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Best Band Saw Reviews in 2021

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Do you need a new bandsaw? Perhaps you are buying your first one for woodworking or construction; in any case, we got your back because we offer you the list of the best bandsaw machines of 2021 on the internet.

We will help you to get one that is perfect for your goals and budget, like the JET JWBS-14DXPRO, a superb bandsaw for woodworking.

The reviews you are going to read have been written by experts, which are a product of an in-depth and technical analysis of the good and the bad of each bandsaw, translated into simple and straightforward words. The best from both worlds!

Here you have a straightforward comparative analysis, to compare our top band saws against each other, to help you pick the option that delivers exactly what you need.

Top 8: Best Bandsaw Reviews

It does not matter if you are a professional or a hobbyist; you need to find a bandsaw that is the perfect match for your craft and projects.

We will help you to find that machine that will bring you the ideal cut, be it for a rocking chair, complex cabriole legs or irregular metal shapes.

Image Product
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Weight: 256 Lbs
Grizzly G0555LX
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Weight: 247 Lbs
Laguna Tools MBAND 1412- 175
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Weight: 267 Lbs
WEN 3962
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Weight: 73 Lbs
Rikon 10- 305
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Weight: 76 Lbs
WEN 3975T
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Weight: 54.8 Lbs
SKIL 3386- 01
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Weight: 16.51 Lbs
Powermatic PWBS- 14CS
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Weight: 178 Lbs

1. JET JWBS-14DXPRO – Best Bandsaw for the Money

For serious hobbyists looking to get an edge, the JET JWBS-14DXPRO is the 14-inch bandsaw you need in your life.

It brings you the versatility of a vertical blade and a cast iron frame with superior cutting capacity, power and speed. More expensive than your regular vertical bandsaw, but certainly much more efficient.


  • 12-Inch Resaw Capacity
  • 2 Speed System
  • Heavy Construction
  • Blade Guide
JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14' Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit (710116K)

The JET is a gem of a bandsaw because it combines great power and speed with a generous cutting capacity, along with the features necessary to create complex and detailed shapes and curves like cabriole legs.


1. Build Quality

It features a durable cast iron frame and cast iron tables (15-inch x 15-inch). Its frame is strong and sturdy, to bring you more confidence, security and control, which is essential for complex designs.

It also has a weight of 290 pounds, and in consequence, heavier than your average bandsaw. It will allow you to channelize all the power and speed of this machine as you cut through different materials, with beautiful results.

2. Power and Speed

It is the nearest you can get to an industrial-grade bandsaw, thanks to its powerful 1 ¼ HP motor. You can cut wood, plastic, aluminum and metal with ease. Its performance is superior to your average light-duty bandsaw.

When you unite this tremendous power with its impressive blade speed of up to 3,000 SFPM, it becomes clear that you can do all sort of things with this bandsaw.

3. Cutting Capacity

You can work materials with big dimensions, because it tops at 12 inches in height and 13.5 inches in width. Based on our experience, this range will allow you to work with all sort of materials, including big wood blocks, especially since it offers a 12-inch resaw capacity.

Another important aspect are the cast iron tables, which you can tilt up to 45° to the right and 10° to the left. Along with the generous dimensions, it opens up for you endless sawing options, even from the most daring angles.

4. Blade and Guides

The blade is the soul of a bandsaw, because without a good one, it will be useless. Fortunately, the JET comes with a durable blade with generous dimensions: 105 inches in length and 1/8 – 3/4 of an inch in width.

In addition, it comes with ball bearing guides, which is a premium feature, because it extends the useful life of your machine by decreasing friction.

Another aspect we liked very much is that it includes a blade-tracking window, which allows you to monitor the entire process with ease and security. Certainly, another premium feature that will make your work easier and more efficient.

What We Liked
  • Powerful Phase One Motor
  • Outstanding Blade Speed
  • Generous Cutting Capacity
  • Sturdy Construction
  • 5-Year Warranty

What We Didn't Like
  • Expensive
  • No Headlight



It works incredibly well with hardwoods. It cuts through with ease and smoothly, which allows you to obtain accurate cuts. Therefore, if you need to work with oak and maple regularly, then this machine will suffice your needs!

Staff | Pro Tool Guide

2. Grizzly G0555LX - Best 14 Inch Bandsaw

As strong and powerful as a bear, the Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe is loyal to its name and that is why we have picked it, because it has complied with all of our tests, and therefore, it deserves to be part of the list of the band saws of 2021. It is equipped with innovative technology to bring you a better performance. Let’s review it in detail.


  • Powerful motor
  • Computer balanced cast-iron table
  • Upper and Lower Ballbearing Blade
  • 14-Inch Cut
Grizzly Industrial G0555 - The Classic 14' Bandsaw


1. Build Quality

It features a resistant cast iron frame, a heavy-duty stand and a precision-ground cast iron table (14”x14”). Furthermore, it weighs 247 pounds, which in addition to its strong construction make it sturdy and heavy, which will bring you more control when using it. It combines the versatility of a vertical bandsaw with the control and security of a heavy-duty build quality.

2. Power and Speed

The Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe you will get a powerful motor of 1HP. Furthermore, it can reach a speed of up to 3,100 FPM. This combination of raw power and speed will allow you to process a wide variety of materials including big blocks of wood as well as metal.

3. Cutting Capacity

It comes with a decent throat capacity of 13 ½ inches with a maximum height of 6 inches. Its dimensions are enough for most small workshops, although, we would not recommend it if you plan to use it for industrial purposes, because you will need more generous cutting capacities.

Furthermore, it comes with a resaw capacity of 6 inches, and even though it will not be enough for a professional metalworking shop with tons of demand, for a hobbyist or normal operations it will be superb, especially since it resaws easily and smoothly.

Its table offers you different angles for cutting any piece of material. You can tilt it 45° to the right and 10° to the left, in consequence, bringing you tons of angles to work the way you want, to obtain the results you desire.

4. Blade and Guides

It includes a blade that is 93 ½ inches long and 1/8 – 1/3 of an inch wide. Long and wide enough to cut through a wide variety of materials with precision and detail, thanks to the top speed it can reach. Furthermore, it comes with upper and lower ball rearing guides, to extend the useful life of the blade.

What We Liked
  • Powerful mood of 1HP
  • Outstanding Cutting Speed
  • Sturdy and Solid Construction
  • Ideal for hobby shops and small workshops
  • Excellent Precision

What We Didn't Like
  • Resaw Capacity is limited
  • Fine sawdust leakage



It works incredibly well with hardwoods. It cuts through with ease and smoothly, which allows you to obtain accurate cuts. Therefore, if you need to work with oak and maple regularly, then this machine will suffice your needs!

Staff | Pro Tool Guide

3. Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 - Best Woodworking Bandsaw

Continuing with the series of heavy-duty band saws, here we have the Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175. This big boy comes with a powerful motor, outstanding speed, generous cutting capacity and many extras that make it worthy of getting a place in our exclusive list.


  • Powerful Motor
  • Direct Start With Safety Key
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • 1/8 Inch Blade Width
Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw, Black/Grey


1. Build Quality

It includes a strong steel frame and cast iron worktables (21 ½”x16”). Furthermore, it comes with a pyramid spine for more stability and support. It weighs 267 pounds, which is enough to bring you superior control, support and stability, which is necessary when working with industrial-grade projects.

Thanks to having great balance and stability, along with its powerful motor, you can process thick blocks of material effortlessly. Furthermore, you get plenty of accuracy.

An important feature to mention is the Anodized Aluminum Throat Plate, which increases the durability of the machine.

2. Power and Speed

It comes with a powerful 1 ¾ HP motor and a cutting speed especially designed for wood. You get tons of power with the MBAND1412-175 14 x 12, which makes it ideal to process all sort of materials ranging from wood to metal.

3. Cutting Capacity

With this vertical bandsaw, you get a throat capacity of 13 5/8” inches and a whooping resaw capacity of 12 inches. It will make your work much easier, because you will be able to work with even very big and thick blocks of wood.

Furthermore, you can tilt the worktable 45° to the right and 7° to the left. A generous range of movement, to work any material from the most favorable angle, which is necessary when doing complex designs that require laser-like precision.

4. Blade and Guides

Its blade is 115 inches long and its width ranges from 1/8” to 3/4". You can customize the blades according to your needs with ease, because it is easy to replace them in this machine.

It includes ceramic blade guides, which are excellent for processing green wood. If that is your main activity, then these guides will protect your blade much better than ball-rearing blade guides will. Furthermore, they are very resistant and they do not accumulate wear at all.

What We Liked
  • Outstanding Motor of 1-3/4 hp
  • Ideal for cutting different types of woods
  • Sturdy construction of steel and cast iron 
  • Superior precision and stability
  • Ideal for workshops with high demands

What We Didn't Like
  • Poorly positioned lower guide
  • Fills with dust during heavy cuts

4. WEN 3962 - Best 10 Inch Bandsaw

A great bang for the buck. That sentence alone defines the WEN 3962, one of the most affordable band saws in the market, which makes it excellent for beginners or for those who need a spare machine in their workshop.

Nonetheless, it is not all about the price, and that is why we have analyzed it patiently, to let you know everything about it.


  • 3.5 amp motor
  • Uses 72-Inch blades
  • Operates at two speed
  • 2-Years Warranty Included
WEN 3962T 3.5-Amp 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight


1. Build Quality

Its construction is light because it only weighs 73 pounds. It is made of steel and includes a worktable of 14”x 12 ½”, which is equipped with a useful work light. Overall, we liked the build quality of the WEN 3962, but we would not rate it as sturdy.

Overall, for the price, it is quite good. Although, if you need far more control and stability, we would not advise you to choose it. Other than that, it is a good buy.

2. Power and Speed

It comes with a 3.5 amps motor and a speed that ranges from 1,520 to 2,620 FPM. It works with 120 volts of power, which brings the motor a top power of 0.5 HP (approximately). It might not be enough for industrial use, but for beginners, hobbyists and small workshops, it is ideal.

It will cut through different materials including metal and aluminum. Nonetheless, when it comes to thick metals beyond one inch, we would advise you to look for a more powerful choice like the JET JWBS-14DXPRO Deluxe Pro.

3. Cutting Capacity

It comes with a throat capacity of 9 ¾ inches, which will allow you to work with materials up to 6 inches deep and 9 ¾ wide. It will help you to process different kinds of materials, nonetheless, keep in mind that for really tick blocks, it will not be enough, because it has not been designed to meet such demands.

It comes with a resaw capacity of up to 6 inches, which is plenty for everyday operations that most small workshops have to do, as well as hobbyists. 

In addition, the worktable tilts 45° to the right, but unfortunately, it does not tilt to the left, which will limit the number of angles you can work from.

4. Blade and Guides

It includes a 72-inch long blade with a thickness of 3/8 of an inch. Nonetheless, you can substitute it with similar blades with a width of 1/8” up to 1/2”. Based on our tests, its blade will cut through different materials like wood and aluminum with ease and efficiency.

It also includes adjustable ball-bearing guides, to make your work more efficient as well as to protect the blade of your machine.

What We Liked
  • Affordable Price
  • Ideal for beginners and hobby shops
  • Decent power and speed
  • Well rounded performance

What We Didn't Like
  • Complicate setup
  • Hard to adjust

5. Rikon 10-305

In the club of light-duty and affordable band saws, the Rikon 10-305 is a great choice, otherwise it would not be here. It features a solid frame, a sturdy work surface, a decent motor and premium features. It is the scaled-down version of the popular 10-325 and 10-345 models, but at a lower price.


  • Solid Steel Design
  • Spacious cast-iron table
  • A quality rip fence included
  • Raise and Lower Guide
RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch


1. Build Quality

It includes a frame made of solid steel plate and a cast iron worktable (13 ¾”x 12 ½”). It weighs only 76 pounds. Despite its promotion as a super sturdy bandsaw, in our experience, it is only suitable for beginner, medium and medium-advanced projects that do not require copious amounts of accuracy.

Nonetheless, for similar band saws in this price range, it is far studier thanks to the legit steel plate frame and design of the machine, which allows it to preserve more stability and balance. It is small and light, which is ideal for reduced spaces like a small workshop or a garage.

2. Power and Speed

Its motor has a power of 0.33 HP and a cutting speed of up to 2,780 FPM. It is not, by any means, a good choice for industrial-grade projects, but for hobbyists and small workshops, its power and speed will be more than enough. Based on our analysis and experience, it works best with wood and plastic.

3. Cutting Capacity

It has a cutting capacity of 4-5/8 x 9-5/8 inches and a resaw capacity of 4 - 5/8 inches. It is not the most generous in the market, and that is why we suggest you to use it if you do not need large cutting capacities or tremendous power and speed.

You can tilt the worktable in a range of 0-45°, which is the standard in the industry. You will be able to work from different angles to obtain the results that your project requires.

4. Blade and Guides

It comes with a blade that is 70 ½ inches long and with a varying width of 1/8 up to 1/2 inches. Despite its low price, they have not cut corners with the blade, because it cuts effortlessly within its limitations.

It comes with an adjustable guidepost, which will allow you to adjust the height easily, to meet the demands of your project. In addition, the ball-rearing guides, a premium feature, will extend the useful life of the blade.

What We Liked
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Great value for money- affordable
  • Excellent for hobbyists and small shops

What We Didn't Like
  • Light build brings less stability
  • Customizable is hard and limited

6. WEN 3975T  - Best Benchtop Bandsaw

Plenty of value in a small and practical envelope. That is how we define the WEN 3975 5”, a great Benchtop bandsaw that is the perfect addition to the smallest and most restrictive workspaces, as well as for contractors and construction workers. Its ideal size and low price make it a popular choice, and here you have our expert analysis.


  • Adjustable Speed Blade
  • Beveling blade
  • Compatible with thick cuts
  • 2-Years Warranty
WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band Saw


1. Build Quality

It is compact and surprisingly sturdy thanks to being made of metal. It weighs 45 pounds, and thanks to its solid support, you can work with security, precision and control.

Thanks to its small size, you can take it to different places, and therefore, it is an excellent choice for professionals like plumbers, because you can cut pipes of different types of metals like aluminum and iron with ease. The same goes for the hobbyist, woodworker and metalworker on the move.

2. Power and Speed

Surprisingly, it includes a 4.5 amps motor, which equals to 0.651 HP (120 volts and an efficiency of 90%). Its cutting speed ranges from 125 to 260 FPM. It has more power than several vertical band saws, which is a major plus. That is why several contractors vouch for it.

3. Cutting Capacity

It allows you to work with materials up to 5 inches in diameter (pipes), or alternatively, blocks of material up to 5” x 4 7/8”. However, the most attractive feature of this band saw is the generous angle from 0 to 60°, which allows you to do different types of cuts, to reach the level of detail you desire.

4. Blade and Guides

It includes a 56 ½ inches long blade with a width of ½”. It is ideal for working with most materials and achieving excellent results. To increase the lifespan of the band saw, it comes with ball-rearing guides.

What We Liked
  • Portable and Easy to store
  • Great for cutting metal pipes
  • A wide variety of cutting angles
  • Multi-speed setting
  • Excellent for beginners- easy to use

What We Didn't Like
  • Hard to keep the blades on the wheels
  • Not intended for heavy use/ cuts

7. SKIL 3386-01 - Best Budget Bandsaw

One of the cheapest vertical band saws in the market. For less than $150 bucks, you can add to your workshop one of the most versatile tools. Nevertheless, a low price is not enough and that is why we have analyzed every single aspect about it, give you an expert and honest review.


  • Rip fence included
  • Arculating Work light
  • Standard Dust Port Included
  • Compatible with Wood and Metal Materials
SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light , Red


1. Build Quality

It is small (31.1 x 16.2 x 12.8 inches) and light at only 36 pounds. Its frame and worktable are made of cast alloy, which is resistant. They have definitively cut corners here, but it is understandable based on its low price.

In any case, it is resistant and strong; however, we would not recommend you to use it as a stationary saw or for highly demanding tasks, because it lacks the necessary control and stability. However, as a pro, it is portable and ideal for small spaces like a tiny garage or workshop.

2. Power and Speed

It includes a 2.5 amps motor, which at 120 volts and with an efficiency of 90%, translates into 0.362 HP. Honestly, it is not a very powerful motor, but for a hobbyists or for small everyday operations, it will be enough. It can reach up to 2,800 FPM, which allows it to cut timber, metal and plastic easily.

3. Cutting Capacity

It features a throat capacity of 9 inches and a maximum cutting depth of 3 5/8 inches. Again, this capacity makes it only suitable for regular operations; however, it was never designed with industrial use in mind. Unfortunately, they have not specified the resaw capacity.

4. Blade and Guides

It has a blade with the following dimensions: 59 ¼” x 1/8-3/8”. It is strong enough to cut through different materials. It comes with an EZ View Blade Tracking to help you align the blade, which is a nice plus. Unfortunately, it has plastic blade guides, which are inferior in quality to ball-rearing or ceramic guides.

What We Liked
  • Super affordable
  • Durable construction quality
  • Ideal for beginners and small workshops 
  • Great for cutting timber and plastic
  • Easy blade tracking for perfect alignment

What We Didn't Like
  • Less Stability
  • Limited resaw capacity

8. Powermatic 1791216K

For those with big needs, the Powermatic 1791216K PWBS-14CS Deluxe is an excellent choice. Built with cast iron and steel, it is one of the sturdiest band saws in the market. Along with a powerful motor, great cutting capacity and several pro features, it contains great value and we have reviewed it with our experts.


  • 14-Inch Bandsaw
  • Powerful Motor
  • Solid Steel and Cast Iron Construction
  • Extra-large work table
Powermatic PWBS-14CS 14' Woodworking Bandsaw, with Stand and Riser Block (1791216K)


1. Build Quality

It features a solid iron casting that makes it sturdy, which will bring you far more control. Furthermore, it weighs 178 pounds, putting it nearer to the heavy-duty category. It is bigger than your average bandsaw at 20 x 34 x 68 inches. In addition, it includes a strong cast iron worktable (15x20 inches).

2. Power and Speed

Its motor comes with the outstanding power of 1.5 HP, which is quite good for a machine in this price range. It is coupled with a high cutting speed, which will allow you to work with thick and tough materials. Furthermore, it makes the energy transmission super smooth thanks to the poly-V system, which makes the performance even better.

3. Cutting Capacity

It comes with a throat capacity of 13.5 inches and a resaw capacity of 11 inches. Such a generous range will allow you to work with big blocks of materials with great precision and control. Furthermore, you can tilt the worktable 45° to the right and 10° to the left, bringing you more angles to work from.

4. Blade and Guides

The blade measures 105 inches and is strong enough to cut through metal and wood. Thanks to the high power output of the induction motor, you will enjoy a smooth performance. It comes with dual ball-rearing guides, to help you make the best cuts and protect the lifespan of the blade.

What We Liked
  • Strong and stable construction
  • Powerful motor that stays cool even during heavy cuts
  • Excellent resawing performance
  • Includes meter gauge and fence
  • Ample and useful light

What We Didn't Like
  • Problematic Setup
  • Only one speed



This machine is one of the most complete you will find for the price. It has a learning curve, but get through it and you will obtain high quality results. It is worth the effort.

Staff | Pro Tool Guide

Bandsaw Buying Guide

To put it in simple terms, the best band saws include professional features. That is the foundation for our buying guide, which will help you to get the perfect machine.

It contains the condensed knowledge and advice from experts on woodworking and construction, who have plenty of experience using and selecting these versatile power machines.

Furthermore, we will show you how to pick the ideal band saw for your specific case, for example, for woodworking in a small shop. Plenty of scenarios, and everything is covered in this guide!

1. Type

What you intend to do will determine the kind of band saw you need. Here is a complete revision.


It is the best choice for curved cuts and more complex designs, because its blade circulates at a fixed position, to allow you to feed the material piece against the blade. Unlike an horizontal bandsaw, it brings you more control over details. Therefore, they are ideal for small workshops, and in fact, for any person who needs to do complex internal and external cuts.


If volume matters a lot to you, like in a professional workshop, then an horizontal bandsaw will be your best choice, because they are designed to cut larger amounts of materials (and tougher). It is ideal for cutting metal, and therefore, it is popular in factories and metalworking shops, thanks to its superior power and cutting capacities.


If you want a bandsaw that you can transport easily, or for a very small workspace, then a portable bandsaw might be your best ally. Of course, it is designed to deal with lower-impact work rather than heavy-duty and highly demanding projects.

2. Power

The higher the demand, the more power you will need. The power of a band saw is measured in horsepower, and therefore, it is important to pick a motor that can deliver the performance that your craft requires. However, most motors fall between 1hp and 3hp, because just a handful go beyond that mark.

To give you a proper estimation, for a bandsaw of 14 inches, you should look for a motor of minimum 1hp. The same goes for 12 inches.

3. Cutting Capacity

Your choice will depend on the kind of throat you need for your project, which is the distance between the blade and the column. For instance, a JETJWBS-14DXPRO has a 14” cutting capacity.

Another important factor to consider is the resaw capacity, which is the distance between the highest point of the blade guide assembly and the band saw table. It will determine how large the stock can be and still be able to slide under the saw guide.

In short, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Throat capacity
  • Resaw capacity
  • Depth of cut (maximum)
  • Width of cut (maximum)

4. Frame

Like the type of bandsaw, you also need to pay attention to the frame. Here is a complete review of the two most widely used frames:

Cast Iron

This frame is ideal for regular operations that most small workshops have to do every day, that is why they have been used for several generations. Nonetheless, its structure and design limit its cutting capacity, speed and power.


For big operations that demand outstanding power and cutting capacities, the steel frame is exactly what you need. It is made of strong, heavy and welded steel, to break conventional limitations and allow you to do all sort of operations that factories and metalworking shops have to do regularly.

5. Speed

If you want to have more control over speed, then you need to choose a bandsaw that offers you different speed options. Nonetheless, consider that the vast majority come with only two options, because most woodworkers prefer to work with the fastest speed available.

6. Blade Guides

These are the most important elements to look at when choosing a bandsaw. As you have seen, if you have a small workshop, then a vertical bandsaw with a cast-iron frame and a 1HP motor will be enough.

Nonetheless, if you own a metalworking shop with a giant demand, you will need a horizontal bandsaw with a powerful motor of 3HP and a heavy steel frame.

As you can see, it is not really that hard, especially when you have our top choices, which have been used, evaluated and reviewed by experts on woodwork, metalworking and construction.


As you can see, picking the ideal band saw does not have to consume all of your time. Now that you have our guide at your disposal, make sure to follow all of our tips and you will end up with the perfect band saw for your project and needs.