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How to Build Double Shed Doors? [Step-by-Step Guide]

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I see a lot of searches on how to build double shed doors. Let me start with the truth. Building double shed doors is not a complicated task, and the design has been followed for decades. With tools and materials like screws, planks, steel hinges, and nails readily available today, the task gets even easier.

But why pay so much attention to a door? The answer is straightforward. The shed door is essential and thus needs due consideration. It provides security, gives access, and adds to the aesthetic look of your shed.

Double shed doors are preferred because these let you choose the opening size. And with the right tools and planning, it is a matter of a few days to get a double shed door ready.

You can easily buy a door, but a DIY crafted shed has its own charm. It is a statement of pride and lives up to your expectations.

Let us get started.

How to Build Double Shed Door?

How to Build Double Shed Door

To begin the double shed door construction, measure the door opening first. This will guide you in building the 2×4 frames. Fill it with your choice of siding. All that remains after this is to hang the doors and secure them with a latch.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to the choice of its design and materials. We, however, have covered a basic structure that is accessible to all and can be done relatively quickly by even an amateur.

Source the Materials

  • 2x4s will form the door frames. It is where the siding, door, and jambs will hang on.
  • Siding comes in varied types. The common ones used are the LP or the T1-11 siding panel, which is also the one we will use in this DIY guide. The sidings are readily available in any hardware store.
  • T-hinges are the most commonly used in double shed doors. The heavier it is, the better. However, make sure to understand that the heavier varieties cost more than the flimsy ones.
  • Decide on the latch depending on what your security needs are. Bolt latches are commonly used because these cannot be pulled open. Some may even prefer the ring latches.

Popular Materials Used in Shed Doors

While there are several materials that you can choose to build the shed doors, let us discuss the two popular ones here.

1. T1-11 Siding

T1-11 Siding

T1-11 is a thin layer of plywood or wood strands glued with each other, heated and pressed. They are then trimmed to size. The benefits of using T1-11 are:

  • They are inexpensive
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Do not form gaps between boards
  • Fights the weather elements better

A few drawbacks of this material are that it requires extra maintenance, can split, flake, rot, or warp.

2. Engineered Wood Siding or LP Panels

Engineered Wood Siding or LP Panels

LP panel is a kind of engineered wood and looks pretty much like the T1-11 OSB. The strands are infused using zinc borate. It is then coated with marine wax and a mix of resin glue. These are then pressed and heated to bind together. You enjoy a tan-colored double shed door.

The benefits of using LP panels are that they are:

  • Rot, moisture, and bug resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pre-primed and thus can be painted in any color

There are a few challenges of using this material, though. All its cuts have to be sealed, and it needs painting periodically. Secondly, it may warp and dull the drill bits and saw blades.

Get the Tools Handy

Here is a list of tools that you will need to begin the double shed door construction process.

  • A circular saw lets you make neat and precise cuts that are apt for this project.
  • You may use any power drill.
  • Precise measurements avoid repeated work and wastage. So get a measuring tape handy.
  • A level ensures that the double doors are in line. In addition, it will prevent the doors from rubbing against each other, which does not allow splintering or damage.

Now that we have the supplies ready, it is time to begin with the step-by-step guide of building a double shed door.

Step-by-Step Guide to How to Build Double Shed Doors

Step-by-Step Guide to How to Build Double Shed Doors

1. Measure the Opening

Measure the Opening

Start by measuring the shed door opening. The door will be of this size but cut in half. The measurement will be used to cut the siding. It is a crucial measurement to start your project, so measure twice to get it right.

Shed doors usually are 5 feet in height though you are free to tweak them as per your requirements. 5 feet makes it easy to get your lawnmower or the wheelbarrow inside the shed.

If you decide to build a ramp, give enough clearance on the bottom. The cut should roughly be 2 inches from the door bottom.

2. Cutting the Siding

Cutting the Siding

Now that you have the door measurements handy, the next step is to cut the siding accurately. It will make the framing step easy. Some sidings come with a cleat on their sides that lets the sheets lock together. You do not need this when constructing a double door. It could come in the way of the latch.

The T1-11 siding comes with the cleat bit on its side. Shave it off using a circular saw and create a flush edge. It makes the siding strong and lets you DIY a secure and tight door.

3. Building the Frames of the Door

You are now ready to frame the cut siding. For this, you will need the 2x4s. Do this from the backside using outdoor screws of 1.5 inches. It will secure the framing and will not show outside.

Build the frame using the 2x4s. It should be on the top, placed horizontally and vertically to reach down. Attach another 2×4 in the bottom between the verticals. These are the stiles. Stiles gives the door its structural integrity. You will need large screws to attach them to the vertical frames.

4. Hanging the Doors

It is time to hang the double shed doors. First, place some blocks underneath the doors to give them support. It will allow you to set the hinges correctly. Alternatively, you can ask for help to hold it up.

For the door jambs, attach two more of the 2x4s on the door opening sides. This is the spot where you will be attaching the hinges that the door will hang from. So make it heavy-duty to support the weight.

Take out your level and check that the doors are hanging straight. Attach these with the hinge.

5. Latching the Doors

Latching the Doors

Your doors are hung. It is time to finish it off with a latch. Check the door swing. It should move freely and not scrape the ground. It is the stage where you can add a ramp. Take care that the ramp does not block your double doors.

Fasten and padlock the latch. You may want to open and close the doors a few times to give it the final clearance. That is all about it. Your double shed doors are installed, and you are free to use them.


You feel elated on seeing the finished look that your DIY double doors give to your shed.

So go and get the supplies and let your shed exude awesomeness with our step-by-step double shed door building instructions.