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19 Eye-Catchy Free DIY Bird Feeders Plans and Ideas

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A healthy atmosphere and fresh air may be found in gardens. Its tidy and peaceful environment might make people feel well. But in addition to being an essential source of our daily dosage of fresh air, it is also a relaxing location where we can hear the delightful singing of birds.

One of the easiest ways to feel energized and optimistic is to attract lovely birds to your yard. Bird feeders are advantageous to both parties and a fun DIY project! Several commercial bird feeders are available, but making your own gives you complete creative freedom.

Are you lacking inspiration? This post will demonstrate how to summon such birds in your gardens and backyards loudly. You can call the birds that live in using the DIY bird feeder plans.

It’s entertaining and affordable to make your own bird feeder. While you enjoy the outdoors, make your own bird feeders and feed them. Try creating one of these from the mentioned suggestions below:

1. Tube-Style Bird Feeder

Tube-Style Bird Feeder
Image Source: songbirdstation

Tube bird feeders offer hours of enjoyable bird feeding. The long, narrow tubes keep seeds dry and allow lots of area for many ports, giving birds plenty of room to eat at once.

Tube feeders are a fantastic option for birders with active backyards due to their sturdy structure and simple upkeep. You may pick a feeder that’s ideal for you and your preferred birds, thanks to the wide variety of types and sizes available.

You may buy a tube-style winter bird feeder or make one using your DIY abilities. This feeder can hold a variety of birds at once and accepts almost any kind of seed. You can quickly construct these straightforward DIY feeders using various PVC tubes.

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2. Milk Jug Feeder

Milk Jug Feeder
Image Source: delaneydesigns

Do wild birds flock to your yard in search of a nice snack? This spring, have the kids create a milk jug bird feeder using recycled plastic jugs. Winter bird feeders made of water or milk jugs are affordable and straightforward.

After cleaning it, splitting it into sides, drilling holes for a thin dowel or chopstick perch, and filling it with birdseed, the jug is ready to be filled with seed and hung from a tree. If you want to prevent looking like you have your recycling hanging in your yard, you may paint the plastic jug DIY bird feeder.

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3. Log Hole Feeder

Log Hole Feeder
Image Source: countryfile

Clingers, or birds that cling to trees and frequently move up and down the vertical surfaces of trees rather than just hanging out in the branches, are the core demographic for log feeders. Your child would get along well with a bird feeder.

This DIY Rustic Log Bird Feeder will be a hit with your infants and little children. This idea is appropriate for you if you enjoy rustic décor and want to transform the look of your garden utilizing rustic elements.

To build this design, you’ll need a log with a diameter of 2 to 3 inches and a length of 1.5 to 2 feet, a large eye hook, twine, or rope.

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4. Star Shape Feeder

Star Shape Feeder
Image Source: potterybarn

Without hesitation, construct this DIY bird feeder that may also serve as a decorative item. All of the substances used in this strategy are safe for all birds and non-toxic.

Build up this DIY project with 4 cups of birdseed, 34 cups of flour, two 0.25-ounce packages of unflavored gelatin (or five teaspoons), three tablespoons of corn syrup, and 12 cups of water.

The most essential and practical DIY bird feeder ideas are for this particular feeder. The thrift shop has every component you’ll need for this feeder.

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5. Terracotta Feeder

Terracotta Feeder
Image Source: gardengatemagazine

Traditional artisans from Pokhran, Rajasthan, created a terracotta bird feeder as a reminder of the need to preserve the vast ecological diversity and coexist peacefully. A terracotta flower pot may be transformed into a great winter bird feeder in the garden.

The clay pot and saucer should be submerged in water for the entire night before drilling any holes in them to facilitate drilling. This bird feeder showcases the distinctive incise technique that distinguishes Pokhran clay.

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6. Wine Bottle Feeder

Wine Bottle Feeder
Image Source: rebeccasbirdgardensblog.blogspot

There are no power tools necessary for this bird feeder design! It’s a quick DIY project that uses a wine bottle and is simple to construct. The little ledge is ideal for finches, sparrows, chickadees, and other small visitors, and the bottle is simple to remove and replenish when empty.

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7. Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder
Image Source: onthefeeder

With this Automatic Bird Feeder, you may try something different and avoid the bird feeder’s boring and traditional patterns and styles. Whenever you wish to hear the pleasant singing of birds, you may use this do-it-yourself idea for personal use in any garden.

These plans are simple to construct and ideal for use at any time, including this adorable and cute bird feeder plan. This approach is ideal if you want to offer the birdseed uniquely.

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8. Soup Ladle Feeder

Soup Ladle Feeder
Image Source: philipschwarzphotography

Another creative bird feeder you can make using supplies you probably already have lying around the home is this one for the winter. Suspend a soup ladle from a board or other stable support structure. Fill the ladle with birdseed prior to hanging the feeder from the side of the house, porch, or deck.

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9. Paper Plate Feeder

Paper Plate Feeder
Image Source: happyhooligans

With the help of this Paper Plate DIY BirdFeeder For Kids, you may listen to the adorable birds’ charming melodies in your yard in the early spring. This DIY project is doable with a few practical and sophisticated craft skills and some time.

Grab peanut butter, a paper plate, a wicker paper plate holder, colored twine, or raffia for hanging, and these items to get started on this adorable and stylish plan!

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10. Gazebo Feeder

Gazebo Feeder
Image Source: etsy

The Gazebo Bird Feeder is a traditional bird feeder made from lovely, regenerative, weather-resistant eastern red cedar. The open window design provides protection for feeding birds and permits the best observation as they eat.

The window feeder and most other DIY feeders are smaller and less opulent than the gazebo bird feeder. It has a multi-panel roof that shields it from the elements and six open sides. It is surprisingly simple to construct for a size birdhouse with many features.

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11. Juice Carton Feeder

Juice Carton Feeder
Image Source: floridacitrus

With the assistance of your kids, create this Juice Carton BirdFeeder over the weekend! Because of this DIY project’s stunning and fantastic shape, your kids will love creating it.

You’d need a juice carton, garden enamel paints, a Stanley knife, and plastic bottle lids to develop the most excellent strategy for feeding the birds. When you want to enhance the decorating of your horror party, you may utilize it as a piece of décor.

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12. Snow Corn Shape Feeder

Snow Corn Shape Feeder
Image Source: allaboutbirds

A simple DIY bird feeder with snow corn and chestnuts is the design chosen for the wintertime bird feeder! This idea can rapidly satisfy your yearning or desire if you seek an attractive DIY bird feeder throughout the cooler months!

The link provides the essential and other basic requirements of this plan. Therefore, scroll down and view all of the guidelines and instructions!

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13. Monitor Feeder

Monitor Feeder
Image Source: bobvila

If you want something that will challenge your technical skills, this option is a good choice because it also includes a monitor to help you determine how many birds visit and how much time is spent feeding.

A capacitive touch sensor and an Arduino Yun are required for this. You may conduct your study effectively by using the data afterward provided to a spreadsheet. The monitor will be operational from just before sunrise to just after sundown, so keep that in mind.

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14. Pinecones Feeder

Pinecones Feeder
Image Source: thespruce

What could be more straightforward and more accessible? Gather pine cones from the outdoors (ideal if you’re out on a stroll or have lots of pine trees in your yard), roll them in peanut butter, and enjoy. Put the pine cones in the seed and roll them around. The cones may hang up anywhere in your yard by attaching a thread.

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15. Tire Feeder

Tire Feeder
Image Source: shopblueskies

Do you desire to construct a DIY bird feeder? One-of-a-kind bird feeder you may create yourself is the tire swing feeder! To make this plan, all you need is a tire, a swing rope, and other materials to enhance your lawn’s aesthetics. Everyone may have this particular kind of bird feeder in their backyard. Squirrels may be fed with it as well.

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16. Hanging Feeder

Hanging Feeder
Image Source: thebirdhousechick

If you belong to a group of individuals who are concerned about their finances, this DIY hanging gourd bird feeder is ideal for you to make. These seeds and grains, which are everyone’s favorite bird food, can be put in this single bowl. The materials for this do-it-yourself project include gourds, a serrated bread knife, craft wire, a drill, and a 1/16′′ tiny drill bit. Click down for more detailed instructions!

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17. Pumpkin Feeder

Pumpkin Feeder
Image Source: familydaystriedandtested

Making a pumpkin into a bird feeder is fun; plus, it’s a good size and shape. A hollowed-out pumpkin makes a great shape for a straightforward bird feeder. The edges create the ideal perches for birds to perch on while they are feeding and also give you a nice open surface area for the bird feeder.

Kids (and adults) will enjoy getting their hands dirty during every step of the process, from scooping out to filling to hanging. Additionally, once your pumpkin bird feeder is installed in the garden, you may encourage kids to observe the local fauna.

A fantastic method to reuse pumpkins that you may have leftover from Halloween but need help with. You might quickly draw some adorable creatures to feed them instead of simply throwing them out. A stick and some string are the other items required besides the pumpkin.

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18. Orange Peel Feeder

Orange Peel Feeder
Image Source: instructables

One of our favorite homemade bird feeders to make is the citrus feeder. A natural and biodegradable bird feeder, this orange bird feeder is ideal for backyard birds. This option’s main concept is that you can use a larger fruit, such as apples, oranges, or another fruit of a similar size.

The fruit is fastened to a horizontal ring with a zip tie after being skewered with a bamboo skewer to prevent it from moving. Using wire or twine, you may suspend the feeder on a branch.

This next option is simple to construct with your kids or other family members, converting a do-it-yourself project into an opportunity to spend quality time together. All you need is a bowl, measuring cup, thread or pipe cleaner, a spoon, a knife, corn, almond butter, birdseed, and a sharp knife if you wish.

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19. Concrete Feeder

Concrete Feeder
Image Source: birdsandblooms

Here is a fantastic gardening concept that can serve as a birdbath and a feeder. Four moons of the distinctive concrete leaf will be added to the garden’s atmosphere.

The leaf may be turned into a birdbath if you fill it with water or a bird feeder if you fill it with seeds and bird food. You can find the complete instructions and tutorial for the DIY concrete leaf bird feeder online. The steps are pretty straightforward.

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Here are some of the best DIY bird feeders that any gardener may create for their feathered friends. It is a remarkable do-it-yourself project that improves innate talents and skills and satisfies the spirits.

Each of these projects has a tutorial with excellent step-by-step directions; some would be enjoyable to create with the family. Therefore, picking the right food is crucial.

If you’re unsure what to choose, ask anybody who has birds or go to a pet shop. The food you can feed them that is most readily accessible is typically seeds, almonds, grains, or pulses. Put one of these simple DIY bird feeders in your garden right away!

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