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8 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans You Will Love

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Dartboards are fun and relaxing, so many people still play the game. While a dartboard on a plain wall is the usual way to go, a dartboard cabinet brings something different to your space, as it’s safe when the dartboard is no longer in use. A dartboard cabinet also provides a storage place for all the darts to prevent some from getting missing.

The colorful dartboard can be an eyesore on the wall when not used. The cabinets allow you to keep it out of sight till you’re ready to play again. With dartboard cabinets, you don’t have to build the dartboard, only the cabinet. This way, you can make a befitting cabinet that will fit your wall and your needs.

As a DIY enthusiast, buying premade dartboard cabinets from stores will not sound as fascinating as building the perfect box. This article will help DIY lovers build the perfect dartboard cabinet. It contains various plans you can use.

DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans

Are you looking for a fun project to complete in a single day? The dartboard cabinet design is a suitable task for you to house your dartboard. Here, we highlight dartboard cabinet plans while including the guides to completing the projects. Bear in mind that these plans vary in design and will require different factors to achieve, from the cost to the position of the cabinet.

1. Classy Cabinet for Electronic Dartboard With Storage Section

Classy Cabinet for Electronic Dartboard With Storage Section

If you have an electronic dartboard, making this classy cabinet should be on your list. Electronic dartboards are typically larger and longer than regular dartboards, which is why this cabinet is large. This design features lighting above and so requires space. While brightening up the room, it also makes it more lively.

The cabinet features a storage section where you can keep small tools. The first pieces to assemble are the outer frame and the cabinet before fitting the panels. Use glue and a clamp to hold the pieces together. Biscuits as joiners keep the cabinet simple and clean.

MDF ¼” sheet stock makes the two doors giving it a solid build—Mill grooves and tenons to help its assembling. Install crown molding on top and dart holders on the insides of the doors.

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2. Pine Wood Dartboard Cabinet

Pine Wood Dartboard Cabinet

It’s a dark-shade dartboard cabinet made from pinewood and features chalkboards on the lower parts of the cabinet doors. The chalkboard paint adds to the cabinet’s dark contrast. It’s important to note that it’s a beginner-level cabinet that will take 5-8 hours to complete.

The Minwax classic grey finish with light coats of spray enables the dark contrast. An “A” inscription in front of the cabinet in cream color adds that element of mysteriousness to it. Be ready to answer many questions about the inscription’s meaning.

The cabinet requires 1×4′ pine for the frame and back, 1×2′ pine to make up the door frame, and 1×3′ complete the accessory box. 6″ long 2×2′ with holes hold the darts inside the cabinets and make it easy to pick them.

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3. Stylish Dartboard Cabinet

Stylish Dartboard Cabinet

Here is a stylish cabinet for your dartboard that’ll fit in an equally impressive wall. This design is different from the popular rustic idea with most dartboard cabinets. You’ll need a plywood board for the back and a suitable board for the doors. Two whiteboards hang on each entrance to keep your game scores. Other materials you’ll need include:

  • Hinges to join the door with the cabinet.
  • A magnetic cabinet latch to keep the door closed.
  • A cabinet pull.

Start by laying the backboard flat before adding the top, bottom, and sideboards to form the cabinet. The hinges join the doors made from plain boards. However, a small wooden piece with holes on either of the doors just under the whiteboards holds the darts in place.

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4. High-Quality Brittle Dartboard Cabinet 

High-Quality Brittle Dartboard Cabinet 

If you’re looking for a high-quality dartboard cabinet, this design features quality wood and a classic finish. The cabinet’s color is the most striking feature, with its greyish look contrasting with the typical black and white dartboard.

This plan features making the cabinet and the dartboard with cork. Here, cutting and marking are vital to get accurate dimensions. You can also skip the dartboard process and hang a premade dartboard.

Some materials needed for this high-quality dartboard cabinet include plywood, pine wood, hardboard, wood stuffing, hinges, and door knobs. It would be best to use cutting and smoothing tools like an electric saw, drill, sander, and wood press. Other tools are hot glue and a ruler, among other tools.

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5. Dartboard Cabinet Enclave

Dartboard Cabinet Enclave

If you want a design different from the regular cabinets covering the dartboard, here is an idea that does not hide the dartboard but provides extra storage space and beautifies the area around it. The light around the dartboard adds to the appeal.

The style is similar to an alcohol or mirror stand where the mirror replaces the dartboard. The versatility of the idea is impressive, allowing you to use it for more than just a dartboard cabinet whenever you like.

It features two cabinets on either side of the dartboard. While the dartboard is not covered, it is out of your face when not in use, with the cabinets providing enough space to store tools.

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6. Dartboard Cabinet With White Outlook

 Dartboard Cabinet With White Outlook

Most times, the difference between a great design and an average design is the color. The general white look of this cabinet makes it great for white and cream-colored walls. If you can get a color combination that matches the wall and overall look, it significantly improves the project.

This project requires several cutting tools, like a drill bit and a Kreg jig. You need 1x6x6 scrap piece and another 1x2x6 scrap piece material. The plywood sheet covers the cabinet frames while materials like knobs, hinges, and double magnetics latch, help complete the project.

Once you can cut the wood into its desired dimensions, you can quickly build the cabinet. The drilling machine will prove effective when producing holes. The white paint marker is for taking scores of your game. Wood with holes in the door serves as dart holders to keep it easily accessible and arranged.

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7. DIY Dartboard Cabinet Cupboard

DIY Dartboard Cabinet Cupboard

The fascinating shape of this design looks like a birdhouse and is unique enough to pique the attention of guests in your space. This project uses western red cedar because of its high durability. It’s naturally resistant to rot, decay, and even insect attack. With such durability, you can comfortably place this cabinet outdoors without damage. Use stainless steel screws with similar rust resistance to wood to ensure the project lasts long.

Kids will find this project interesting due to its funky design. The wood is cost-effective but durable, and you can get them cut down to usable sizes from the dealers. Lightweight wood, like western red cedar, is easy to move. The beginner-friendly wood doesn’t splinter or break under pressure, so even woodworkers with minimal experience can complete the project.

After lining up the backboard, the three sides and roof follow. The roof is a fantastic feature, especially the steep 45° angle with enough room to build in your lighting. For the dart holders, you can style them up as you like with this project carrying the darts on one of its doors.

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8. Simple Dartboard Cabinet

Simple Dartboard Cabinet

Sophisticated designs will always catch attention, but sometimes we want a simple yet effective project. This dartboard cabinet understands this need with a simple dartboard cabinet. This idea is also perfect for beginners looking for a simple task. Its simplicity ranges from the materials used to the process.

The tools you need for this project include a drill, aviation snips, table saw, orbital sander, finish nailer, miter saw pocket hole jig, and drill press. At the same time, you need vinegar, table salt, hinges, hydrogen peroxide, weldable steel sheet, oak board of various sizes, screen molding, and cork roll.

Screw and glue are the primary assembling tools for this project. You start by drilling the plug holes to cutting the plug from a piece of your wood before assembling correctly. The back panel is overlooked in dartboard cabinets due to the dartboard covering most of it. However, you can catch attention by using an attractive back panel.

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Do you have a lingering question about dartboard cabinet plans? Many others have asked the same question, so we’ve come up with this section. It would put an end to all the speculation.

Q1. Do you need to build a dartboard for a dartboard cabinet?

Ans. No, you don’t need to build a new dartboard when making its cabinet. You can hang an already-made dartboard.

Q2. What is the best wood for a dartboard cabinet?

Ans. Hard maple is one of the best woods for your cabinet. However, any hardwood will serve.

Q3. How long can a dartboard cabinet last?

Ans. Depending on the type of wood and the maintenance, it should last about 10-15 years.


A dartboard cabinet not only covers the dartboard when not in use but also protects the wall around the dartboard to prevent damage when people miss it entirely. There are so many available free plans to utilize. It has various designs with different materials with varying costs to cater to every need. All these to ensure you get your specific needs.

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