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16 Free 12×20 Shed Plans and Ideas

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If you are in search of a large shed, then the 12*20 shed could be the solution. Built on 240 square feet of floor space, these sheds offer sufficient space to store your mower, to use as a workshop or a home office.

12*20 shed can be built in several designs. You can choose from a modern studio shed, a gable shed, garden shed, shed with a porch, shed with a garage door, lean-to shed plan, horse barn shed plans, and many more.

Check out our selection of 12*20 free shed plans to help you pick the best design.

12×20 Shed Plans and Ideas

12x20 Shed Plans and Ideas

1. 12×20 Backyard Storage Shed

12×20 Backyard Storage Shed

Here is a free DIY building guide for a 12*20 shed to erect in your backyard. It has a large window and a door to access the shed. Suppose you wish to store your garden tools or want to use the shed as a workspace, this 12*20 shed plan could be just the right one for you.

2. 12×20 Gable Roof Shed

12×20 Gable Roof Shed

The gable roof design is the most common shed plan. The roof has a low slope that keeps the building’s height low. The gable sheds usually have two doors. One is a large door, and the other is smaller. The small door is used for entering the shed, and the large door is used to move the large and bulky items into and outside the shed. Here is a step by step woodworking guide to help you build a gable roof shed. It is an easy project which anyone can undertake. You can easily use this shed to store your ATV or motorbike.

3. Simple Shed Plan

Simple Shed Plan

If you are the one who likes to watch videos and learn, then head straight to the link below. The link will take you to a detailed video of how to build a 12*20 shed. In addition, it has a complete material list and building instructions to make your work easy.

4. 12×20 Gable Shed

12×20 Gable Shed

Download this gable shed plan which is straightforward and lets you build a 12*20 shed with ease. There is nothing sophisticated or complicated about it. It makes the building accessible and fast. The design is easy, but it does solve your purpose of a large shed.

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5. 12×20 Hip Roof Shed

12×20 Hip Roof Shed

6. Gambrel Shed

Gambrel Shed

A gambrel roof shed has a two-sided roof with vertical gable ends and two slopes on either side. The upper slope is shallow, and the lower slope is a bit steeper. The DIY plan for a large 12*20 gambrel shed is easy to follow. It has all the materials and tools list, which lets you organize the tools before building. The project is not just easy to make but pocket friendly too.

7. 12×20 Garden Shed

12×20 Garden Shed

The colonial-style garden shed is an apt solution for a home with a large garden. It has a steep roof pitch, large windows, and a door that makes it easy to store items, thus optimizing space. The 12*20 colonial garden styled shed in the backyard is functional and looks good too.

8. Classy Garden Shed

Classy Garden Shed

The peaked gabled roof of this 12*20 shed gives your garden a traditional look. And it offers loads of storage too. You can organize your tools, store your lawn furniture and even use the space as a hobby room or office space.

9. 12×20 Personalized Shed

12×20 Personalized Shed

A single 12*20 design may not suit all. So why not customize the shed design depending on your requirements. Here is a personalized 12*20 shed plan with 3D instructions, a complete material list, and a step-by-step guide that makes your shed building a straightforward task.

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10. Barn Shed with a Side Porch

Barn Shed with a Side Porch

The 12*20 shed plan with a porch gives you storage as well as a fun place to hang around with family and friends. The porch has a handrail and an interior area for storage or to convert to a workshop. The gambrel shed design with a side porch is one of the most loved options by many homeowners. The windows and the doors in the shed allow light to enter, which keeps the area well ventilated.

11. 12×20 Shed with a Front Porch

12×20 Shed with a Front Porch

A shed with a front porch is another popular design. These are a great addition to your garden, adding to the aesthetics of your backyard. Look at the detailed building guide and step by step instructions.

12. 12×20 Lean-to Shed Plan

12×20 Lean-to Shed Plan

Lean-to shed is a simple construction technique that lets you build storage or a workplace to eliminate clutter. The roof has a simple slope which makes it easy to assemble. You can create this shed on any structure. The roof design is such that it does not let rain or snow to stagnate. These elements quickly drain away. Usually, the roof overhang of the lean-to shed is almost 6 inches on all the sides; however, these can be customized to be shorter or longer so that it fits your needs.

13. 12×20 Gambrel Shed

12×20 Gambrel Shed

Here is a 12*20 gambrel shed plan blueprint to keep your excess stuff in or use it as a work area. The construction uses galvanized nails to attach the sheathing and truss. Use this design for the basic structure and then go ahead and customize the plan as per your needs.

14. 12×20 Garage Shed

12×20 Garage Shed

Make your yard stand out with this 12*20 shed plan. It is built on a block foundation and has garage doors that can be rolled up. There is a large door and two large windows as well as a small door. It makes the place roomy and lets the air circulate in the garage. The plan comes with a complete material list and detailed instructions to make the construction easy for you.

15. 12×20 Large Gable Storage Shed

12×20 Large Gable Storage Shed

It is a complete 12*20 shed building plan with lumber that will not take you more than a weekend to get the shed ready and functional. Make sure to check the land where you will be building the garage. Also, get the dimensions of the materials right before you purchase them. The shed will be able to serve as extra storage and work as your home office. Finally, give it an excellent paint to increase the durability of the shed.

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16. 12×20 2-Storey Shed

How about building a unique 12*20, 2- storey shed? Here is a complete design plan for this shed. You can use the two floors for different purposes. For example, the top floor can be used as an office and the ground floor as storage space or vice versa.


The key to building a durable and aesthetically-pleasing 12*20 shed is proper planning. Before you begin the construction, work out the amount of storage that you will need. Next, browse through the various shed styles to narrow down to the one that you wish for your yard. Then, select the place where you decide to build the shed on. The shed should not block the usual traffic flow and should be easily accessible. Lastly, get the required permits to begin the construction.

Once you are ready, browse through the shed plan. Read through a few shed plans before you pick one. The free 12*20 shed plans give you a complete material list with step by step instructions. Most shed plans also come with detailed diagrams at each stage so that you do not miss out or falter. Check the shed plans listed above. We are sure to have helped you find the perfect shed for your garden to start building it right away.