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10 Simple DIY Wine Rack Plans & Ideas

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Searching for a wine rack to showcase your Sauvignon Cabernet, Chardonnay, or decades-old Zinfandel? If you’re a daily wine drinker and enthusiast, the presence of a wine rack could be a great platform to showcase your preferred choice of wine. 

These DIY wine rack plans can be easily customized because of their small overall size. Even better, you can install it in your kitchen, dining room, or even your living room. You will find that each of these plans is highly creative in nature and uses materials that have high odds of being accessed from your home or shed itself.

It is fair to say that you would spend at least 10 times lesser money by incorporating either of these DIY wine rack plans, rather than acquiring the services of a designer.

1. Wood Crate DIY Wine Rack

diy wine rack plans

This X-shaped wooden crate takes less than 6 hours to build and can hold 12 to 14 wine bottles safely. There are also palm-sized gaps on either side to make it easy to carry around. Now, you can even keep a wine rack in the open for your backyard parties. 

Two important factors are that you must use Miniwax wood stain to stain the crate before doing anything else, and then use a quality wood filler to assemble the X-shape with an assurance of long-term durability.

You can use the top of this crate as a mini-table when you are having one-on-one drinking sessions with your partner. 

It shouldn’t take you more than $15 to $20 to purchase the materials and complete this DIY wine rack plan.

2. DIY Wood Plank Wine Rack

diy wine rack plans

One plank of wood is all you need. Yes, you heard that right! Ensure to give an even spacing between every hole and also account for the bottle tilting factor. This rack will not hold the wine bottle in an upright position, instead, it will hold it with a 60 degrees slant.

Ideally, head to a hardware store with your wooden plank and use their 1.25’’ Forstner bit and standard drill saw. This drill bit size is chosen as per the standard size of the cap area of wine bottles.

Wondering how will you hang this shelf? You can use L brackets, pelican brackets, or a hot glue gun.


  • Sandpaper
  • Standard Drill Saw
  • 1.25’’ Forstner Bit
  • Wooden Plank
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil

3. DIY Barrel Wine Rack

diy wine rack plans

You will need only 2 wine barrel staves as your main components. These staves impart the key attribute of your wine rack being groovy. Simply ensure to follow all the drilling angles and bolt sizes to create a safe wine rack.

The best part is that you can install this wine rack on any wall in your house. A couple of drywall anchors and 3’’ wooden screws can manage the weight of 5 bottles.

There is a step-by-step instruction manual, video guide, and plenty of photos to offer you visual guidance.


  • Power Drill
  • Clamps 
  • Wrench
  • Tape Measure, Ruler, and Pencil
  • Hand Saw
  • Orbital Sander
  • 4 U-bolts
  • 16 nuts of 5/16’’
  • 8 washers 
  • Wood Stain

4. Rod Holding DIY Wine Rack Plan

diy wine rack plans

If you’re looking for a masterclass wine rack design then this simple flange and rod construction, when painted and coated, can give you a unique wine rack solution.

Alternatively, you can look for metallic plumbing pipes with detachable bases. Once the pipes are assembled you can use a parallel leveler and drill the screw holes accordingly. You have to leave at least an 8-inch spacing between rows so that the wine bottles aren’t cramped up.

The flexibility offered in this DIY wine rack plan allows you to use pipes as per the interiors of the room. Krylon glass, mirror, bronze or silver spray paint, and even rubber pipes are few options you can consider. This freestanding wine rack is sure to be an eye-catching attribute of your living space. 

5. Fence Picket DIY Wine Rack

diy wine rack plans

The classic material for most woodworking projects is fence pickets. This guide uses redwood fence pickets that are around 5.75’’ wide and also have a gap of 0.25’’ between each piece. 

Apart from the main wine bottle holes, there are 5 wood pieces spaced under each hole on the back. These pieces need to be tightly fitted as they provide the main support for your bottles. To your benefit, you can use screws under each of these pieces for guaranteed support.

It is suggested to use a rotary sander to let your wine rack radiate a lustrous look. Ideally, you should use 1 part of each, boiled linseed oil, oil-based poly, and mineral spirits, to formulate a liquid for protective coating.    

6. DIY Wine Rack Plan with Game Table

diy wine rack plans

Multipurpose household equipment is always a treat! This guide teaches you to build a 10-bottle wine rack along with a lower drawer, wide shelf, and an even larger table. You could add some fun to your parties by making this the game table.

The legs of this wine rack table’s legs are slanted and impart a unique look. If you don’t plan to move the table around too often, you could even store some items under this piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for a classy final product, pay utter attention to the detailing in the finishing. Use paint and wood stain in a manner that creates subtle yet catchy patterns. This could go on to be a decade long addition to your living room.

7. DIY Wine Cabinet with Rack 

diy wine rack plans

This wine cabinet has 2 in-built wine racks along with a 3rd shelf to let your store your wine glasses. The presence of heavy-duty casters will make it easy to take the table to different rooms or even your backyard if needed.

One cannot call this the ideal, smart, and sustainable wine rack. It is more of a storage solution that can also accommodate dinnerware, bar glasses, and other such equipment. You will need a quality table saw and plenty of materials to be fully ready to embark on this DIY wine rack plan.

As there aren’t too many images, it is advised you prepare yourself with the tools and cut list in advance. Further down you can follow the 30 steps to building this wine cabinet.

8. DIY Modern Wine Rack Plan

diy wine rack plans

This 3 piece construction wine rack is a modern design that makes use of wood and leather slings as its main part. The slings play the role of the bottle holder and the precise geometry of the wooden rack guarantees an intriguing look.

Most of the cutting and assembling would be around square-shaped wooden pieces that are hollow from the center. This is a comparatively easy DIY project and helps you acquire what the DIYer calls a ‘Sculptural Display”.


  • Drill and bit
  • Clamps
  • Black timber screws
  • Leather Strap, 115mm wide x 780mm long
  • Polyurethane glue
  • Sharp needle for stitching

9. DIY Industrial Wine Rack Plan

diy wine rack plans

You’re not finding a cheaper DIY wine rack solution than this. Two 5-foot industrial pipes need to be cut in as many holding tubes as you require. You can paint it a dark or bright color based on the surrounding wall.

Most importantly, use top-notch glue to stick these pipes together. The cluster that you form will be the definite look of your wood rack throughout its lifespan. Give it a little spice and customize the lengthwise spacing as per what you find artsy.

This tutorial uses metallic gray spray paint as the surrounding walls are brown. What do you plan to use? 

10. Rope Style DIY Wine Rack

diy wine rack plans

How about going for a country-style wine rack? This tutorial demands you use ropes on either end of each bottle to support it. The guide is detailed and tackles all the confusing steps that a person can face. 

Besides, how lovely is a color combination of rope and wood? Both the colors sync in to give you a remarkably impressive wine rack design.

If you have an extensive wine collection, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to install a couple of these racks in height order. Ensure you leave enough space between them to avoid any difficulty when trying to remove a bottle.


Wine drinkers, collectors, and connoisseurs already hold their badge with pride and deserve to reflect this in the way they store their bottles. Each of these wine racks is unique, creative, and above all, easy to build. 

Also, check out these DIY end table plans in case you’re looking for a mini-table for some corner of your home.

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