sizes available in this massca pack. The smallest size available is a 25 mm long #6 x 1” screw that is finely threaded. There are 100 pieces of this size inside the pack. The next size is a 25 mm long #7 x 1” coarse thread screw. You’ll find 125 pieces of this size inside the pack. Next is a 31 mm long #8 x 1-1/4 “ coarse-thread screw. It is 100 pieces inside the pack. This is followed by another 100 pieces of a screw 38 mm long and #8 x 1-1/2 “. It features a coarse thread. The largest screw here is this 63 mm long #8 x 2-½”. It is 75 pieces and also features coarse thread.

Massca Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws Customer Review

Pros & Cons


  • 500 pieces to cover your project needs
  • Fine and coarse threads for different woods
  • Durable carbon steel screws coated with zinc
  • Five different screw lengths available for different wood sizes
  • Heavy-duty plastic storage box to keep the screws 


  • Volume may not be enough for large projects
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2. Pocket Hole Screws, LIONMAX Wood Screws

Unlike the first alternative screw listed here, this kit contains only one size, 150 mm long #8 x 1-¼” screw. It is made by LionMax and is perfect for large wooden pieces due to its length. Six hundred pieces in total provide you with enough screws to handle average-sized projects without running out of screws. It is coated with zinc to increase the durability of the screw, prevent rusting, and also prevent the stripping of the inside of the screw head.

It features a coarse thread which is perfect for softwoods as its spaced threads reduce the pressure inside the wood grain. Its self-tapping tip ensures drilling is smooth and the wood does not break off from the hole. The screw is best used indoors. When it comes to its head, it sports the flat washer head design with a deep square drive.

It comes with a free 150 mm long drive bit with a magnetic square and a magnetic hex head on either side of the bit.

Pros & Cons


  • 600 screws in the pack to cover your project needs
  • 150 mm long #8 x 1-¼” screws
  • Coated with zinc for extra durability
  • The long screw makes it great for thick woods
  • Coarse thread makes it ideal for softwoods


  • Only one size available which can limit your options
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3. T.K.Excellent Wood Screw

This alternative screw by T.K contains 1050 pieces of screws of varying lengths. The screw is made from steel and finished with zinc and uses a Philips drive system on its flat head. It is one of the most popular alternatives you can use in your pocket hole evidenced by the number of confirmed buyers on online marketplaces.

Box of T.K.Excellent Wood Screw

There are nine different screw sizes available. The smallest is 200 pieces of #4 x ½”. The next in line is 110 pieces of #6 x 1” and following closely is 100 pieces of #6 x ¾”. There are also 200 pieces of #6 x 1/2 “ and then 100 pieces of #8 x 1” and 100 pieces of #8 x ¾”, 100 pieces of #10 x 1” is next, then 80 pieces of #10 x 1-½”. The largest screw here is 60 pieces of #12 x 1-½”.

T.K.Excellent Wood Screw Review

The Phillips designed head reduces the slipping of the bit, which increases the strength of the screw in different materials. The large volume ensures you do not run out of screws when working.

T.K.Excellent Wood Screw Custoomer Review

Pros & Cons


  • Massive 1050 pieces that can cover your projects
  • Zinc finish prevents rust 
  • Flat head Phillips drive system to reduce bit slippage
  • Nine different screw sizes are available


  • The steel body is not the strongest
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4. Kreg SK03 Pocket Hole Screw Kit

This is from the stables of the popular Kreg pocket screws, so it is not a surprise that it has a high number of confirmed buyers on online marketplaces. This shows its popularity. If you’re among the people who may not know what the SK03 Kreg kit is all about, here’s what you should know:

Kreg SK03 Pocket Hole Screw Kit Customer Review

This Kreg SK03 kit contains screws of five different sizes. These sizes allow for some versatility in projects depending on the wood intensity and size. There’s a 25 mm long 1” screw with 150 pieces and all of it zinc coated.

Another screw size available is this 32 mm long 1-¼” screw, coated with zinc and in 150 pieces packet. Next, there is a 64 mm long 2-½” screw coated with blu-kote with 75 pieces available inside the pack. 150 pieces of zinc-coated 1-¼” screw that is 32 mm long are also available.

Finally, there’s the 25 mm long 1” screw that is finished with zinc and is 150 pieces. The difference between this and the first size mentioned is in their threads; while this is a coarse thread, the first size is for fine thread.

This brings the total number of wood screws in this kit to 675 pieces. There’s a self-tapping tip on the screw that’ll smooth drilling into the hole. This Kreg screw is made from alloy steel and finished with zinc and blue-kote in some cases.

Kreg SK03 Pocket Hole Screw Kit Review

Pros & Cons


  • 675 pieces available
  • Five different sizes available to show its versatility
  • Zinc and blue-note finish
  • Easy to carry plastic case
  • Self-tapping tip


  • Size selection can get messed up
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5. Kreg SML-C125B-100 WR Pocket Screws

Another Kreg kit makes a list, this time in the form of the SML-C125B-100. It is also the most affordable at under $10. Its thread size is 1-¼” while it is 32 mm long. This pack is made for small projects or to complete larger projects where you’ve run out of pocket hole screws. It only contains 100 pieces of one screw size.

Kreg SML-C125B-100 WR Pocket Screws Customer Review

Its head is a square drive, so tightening it is easier and better. The tip of the screw is self-tapping, which allows you to drill with it without spoiling the wood. The threads are coarse, which is perfect for softwoods.

Its head is a Maxi-Loc washer head which is standard for Kreg holes. It is made from an alloy of steel and finished with blue-kote with three layers that prevent rust. Screws finished with blue-kote provide extra protection against rust which allows you to use this both indoors and outdoors. You’ll find this screw easy to use without complications.

Kreg SML-C125B-100 WR Pocket Screws Review

Pros & Cons


  • 100 pieces for small projects
  • Extremely affordable
  • Blue-Kote finish for extra protection Against rust
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Coarse thread for softwood
  • Squarehead and self-tapping tip


  • Only 100 pieces available will not be enough for larger projects
  • Only one size is available
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Structure Of The Pocket Hole Screw

Structure Of The Pocket Hole Screw

Learning how the pocket hole screw is structured and what makes it unique will guide you in choosing a fitting alternative with similar features. These screws are made specifically for pocket holes and possess certain characteristics that make them rigid as well as ensure they do not break off the wood around them.

1. Wide, Flat Washer Head

The head of the pocket hole screw is wide and flat, with the bottom shaped like a washer. Because of how the screw works, this wide screw head is an essential part as it serves as a stop. It prevents the screw from going beyond the shoulder of the wood inside the hole. This stop ensures the screw doesn’t break the wood trying to go through it.

The flat head also ensures more pressure is not exerted into tightening the screw. Instead of the regular tapered head screws that aren’t perfectly straight. This slight deviation is enough to cause breakage in your pocket hole.

2. Deep Square Head

The head of a pocket hole screw features a deep square pattern instead of the regular styles where it is easy to strip off the patterns on the head and make screwing difficult. The deep square head will ensure the screw fits and does not come off when screwing.

3. Self-Tapping Tip

To create a hole for the screw inside the wood that will not break off when the screw goes through, you need a drill with a pilot hole point. The pilot hole point is found at the tip of the pocket hole screw. The screw has a self-tapping tip that creates this pilot hole as you drill further into the hole.

4. Partially Threaded Screw

The screw is threaded partly from the tip. The other part is smooth, and this makes the threaded part pull the head into the joint, unlike a fully threaded screw. The extra strength and force create a stronger joint.

Alternatives to Pocket Hole Screws

What other alternatives can be used in place of the pocket hole screw to create powerful joints at odd angles? Sometimes it’s more than just the cost of the pocket hole screws; you may run out of these screws when working. When this happens, are there alternatives you can use? Yes, there are a  couple of substitutes you can use, and we’ll be finding out shortly.


Pocket hole screws fit into pocket holes and hold joints tightly especially, those at odd angles. Regular screws will struggle to be effective here, but there are other screws you can use instead of the more expensive dedicated option. This piece is all about exploring those alternatives.