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12 Gorgeous DIY Bar Stool Plans & Ideas

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High time you get some bar stools for your outdoor bar? Or do you feel like giving your indoor bar stool a complete design revamp? Either way, if you don’t have bar stools at the cocktail spot, the bar loses quite a bit of its charm.

We have gathered a bunch of plans to help you work on epic DIY bar stools. Leftover wood, bookshelves, colorful threads, concrete, pipes, etc. you can’t even imagine how these materials could help you succeed in by far the most valuable DIY project you’ve taken up.

Say goodbye to those days of shelling out hundreds of dollars on bar stools for your kitchen, backyard, or patio. These guides will help you create easy-to-build DIY bar stools. You can always add some comfortable pillows or versatile cushioning as you please.

1. Plywood DIY Bar Stool

diy bar stools

How about looking for a disposed bookshelf and restructuring it to be used as a barstool? Simply give it a makeover, smoothen out the surfaces, and keep a leg-resting section. 

You will find measurements for each part of the stool and also a systemic process to assemble them. There is a 22 by 2 cm center cut that you have to make with precision. The more accurate this cut is, the better leg-rest the user gets.


  • Plywood (approx. 0.7 inches thick)
  • Sanding machine
  • Wood chisel-nails (4 cm long)
  • Saw

2. Faux Fur DIY Bar Stools

diy bar stools

This project could cost you a little money unless you already have an IKEA Stig stool. You will be using hot glue to sew the fabric into the plastic seat base. 

With the excellent visuals in this guide, you won’t have any problem figuring out where correctly to apply hot glue. Eight simple steps, and you’ve just upgraded your bar stool to another level.

3. DIY Barstool Makeover

diy bar stools

Got a set of dull and visually unpleasant bar stools? This is your chance to enhance the aesthetics of your bar stools. You can even use copper loops or hula-hoops loaded with stones to create a sturdy feet-resting base.

4. Simple DIY Bar Stools

diy bar stool ideas

DIY bar stools with a 4-sided leg resting feature are no joke! The professionalism and simplicity with which this guide is created will help the most amateur of DIYers to populate their list of successful projects. 

There is a visual representation of more than two images in each step. As long as you adhere to the recommended measurements, you’re in for a bar stool treat.


  • 2 ½ inch wooden screws
  • 2’’ wooden screws
  • Wooden glue
  • Four pieces of 2 x 2 x 8 wood
  • One piece of 1 x 12 x 48 wood

5. DIY Broad Bar Stools

diy bar stool plans

This tutorial will guide you in building counter-height and bar-height stools. Even better, you can customize any step as per your vision. For example, you can space the pinewood pieces at a distance. This increases the surface area for the user and also gives a natural wood-space-wood design.

These DIY bar stools can be used indoors and even in the backyard. If you are drilling and staining professional, you could get this done in half a day. But amateurs should consider this DIY bar stool plan a weekend project.

6. Curved DIY Bar Stools

diy bar stool plans

These bar stools are the ones that no one will want to get off. The curvy surfaces would comfortably settle any person. All credits to the convex slopes on either end. You will have to use a circular saw to cut the wood at varying depths to achieve the curved-shape. 

Unlike a 4-sided leg rest design, this bar stool has two horizontal wooden pieces on the sides under the slopes. This gives people sitting an added option when they want leg rest.

7. DIY Concrete Bar Stool

diy bar stool plans

This is an out-of-the-ordinary DIY bar stool plan. You use one 48’’ long wooden dowel and slice it into three 16’’ inch pieces. Then you put 3 inches of concrete in a 5-gallon bucket with some water and mix it. As the concrete is going to be the main bar stool seating surface, be careful not to overwater and make it weak.

Stick the legs while the concrete is in the bucket. Twenty hours later, remove the stool from the bucket, sand the edges, and dip dye the legs. The durability offered in $5 worth of materials is a must-try DIY project.

8. Adjustable Height DIY Industrial Bar Stool

diy bar stool plans

Ana White’s DIY bar stool guide makes use of a flange and 5/8’’ inch all-thread rod to give you the ability to adjust the seat height. This, along with the lower layer, offers plenty of stool areas to occupy. The minimum and maximum seat height would be 23 ¾’’ and 30’’ inches, respectively.

Be warned, and this is not a good idea for outdoor purposes as the rod can rust and deprive the seat of its main feature.

9. DIY Basic Bar Stools

diy bar stool plans

If you are looking for a simple bar stool with those classic edges and high-leg low-leg rods, then this DIY bar stool guide is your last stop. The construction process would be great fun if you are utterly prepared. Once you see the pictures in this guide, you’re going to do all the cutting, drilling, and sanding that is asked for.

You are also suggested to rent/purchase an electric angle gauge. This helps set a spot-on angle for the table saw and drill press.

10. Modern DIY Bar Stools

diy bar stool ideas

If you’re looking for bar stools that showcase minimalism while being unique, then the leg holder on this stool should impress you. Not only does it alter the look of a standard bar stool, but it also offers space two legs to fit easily.

The height may seem low for a typical bar counter. However, you can increase the seat size by placing a firmly attached cushion made of leather, faux, vinyl, or microfiber.

11. Pipe-themed DIY Bar Stools

diy bar stool plans

For the ones who live in an industrial-themed place, this bar stool focused on showcasing pipes as its key material is a perfect match. Just follow the steps, and you will be rewarded well. 

This guide also suggests that you attach adhesive fabric pads at the bottom of each leg to prevent the possibility of floor damage. Also, as four flanges are used, you have 16 holes to drill into in case you feel the seat is not stable enough. Although DIYers claim that the glue is good enough.


  • Four-floor flanges, six tees, eight close nipples, and four caps – Each of ½.’’
  • Five pieces ½’’ x 3’’ pipes 
  • Five parts of ½’’ x 4’’ pipes
  • Eight 90° elbows of ½’’ each
  • Round wooden seat
  • Glue

12. Upcycled DIY Bar Stools

diy bar stool plans

Got a set of bar stools and want to spice up the look a little? This guide shows you three different makeovers, each giving out a different feel altogether. After spray painting the legs with metallic grey, you can pour polyester fiberfill and then choose a fabric of your choice.


  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Magic eraser


These DIY bar stool plans should have given you significant insight into the entire spectrum of bar stools that you can create. Figure out the exact usage purpose and location first, as this could go a long way in terms of durability. 

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