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2 Free DIY 5×5 Deer Blind Plans

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Are you a passionate hunter? Then it is time to start gearing up for the hunting season because you are soon going to be out in the woods soon. 

To begin with, you need a deer blind. If you have been contemplating this for some time now without an idea of where to start, do not worry because we have covered some of the best DIY 5*5 deer blind plans.

Just settle down while you scroll through all the available options to get started with your DIY project soon.

DIY Deer Stand Plans

1. 5*5 deer blind plan

This 5*5 deer blind plan uses 2* 2 lumber for the box frame. For a robust deer blind, take care to invest in the best materials that are within your budget. Pine and cedar are weather-resistant lumber which is a smart purchase. You must take accurate measurements before you begin adjusting the components. To not split the wood, drill the pilot holes in the components before you drill any wooden screws.

This is an amazing 5*5 deer box perfect to shelter you in the hunting season. You are free to make adjustments to the shape and size as per your need and requirements.

2. 5*5 shooting house plan

The deer shooting stand is sturdy and protects you during the hunting season. The stand features a blind on all the sides as well as on the door. The shape of the roof has been designed such that it makes it easy to build. You will just need some hand tools to get the work done.

Always remember to select the lumber planks with care. Ensure that they are straight and do not have any visible flaws on them. The lumber should be free of twists, cracks, decay, or knots. It is a great idea to invest in weather-resistant lumber like cedar. These stay for long. 

A spirit level can be used to plumb and align the components. This should be done before you insert the galvanized screw. If not done this way, then the project will not have an asymmetrical look. Once you are ready with all the tools and materials needed it will take just one day to get your 5*5 shooting house plan ready.

The deer stand is lightweight but sturdy. It does not cost a lot. It is spacious for you to shoot from here comfortably.


So here you have the basic plans of how to make a 5* 5 deer blind. We are sure that these plans will inspire you to craft your own DIY deer blind before the hunting season. These free deer shade building plans cover step-by-step instructions, diagrams, cut lists, photos, material lists, and other resources to help you get started and succeed with your deer blind build.