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10 Best Table Saw Reviews in 2023

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Whether you have a business or are a hobbyist, you need the best table saw in your workshop. It’s one of those tools that make your work easier since it’s versatile and easy to work with.

If you’re looking to buy a table saw, you’ve probably noticed the many models that are on the market. Such a broad range of options tends to confuse people especially those that are shopping for a table saw for the first time.

Continue reading as we discuss the best picks on the market and their features. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide for all the hobbyists and professionals that need a helping hand in choosing the right table saw for their needs.

Even if you’ve never used one before, we’re sure you’ve seen it. It’s a tool with a circular saw blade that’s on an arbor. The machine uses an electric motor that’s powered by gears, belt or directly. It usually has a table surface that provides excellent support for the wood you’re working on.

It’s pretty versatile because you can move the blade up and down adjusting the depth of the cut. Most table saws allow you to change the angle of the cut by setting the angle of the blade to your preference.

Sometimes, the best way to find the most efficient table saw is to compare them all to one another. This way, you get a clear vision of what each model provides.

We’ve made a comparison table where you can see all of the top table saws at one glance. This allows you to compare their key features so you can find the one that fits your needs the best.

Image Product
SawStop PCS31230-TGP252
  • Type: Cabinet
  • Power: 3HP
  • Type: Portable
  • RPM: 4800
Powermatic PM1000 1791001K
  • Type: Cabinet
  • Power: 1.75HP
Dewalt DWE7491RS
  • Type: Jobsite
  • RPM: 4800
Shop Fox W1819
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Power: 3HP
Dewalt DWE7480
  • Type: Jobsite
  • RPM: 4800
SKIL 3410-02
  • Type: Jobsite
  • RPM: 5000
Skilsaw SPT70WT-01
  • Type: Benchtop
  • RPM: 5300
Bosch 4100-10
  • Type: Cabinet
  • Power: 4HP
Craftsman Evolv
  • Type: Jobsite
  • RPM: 5000

Types of Table Saws

You probably noticed from our comparison table that there is more than just one kind of table saw. As a matter of fact, four basic types are most commonly used in woodworking.

You can choose from a hybrid and cabinet to a contractor, and a portable table saw. These all work in a similar way but have some key differences that make them more suitable for certain types of jobs.


A hybrid table saw is actually a hybrid between a contractor and a cabinet saw. It’s a stationary machine that looks like a cabinet saw that’s fully enclosed. Its motor is inside which makes it more convenient but also harder to move around.

In other words, it’s a blend that brings the best of the two types which is precisely why it’s called a hybrid. It’s suitable for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals depending on their needs and the kind of wood they work with.


These were initially built as an alternative to the large cabinet saws. Professionals mostly use them because they’re quite powerful and large.

Most models have large tables and powerful belt-driven motors. These are also very difficult to move around since they typically weight approximately 300 pounds.

Still, they are functional and have a considerable rip capacity. Contractor saws provide professional-grade performance and quality cuts although they’re robust and difficult to transport.

A contractor saw is best for a bigger workshop that has solid concrete as its floor due to its overall size and weight.


These are considered the best option due to many different reasons. Their body is enclosed in a cabinet much like that of a hybrid saw.

Cabinet saws are precise, robust and tricky to move around. If you thought that hybrid saws are heavy, note that these often weight up to 500 pounds.

In most cases, they have super-powerful motors of 240V and 3 to 5 horsepower. They have miter gauges and fences that are relatively easy to use. Their tables are also quite large, and they come with huge extensions.

These are most commonly used because of their diversity. They cut any hardwood of different size and thickness. This makes them a good choice if you have enough room in your workshop.


This category has a few sub-categories; benchtop and jobsite being the most popular.


Benchtop saws are the easiest to transport. These are as lightweight and compact as table saws can be. As you’ve guessed, they are made to sit on top of a bench and are only suitable for light-duty crafts.

They don’t come with any stands, and their usual weight is up to 50 pounds. In most cases, they’re made of plastic or aluminum.


Jobsite portable saws are similar to contractor ones we’ve discussed above. However, these are far easier to transport. The difference between these and benchtop is that jobsite saws come with a foldable stand. Some models even have wheels.

They’re a bit heavier than benchtop and also more robust which makes them more durable.

Top 10: Best Table Saw Reviews

A table saw is a versatile tool suitable for many different woodworking projects. Its diversity makes it ideal for professionals as well as hobbyists that enjoy working with different kinds of wood.

Table saws are designed to work for ages to come as long as you use them accordingly. By applying general rules and guidelines provided by each manufacturer, you can have a table saw last for a long time.

Still, finding one in the sea of as many can be a bit tricky. More so, this many models on the market tend to confuse beginners with all their specifications and features. People often become that much more hesitant when they consider how much these machines cost.

Making a mistake in choosing a table saw would result not only in a saw that doesn’t fit your needs but in money thrown away.

However, don’t let this intimidate you regardless of your skill level. The reviews below will help you choose the best saw for your needs. We’ve highlighted some of the most critical features and included tips and how-to-use guides.

1. SawStop PCS31230-TGP252: Best Choice For The Money

This is a professional cabinet table saw that’s ideal for both beginners and veteran woodworkers. It has many stand-out features that make it a value saw.

It features the SawStop’s safety system that eliminates possibilities of accidents regardless of the wood you’re working with. The excellent safety features combined with other benefits make this cabinet saw one of the best-rated on the market.

One of the most significant advantages of this machine is raw power. It works with a 3HP motor that can tackle pretty much anything. The heavy-duty cast iron table top also comes with an extension to provide a large surface. This allows you to use pieces as big as four by eight.


  • 52” T-Glide Fence System
  • 12×27 Inches Extension Table
  • 4-Inch Dust Collection Port
  • Left Blade Tilt
SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System (PCS31230-TGP252)

Because of the attention to detail and an impressive set of features, SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 is one of the best models on the market right now. Though it might be a bit too much for beginners, hobbyists and professionals can greatly benefit from what this saw offers.


1. It's Safe to Use

With injuries happening every 9 minutes, it’s no doubt SawStop went an extra mile to provide a secure operation of their saws. The blade carries an electrical signal in case it detects human flesh touched it.

This signal activates the system causing the blade to stop immediately. The motor shuts off, and the blade is driven beneath the table. 

Though this entire process might sound like a lot, it actually happens in less than a second. The saw also has a main power switch with lockout key that prevents anyone else from using it. Lastly, it also has a switch you can reach with your knee and stop the machine in case your hands are busy. 

2. Suitable for Every User

This one is mainly made for professionals, but it’s so simple to use that beginners wouldn’t struggle either. Its riving knife minimizes kickback, and with the left-tilting blade, it’s easy to work with all kinds of wood.

3. Efficient Dust Collection

One thing woodworkers usually struggle with is the dust that’s created during working with saws. For this reason, SawStop developed the system that provides 99% dust collection below and above the table. 

The included blade guard traps all the fine particles and evacuates them. Below the table, the dust created is delivered to the 4-inch port collection. 

4. Mobility

Though cabinet table saws aren’t such mobile machines, this one features pivoting and stationary casters to help in the case you want to move it. This one weighs about 525 pounds, so it’s a good thing it has casters to help with the portability.

What We Liked
  • Fully Enclosed Cabinet
  • Reliable Safety System
  • Lots of Power

What We Didn't Like
  • Doesn’t Work with Wet Wood

2. Dewalt DWE7480XA: Best Portable Table Saw

Dewalt is still one of the most popular brands on the market. Their massive range of saws allows everyone to find one for their needs. Their DWE7480XA model stands out the most for its safety, portability and overall ease of use.

It’s one of the most accurate machines thanks to its rack and pinion fence system. The 24.5-inch capacity helps tackle large pieces of wood without any trouble.

It’s on a small size measuring 26.5x25.8x17.5 inches in total. This makes it suitable for a wide range of jobs at different locations. It weighs about 56lbs so moving it from one place to another shouldn’t be a problem. Most people love its compact construction since it allows them to put the saw away when they’re not using it.


  • Site-Pro Modular Guarding System
  • Weight: 14.55lbs
  • 15 Amp 4800 RPM
  • 24’’ Rip Capacity
DEWALT 10-Inch Portable Table Saw with Stand (DWE7480XA)

Its blade is made of carbide and measures 10 inches in diameter. It’s durable and built to withstand the most heavy duty materials. It also comes with a push stick, blade guard, miter gauge, and hardware bag. This helps keep everything around you clean and neat allowing you to store all the necessary tools.


1. Excellent Guarding System

One of its best features has to be a Site-Pro Modular Guarding System we’ve mentioned above. This system allows you to adjust the guarding components of the saw without using any tools. The main benefit of the system is the increased speed of the workflow. 

2. Highly Portable

You can always carry this brad nailer to any work site without worrying about the power source. You just have to ensure its battery is fully charged, then you can work with it in any remote area. To ensure compatibility, it comes with its own portable charger.

3. Easy to Transport

This is a portable table saw, so it’s ideal for all people who work at different locations. You can set up or break down its scissor stand with ease and in a few seconds. It doesn’t come with any wheels, but the collapsible stand is lightweight enough to allow easy transport from one location to another.

4. Powerful Motor

The machine is powered by a 15-amp 4800 RPM motor that’s found on a few other machines by the brand. It provides enough power to cut any wood without the hassle and in a short period. This makes all the jobs easier meaning the machine is especially convenient for when you’re working outside your own workshop.

5. Precision

Its rack and pinion telescopic fence allows you to lock and unlock without any tools. You can do it with one hand which saves time and adds to the overall convenience. This is an important part of the saw because a precise and stable fence is crucial for quality results. More so, it directly affects the overall safety of the saw because a loose and poorly adjusted fence can result in an accident.

What We Liked
  • 2-1/2 inch Dust Port
  • Easy Storage
  • Adjustable blade (0 to 45 degrees)

What We Didn't Like
  • Unusual Off Switch

3. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K: Best Cabinet Table Saw

When it comes to cabinet table saws, it doesn’t get much better than the Powermatic PM1000 1791001K. This is one of the best models on the market thanks to its many useful features and overall effectiveness.

This one requires 115 volts which is pretty standard given that some machines need much more than that. It’s designed to provide smooth and safe operation, so it’s suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

One of the best things about it is the location of its power switch. It’s underneath the table so you can switch the saw on and off with your leg. For more accuracy, Powermatic included a pivoting miter gauge that moves 60 degrees in two directions.


  • Maximized Dust Collection
  • Pivoting Miter Gauge
  • 115V Power Requirement
  • Weight: 465 Lbs
Powermatic 10-Inch Table Saw, 52-Inch Rip, 1-3/4 HP, 1Ph 115/230V (Model PM1000)

Woodworking is a dusty business, but the PM1000 1791001K has such a dust collection system to reduce the amount of dust particles flying around. Most of them are trapped so you won’t have a layer of dust on the table surface or in the air.


1. Innovative Safety Features

Safety should always be the most important thing which is why the manufacturer included several key elements to ensure the saw is safe to use. This one has a blade guard assembly that ensures your fingers are always a safe distance from the spinning blade. You also don’t need any tools to take the assembly off. The 50-inch fence keeps the wood at the right angle which helps you cut it safely and with ease.

2. Just The Right Size

Cabinet table saws have to be just the right size otherwise it’s unlikely you could benefit from them. If it were too small or too big, the machine would probably be almost useless. The Powermatic PM1000 1791001K measures 36x27.5x63.8 inches and weighs about 465 pounds. 

Though it has a generally small footprint, its size and weight make it a bit inconvenient in terms of transport and portability. Still, it’s sturdy and rugged enough to endure the most heavy-duty projects meant for cabinet table saws. 

3. Reduced Vibrations

The machine has a powerful motor of 1.75HP and a poly-v belt that reduces vibrations. The last thing you want is your table saw to vibrate to the point it’s impossible to work with it. Powermatic realized the importance of the matter and included the convenient belt that minimizes vibrations, so all operation is comfortable and safe. 

4. Easy To Use

This is one of the most convenient machines by the brand regarding use and maintenance. It features a highly effective dust collection system that ensures you work in a clean environment. You’ll notice the reduced amount of dust on the surface of the table as well as in the air.

Also, it comes with instructions that are easy to follow which makes the overall use even easier. It’s stable and accurate, so even beginners find it easy to use. 

What We Liked
  • Small Footprint
  • Large Table Surface
  • Reduced Vibrations
  • Suitable for Beginners and Pros

What We Didn't Like
  • It Comes in Several Boxes



After you’ve adjusted your nailer’s depth of drive, and/or air pressure, make sure to fire a few nails into a scrap piece of wood, to see if you’ve got the depth right. 

Staff | Pro Tool Guide

4. Dewalt DWE7491RS: Best Contractor Table Saw

Buying a contractor table saw is always a bit tricky because of the many important factors you should consider. However, you can’t go wrong with Dewalt even if it’s your first time shopping for such a machine.

This table saw is stable and sturdy, so it doesn’t vibrate as much as other similar models. It’s constructed to take on heavy-duty projects that require lots of power and preciseness.

Being that is a contractor saw, it’s quite easy to move around thanks to the innovative wheeled design. It allows you to push the unit instead of having to move it with your bare hands. This comes especially handy if you want to move it away when not in use.


  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • 15 Amp Motor
  • Dimensions: 31×24.5×31 inches
  • AC Powered
DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity, Yellow/Black/Silver

It features a push stick and a blade guard for added security. It relies on the two features to reduce the chances of possible injuries. One thing people dislike is the small power button that could also make it hard to switch off the machine in the case of an emergency.


1. Smart Dust Collection

Dust collection is always crucial and more so with contractor saws that usually don’t excel at this part. Still, this one is an exception with its 2-inch port that connects to any vacuum. It makes the whole thing even more convenient since you won’t have to buy a new vacuum if you already have one.

2. Very Portable

Not only it’s not as heavy as table saws usually are, but this one has a wheeled design. It has a collapsible stand with wheels that allow you to move the unit around. The unit weighs about 110 pounds which is not a lot when compared to standard table saws, but it is a bit hefty given that it’s a contractor saw. 

Portability should be the number one feature to look for in a contractor saw, so it’s worth noting that the Dewalt really went an extra mile with this one.

This power tool has a 32-1/2-inch Rip capacity that allows for a powerful, smooth cut through loads of shelving and trimming materials. There's a learning curve to assembling and operating any table saw, but you'll get there in no time. 

3. Supreme Precision

We’ve mentioned the dimensions of the unit, so you can have an idea of how big the working surface is. This is a significant advantage because it allows you to cut large pieces pretty accurately. This isn’t really a high-end saw, so it’s a great thing the brand didn’t cut back on one of the most important factors.

4. Great Rip Capacity & Fence 

Another element that really surprised us is the rack and pinion fence. It’s easy to use, and you can adjust it, and lock and unlock with just one hand which makes the overall use of the unit much easier. It keeps wood in place making it easier to work with. With its 32-1/2 inches rip capacity and a rail extension you’ll find it easy to work with large pieces.

What We Liked
  • Easy to Transport
  • Precise Cuts
  • Safe to Use
  • Suitable for Beginners

What We Didn't Like
  • Small On/Off Switch

5. Shop Fox W1819: Best Hybrid Table Saw

If you’re looking for a professional hybrid table saw, the Shop Fox W1819 is probably one of the best choices. It’s designed to tackle heavy-duty projects since it has all the details that make a good hybrid saw.

It's cast iron construction is heavy and built to store the 3HP Leeson belt-driven motor. That’s not all that’s massive since the construction also features a sturdy and rugged cast iron table and wings.

The camlock T-fence and riving knife are only a few of the many useful features this one has. This one is a whole package, so it’s suitable for professionals and enthusiasts as well as complete beginners.


  • 27×53-5/8 inches Cast Iron Table
  • Weight: 457 lbs
  • 29-1/2-inch Rip Capacity
  • 3HP Leeson Motor
Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

The W1819 has an adjustable T-slot miter gauge, fence extension, and the flip stop. It helps the overall performance and ease of use especially for people who chose this as their first hybrid table saw.

Some professionals found it to be a bit flimsy, but it might just be a matter of preference. It does just fine for beginners and enthusiasts while a professional might want to consider replacing the miter gauge.

This table saw ideal for miter and slide miter saw jobs, and has a thin kerf for fast, smooth cuts. With a fully integrated storage system, highly portable rolling stand, and a relatively lightweight body that can still handle heavy-duty tasks, this saw is also highly mobile. 


1. Powerful Performance

This one has the rip capacity of 29-1/2 inches and a motor of 3HP. Its blade works at the speed of 4300 RPM that’s not the fastest performance but is still enough for most projects. The maximum cutting depth is 2-3/16 inches at 45 degrees and 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees.

2. Size & Weight to Tackle Tough Projects

A hybrid table saw has to be heavy and large. For this reason, it’s not suitable for small workshops and location jobs. However, the size and weight have its benefits and are what helps the saw tackle the most demanding projects. It weighs about 457 pounds with a table that measures 27x40-1/4 inches. This extends to 27x53-5/8 inches. 

3. Impressive Safety Level

The saw has a polycarbonate blade guard and anti-kickback pawls. The polycarbonate guard provides all the security without compromising visibility at all. Though it won’t get in the way of the wood, it stays in contact with it the entire time. 

It's anti-kickback pawls are an efficient feature we don’t see as often in hybrid saws. They latch onto your workpiece preventing it from going back at you in some situations. Add the quick release riving knife to that, and you’ll understand why this one best protected from kickback.  

The flip over Ripping Fence makes narrow Rip cuts a hassle-free task, while the 15 Amp motor rips through various types of hardwood with ease. 

4. Packed with Amazing Features

Thanks to the combination of its features and specification, this saw is among the most versatile similar units on the market. It has the camlock T-fence, handwheels, riving knife, magnetic switch, 4-inch dust collection port, a T-slot miter gauge with fence extension and flip stop.

These work hand in hand to deliver the best and safest performance you can get with a hybrid saw. Because the manufacturer has put such attention to details, the W1819 is an excellent choice for pros and entry-level enthusiasts. 

This saw has a well-built, smooth-rolling stand that makes assembly and break-down very easy. The mobility of the stand increases the saw's portability, while its sturdiness ensures that your work turns out superb. 

What We Liked
  • Reduced Vibration
  • Powerful Motor
  • Suitable for Demanding Projects

What We Didn't Like
  • Limited Portability Due to Weight

6. Dewalt DWE7480: Best Jobsite Table Saw

Dewalt has always been one of the best choices for people who work on location. They made many jobsite and contractor table saws, so it’s no wonder people often turn to them. Their DWE7480 is among the best lightweight table saws.

It weighs only 45lbs. so you can carry it with just one hand. This allows you to transport the saw anywhere you want and use almost any table surface with it. It’s a diverse saw that will enable you to tackle many different projects.


  • 15Amp, 4800 RPM Motor
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • 24-1/2” Ripping Capacity
  • 10 inches Cutting Diameter
DEWALT DWE7480 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw (Discontinued)

Dust collection is always important regardless of the type of table saw. You want something to keep the dust away, so your environment is healthier and more comfortable to work in. The Dewalt has a standard 2-1/4 inch dust collection port you can hook on any shop vac. It catches about 90% of the dust you produce when cutting.


1. Adjustable Componenets

Its cutting depth is at 3-1/8 inch and 90 degrees. The blade height is adjustable, and so is the bevel. The bevel adjustment is at 0-45 degrees. Both are easy to work with, and you can lock them in place for more security and accuracy.

The onboard storage is great for keeping all your tools in one place, so they’re not in your way when you’re not using them. Overall, all of its adjustable components and parts are quite high-quality for the price.

2. Low Ripping Capacity to Weight Ratio

We’ve already mentioned its ripping capacity of 24-1/2 inches. Not only this is a great specification on its own, but more so once you consider its weight.

Usually, saws with similar ripping capacity weight as much as 20 lbs more than this one. If you’d take the time to compare this one with other similar models, you’d notice how some are even heavier than that but have a smaller ripping capacity. 

3. Powerful Motor

This one comes with an impressive engine that allows you to tackle wood of different size and weight. It’s a 15 Amp and 4800 RPM motor that does all the job as impressively.

Dewalt is known for delivering impressive motors, so it’s no surprise they’ve included one equally as great in the DWE7480. 

4. Fence

The fence is one of the most critical parts of a table saw, so the fact that this one comes as well equipped makes it even more attractive. The fence on this one is fixed and secured into place to allow precise and safe cuts.

It’s quite reliable and makes all the work much easier since you won’t have to spend as much time measuring everything. Its rack and pinion system adds to the overall convenience and accuracy we don’t often see with such portable table saws. 

What We Liked
  • Site-Pro Modular Guarding System
  • A Metal Roll Cage Base
  • Easy to Carry
  • Adjustable Fence

What We Didn't Like
  • Replacement Blades are tricky to find

7. . SKIL 3410-02: Best Budget Table Saw

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, this one is definitely something you should consider. It’s an impressive model that’s quite cheap given the features and specifications it brings to the table.

It's price point makes it suitable for everyone from pros to beginners that don’t yet want to invest in a heavy-duty table saw. Still, it’s able to do quality work on many different wood materials.

This one is among the best ones for hobbyists and beginners who won’t use the saw as often and are only doing a few projects from time to time. It’s a great way to get into the business slowly before you invest in a more heavy-duty machine.


  • 0° to 40° Bevel Angle
  • 28.9×20.87×12.99 inches Table
  • Weight: 67 lbs
  • 15 Amp Motor
SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

This 120V electric table saw is quite impressive and heavy-duty when you consider its affordability. It has a strong motor, excellent ripping capacity and on top of that, it’s easy to transport or store away. For this reason, many people consider it one of the best for beginners and entry-level hobbyists.


1. Light Weight

Compactness and portability are important to look for, especially if you know you won’t use the saw as often. Instead of having a large and heavy piece of machinery, you can have yourself a lightweight and portable unit.

This one weighs 67 pounds together with the motor and the steel stand. It also means you won’t have any trouble carrying it somewhere if need be. 

2. Powerful

When you first look at it, you notice that it’s quite a small and compact unit. When table saws are this small, you don’t expect them to be powerful, but the Skil 3410-02 is an exception. It requires 120V though you can convert it with ease. 

With a 15 Amp motor that has no load 5000 RPM, this one can tackle all kinds of heavy-duty jobs. For this reason, it’s more than just a beginner’s table saw, but a powerful piece that professionals can benefit from as well.

3. Size & Portability

As we said, this one is quite compact, so it’s ideal for smaller workshops. It measures 28.9x20.9x13 inches in total. Plus, the cast aluminum table extends to 20x32 inches for those more demanding jobs.

The machine comes with a heavy-duty steel stand you can collapse when you want to store it away. This little detail adds to the overall convenience allowing you to transport the machine to different places when need be. 

4. EZ View System

This innovative system allows for accurate and precise cuts at all times. It’s a great addition that ensures simple operation and minimal need for other tools and measuring instruments. All that you need is engraved into the rip fence that’s self-aligning and easy to use.

What We Liked
  • Supreme Portability
  • Minimal Need for Measuring Instruments
  • Folding Steel Stand

What We Didn't Like
  • Not as many safety components

8. Skilsaw SPT70WT-01: Best Choice Under 500

This portable worm drive table saw is one of the most affordable machines on the market. Still, it’s effective and suitable for a wide range of projects.

It might be the best choice for people who want portability and power in the same saw. It’s precisely what this one delivers, and more so it’s no surprise woodworkers around the world use it every day.

The innovative technology brought this first ever brass-geared worm drive table saw. It provides maximum torque and power for all your light and heavy-duty projects. This makes the saw suitable for beginners and advanced professionals.


  • 15 Amp Dual Field Motor
  • 25” Rip Capacity
  • 3-1/2 inches Depth Cut
  • Weight: 49 lbs
SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

When you’re looking for a portable table saw, you want something that’s powerful but also easy to use. Big and bulky machines are usually those with the most power, but those aren’t meant to be moved around or carried anywhere.

The SPT70WT-01 weighs only 59.2 pounds, so it’s ideal for people who often work at locations. You can carry it with just one hand which is always a plus.


1. Great Gearing

The manufacturer claims they’ve produced a machine with legendary gearing. Though the phrase might sound like a lot, it’s not far from the truth. The machine features 25-inch rip capacity and 3-1/2 inch depth. This means power so you’re certain the unit can withstand all types of woodworking jobs.

2. Powerful Motor

This one has a 15 Amp motor and 5300 RPM rate which is something you don’t see in saws this small and compact. It’s a dual-field motor that provides increased speed and motor life.

You’ll notice its power and abilities the first time you start the engine. This type of motor is new to the market, but it’s so effective that its popularity just keeps on increasing. 

3. Rip Fence

A reliable rip fence is crucial regardless of whether you’re a pro or a beginner. The manufacturer included a self-aligning rip fence with this one, so you’re able to do your projects with ease.

The table saw is even more convenient thanks to this little detail, so add its on-tool storage to the picture, and you’ll see why so many people opt for this model in particular.

4. Portability

A table saw this easily portable is almost always considered a jobsite saw. This one is lightweight, but it’s also designed in a way to ensure you can carry it around with ease.

Apart from its weight, the machine also has agronomic rubber grips that make transportation easier and more comfortable. This is a great feature for contractors and other people who work on construction sites.

However, it’s also great for hobbyists since it’s easy to move the machine aside, so it’s not in your way when you’re not using it.

What We Liked
  • Safety Componenets
  • Improved Portability
  • Versatility
  • Durable Construction

What We Didn't Like
  • Blade Quality

9. Bosch 4100-10: Best Choice Under 1000

If you’re looking for durability, quality, and portability, it doesn’t get much better than Bosch. We’re sure you’ve heard of the brand, and maybe you even have some of their tools. It’s one of the most popular names in the industry of tools, so it’s no surprise their table saw is as highly-ranked.

This one brings all the most crucial features into one unit. However, given its quality and the combination of features and specifications, it’s pretty impressive that it costs less than a $1000.


  • 15 Amp, 3650 RPM motor
  • Dimensions: 29x32x13.5 inches
  • 6 inches Cord Length
  • Weight: 60 lbs
Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity and Portable Folding Table Stand

Having a quality table saw is crucial regardless of whether you’re working on construction sites or at home. This one has top-notch components and is made of durable materials allowing the construction and all the parts to withstand different demanding projects.


1. Easy to Transport

This one comes with the GTA47W Gravity-Rise wheeled stand for mobility. It allows single-action setup, and there’s no struggle in trying to take it down either. It weighs about 60 pounds, and although it’s not the lightest in the market, it’s still light enough for you to handle it with one hand. 

2. Professional Grade Rip Capacity

Its 15-Amp motor has a power of 4HP. It’s incredibly powerful and promotes supreme productivity regardless of the material and thickness you’re using.

The soft-start circuitry provides smooth and quick operating speed. This means fewer chances of tripping a circuit breaker. 

On top of that, it also features Constant Response circuitry technology that helps with overload protection.

3. Suitable for Large Projects

Its overall size and power make it an ideal machine to handle different heavy-duty projects with ease. The 10-inch table provides enough surface for those large pieces of wood. The handling stock is 25 inches wide, and the saw provides high-precision cutting. It’s convenient and capable of handling on-site jobs with ease. 

4. Minimal Noise

Table saws are usually bulky and loud machines, so it’s not as common to come across a quiet one. However, the 4100-10 really stands out when it comes to how much noise it makes. If you have it indoors, in your garage or a workshop, and you close the door, you’ll barely be able to hear it outside.

Of course, you’d hear it, but the level of noise doesn’t come as near as those older models that could wake up your entire neighborhood. 

What We Liked
  • Easy to Use
  • Great for Large Pieces of Wood
  • Very Less Noise

What We Didn't Like
  • Not the best dust collection

10. Craftsman Evolv 28461: Best Table Saw For Woodworking

If you're a beginner looking for a powerful and portable saw, the Craftsman Evolv 28461 is among the best choices for you. This one is easy to use and has all the safety features your first table saw should have.

It measures 25x17 inches which is great for large pieces of hardwood materials. On top of that, the powerful motor works wonders for both light and heavy-duty projects. It’s a combination of features and specifications that’s beneficial to beginners as well as advanced pros.

Its versatility is probably the best thing since it offers many options and allows you to grow your skills every day.


  • 15 Amp Motor
  • 0° to 40° Tilt Range
  • 2.5 to 3 inches Cutting Depth
  • Weight: 50 lbs

Its locking rip fence is among the most favorite features. This mechanism, along with the dust port, allows safer and easier working regardless of your skill set.

The flip on/off switch it’s an ideal safety feature though there’s also the safety key that activates the switch for some added security. This gives you control over the machine. Plus, the blade guard and kickback pawls ensure there’s minimum kickback of the material. 


1. Impressive Blade Control

A rack and pinion blade height control is probably among the best choices on the market. It allows accurate adjustments so you can customize it to your preferences and needs depending on the project you’re working on. 

The feature is one of the most important things to consider, so it’s something you should carefully select.

2. Versatile Package

It’s not as common for table saws to come with many if any accessories and additional tools. However, this one is an exception since it’s mainly made for entry-level woodworkers.

It comes with a push stick, miter gauge, riving knife, and a stand. These are all included in the package so you might receive more than just one box. Still, the overall assembly is as easy as the general use of the saw. 

3. Unique Blade

The 10-inch, 24-tooth carbide tipped blade is really all you need as someone who’s just getting started. It’s powerful enough to tackle all kinds of materials so you can use it for both light and heavy-duty projects. 

Also, the saw is compatible with many different blade models, so you probably won’t have any issues finding a replacement if need be. 

4. Safety Features

Safety is crucial when you’re working with something as sharp, powerful and fast as this table saw. For this reason, the manufacturer built such easy-to-use switch button that allows you to stop the engine at any point.

The feature itself doesn’t sound as impressive, but it’s actually quite important. In case of an accident, you get to stop the blade in that very second preventing any further injury. Also, the guard minimizes chances of such things happening in the first place. 

What We Liked
  • Very Portable
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Precise 
  • Safe to Use

What We Didn't Like
  • Thin table stand

Table Saw Buying Guide: Things to Consider

Though the saws above are the best the market has to offer, it might seem like a lot of information at once. The search for the best model tends to become overwhelming especially if it’s your first time buying one.

Still, there are some high-quality machines out there, so it’s just a matter of finding the one that fits you the best. For this, you have to consider all your needs and preferences and know exactly what you’re looking for.

Because that’s a little harder than it sounds, we’ve prepared a little buyer’s guide for you. It has some of the most important features to look for and factors to consider.

1. Safety

The overall safety level should be the first and most important thing to consider. Nothing else is as crucial which is precisely why we want to discuss it the first. Safety doesn’t always have to do with your experience but attention and negligence.

Make sure only to choose a saw that has a blade guard. It’s the most basic and essential safety component as it keeps your fingers at a safe distance from the blade.

Another essential safety feature is an on/off switch. Of course, every model has one but pay attention if it’s easy to reach and use. Some table saws have detectors that switch the engine off when the blade comes in contact with skin although these are usually a bit more expensive.

2. Dust Collection

Dust collection isn’t always crucial, especially for those contractor and jobsite saws. If you use it outside, it might not be as important to collect all the dust. It depends on your preference though it comes handy for the big projects.

If you’re looking for a table saw to use indoors, you want to pay some attention to this component. Check the diameter of the dust port because the larger it is, the more dust it collects.

For each model, check the vacuum requirements. Different saws work with different vacuums, so make sure you already have one that’s compatible or at least not too pricey to buy.

3. Table and Inserts

The first thing to remember is to check if the work surface is flat. The tolerable deviation is approximately 0.005 inches, but anything more than that will cause some significant issues.

When it comes to overall size and table inserts, it’s mostly a matter of your preferences. There are smaller and larger units to choose from, so you should think about what would work the best for you.

The general size usually also affects weight and portability, so that’s also something to remember. Think about what you need the saw for and whether you’d need a large work surface or not.

4. Cutting Capacity & Depth

Cutting depth and capacity are also mostly up to your own preferences and needs. Think about the projects you’ll be working on to determine what depth and capacity would work the best for you.

In general, most models are somewhat adjustable, so you’ll be able to go up and down as needed. Most offer adjustments to 45, 50, 90 degrees, and it’s what you should look for. Even if you might think you won’t need it as much, it’s a good thing to have as an option.

As you saw from our table saw reviews, many models have different capabilities and adjustment allowances, so it’s just a matter of choosing the one that suits you the best.

5. Blades

The blade is also vital since it affects the overall performance. Regardless of the blade, it will only be effective if it’s set at the right depth of cut. Every cut also needs a specific blade for the table saw to perform the best.

Think about the job you’re doing and what kind of blade would work the best. Don’t forget the splintering guard to ensure preciseness and reduce splintering of the top surface.

All table saws come with blades, but you should also think about other blades it’s compatible with and whether those are easy to find.

6. Comfort

Just as a saw should be safe, it should also be comfortable to work with. You don’t want any weird angles and forced positions regardless of how often you’ll use the saw.

Think about holding, manipulating, controlling a large piece of wood around a working saw. Of course, you want it to be as easy as possible with minimal fatigue. The general strength of the saw also has a lot to do with comfort.

Look for the one that’s easy to use. Check if it’s the right height for you, as well as if it has enough power to handle the job.

7. Speed & Control

The speed comes from the engine, so make sure to check the rating of the motor. Higher rating means a faster blade. This also means higher RPM and a better cut.

We’ve mentioned above that a more powerful saw is also more comfortable to work with. It gives you more control to cut dense and tough materials.

The two are directly connected since more speed means the cuts are faster and more accurate. This type of movement allows smoother operation and more comfort while working. For best results, look for a unit that has a high motor rating.

Table Saw Safety Tips

1. Check Your Equipment

Safety equipment is something many people don’t consider as necessary especially if they work often. Gloves can be of help but aren’t something many people use. Though gloves won’t save your fingers from any serious injuries, they offer reliable protection from thorns that always fly around.

Goggles are also something you might want to consider. There will always be thorns flying around, and the last thing you want is any of them to end up in your eye.

2. Remove Jewellery

Though most table saws that we’ve reviewed have great safety mechanisms, we do recommend you take the extra step of removing all that could be in your way. These are powerful, heavy-duty units and there’s no such thing as too much safety.

Remove watches, jewelry, long sleeves and anything else that could tangle up.

3. Get a Push Block

Some saws come with a push block or a stick that helps you manipulate your piece of wood. Still, even if you don’t get this as a standard piece of equipment, you can make one.

You just need a rectangular piece of wood and a handle to attach to it. This works great as an extension of your arm and makes the overall use of a table saw a bit safer.

4. Use Safety Elements

People tend to discard the safety elements in order to speed up their projects. This can be fatal, and in reality, you won’t get the work done that much faster to justify the recklessness.

These parts are carefully thought off and put there to protect you as you’re working with a powerful and sharp engine-operated blade. For this reason, you should look to improve these parts as opposed to removing them altogether.

5. Don't Make Crosscuts

This technique is widespread among DIY-ers although it’s quite dangerous. There are huge chances of kickback with this particular technique, and you could end up with a large piece of wood in your face.

The power and force of your table saw are huge and that piece would kickback a few hundred miles per hour. No goggles could possibly protect you from that force, and the consequences could be fatal.

6. Be Focused

Being focused is crucial because most injuries happen due to the lack of concentration. When working with a table saw, injuries occur in a second, so it’s unlikely you’ll have time to react.

For this reason, avoid working when you’re stressed. It’s best to be alone while operating the unit because a conversation is often a distraction. Music might also not be the best idea because it can lower your focus level, although some people find it relaxing to work this way.

Because these are heavy-duty machines, it’s best to only work when you’re calm, and nothing is distracting you.


Hopefully, you found the information in this article helpful and useful. We tried to provide as much info as possible so you can decide on your own.

These are the best table saws on the market that are popular for their quality, accuracy, safety, and general ease of use. Our list is versatile since every model is different and has something else to offer. It’s up to you to read the reviews carefully and consider each table saw and its features.

Picking one out of ten isn’t always easy especially if you’re a beginner shopping for your first table saw. If you think the several types and models are confusing you, you can always come back to our buyer’s guide and check what the most important factors to consider are.

All in all, remember to take your time. A table saw is a powerful tool, but also an investment and any rushed decision could be a costly mistake.

To avoid this, think about the factors from our guide, carefully consider each table saw and all its features, and only then you’ll find the one that suits you the best.