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10 Best Drywall Sander Reviews for 2021

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Are you searching for the best drywall sander to purchase for your next sanding project? If so, these reviews are going to be your go-to guide!

A drywall sander is an essential tool for large-scale interior finishing. It helps to give drywalls a smooth, residue-free finish, and can also be used to sand floors. Compared to hand sanders or pole sanders, electric drywall sanders complete the job quicker and without much inconvenience.

When it comes to picking the best drywall sander to add to your power tool kitty, there are a few important considerations you need to make. These include the power of the motor, inclusion of a vacuuming system, and the length of the handles among others.

To help you make the right decision, we have put together reviews of the 10 best drywall sanders in 2021, after extensive testing. For quick reference, here are the top 5 among our selected products.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Drywall Sander

  1. WEN 6369 – Our Top Pick
  2. POWER-PRO 2100
  3. PORTER-CABLE 7800
  4. ALEKO 690E
  5. TACKLIFE 800W

Best Drywall Sander for 2021

Image Product
WEN 6369 Drywall Sander
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Powerful 5-Amp motor
POWER-PRO 2100 Electric Drywall Sander
  • 710W powerful motor
  • Variable speed setting
PORTER-CABLE 7800 Drywall Sander
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Motor located far from sanding head
ALEKO 690E Drywall Sander
  • Detachable and adjustable telescopic handle
  • Variable speed
TACKLIFE 800W Electric Drywall Sander
  • Built-in LED-light
  • 6 different speed settings
ALEKO DP 3000 Drywall Sander
  • 710W motor
  • Built-in vacuum cleaner
ORION Motor Tech 850W Drywall Sander
  • Durable and powerful brass motor
  • 5-speed settings
EJWOX Drywall Sander
  • 6.5 amp motor
  • Speed adjustment from 1200 rpm to 2500 rpm
Festool 575219 Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander
  • Dual speed gears
  • Powerful performance
Goplus 800W Electric Drywall Sander
  • 800-watt motor
  • Variable speed control

Having looked at the stand-out features of the 10 drywall sanders on our list, let us go into an in-depth review of each.

1. WEN 6369 Drywall Sander


  • Powerful 5-Amp motor
  • 15 feet long dust hose
  • Adjustable handle length
  • Variable speed adjustment
WEN 6369 Variable Speed 5 Amp Drywall Sander with 15' Hose

The WEN 6369 is an economical yet super-efficient drywall sander and as such is a great choice for professionals as well as amateurs alike. Its 5-amp motor delivers enough power to sand away even the bumpiest and coarsest of walls. Plus, an easy-to-reach dial allows you to quickly switch speeds, with slow speeds giving you better control while high speeds help to finish the job quickly.

It has an 8.5-inch head that pivots and swivels in all directions to keep the sanding base parallel to any surface you need to use it against. This ensures that you do not need to adjust your position when you move from one surface to another.

Standing at a maximum of 1.65 meters, the telescopic handle is height-adjustable. It also folds about a third of the way up from the base to make maneuvering as well as storage a breeze. For the added convenience of use, the dust hose extends up to 15 inches long. Plus, its opening can fit into the mouths of most vacuum hoses.

Furthermore, the sander ships with 9-inch sanding discs of 6 different grit levels, that is 60, 80, 120, 150, 180, and 240 grit. These can be fit onto the sander with an easy to change hook-and-loop mechanism which is also helpful when you want to change sanding papers mid-work.

What’s impressive is that all these features come at a highly affordable price tag. If you are looking for the best drywall sander to buy on a budget, WEN 6369 is the one to go for!

What We Liked
  • Foldable handle for enhanced storability
  • Simple and quick speed change
  • Powerful motor with a 5-amp power rating
  • Cheaper than most commercial models
  • 360-degree swiveling head
  • Hook-and-loop mechanism for smooth sandpaper changes

What We Didn’t Like
  • Build quality could have been better
  • Seems heavy due to the motor’s position on the head

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2. POWER-PRO 2100 Electric Drywall Sander


  • 710W powerful motor
  • Aluminum alloy extension handle
  • Durable build quality
  • Variable speed setting
POWER-PRO 2100 Electric Drywall Sander - Variable Speed 1000-2100rpm, 710 Watts, Extendable Handle, Storage Bag, Sanding Discs Included

With 710 watts of input power, the POWER-PRO 2100 electric drywall sander is a robust machine aimed at allowing you to sand surfaces with ease and efficiency. It can be used to smoothen walls as well as ceilings quickly.

It has an integrated auxiliary handle made out of aluminum alloy, with a superior grip for ergonomic handling and appropriate control. It can be detached and reattached with ease. The maximum height up to which the handle can extend is five and a half feet making it suitable for reaching otherwise inaccessible parts of the ceiling.

As for the sanding head, it is agile and moves in multiple directions. This allows you to hold the machine in the same position while the head articulates with the sanding surface with no extra effort. In addition to this, sandpapers can be attached to the sanding plate with a snappy hook-and-loop or velcro mechanism. 

The speed of rotation of the sanding disc can be altered in an instant owing to the smooth adjustment dial and goes from 1000 to 2100 rounds per minute. As an added advantage, the package ships with extra carbon brushes, a carry bag, as well as a set of twelve sanding papers with several different grit sizes.

What We Liked
  • 6-speed control system
  • Extra-large sanding surface area (9 inches)
  • Long and flexible vacuum hose
  • Hook and loop fasteners for sandpapers
  • Easy access on/off switch
  • Top speed of 2100 rpm

What We Didn’t Like
  • Dust collection at fast speeds clogs up the holes at times
  • Sanding surface bouncing off the walls at high speeds might be an issue

3. PORTER-CABLE 7800 Drywall Sander


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • 4.7-amp motor
  • Motor located far from sanding head
  • Adjustable speed dial with 5 settings
PORTER-CABLE 7800 4.7 Amp Drywall Sander with 13-Foot Hose

Loaded with a multitude of features, this drywall sander from PORTER-CABLE comes highly recommended. It delivers a power-packed performance thanks to its 4.7-amp motor. Additionally, the multiple speed settings ranging from 1400-2000 RPM provide excellent control and variability.

What makes this piece of equipment such a popular drywall sander is its high functionality. Firstly, the weight of the tool stands at a mere eight and a half pounds, which is a lot less than most electric drywall sanders out there.

The balance of the weight is also more towards the end away from the base. This makes it easy for you to keep holding the sander upright for long durations without getting sore muscles.

The circular sanding pad at the head is 9 inches in diameter. To add to the maneuverability of the machine, this head is built to be articulating. Further, its small bristles prevent it from gouging the surface of the wall or ceiling. They skirt or surround the entire sanding head, thus trapping the dust inside from where it is sucked into the dust hose, all through the centrally placed holes.

Not to mention, the durable construction of the material makes it last through years of rough handling. With such brilliant features, it is no wonder that this is one of the best drywall sanders that even professionals swear by.

What We Liked
  • 13 feet long vacuum hose to suck dust with ease
  • Wide sanding pad for more coverage in less time
  • Powerful motor to provide superior performance even over tough patches
  • Impressive maximum torque of 2000 rounds per minute
  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like
  • Slightly chunky handle with less than adequate grip
  • Price is steeper compared to most sanders on this list

4. ALEKO 690E Drywall Sander


  • Detachable and adjustable telescopic handle
  • Variable speed
  • 600W motor
  • Long vacuum hose
ALEKO 690E Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander with Telescopic Handle 600 Watts

This sander from Aleko with its 600W motor is perfect for sanding drywalls, ceilings, and floors. It works just as well as any average industrial sander with the added benefit of costing a lot less.

What we love about this machine are its sturdy frame and durable build quality. Even though the materials used aren’t premium, for the price, they are exemplary. The grip handles are also pretty strong. Moreover, the vacuum hose is adequately long and seems hard-wearing. All this ensures that the sander will last you through multiple usage cycles.

Moving on, the length of the telescopic handles, as well as the speed dial, offer you a lot in terms of adjustability. There is also an option to use it with or without the telescopic handle. Without the telescopic handle, the length measures 43 inches, while with the telescopic handle, it stands at 65 inches.

As for the speed adjustments, you can turn a round dial to cycle through 1000 to 2000 rounds per minute. The dial is located at an easy to reach place on the motor and the on/off switch is near this dial. Even so, you will need to reach out to use the dial or the switch and as such, using them mid-sanding may not be as smooth as you would like.

The motor is located at the head, so holding it for a long time might feel strenuous and will a little bit of balancing. A useful tip to avoid straining your arms is to change the sanding disc if you feel you are having to apply a lot of pressure to remove the material.

What We Liked
  • Durable build quality
  • Adjustable length with or without telescopic handle
  • Powerful motor
  • Can be used for sanding walls, ceiling, as well as floors
  • Ships with 6 sanding discs
  • Easy to assemble

What We Didn’t Like
  • Motor positioned near the sanding head makes it feel heavy during prolonged use
  • Location of the speed dial and the on/off switch is slightly inconvenient

5. TACKLIFE 800W Electric Drywall Sander


  • Built-in LED-light
  • 6 different speed settings
  • Powerful 800W motor
  • Speed lock-on button

TACKLIFE 800W drywall sander is equipped with a whole host of functions to make sanding as comfortable and innovative as possible. Firstly, the telescopic handle lets you extend the length to around 1.7 meters, which makes reaching the ceiling and high-placed spots on the walls easy.

Moving to the speed adjustability, the sander has a gear adjustment knob with 6 different settings that allow you to change the speed between 500 and 1800 rounds per minute. This is a wide enough range to suit most sanding purposes. Plus, a speed locking button lets you fix the speed at a set point to reduce fatigue.

Enhancing the functionality of the machine is a built-in LED light that lets you work in the darkest and dingiest of places. Even in adequately-lit settings, the light helps you visualize otherwise difficult-to-spot bumps on walls.

The drywall sander features a removable chassis edge that comes off piece by piece. This makes sanding corners a breeze. Another plus is the 360-degrees swiveling movement of the sanding head which allows it to stay flush with any surface you are working against.

To further simplify matters, there are roller balls on the edges of the sanding plate. These help to reduce drag and friction and make sure that the work you perform with the machine seems effortless and fluid.

Going further, the sander comes with a dust bag and dust pipe, thus minimizing waste and helping to keep the workplace pristine. Even better, when fitted with a vacuum cleaner, the dust removal becomes all the more efficient.

What We Liked
  • Removable chassis edge designed to sand corners
  • Shipped with 6 pieces of 120 grit and 6 pieces of 320 grit sanding paper
  • Carry bag included
  • Dust bag comes with a shoulder strap to let you hold it with ease
  • Ergonomic and height-adjustable handle
  • Two rows of LED lights at the bottom for dark-visibility

What We Didn’t Like
  • Vacuum hose is short at just 6.5 feet
  • Weighs 15 pounds and might seem a bit heavy to some people

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6. ALEKO DP 3000 Drywall Sander


  • 710W motor
  • Swiveling LED light
  • Built-in vacuum cleaner
  • Ergonomic design
ALEKO DP-3000 Electric Variable Speed Drywall Sander with LED Light 710 Watts

ALEKO is known for producing efficient power tools of high quality, and this drywall sander is another one in a line of similar machines. It has many nifty features and functions that boost its value as a commercial or amateur-use drywall sander.

While the 690E lacked an LED light, that is not a problem with this offering by ALEKO. Fitted on the handle, there is an LED-torch light that can be swiveled and turned in various directions to aid sanding in dark or dimly-lit areas. It has a switch to turn it on and off easily too!

Aiding the practicality and smooth functioning of the product is the ergonomically designed handle. It has a strong grip that makes holding it effortless! 

Also, the length of the handle can be altered in a jiffy. Simply release the hook, adjust the length based on the requirement, and snap the hook back in place. This is relatively easier and faster than having to unscrew and then screw back the telescopic handle as seen in previously listed models. Plus, the handle is foldable around the center for better storability.

The handle also has a conveniently-located on and off switch along with a speed adjuster. The speed can be locked with a trigger situated nearby. Since all these buttons are placed near the part of the handle that you hold while working, it is pretty straightforward to operate the machine mid-sanding. This gives you better control over your work while also making it that much quicker.

Another notable feature is the presence of a built-in vacuum suction device. It is placed right on top of the sanding head. To adjust the suction power, there is a dial, again, on the head itself. These are connected to a hose that is wide-mouthed for clog-free vacuuming.

Add to this the dust collection bag that can be strapped to your shoulder, and you get a highly capable dust removal unit. Also, for sanding corners more efficiently, one segment of the head is detachable. All in all, this is a brilliantly-designed machine. So, if you are looking for the best drywall sander that is feature-loaded, you should give this product by ALEKO a try.

What We Liked
  • Built-in vacuum suction unit
  • Foldable and height-adjustable handle
  • Conveniently placed power on/off switch and speed adjustment knob
  • Adequate speed range between 800 and 1700 rpm
  • Comes with 6 sanding discs
  • Swiveling torch light

What We Didn’t Like
  • Heavy due to the presence of motor and vacuum unit on head
  • Some users complain of overheating

7. ORION Motor Tech 850W Drywall Sander


  • Durable and powerful brass motor
  • 5-speed settings
  • Adjustable-angle swiveling head
  • Double row of LED lights

For lovers of feature-rich machines, this useful product from ORION might just as well be the best drywall sander available for purchase. It boasts of many utilitarian add-ons that make it an attractive buy with its reasonable price tag.

Foremost among these is the brass motor which, at 800 watts, is powerful enough to accomplish most sanding tasks with ease. The speed of this motor can be changed with an easy-to-use speed regulating knob that has 5 different levels. The lowest speed that the device offers is 800 rounds per minute, which can go up to 1900 rounds per minute at the maximum setting.

Coming to the sanding head, it is angle-adjustable up to ninety degrees for better contact and enhanced maneuverability along sanding surfaces. It is lined with carbon bristles on all sides, one segment of which is detachable. This allows you to sand otherwise tough-to-reach corners and edges.

Additionally, the surface of the sanding plate offers an adequate balance between sponginess and hardness. As such, when the sander needs to give or match its shape against rough patches, it does so with minimum resistance while also being solid enough to smooth bumpy surfaces. This also makes it a good fit for sanding hardwood flooring.

Another highlight of this drywall sander is its in-built vacuum suction unit placed conveniently on top of the base plate. Alongside it, is a suction regulating valve, that alters the speed and power of vacuuming as required.

In addition to this, there is a double-rowed LED lighting strip around the top of the sanding head. This can be easily toggled on and off with a lamp switch situated near it. As a result, working in dim lighting conditions is not an obstacle with this product.

Lastly, the sufficient length of the power cord (15 feet) removes the necessity of carrying an extension around all the time. This, coupled with the dust bag, that makes attaching a vacuum cleaner redundant, helps in reducing the cumbersomeness of the tool.

What We Liked
  • Extendable handle length that goes from 57 to 82 inches
  • Comes bundled with 6 pieces of 180 grit and 6 pieces of 240 grit sandpaper
  • Hook and loop system to quickly attach sandpaper
  • Sturdy, ergonomic handle
  • Lock-on button to fix sanding speed
  • Efficient dust-collection

What We Didn’t Like
  • Fit of the telescopic handle is tight and takes some effort to adjust
  • Seems bulky due to the motor and vacuum unit present on the head

8. EJWOX Drywall Sander


  • Two sanding heads – triangular and circular
  • 6.5 amp motor
  • Speed adjustment from 1200 rpm to 2500 rpm
  • Foldable handle
Drywall Sander - 6.5A Dual-Head Automatic Vacuum System, Variable Speed 1200-2500 RPM/12 Sanding Discs/Extendable Hand/Long Dust Hose Electric Drywall Sander

Unique among other drywall sanders on this list, this product from EJWOX features dual sanding heads, one circular and one triangular. While the circular head works similarly to other such machines, the triangular head is useful for sanding corners and edges. This eliminates the need for hand sanding. Overall, the power tool can be used to sand drywalls, ceilings, floors, adhesive, and loose plaster.

The motor is a powerhouse, delivering six and a half amperes with relative ease. The speed of the circular sanding head can be changed from 1200 to 2500 rpm. On the other hand, the triangular head moves at a minimum speed of 3500 rpm and goes up to an impressive 7500 rpm. For fast operation, these can be swapped without the use of any tools.

To enhance the functionality of the sanding head, it is made to pivot and swivel in all directions. This helps it stay in contact with any surface with precision and ease. Also, the handle folds in the middle for increased ease of portability and storage.

Furthermore, the sander employs an in-built automatic vacuuming unit which eliminates almost all of the dust generated during sanding. The dust passes through a flexible hose that stretches up to 13 feet in length. What this means is that the room will not be coated with layers of dust when you work and you can breathe easily.

Other noteworthy features of this sander are the LED light attached at the middle of the handle, a 15 feet long power cord, and its durable build quality. All of these justify this machine’s place on our best drywall sander review list.

What We Liked
  • Both the sanding heads cover wide areas
  • 12 pieces of sandpaper ship with the machine, 6 circular and 6 triangular
  • 7 dials for variable speed control
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • LED light for usage in dark rooms
  • Easy to grip handle

What We Didn’t Like
  • Some users report having overheating issues
  • Weight is on the heavier side making it less comfortable to use for long durations

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9. Festool 575219 Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander


  • Adjustable vacuum suction control
  • Dual speed gears
  • Extendable/collapsible handle
  • Powerful performance
Festool 575219 Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander

Festool is a well-known German company that manufactures power tools with efficient dust extraction in mind. Its foray into the electric sanding market with dustless drywall sanders is an extension of this vision. The Festool Planex LHS 225 is one such offering from the company. If you are looking for premium features in your sanding machine, this is the best drywall sander for you.

First up among such features is the vacuum unit that is situated atop the sanding plate. With an adjustable suction head, it alters the perceived weight of the machine by some degrees. This further ensures that you have optimum dust extraction under any power setting. What’s notable is that the machine can remove 30 kilograms of material every hour.

Speaking more of the power setting, it is adjustable through two speeds via a dial placed on the farthest end of the handle opposite the sanding head. Not only does this enable easy access, but also prevents you from touching it accidentally while reaching out and maneuvering the handle.

Adjusting the handle length goes smoothly thanks to the extendable and collapsible design. It goes from 3.6 feet when collapsed while reaching 5.2 feet at its longest. The sanding head also pivots to adjust itself while staying parallel to the sanding surface at all times.

For increased efficiency of dust collection, the base is lined with brushes encircling the sides. They help to contain the dust inside the edges from where they are pulled up by the vacuum hose. Additionally, the top segment of these brushes is removable for effective near-edge sanding.

The quality of the materials and the durability of the machine is second to none. You can use the sander through several years of rough handling, and it will continue working as efficiently as ever. And the cherry on the cake is a three-year manufacturing warranty that comes with the product. With a trusted brand such as Festool, this warranty alone is enough to make the tool value for money.

What We Liked
  • Premium and durable build quality
  • 3-year warranty
  • Efficient vacuum suction unit
  • Variable suction control
  • Easily adjustable handle length
  • Conveniently located power switch and speed adjustment dial

What We Didn’t Like
  • Costs a whopping 1250 dollars
  • Weighs more than 21 pounds

10. Goplus 800W Electric Drywall Sander


  • 800-watt motor
  • Attached LED light
  • Lightweight frame
  • Variable speed control
Goplus 800W Electric Drywall Sander Adjustable Variable Speed w/Vacuum & LED Light Dust Collector

This electric drywall sander from Goplus is an all-rounder in terms of features offered. Its heavy-duty motor delivers 800 watts of power, which is more than enough for sanding ceilings, floors, as well as drywall with ease.

In terms of operability, the machine has several plus points. For one, its speed can be controlled using an adjustment dial between 800 to 1500 rounds per minute. This provides you with a range of options when performing any task at hand.

For better visibility in low-light conditions or dark rooms, there is an LED light attached to the handle. What’s more, this light is angle-adjustable, that is, it can be turned in the direction of use.

As for the handle, it has an ergonomic design with a strong grip for holding comfort. It is lightweight as well. Additionally, the end of the handle behind the grip can be removed or attached as per requirement. This makes it portable and suitable for hassle-free storage.

Moving on, the sanding pad is over 8 inches in diameter, covering wide spaces with speed and precision. It also swivels to allow you greater contact and better maneuverability when covering one surface after another. Plus, the sanding surface can be cleaned with a cloth or brush to keep it ready for another use.

To sum up, with so many useful features at a reasonable price, this product is an absolute bang for your buck.

What We Liked
  • Six pieces of sanding discs included
  • Adequate handle length
  • Swiveling LED light
  • Appropriately long vacuum hose
  • Durable frame

What We Didn’t Like
  • Might gouge noticeable patterns on walls if it isn’t used with adequate care
  • Some users report difficulty in purchasing replacement pads


Sanding walls and ceilings might be the most cumbersome and boring tasks that you will encounter during your renovation and DIY projects. No matter how accustomed you get to the complexity of the job, you will always look for ways to make it easier. Drywall sanders are a lifesaver in these situations!

Choosing the most suitable drywall sander for your needs can be difficult, given the wide range of options available in the market. Weighing the pros and cons of each machine is time-consuming, not to mention overwhelming.

To aid your search, we have listed the 10 best drywall sander reviews for 2021. The detail under each product should help you select the most appropriate product for your sanding endeavors.

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