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The Best Black Friday Deals On Tools for Your Next DIY Project

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Hello, bargainers! Black Friday is here, and so are unlimited deals and discounts. Who doesn’t love a good discount? We sure do and keep our eyes open to pick a discount offer wherever we can find it.

Luckily, Black Friday has made it easier for us (though not for our pockets). Retailers, online and offline, are unleashing their marketing tactics and offering great deals on an array of products. We aren’t complaining, obviously. However, we love nothing more than to shop on Amazon while sitting in front of the fire and sipping wine.

What is Black Friday?

what is black friday

Well, almost everyone knows what Black Friday is and why we love it. It’s the last Friday of November (or the day after Thanksgiving), where stores offer deals and discounts to encourage sales.

The term was first used in 1966 when factory workers would call in sick after Thanksgiving to enjoy a 4-day holiday through the weekend. Of course, the main reason was to wind up Christmas shopping. It led to a deluge of pedestrians and vehicles crowding the streets.

Now, thanks to online shopping, there’s no need to get stuck in the traffic or take a sick leave from work. You can shop on Amazon even when at work. wink

Grab the Deal Before it Ends

The biggest trouble with Black Friday deals is that they are available for a limited time. You can’t start your month-long research to compare products and then place an order. With Black Friday deals, you’ve got to click on buy before the offer ends or while the stock lasts. 

So, what deals are we talking about in this post?

Yep, we are talking about tools, especially the DIY kind. If you’ve made a wishlist of handy tools to work on your DIY projects during the Holidays, now is the time to hop over to Amazon and buy them for a discounted price. It’s a great way to get what you want and still save some money.

The Best Black Friday Deals on Tools for DIY Projects

The Best Black Friday Deals on Tools for DIY Projects

#1. DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw DWS779 – 12-Inch

Dewalt sliding compound miter saw

DEWALT is known for its collection of handy tools made with high-quality materials. The DWS779 comes with a stainless steel miter saw plate and has ten stops. The package contains a miter saw, blade wrench, carbide blade, and user manual to help you set up the saw.

If you work with wood, especially wooden boards and beams, this miter saw would be a perfect choice for your needs. The unit also collects up to 75% of the dust generated when sawing through wood. That saves you time and energy in cleaning up afterward, isn’t it?

The miter saw has been built for daily use and promises accuracy. It’s a powerful unit as well. Plug it into the electric socket and see-through as much wood as you want. The miter handle comes with a cam lock for safety.

DWS779 is currently available for a 36% discount on the actual price. Grab this Black Friday deal before the offer ends!

#2. TOOLIOM 50A Non-Touch Pilot ARC Air Plasma IGBT Inverter Metal Cutting Machine 

TOOLIOM 50A Non-Touch Pilot ARC Air Plasma IGBT Inverter Metal Cutting Machine 

What do you think of a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use metal cutting machine? TOOLIOM is offering a 15% discount on the 50A non-touch pilot ARC metal cutter. This machine effectively cuts through stainless steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, and other metals.

Moreover, it has been certified by ETL and comes with safety features such as temperature control, overload, and over-current protection. There’s also an LCD display panel on the front. Whether you enjoy working with metals or need to repair something at home, this unit will be an excellent addition to your toolkit.

The package includes three electrodes, three tips, and two nozzles, along with an air pressure regulator and other necessary fittings. The handgrip has been specifically designed to give you a firm and comfortable hold on the machine as it cuts through the sheets of metal. Thanks to the dual voltage feature, you can plug it in 110V or 220V slots.

The metal cutting machine by TOOLIOM costs less than $230. Buy it on Amazon while the deal lasts.

#3. BOSCH Power Tools – JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw – 8-Inch 

BOSCH Power Tools - JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw - 8-Inch

Bosch is one of the famous manufacturers in the market. You can’t really go wrong when buying Bosch power tools for DIY projects. The best feature of this jigsaw is that it requires no other tools to remove the blade and change it. You need to use the blade ejection lever. It doesn’t matter if the jigsaw is hot after being in use for long. You can remove the blade without coming in contact with it or hurting yourself in the process.

JS470E comes with an 8-inch blade and an internal precision system that ensures great accuracy. The package includes a bevel wrench, an anti-splinter insert, a plastic overshoe, and a carrying case to take the jigsaw with you wherever you need it.

This four-in-one jigsaw is available for a discount of $40 on the actual price. Check it out on Amazon as a part of the Black Friday deals.

#4. Huepar 3D Self-leveling Laser Level 503DG Floor Laser Level

huepar 3D Self-leveling laser 3x360 green beam cross line leveling

Installing tiles can be tricky if you don’t have the necessary equipment. The biggest issue is the subtle irregularities that lead to an uneven surface. 503DG by Huepar is a 3D self-leveling laser unit that helps you identify the tiny differences in height when installing tiles.

The laser level comes with a remote so that you can select from the three 360-degree laser lights that show where you need to make adjustments. Keep the pendulum unlocked for the unit to work on its own and point the difference in heights. Lock the pendulum to use the level in manual mode.

The level comes with magnetic brackets that allow it to hold on to metal surfaces. You can use the level for the floor as well as the walls. What’s more, you can use it with batteries (included in the kit) or an electric cord. Why hire someone else when you can install tiles on your own?

The 503DG laser level is available for a 20% discount. Don’t forget to check out the promotions to save extra!

#5. BOSTITCH Finish Nailer Kit – BTFP72155

Bositch Finish Nailer Kit

Gone are the days when you had to use a hammer and a bunch of nails to fix something in place. Why hurt your thumb and precious fingers when there are tools to nail things to perfection? The BTFP72155 is a finish nailer kit by BOSTITCH and has been designed with a sharp nose to nail in compact spaces.

The unit is lightweight and portable. It is super easy to use once you read the manual and check out the operations. You’ll have to press a little harder when using the nailer. It’ll bounce back otherwise and might end up harming you.

And hey, the tips have plastic covers instead of rubber. That means there will be a slight dent on the surface after you’re done. The dent isn’t visible, but you know it’s there. Not an issue for DIY projects, right? Moreover, the unit comes with a jam release feature. Yeah! Removing nails is just as easy as hammering them into the slot.
You can own this nailer kit for less than $150 as a part of the Black Friday deals on Amazon.

#6. DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill / Driver Kit – DCD771C2

Dewalt 20v Max cordless Drill kit

DEWALT has various products on deals this weekend. The DCD771C2 cordless driver kit has a whopping 40% discount on the actual price on Amazon. Drill machines don’t have to be heavy or bulky. This cordless drill by DEWALT has been designed for DIY projects and regular use.

It is lightweight and fits in tight and cramped areas. You don’t have to maneuver yourself into awkward positions to drill a hole. Just hold it steadily in your hands and use the power of the machine to drill holes into hard surfaces with ease.

The cordless unit has a lithium-ion battery that is charged by connecting the drill to an electric charger. The ergonomic grip is so convenient and comfortable that you’ll love using this one for your projects.

Grab DCD771C2 for less than $100 and add it to your prized tool collection.

#7. Cordless Ratchet Wrench Set by KIMO

Cordless Ratchet Wrench Set by KIMO

Cordless, lightweight, powerful, variable speed trigger, great design, and auto-maintenance- these are just some features of the ratchet wrench set by KIMO. The battery-operated wrench set comes from less than $75 and works just like the regular air ratchet. The main difference is that this one doesn’t make the constant disturbing noise in the background.

The power wrench has a 12V KIMO battery that promises to last for 1000 cycles, if not more. The best part of the wrench is the handle, exclusively designed to provide you with a steady and comfy grip. No more worrying about a slippery wrench. Phew!

The kit contains a fast charger and a carrying case too. Whether you want to fine-tune your car or work on any other DIY projects, the power wrench can be a perfect addition to your toolkit.

Grab the set by KIMO on Amazon. The Black Friday deal is available only for a limited time!

#8. AVID POWER 20V MAX Cordless Impact Wrench

Avid power 20v max cordless impact wrench

The power impact wrench by AVID is the bestseller on Amazon and gets sold out like hotcakes. This impact wrench uses a friction design that makes it easier to hold the socket when changing. It’s also powerful enough to remove old and rusted nuts. Isn’t that a lifesaver? No need to pull your hair out trying to unscrew nuts and bolts that refuse to cooperate.

The impact wrench has an LED light as well in case you like to work in the dark. You don’t need to wait for daylight to work on your DIY projects. Carry it with you anywhere you go. It’s great for removing and changing tires on vehicles and helping with automotive repairs. The next time you need to change a flat tire, you know it’s going to be a lot simpler.

The impact wrench has a 20V lithium-ion battery, a fast charger, four sockets, and a user manual. The best thing is that you get all of this for less than $90 because of the Black Friday deal.

Buy the Avid Power impact wrench on Amazon while the stock lasts.

#9. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander/ Polisher Kit – 5-Inch 

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander - 2.5 Amp 5Inches Corded Variable Speed Polisher Kit

No one likes marks on surfaces, right? A sure way to ruin the beauty of the masterpiece you’ve created is by leaving the swirl marks on the surfaces. Fortunately, you don’t require to do that anymore. The ROS20VSC by Bosch is a palm sander that smoothens the surfaces and gives a wonderfully polished look.

The palm sander comes with a pad dampening system and has variable speed control to adjust the speed of the unit. Work at your own time and polish the surfaces until they are super smooth and gleam in the sunlight.

The dust container is attached to the unit and shows how much dust has been collected on the job. It sure saves your energy from wiping away the dust every often.

The polisher kit comes from less than $60 after a 15% discount for Black Friday. Buy ROS20VSC on Amazon and save extra using the promotional offers available for a limited time.

#10. Professional Household Tools Set with DIY Hand Tool Kits – 112 Pieces Combo Kit

Professional Household Tools Set with DIY Hand Tool Kits – 112 Pieces Combo Kit

Jar-owl is offering a 15% discount on a huge collection of professional hand tools designed for DIY projects. The combo kit has as many as 112 pieces and a 21V powerful cordless drill machine. The unit has 18+1 speed options to choose from!
The drill has features like forward and reverse speeds, a lock-on button, and LED lights. Moreover, it charges in half the time taken for other cordless drills to be charged. The ergonomic grip is comfortable and ensures that the drill stays firmly in your hands as you work on the project.

Our favorite part of the combo kit is the inclusion of home repair tools for DIY lovers. The case has all you need to repair things at home and work in your garden/ garage.

When you can get a drill set for less than $70, why wait any longer? Grab the combo kit before the Black Friday deal ends on Amazon.

#11. Performance Tool W50003 3-inch Portable Mini Bench Grinder and Polisher

Performance Tool W50003 3-inch Portable Mini Bench Grinder and Polisher

W50003 is a hand-powered buffing and grinding tool suitable for home use. The unit comes from a 24% discount plus an additional 15% discount via coupon codes. Cool!

The performance tool allows you to change the speeds to control the extent of grinding and buffing desired. The compact size makes it easily portable, especially when you use it on smaller objects.

The unit works with wood and metal and can be used as a rotary tool as well. You simply have to switch between carving, deburring, grinding, and buffing. The assembling might pose a wee bit of a problem, but you can check out the videos on the internet to put it together.

While the tool is powerful enough for regular use, it’ll work better for moderate work. You don’t really have to worry because DIY projects don’t need heavy work most of the time.

Did we tell you that the 120W W50003 is available for less than $70?

#12. NEU MASTER NTC0023 Rechargeable Nail Gun/Staple Gun

Cordless Brad Nailer, NEU Master NTC0023

The rechargeable staple gun can power up to 100 shots after a full charge. It comes with 800 pieces of nails and 200 pieces of staples so that you don’t have to buy them separately for your DIY project.

NTC0023 has been designed to nail in lightweight fastenings, trimmings, insulations sheets, and complete minor repair works at home. The rubber nose ensures that there won’t be any smudges or dents on the surface after you use the gun on it.

The ergonomic design and firm grip make it easier to use the staple gun to set up decorations throughout the house. You’ll finish the work faster and better. The gun also has LED lights, allowing you to work even in dark conditions. Simply use the belt hook to clip the staple gun to your work belt.

Neu Master is offering a 32% discount on the nail gun. You can grab one for minor home repairs for a little over $100 on Amazon.

#13. BATAVIA Paint Sprayer: HVLP Electric Spray Gun

BATAVIA Paint Sprayer

Don’t we love an easy-to-use and easy to clean spray gun with different spray patterns? Whether you want to color the interior walls, decorate the exterior ones, or indulge in some graffiti, the electric spray gun by BATAVIA is a great choice.

A spray gun is a versatile tool and can be used to apply an even coat of paint, varnish, enamel, vinyl, sealer, and so on. From decorating your home and furniture to coloring your cute little projects, the spray gun makes the job simpler and effortless.

The HVLP electric unit comes with three patterns and four nozzles. Go creative and showcase your artistic skills with style. And how do you clean it? Simple. The spray gun is detachable. Separate it, clean it, and attach it back.

The Black Friday discount is 15%, so that you can buy the spray gun for just over $50. It’s also available on Amazon Prime!

#14. BOSCH CS10 7-1/4-Inch 15 Amp Circular Saw

Bosch CS10

A hand-held circular saw by Bosch is a smart choice for cutting wood at home or work. This saw is used for DIY projects and by professionals who work onsite. The saw is lightweight, powerful, and can cut through the wood at different angles.

There’s a blower that disperses the dust so that you can have a clear view of the cut. There’s also an anti-snag guard at the bottom end of the circular saw. This adds safety to the unit and ensures that nothing else is being cut in the process.

CS10 is a battery-powered unit and is suitable for outdoor work. Farmers, carpenters, and just about anyone who works with wood can use the circular saw with ease. Want to build a fence? The circular saw will cut through the wood for you.

With a 17% discount for Black Friday, the CS10 is available for less than $100 on Amazon.

Final Words 

Why not make the most of these Black Friday deals and discounts on Amazon and order your favorite handy tools to finish your DIY projects on time. The right tool makes the task so much easier, doesn’t it? Go ahead and have fun shopping.

And hey… Happy Thanksgiving!