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14 Free DIY Fireplace Mantel Plans & Ideas

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Building a fireplace mantel would be the best choice for the cold winter months, and to get families to spend some quality time together. One could either go for detailed construction techniques or simply install an eye-catching mantel to accompany the fireplace setting. We have curated a list of DIY fireplace mantel plans to give you valuable insights on beautifying your cozy indoor setting.

You could even position a bookshelf, antique structures, a wine rack, or a painting that you could peacefully examine along with the fireplace warmth.

Need a brick setting? Beam mantel setting? Marble setting? Cemented setting? Wooden setting? Or do you simply need a makeover to reignite the presence of your existing fireplace? Either way, the DIY fireplace mantel plans mentioned here are sure to show you more than what you’d expect. Even better, all plans are well-budgeted!

1. DIY Brick-walled Fireplace Mantel

DIY Brick-walled Fireplace Mantel

For families that have a vacant brick wall in their living room, this plan assures to bring a great amount of artistic mastery in the form of a DIY fireplace mantel. The plan includes a detailed material list and top-to-bottom instructions for installing the 2 side box pillars, along with placing the mantel in alignment with the side pillars.

The simple and classic crown molding will add an attractive design to the mantel. When you spark a fire, the reflection on the base of the mantel will create an extremely relaxing aura.

2. DIY Simple Fireplace Mantel

DIY Simple Fireplace Mantel

Image https://www.homedit.com/fireplace-mantel/

This is as easy as it can get! Start by detaching your existing fireplace doors to prevent any damage. Ensure you mark the mantel brace position accurately (generally 60 inches from ground-level) and also mark the center point. Up next you need to attach the breastplate followed by attaching the mantel above it.

Check out these miter saws as you’ll need it for the crown molded mantel. In fact, it is due to the 45-degree miter cuts that the mantel gets a visually attractive built. The symmetric grooves on all four corners are meant to suit most fireplace types.

3. DIY Fireplace Mantel with Frieze Board

DIY Fireplace Mantel with Frieze Board

This comprehensive guide requires one to have basic carpentry skills to complete the DIY project. Vital parameters such as strength, materials, aesthetic value, and framing are carefully chosen for achieving a striking fireplace mantel.

If you want to go through the entire grind yourself then get ready to do sanding, wood-cutting, measuring, marking, and drilling, all in a detailed and expert-centric manner. The number of moving elements in building this fireplace mantel will leave you surprised. Moreover, the vast possibility of design and material tweaks will offer a great degree of customization to this plan.

4. DIY Wooden Fireplace Mantel

DIY Wooden Fireplace Mantel

A custom made fireplace shelf mantle as such is not only easy to construct, but also to mount. Irrespective of your DIY experience level, this plan shouldn’t take you more than a weekend. The guide includes a geometric drawing to simplify your life. There is also a detailed material list with specifics linked to the geometric drawing.

Above all, there are separate sections for cutting, assembly, sanding, and finishing. Do not ignore the “notes” section as those tips will be helpful to build a picture-perfect DIY fireplace mantel.

5. Groovy DIY Fireplace Mantel

Groovy DIY Fireplace Mantel

Considering you have enough space above your fireplace, this DIY fireplace mantel should be a good choice. An 8-inch wide and 3/4-inch thick sanded pine board will comprise of the main surface. Also, an arm saw is used to produce the 2 strips of molding.

Most importantly, the mantel is attached to a single row of bricks. This is done with the help of a 1 ¼-inch dowel stock. Be ready to use your creativity and carpentry skills here as this guide speaks more about high-end steps, with lesser pictorial descriptions.

Want to add a little more spice? Intend to keep heavy items on the fireplace mantel? As the mantel surface is equivalent to a generic tabletop, you must check out these 14 sturdy DIY tabletop plans! You never know, your mantel could stand-out with a one-of-a-kind mantel tabletop design.

6. Wood Beam Fireplace DIY Mantel

Wood Beam Fireplace DIY Mantel

In under $30 and 2 hours you have the option to transform your fireplace by the rustic warm vibes passed on by wood. The wood beam must be cut such that the seams can be hidden from the front. Also, if you have trigger clamps lying around, then a couple of bucks are definitely saved.

Very few plans can bring such a huge aesthetic change. The plan also guides DIYers on how to mount a TV above the mantel, while hiding the wires.

7. DIY Faux Fireplace with Mantel

DIY Faux Fireplace with Mantel

Don’t have the space to install a fireplace but want to include it as a design characteristic? This artificial fireplace with an original mantel will give you the design traits and item-display platform you need. On top of that, your leftover stash of wood would be the only material required for the mantel as merely a nail gun is used to secure individual parts.

The end product as per this plan will measure 63 x 51 x 8 inches and is fully-customizable as per your requirements. Expect to find some beautiful decoration tips in this plan too.

8. DIY Live Edge Wood Fireplace Mantel

DIY Live Edge Wood Fireplace Mantel

What better than incorporating a live edge wooden pattern on your fireplace mantel? Although this is more of a makeover-oriented DIY fireplace mantel plan, the elegance added by the sanded live edge planks will make the entire project well-worth your time.

Remember, working with such wood requires quality sanding. It is advised to start with 100 grit sandpaper followed by a 120 grit sandpaper. Post-sanding you have to coat the wood to protect it from color loss or wear and tear. Finally, you need to use high-quality construction adhesive to attach the mantel onto the surface.

9. DIY Faux Fireplace Mantel Surround

DIY Faux Fireplace Mantel Surround

Expect to find a dimension-based diagram, descriptive section by section cut-list, and top-notch diagrams for each step of the process. The intricacy displayed on the front-view of the mantel, including the mantel stands, is achieved using several precisely cut planks. As long as you acquire the accurate-dimensions for each part, almost zero roadblocks shall arise.

Finally, apply two layers of coating for a uniform and even finishing touch. It is also advised to prime the wood before painting.

10. DIY Rustic Faux Beam Mantel

DIY Rustic Faux Beam Mantel

A thick, sturdy, and wide mantel as such is capable of holding the heaviest of display-items in your home. Crucial materials would include 2 sets of corbels, Dark Mission Brown wood dye, and Tapcon concrete anchors. They help achieve a noteworthy design, presentable finishing, and sturdiness respectively.

Speaking of innovation, this DIYer has attempted an out-of-the-box approach for achieving a vintage finish. The wood dye has been combined with the wood filler and then applied within the seams.

Mantels of such generous dimensions deserve quality sanding. For the DIYers that don’t own a sander, you must scroll through our 10 best spindle sander reviews for 2023.

11. DIY Full-length Mantel for Fireplace

DIY Full-length Mantel for Fireplace

This is an opportunity to add a mantel that runs through the full-length of your wall. You could load up the mantel with ambient candle lighting or place items such as photo frames, flower vases, glasses, artifacts, etc. – all at once.

The guide has 9 steps that go through the entire process, be it staining, cutting, or even sanding.

12. DIY Streamlined Fireplace Mantel

DIY Streamlined Fireplace Mantel

Mitering the edges after cutting the wood is an important step in this DIY fireplace mantel plan – as the goal is to achieve a streamlined look. In case of imperfections on the wood edges, apply wood filler to guarantee that all individual pieces line up. There is also some taping involved in this plan. For foolproof attachments, you have to also use wood glue.

You must pay close attention to the corners and seams as any left out sharp edges could be dangerous. Another tip is to clear all the sawdust before staining – this helps maintain consistency in the coloring.

13. DIY Faux Railroad Tie Fireplace Mantel

DIY Faux Railroad Tie Fireplace Mantel

The aged patterns such as the splinters, knots, and other non-uniform traits are what will give your fireplace an old-school aura. It has a comparatively simple construction process as compared to the other DIY firewood mantel plans.

For attaining a more mature design you could prick the surface with a nail, shove a screwdriver, or simply give it some knocks using a hammer.

14. DIY Fireplace Mantel Extension

DIY Fireplace Mantel Extension

The last on our list of DIY fireplace mantel plans, this plan uses Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for the most part. Additional tools would be primer, wooden medallion, wood screws/glue/filler, and putty. There is an extension that can be attached to the wall.

The hardest part in this plan requires you to attach a few strips of scrap wood into the studs and then screw the extension through the wood.


Each of these DIY fireplace mantel plans comes with tweaks in their overall length, breadth, height, placement, and design. Some come with crown molding and corbels, some with live edge wood, and some with uneven surfaces to impart a rugged feel. Based on the background wall, ambiance radiated via the surrounding items, and your personal preferences, choosing an ideal DIY fireplace mantel plan shouldn’t be a problem.

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