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11 Amazing 20×20 Gable Shed Plans with DIY Guide

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You usually find your garden crowded with gardening tools and lawnmowers. Here is why you need a shed to give you ample garden space. The construction also lets you store the unused household items that clutter your living area.

Sheds are used for varied purposes. In most cases, these are used as storage. For example, it can serve as an outdoor office, a playhouse, or a guest room.

Sheds are used for varied purposes. In most cases, these are used as storage. For example, it can serve as an outdoor office, a playhouse, or a guest room.

It is thus clear that sheds are a significant investment. However, you do not have to pay through your nose to get one in your backyard. While there are readymade options available, it is always economical and fun to DIY for Woodworking Enthusiast.

All that you need is the right blueprint that meets your needs and adheres to the critical shed-building aspects. That should be enough to begin the construction. With the proper planning, it is just a matter of a day or two to get a sturdy and professionally designed shed ready.

What Should You Look For in a Shed Plan?

There are numerous shed plans available on the internet. However, not all of them serve the same purpose. To decide on the best shed plan, you need to be clear on the precise reason why you need a shed. It then becomes simple to choose the guide. You can permanently alter the plan to add electricity or furniture if you require.

The shed building plan should detail the roofing methods, foundation depth, and framing elevations.

Before you begin the construction, first clear the junk and rubble from the construction site and then lay the lumber. Also, get the necessary permits as per your state laws.

Why Choose a Gable Shed Design?

Gable shed designs are popular, especially when constructing large sheds, and here are the reasons why.

A gable roof uses two slopes to form a triangle. Gable roofs are also called pitched or peaked roofs.

Because of its slope, gable roofs direct rain, snow, and sleet that prevent any built-up from damaging the roof. The roof thus offers protection to the shed as it naturally displaces the weather elements.

  • It can withstand the weather elements. Because of its slope, gable roofs direct rain, snow, and sleet that prevent any built-up from damaging the roof. The roof thus offers protection to the shed as it naturally displaces the weather elements.
  • It offers a lot of storage. Gable roofed sheds let you enjoy extra storage because of its design. The space does come in handy and could make a huge difference for someone.
  • The design keeps the shed well ventilated.

Let us look at some of the best 20×20 gable shed plans. Go through the detailed blueprint and pick the one that meets your shed-building goals.

11 Amazing 20×20 Gable Shed Plans 

#1. 20×20 Shed

20x20 shed

Here is a 20×20 large shed plan with a gable roof design. The shed is apt to store your outdoor furniture, tools, or large garden vehicles.

The shed is designed with a side door, a large 8-inch double door, and a side window. It has been done to ensure ventilation in the shed. Make sure to check your state rules before you start work.
The project is well laid down, so it is easy to follow. In addition, there are step-by-step instructions and 3D diagrams to let you build the project from scratch.

#2. 20×20 Gable Shed

20x20 Gable shed

Find the woodworking plan for a 20×20 gable shed design. The design is made sturdily using trusses engineered for the job. There is a garage door of 8 feet, two huge windows, and a side door.
It is always recommended that you do not bargain on the quality and invest only in weather-resistant materials. Also, take the measurements accurately.

#3. 20×20 Garden Gable Shed

20x20 garden gable shed

Look at this perfect 20×20 gable shed plan apt for your backyard. You can use it to store tools or convert it to a workshop.

The design comprises a garage door in the front, the main entrance, and two windows on the side. Trusses are used to build the shed roof.

Plan the project with attention to detail to give the shed a professional look. It will avoid costly mistakes. Invest in quality materials and paint a coat to save the shed from bad weather.

#4. 20×20 Shed With Loft

20x20 shed with loft

The functional shed gives you plenty of space to work. What makes this shed stand out is the loft. It is a 240 sq ft loft that you may use for storage or convert to a home office, guest room, or hobby room.
The blueprint for this project is detailed with descriptions and diagrams at each stage, letting even a novice follow the steps easily.

#5. 20×20 Multi-Purposes Shed

20x20 multi-purposes shed

Outdoor sheds are a boon, and here is a building instruction to construct a significant 20×20 shed. The plan teaches how to build the shed at a minimal cost.

The plan neatly details the foundation and roof of the shed and then takes you through the shed building techniques. In addition, there are tricks and tips to help you in construction.

#6. Easy to Build 20×20 Gable Shed

Easy to build 20x20 Gable shed

Find the shed blueprint for a 20×20 shed. The plan is fun to read and easy to follow. The guide is detailed and offers numerous tips to make it easy for even a novice to construct this 20×20 shed.

#7. 20×20 Gable Garage Shed

20x20 gable garage shed

Build a beautiful 20×20 huge garage shed with minimal effort when you follow this instruction manual. The floor is constructed on compact gravel, which makes it flat.

Verify the measurements well, so you get it right the first time. Also, paint the shed once you complete the construction to make it resistant to weather.

#8. 20×20 Gable Shed Roof

20x20 Gable shed roof

The gable roof shed plan details the roof construction in easy steps so that you can follow it and finish off the project in no time.
Use a spirit level to align the woodworking components to get an asymmetrical roof.

#9. Premium 20×20 Gable Shed

Premium 20x20 Gable shed

Get the detailed plan for a premium 20×20 shed with a gable roof. Ideal for your garden, the plan comes with 3D diagrams. The instructions are straightforward to follow, letting you complete the project on a weekend.

The shed is designed with an 8 feet garage door and a side door of 3 feet width. There are two side windows of 3×3 feet. You are free to tweak the design a bit to build a ramp. The floor is made using 6×6 skids, which protect your tools from weather elements.

#10. Customized 20×20 Gable Shed

Customized 20x20 Gable shed

Wish to build a customized 20×20 gable shed? Here is the plan for you. First, decide on the space where you want to construct the shed and get the tools ready.
You are free to follow the plan or tweak it to personalize it to suit your needs.

#11. 20×20 Gable Shed With Covered Porch

20x20 Gable shed with covered porch

A porch can be a great addition to your shed. It works as a sit-out and is perfect to park your cycle or bike. You may even want to convert the porch into a beautiful garden. There are unlimited choices of what you can do with a shed with a patio.


The majority of homeowners complain that they are running out of storage space. Stuffed homes and garages are traumatic. And this is where sheds come in, offering you the much need respite.

Hiring someone to build a shed or buying pre-paid kits is an expensive solution. We have an easy way out– DIY!

Get the right DIY shed building plan and the necessary tools. After that, it takes just a little bit of dedication and attention to detail to give shape to this simple project.

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