Best Contractor Table Saw Reviews 2018

Table saws are the best power machines for rip cuts, miter, bevel, and crosscuts. A contractor table saw is always the ideal choice for workshop contractors. Some of the best contractor table saws are designed with the customers in mind.

A good contractor table saw can help you achieve a lot more than just woodcutting. You can do a lot, as long as you know how to operate and maintain it. Besides, you are always in control of your work, as you can see every bit of it.


This top choice contractor table saw can rip a hardwood with ease, due to its 15Amp durable motor.

Moreover, it is very useful for the miter saw and slide miter saw jobs. You can use it to cut through varied types of large shelving and trimming materials.

In addition, it has a stable stand and a dust collection port, which attaches to a vacuum for efficient dust extraction.

However, the tricky part is buying the best one, especially if you are a novice woodwork contractor. This is because these tools have loads of complex features and cost a lot. However, the contractor table saw reviews in this article are bound to help you with your choice. It briefly highlights some basic features of a few contractor table saws, expert buying tips, use, and maintenance.

Why Should You Trust Us?

This contractor table saw review is all about quality products that can help you with your woodwork at home, job site or workshop. We have managed to select a few, from some top companies DEWALT, Sawstop, Powermatic, Makita, and SKIL.

You can rely on any of the listed contractor table saws here, to give you a good finish no matter what you are working on. This is because our list consists of some of the most versatile table saws for the money. They are the best table saws for cuts, rips, miter, and bevel. Besides, this top five-list review round-up of contractor table saws has the most user-friendly and quality products. They are also very durable and within a reasonable price range.

Therefore, do not hesitate to recommend some of them to your family and friends in the woodwork industry. You can even share this whole review to help others get an idea of what contractor table saw is all about, from features, use, and maintenance. Our research list is legit and credible, no fuzzy marketing business.


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Sawstop CNS175-TGP36



Powermatic 1791230K



Makita 2705X1

10-inches - Corded


SKIL 3410-02

10-inches - Corded


Contractor Table Saws vs. Hybrid Table Saw vs. Cabinet Table Saw

There are three types of stationary table saws, cabinet, contractor and hybrid table saws. They are usually a bit larger and heavier than portable table saws. Besides, they are more powerful and accurate when it comes to woodworking.

However, they are a bit different individually, here is how.

Contractor Table Saw

These are the best tables saw for professionals. They are a bit heavy, 200-300 pounds and have a powerful motor. Besides, their lightweight construction eases its portability. However, they can be hard to keep tuned, especially if they are moved around a lot.

You can keep them in a workshop for optimal long performance. They do not take up much space.

Hybrid Table Saw

This type has a combination of contractor and cabinet table saw features. Moreover, they have the same power as contractor table saw and a partial cabinet with the motor, which helps with noise dampening and dust collection.

They are small enough and lightweight for easier movability within the workshop and can be tuned accurately.

Cabinet Table Saw

These are usually large size and heavier, 400-600 pounds. This weight is ideal for the counteraction of the strong motor force as well as the minimization of its work vibration.

Moreover, they are highly durable and have adequate power. Besides, they usually have three horsepower motor or more.

Besides, they have a large table, durable cast irons, a heavy-duty fence and a full cabinet that contains the motor.

Top Contractor Table Saw Brands


DEWALT is a leading power and hand tool brand that specializes in different construction, woodworking and manufacturing tools.

You can rely on its contractor table saws for quality work with a better finish. Besides, this brand has some of the most durable products with great ease of functionality.

2. SawStop

Sawstop is a leading manufacturer of table saws. Its table saws feature a patented auto-braking system, which stops the saw within milliseconds, just in case the blade encounters the operator′s hand or another body part. Therefore, you can rely on its contractor table saw for safety during cuts and rips.

3. Powermatic

Powermatic tools are the most innovative woodworking tools due to their strict manufacturing standards. They have the best contractor table saw with superior construction.

4. Makita

Makita is a world-renowned manufacturer of industrial power tool. Their products are energy efficient and compact with high industrial power. Its contractor table saw are the best as they offer precise and accurate cuts. Besides, they are versatile and can be of use on a job site or workshop.

Contractor Table Saw Buying Guide - Things to Consider

Buying a quality contractor table saw can be hard. However, with some buying tips and guidelines, you can easily choose the best one for your needs. Here are some few important tips, to get you started.

1. PowerMost contractor table saw have 15-amp motors with 1-2 HP and a wattage that ranges in between 750-1500W. Therefore, any power machine tool under this recommendation is weak and insufficient. However, depending on what you working on, never buy a motor with less than 750W but you can have one with higher watts, as this equals more power.

2. Stability: A stable contractor table saw base is necessary for precise and accurate cuts. Less stability usually translates to more vibrations and less accuracy. Moreover, it can also lead to some work hazards and is never safe. Therefore, ensure you get one with a strong solid base.

3. Safety Mechanism and Features: You should do some basic research on some of the essential safety features, needed in a table saw. Two most important safety features are anti-kickback mechanism and blade guards. So always, double check on these and others before making the purchase.

4. Work Surface: Always purchase a contractor table saw with a top-quality work surface. It should be sturdy, even and flat. You can estimate this with your hands or rely on customer reviews if you are buying it online.

5. Dust Collection: It is always important to have some efficient sawdust collection mechanism, even though you will be working in a workshop or outside. This saves time and ensures you have a clean surface to work on.

6. Extensions: Most of these power tools come with additional extensions. You can look for ones with a large surface. Professionals should always go for the upgradeable ones, those that can withstand additional features. However, it might cause you some extra coins.

7. Mobility options: As much as you are not supposed to move these power tools. If you are one to move around job sites, you can buy a lighter one or look for those that can adapt to wheels or cart bases, for easier movement.

8. Price: As much as you have a budget in place, always opt for a quality and durable table saw as opposed to buying a cheap product that will not last. Some of the best contractor table saw do not come cheap but they are worth it in the end.

9. Warranty: If you are going to buy an expensive tool, ensure it has a long warranty coverage that touches on personal application and commercial use. Moreover, it is better to have a warranty with less fine print and exceptions. 

Top Contractor Table Saws Reviews 2018

Best Budget Contractor Table Saw

This table saw is one of the best contractor table saw in the market. It has computer-balanced plates that help in the reduction of vibration. This ensures you make accurate precise cuts for a better finish.

Moreover, it has a 2-1/2-inch dust port, which easily connects to a vacuum for efficient dust collection. It has a powerful motor that enables it to work on different kinds of wood. In addition, its durable tungsten carbide always maintains a true edge, staying sharp for long-term use.

It is ideal for miter and slide miter saw jobs and has a thin kerf for fast, smooth cuts. Besides, its arbor size is 5/8-inch.

Why Is this the Best Budget Contractor Table Saw?

1. Smooth and Accurate Cuts

Its rack and pinion fence makes the fence adjustments very fast, smooth and accurate.

2. Ease of Use

This power tool has a 32-1/2-inch Rip capacity that allows for an easier cut through loads of shelving and trimming materials. You just have to master is basics when it comes to operation.

3. Quick and Works on Various Materials

It has a 15 Amp motor that rips through varied types of hardwood with ease. It is fast too. Besides, the flip over Ripping Fence guarantees some narrow Rip cuts.

4. Stable Rolling Stand 

Has a rolling stand that ensures the set-up and break-down are easy. Moreover, the stand is very stable for an excellent work and finish.


  • Steady and easy to lock Rip Fence
  • Has a stable stand
  • Wide ripping area, for a stable cut


  • Pinion and rack rail is not protected very well from dust
  • Mitre gauge is not very sturdy, as it is just plastic

Best Contractor Table Saw for the Money

This is one of the most versatile contractor table saws with high-patented safety mechanisms, from the company. It can build a deck and overhaul different cabinets in your home.

Moreover, it has a 10-inch blade that tilts to the left. Its dust port collection feature has a 4-inch diameter and is located under the table.

In addition, its professional T-glide fence is all thick gauges steel. It guarantees an expansive work area for a smooth operation, precise measurement as well as a sure lockdown with zero deflections.

Besides, it is easy to use and maintain. You just have to familiarize yourself with everything to avoid unnecessary work hazards.

Why Is this the Best Contractor Table Saw for the Money?

1. Special Safety System

It has a Sawstop safety system that guarantees your safety when you are working on it. Its blade has an electrical signal that changes when it encounters your skin, thus activating the safety system.

2. Flexible and Stable

Versatility is its strong suit, as you can easily upgrade it with two cast iron wings for a smooth fit and finish. Besides, the wings align very well with the table, extension table and rails. The added weight increases its stability reducing the vibrations for a precise and accurate cut.

3. Easy to Move around

Its mobility options enhance its movability. You can easily lift it with a contractor saw integrated mobile base or a contractor saw mobile cart.


  • Has an insert design for easier blade exchange
  • Loads of power, 1.75 Horsepower
  • Comes with a 36-inch fence glide with an extender table


  • Extender table can be a bit hard to level
  • Moisture in lumber can set off safety brakes

Best Value Contractor Table Saw

This contractor table saw is single-phase and has a 1.75 Horsepower motor with a top speed of 3,800 RPM for a quick completion.

It features a micro-adjustable miter gauge with an extension plate that offers you a better and wider crosscut support. In addition, it has precision ground cast iron table and wings, which have beveled edge for a smooth miter gauge entry.

Moreover, its blade guard and riving knife have a very quick release for tool-less mounting and removal. Besides, the riving knife usually maintains some closeness with the blade to minimize any saw accidents.

It comes with storage hooks you can use to keep your working accessories within reasonable reach.

Why Is this the Best Value Contractor Table Saws?

1. Dust Collection System

It has a dust port that ensures your work area is clean for precise and accurate cuts. Moreover, it removes any particulates within your surrounding air/face for a safer work environment.

2. EPIC Warranty Period

This table saw comes with a very useful and long warranty. It has a 5-year warranty on residential use, with 2-year coverage on commercial application.

3. Extensions for Large Cuts

It comes with some very useful features like table extensions for large capacity cuts, arbor wrench as well as two open-end wrenches and four hex keys.

4. Riving Knife Safety

Any chances of kickback are reduced by the riving knife, which maintains close blade proximity. This enhances safety and guarantees minimal accidents with the blade.


  • Smooth and sturdy fence
  • Easily cuts large boards to useable sizes
  • Durable, rugged and stable construction


  • Ineffective dust collection port could be better than it is

Best Portable Contractor Table Saw

This is one portable contractor table saw with loads of useful features. It has a coated finish for extended longevity and a portable stand with heavy-duty wheels for easier movability. Besides, the spring-loaded system can adjust and fold easily for storage.

It has a powerful 15.0 Amp motor that delivers 4,800 RPM with an electric brake system for maximum productivity. Moreover, it has a Tool-less, modular blade guard with an adjustable riving knife. In addition, it features two onboard independent stowable anti-kickbacks pawls and riving knife for through cuts.

It has a one-year workmanship and material warranty and a 30-day return policy, in case you are not satisfied with its performance.

Why Is this the Best Portable Contractor Table Saws?

1. Dust Collection System

It has a dust port that ensures your work area is clean for precise and accurate cuts. Moreover, it removes any particulates within your surrounding air/face for a safer work environment.

2. EPIC Warranty Period

This table saw comes with a very useful and long warranty. It has a 5-year warranty on residential use, with 2-year coverage on commercial application.

3. Extensions for Large Cuts

It comes with some very useful features like table extensions for large capacity cuts, arbor wrench as well as two open-end wrenches and four hex keys.

4. Riving Knife Safety

Any chances of kickback are reduced by the riving knife, which maintains close blade proximity. This enhances safety and guarantees minimal accidents with the blade.


  • Clear blade guard for easier alignment of cuts
  • Blade is encased for safe transport
  • Works quietly


  • Mitre gauge is a flimsy plastic
  • times-circle
    Dust port clogs easily

Best 10 inch Contractor Table Saw

This is a highly portable table saw that you can work with anywhere. It is perfect for DIY projects and useful for ripping long boards into perfect widths. Moreover, it can also crosscut small pieces, bevel, and miter.

It is very powerful and features a 3-1/2-inch cut height capacity that can easily slice through four times the material. Its blade diameter is 10-inches.

You can achieve accurate settings and measurements using its EZ view measurement system and the self-aligning Rip Fence, respectively.

Additionally, its cast aluminum table supports anything you are working on. The table measures 20 by 26 inches and can extend to 20 by 32 inches to accommodate longer work materials.

Why Is this the Best 10 inch Contractor Table Saws?

1. Sturdy Build

It comes with a heavy-duty steel folding stand with a quick mount, which eases the set-up process and allows for a convenient storage. Besides, this feature allows for easier movement within and out of the workshop.

2. Very Powerful Motor

When it comes to performance, it has a 15 Amp motor that is great for ripping varied types of woods. You can rely on this powerful tool to work on anything, hassle-free.

3. Superb Warranty Policy

As for warranty, it has a three-year limited one. It covers any defects in material and workmanship, for up to three years from the purchase date. You just have to register it within 30-days from the day of purchase.


  • Great cutting capabilities
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • check-circle
    Very powerful 5,000 RPM motor


  • Limited ripping capacity
  • times-circle
    No dust collection port

How to Use and Maintain Contractor Table Saws

Table saws are the most versatile power equipment that you can use to make loads of wooden stuff. You can rip, bevel, miter and crosscut through the raw wood to something useful. Nonetheless, it is also dangerous, so you have to ensure safety first before proceeding to work.

Moreover, you should always wear tight clothes and some protective gear, to stay safe in case of a kickback or any saw hazard. You can use a push stick to push the wood through to the blade and never let go of the wood until you are done or the blade is done with it. If you let go, it will simply fly over and hit your head.

In relation, you should be in a position to locate your emergency turn OFF button. This makes it easier to turn OFF the contractor table saw quickly, in case of an accident. However, if you have no idea where to start due to the high number of features, you can always seek some help in a carpenter’s workshop.

Tips on Maintenance

You can always use the user manual for thorough timely maintenance. However, here are some few tips:

  • Never ever, put any food or drink on the tabletop, as it can spill and cause some damages to its parts.
  • Always keep it rust-free, by using some sandpaper and woodblock, after which you can wipe the cleaned surface with a piece of dry cloth. You should note that climate also affects its functionality, so always check it for signs of corrosion.
  • You should also wax your tabletop frequently this keeps it rust-free and smooth. Moreover, the waxing makes it easier for your material to glide and slide easily, minimizing any accidents.
  • Before starting to work on it, you should check for any wear on its rear drive belt. Likewise, check for the blade teeth for any chips. In case, there is any wear and carbide on teeth, be ready to replace them ASAP, before they become a working hazard.


Conclusively, buying a table saw is not easy but with this guide on the best contractor table saws review, you can easily make a pick that is right for your kind of woodwork. Feel free to share this informative piece with others, as it can be helpful.

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