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7 Best Furniture Waxes to Buy (For Every Wood Type)

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Furniture needs protection from the elements, wear and tear, and pests. While paint and varnish are common wood finishes for protection, wax is the most preferred when it comes to furniture. Wax is preferred because it protects the wood and gives it a natural finish with enhanced features. So whether it’s new or old furniture you want to protect, you’ll need a furniture wax.

Furniture waxes come in clear and tinted forms, with several manufacturers producing waxes for your furniture. The waxes vary from brand to brand, but they generally share major ingredients of natural beeswax and carnauba wax. These waxes may share similar main ingredients but feature diverse minor ingredients and manufacturing styles to produce different results. Depending on your wood style, you may need a different type of furniture wax to protect it from moisture.

Furniture owners may need help identifying the best wax to use on their furniture, which is why we’ve put together this guide. We’ve compiled the best furniture waxes which you can use for all wood types to protect against moisture and damage.

Furniture Clinic Traditional Wood Beeswax Polish

Furniture Clinic Traditional Wood Beeswax Polish

Our Top Recommendation for Furniture Waxes

The tried and trusted traditional Beeswax features only the necessary ingredients to make an ideal polish for furniture. With oil, abrasives, and silicon, this wax dries to a smooth finish. Get this wax to treat and protect all types of wood surfaces.

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Best Furniture Waxes

Here you’ll find a list of the best furniture waxes for all wood types, their reviews, and factors to consider when choosing each. Selecting the best wax for your furniture is just as important as when looking to prolong the furniture’s lifespan.

Furniture Clinic Traditional Wood Beeswax PolishFurniture Clinic Traditional Wood Beeswax Polish• It has a long-lasting shine
• It dries smooth
• Does not contain chemicals like silicone and abrasive
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Minwax Paste Finish WaxMinwax Paste Finish Wax• Highly popular
• ​Comes in different tones
• Uses mineral spirits
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Howard Wax-It-All Food Grade WaxHoward Wax-It-All Food Grade Wax• Can revive faded wood
• Smooth finish
• Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
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Walrus Oil Wood WaxWalrus Oil Wood Wax• Free of VOC
• ​Pleasant coconut scent
• Adheres to FDA regulations
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Staples Crystal Clear WaxStaples Crystal Clear Wax• Easy to use
• ​One thin layer of coating is enough
• Enhances natural furniture tone
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Howard Citrus Shield Paste WaxHoward Citrus Shield Paste Wax• Comes with a UV inhibitor
• ​Long-lasting shine
• Orange oil helps clean the wood
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Pipihua Beeswax Furniture PolishPipihua Beeswax Furniture Polish• Made from natural materials
• ​Eco friendly
• Highly affordable
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1. Furniture Clinic Traditional Wood Beeswax Polish

Furniture Clinic, a wood repair and cleaning specialist, makes this wood beeswax polish. Its traditional formula involves tried and tested old wood treatment recipes for protecting wood surfaces. Natural beeswax and mineral spirits are some of the ingredients in this wax. While the mineral spirits may be foul smelling, it helps to soften the wax and allow it to spread evenly on the wooden surface and make it shine. It is also easy to apply and dries to a clean and shiny finish.

Furniture Clinic Traditional Wood Beeswax Polish review

The wax has a long-lasting effect on the wood and only needs to be applied once a year. You’ll also find that the foul-smelling mineral spirits will evaporate. Leaving the odorless wax to protect the furniture since no other abrasives, oils, or silicone can be added to the beeswax. One major downside is that it comes in a small container when considering its price, so you may need to spend a lot more to cover a wide surface. However, there’s also a money-back guarantee if beeswax does not shine on your wood.

Furniture Clinic Traditional Wood Beeswax Polish i cilicked a picture after unboxing

Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for polishing teak, antiques, table, doors, and other furniture
  • It cleans and polishes wood
  • It dries smooth
  • It has a long-lasting shine
  • It does not contain chemicals like silicon and abrasive


  • Small quantity for its price
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2. Minwax Paste Finish Wax

This Minwax furniture wax is highly popular, judging by the number of online purchases and reviews. It is no surprise, as Minwax is known for its quality wood products. It comes in various tones like special natural dark, and more with the wax as protection and polish for wooden surfaces. This wax is suitable for surfaces without tough polyurethane covers, like cabinets, doors, tables, and chairs.

Minwax Paste Finish Wax review

Use mineral spirits or paint thinner to soften and clean up excess wax. Applying the Minwax past finish waste is easy by dabbing a cloth in the softened wax and wiping the furniture with it. Allow drying up to 15 minutes to reveal its shiny surface that will withstand tough conditions. You’ll only require one layer when waxing a surface with a finish. However, it may require two coatings to get its shine out for raw wood.

Minwax Paste Finish Wax i clicke a picture when this product using

Pros & Cons


  • Highly popular
  • It uses mineral spirits or paint thinner to soften the wax
  • It comes in different tones
  • Natural wax not containing silicone, abrasives, and oils


  • Long drying time
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3. Howard Wax-It-All Food Grade Wax

Wax-It-All, as the name implies, can polish any wood with its wax containing food-grade mineral oils, carnauba wax, and beeswax. It is easy to use by dapping a cloth in the wax, wiping the furniture surface, allowing it to absorb the wax, and bugging off any excess. It is safe, and you wouldn’t need a mask while applying it because it does not contain solvents, linseed oil, silicone, or volatile organic compounds.

Howard Wax-It-All Food Grade Wax review

Not only does this wax protect the furniture surface, but it enhances the natural beauty of the wood. It provides a hard carnauba finish but gives a soft sheen and feel. The nature of this wax makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor usage without any adverse weather effects on the wax. In addition, this Howard wax can revive faded wood, prevent cracking, and prevent drying out.

Howard Wax-It-All Food Grade Wax i clicked a picture after used this product

Pros & Cons


  • Prevents cracking and drying out of wood
  • Can revive faded wood
  • You can use it to polish any wood type
  • It leaves a soft sheen and smooth finish
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use


  • It can be greasy
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4. Walrus Oil Wood Wax

This wood wax is made by Walrus Oil in the US, abiding by FDA’s policies. The wax is in the form of a cream. It leaves a pleasant coconut smell from the coconut oil used in making this wax alongside beeswax, mineral oil, and Vitamin E. Apply by wiping the surface with a cloth dipped in walrus Oil Wood Wax and allow to absorb for 15 minutes before bugging with a clean rag.

Walrus Oil Wood Wax

This wax is not long-lasting, so it may require frequent reapplication to keep the surface waterproof. However, it is free from volatile organic compounds and has been certified not to harm the climate. The wax is of a similar volume as most others on this list.

Walrus Oil Wood Wax i clicked a picture before using

Pros & Cons


  • Adheres to FDA regulations
  • It has a pleasant coconut smell
  • Free of VOC
  • Protects from moisture


  • Not long-lasting and requires frequent reapplication
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5. Staples Crystal Clear Wax

Staples crystal clear wax comes with imported Carnauba and does not contain silicon or even the popular beeswax. It is known for its durable and shiny finish that showcases the luster of the wood. It comes in a large container with 1 pound weight of past wax. One coating is typically enough to shine a surface with a previous coating, thus helping it last longer.

Staples Crystal Clear Wax review

As the name implies, it sports a clear wax that shines and protects the wood while enhancing its natural tone. It is extremely easy to use in its paste form, with its shine giving the furniture an impressive look. The quality of the product is evident with the right seal, so you can use the wax as often as possible without drying off.

Staples Crystal Clear Wax i used on my rifile hande

Pros & Cons


  • Clear wax enhances the natural look of the wood
  • Easy to use
  • It comes in a larger 1-pound size
  • A single thin layer coating is enough


  • It takes a long time to dry
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6. Howard Citrus Shield Paste Wax

Another Howard wax makes this list of best furniture waxes, but this time in the form of a citrus shield wax. The wax is clearly stated as toluene-free to emphasize its safe use. You’ll find the hard carnauba layer to give it a waterproof layer, while the citrus shield layer cleans the surface. This premium paste waste is manufactured in the US and abides by the regulatory requirements for safe wax.

 Howard Citrus Shield Paste Wax review

The shine it produces is long-lasting as it is easy to buff. You can polish anything from tables, antiques, cabinets, and furniture. The materials for making this wax include beeswax, Brazilian carnauba wax, surfactants, and orange oil. It does not contain linseed oils or silicone, helping improve its feel. This wax will polish any wood, whether finished or unfinished wood.

 Howard Citrus Shield Paste Wax i clicke a picture when i used this product

Pros & Cons


  • The orange oil helps clean the wood
  • Also available in a clear tone helping to enhance the natural tone of the wood
  • It features the real Brazilian carnauba wax, which is the hardest natural wax
  • You can use it on finished and unfinished wood
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Suitable for outdoor use with its UV inhibitor that prevents fading from the sun
  • Pleasant citrus scent


  • The container is difficult to open
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7. Pipihua Beeswax Furniture Polish

This is a waterproof and wood repair wax at an unbelievable rate. It is highly affordable as you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to polish your furniture. It combines natural beeswax, lemon flavor, orange oil, eucalyptus oil, and carnauba wax to form this odorless or slightly citrus-smelling wax. Its nontoxic nature and natural ingredients make it eco-friendly.

Pipihua fixes dry and cracked wood, moist with traces of mold and dull furniture tone. Using this wax not only restores the fading wood tone but creates a luster that increases the aesthetics of the furniture. It is also great for extremely dry wood as it moistens and keeps it smooth, so it doesn’t crack.

Pros & Cons


  • Eco-friendly wax
  • Highly affordable
  • It is waterproof and nontoxic
  • Made from natural materials
  • It will also remove dirt


  • Wax does not last long and will require frequent reapplication
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Buyers Guide: How to Choose The Right Furniture Wax?

Even with a list of the best furniture wax, choosing the one to use may still pose a problem. The buyer’s guide helps streamline the process by providing valuable guidance. By considering these factors, you’ll come to a logical conclusion on the type of furniture wax you need and, by extension, select the best for your needs.

1. Safety

Furniture waxes consist of different materials, with some including low traces of volatile organic compounds, which can be dangerous if inhaled or used around children or pets. Some other waxes are free from these harmful compounds and tagged “food-grade.” These food-grade waxes can be applied without a nose mask, used in the presence of pets and children, and on surfaces that come in contact with food.

2. Ingredients

The ingredients of any furniture wax can determine several other properties of the wax, including its safety, durability, ease of application, and more. You should consider the ingredients of the wax before buying it. Petroleum-based waxes or waxes containing VOCs offer better protection with less safety. In contrast, ingredients like beeswax and carnauba wax provide a hard layer of protection.

Since most waxes are thick, those containing oils make it easy to apply as the oils soften the wax. Waxing with all-natural ingredients is safer to use, even around children.

3. Ease of Application

Waxes are known for their ease of application, but some waxes are easier to apply than others. Waxes with oils offer better ease of application since they can soften the wax and make it easier to glide across the wood surface and be absorbed into the grains. Cleaning off excess wax and fixing mistakes is also easier, as well as reapplication, since you do not need to sand the surface again.

4. Size And Coverage

Waxes come in different containers with varying sizes. Typically, the sizes of the area of wood and frequency of application should determine the quantity of wax you buy. Most waxes come in small 200-500ml, 1 pound, and 1 gallon containers. If you’re a woodworker that uses furniture wax frequently, it may be better to buy a larger quantity of wax.

5. Price

The cost of purchasing the wax will always be taken into consideration since budgets are different, with some having limited budgets. When considering prices, you should compare similar wax quantities since a larger quantity will typically command a higher price. Some waxes are extremely affordable and may come with reduced effectiveness, while others cost more and generally have better quality. However, this is not set in stone, as you can get quality even in the affordable section.


If you have a lingering question about furniture waxes and choosing the right wax, chances are that many others have asked a similar question before. This FAQ section compiles most of the frequently asked questions about furniture wax with their answers.

Q1. What’s the difference between furniture wax using carnauba wax and beeswax?

Ans: Carnauba wax is the hardest wax available and provides the most protection since its hard layer keeps the wood surface safe. At the same time, beeswax is produced by bees and offers more natural protection with better spread and a soft finish which makes it less resistant to scratches. However, its resistance to moisture and dirt is top-notch.

Q2. Do all wood waxes use the same ingredients?

Ans: No. Wood waxes use varying ingredients depending on their purposes. However, all wood waxes contain wax which is the primary ingredient.

Q3. Can you use wood waxes on other surfaces aside from wood?

Ans: Some wood waxes can be used on other surfaces like metal, concrete, marble, fabric, leather, and more. In contrast, others are strictly for wooden surfaces alone. The types of surfaces you can apply the wood wax to are usually listed on the wax container.


Protecting your furniture will prolong its lifespan, so applying wax is vital. With the various wax brands available in the market today. Choosing the right brand for your needs requires patience and guidance. Several other factors are essential to get the type of wood wax.