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25 Excellent 12×16 Shed Plans

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Sheds tick all the checklist boxes of the must-have in your backyard. They are robust, affordable, and save your overflowing garage. And what’s more, a well-constructed shed gives a boost to your property value. A backyard shed is thus a necessity and the ideal solution to meet all your storage woes.

Are you contemplating on the right shed size to keep your things in an organized and safe environment? Go for a 12*16, which is a large-sized shed apt to meet all your storage needs.

Not ready to spend a bomb on the readymade sheds? Do not worry. We have got some excellent 12×16 shed plans for you to try out.

1. 12*16 Gable Shed

12*16 Gable Shed

If it is structural durability that you are seeking for, then a gable shed is the one for you. These sheds last for years. It is the strong construction of the shed that lets it stand up to the snow and heavy wind. The slope of the gable roof is comparatively more stable.

Here is a detailed 12*16 gable shed construction plan for you. It is a well-written plan with a material list and step-by-step instructions with drawings at every stage to assist you in the construction. Focus and follow the instructions well, and there will be no scope for any error.

2. 12*16 Easy To Build Gable Shed

12*16 Easy To Build Gable Shed

12*16 is a large shed perfect to store heavy machinery. You may also use it to stuff lots of your home items or make the shed a craft and hobby area. Whatever you choose to do with the shed, the construction should be strong and sturdy.

To professionally design this 12*16 shed go through the instructions in great detail, pre-plan everything before you start, and invest in high-quality materials. This will let you construct a durable shed and also prevent any costly mistakes. With a neat coat of paint, the shed will not just stay protected from bad weather but will also stand out in your backyard.

3. 12*16 Garden Shed

12*16 Garden Shed

If you are in search of an easy-to-build large shed, then follow this step-by-step plan. Functional and great to look at, you can put this shed to multipurpose use.

Build this shed in the garden. Go through the plan that details every part of the construction minutely. Invest in suitable quality materials, and if you follow this plan exactly, then you will have a shed that will serve you for many years to come.

4. 12*16 Barn Shed With Loft

12*16 Barn Shed With A Loft

This is a detailed woodworking plan to construct a 12*16 Barn Shed with a gambrel roof. The shed offers extra storage space as it comes with a loft. It is a basic plan with minimal space wastage.

5. 12*16 Basic Shed

12*16 Basic Shed

This guide walks you through the steps to build a 12*16 shed. Take a look at this project if you desire to build a large shed in your backyard. The shed design has a gable roof that is easy to construct and also costs less.

Plan to source the materials before you begin the project. Read and re-read through the plan so that you understand the steps clearly.

Also, set a workstation where you can do your woodworking. It should be a level surface that will let you design the wall frame with accurate squares in the corners.

Double-check the measurement before you cut the pieces. Align the components properly and only then screw it. A spirit level should be used to plumb and to ensure that the plates are all placed horizontally. This little attention to detail will finally result in a professionally built shed.

6. 12*16 Gambrel Barn Shed With 5 Inch Doors

 12*16 Gambrel Barn Shed With 5 Inch Doors

This is a gambrel-styled shed plan with a vast loft and double doors. The plan comes with the material list, the building guide, and the blueprint that makes it easy to construct.

Download the plan, source the materials, and start building this project.

7. 12*16 Gambrel Roof Shed With Side Porch

12*16 Gambrel Roof Shed With Side Porch

Use this 12*16 shed to store your stuff or to use as your workstation. The plan is easy to understand. The interactive 3D model and drawings attached at each stage of the plan make it easy to construct this project.

The shed comes with a side porch where you can keep your bicycle or bike or even sit out with family and enjoy your tea. The design has a roll-up door that gives easy access to the inside of the shed.

8. 12*16 Gable Side Shed With Roll Up And Side Door

12*16 Gable Side Shed With Roll Up And Side Door

This is a plan for a gable-roofed shed. It features a single entry door on the side which can be used if you wish to enter or exit the shed. There is also a roll-up door which is constructed on a double door space to use when you wish to store machinery in the shed-like say, a lawn mower or any heavy equipment.

The shed plan also comes with a window that keeps the inside well-lit and airy.

9. 12*16 Simple Gable Shed With Door

12*16 Simple Gable Shed With Door

This is an easy to build gable styled shed with double doors of 5 inches. Perfect as a garden shed, the loft area makes it extra spacious.

10. 12*16 Simple Garden Shed With 2 Windows

12*16 Simple Garden Shed With 2 Windows

The gable-styled roof shed is designed to perfection with a loft, extra storage space, and a neat design. The shed comes with 2 windows that let the interiors be well-lit and allow easy air movement.

11. 12*16 Saltbox Style Shed

12*16 Saltbox Style Shed

If you need a character in your shed, then this is the right plan for you. It is a simple yet elegant shed design that can be put to multipurpose use. Download the plan and go ahead with the construction.

12. 12*16 Barn Shed With A Loft

Here is a detailed woodworking guide on how to build a 12*16 shed. The steps take you through how to construct the roof and the loft.

You are free to tweak the design and the measurements, provided you can do it uniformly. Else just stick to the measurement in the plan, and you are all good to go.

We recommend that you first start by reading the entire plan, so you know how to approach it. If it seems right and doable, then go ahead and source the materials. Once you have all the tools and the materials to begin, start the construction.

The guide is detailed, with each step explained well. It also has diagrams with measurements attached at each stage so that you are never lost. Once you get the hang of the plan, it should take not more than a couple of days to get the shed ready.

13. 12*16 Gambrel Roof Elegant Shed

12*16 Gambrel Roof Elegant Shed

If you desire a large shed, then go ahead with this 12*16 shed plan. You can add a loft to it to make it extra spacious. It looks like a typical barn and will easily blend with your garden aesthetics.

Easy to build with the complete material list and steps, it should not be difficult to construct the shed with this plan.

14. 12*16 Spacious Garden Shed

 12*16 Spacious Garden Shed

Wish to keep your gears neatly organized in the garden? Or want extra space to work on your hobbies? Then look at this garden shed plan that is downloadable in a pdf format. Just print the plan, get the materials, and you can begin working on the DIY project.

15. 12*16 Storage Shed With Extra Headroom

12*16 Storage Shed With Extra Headroom

Perfect to store huge machinery like a lawnmower, and this shed plan stands out because it offers extra headroom. It is a gable roof design with an appealing exterior look which lets it steal the limelight when placed in the garden or backyard.

16. 12*16 Shed Made Of Firewood

12*16 Shed Made Of Firewood

Pretty sophisticated, isn’t it? And it saves you a lot of money too when you substitute regular wood with the 10 cord firewood. You also enjoy extra space with this design.

17. 12*16 Lean To Garden Shed Plan

 12*16 Lean To Garden Shed Plan

This is a solid wood shed construction plan which features a lean roof. The shed is large perfect to use as storage, workhouse, or even as a pool.

18. 12*16 Lean To Storage Shed

 12*16 Lean To Storage Shed

The lean-to roof outbuilding has a barn-styled design. It has double doors that give the shed a traditional look. The shed looks classy and is an excellent addition to your garden.

19. 12*16 Storage Shed With Gable Roof

12*16 Storage Shed With Gable Roof

Ideal for those who own a spacious yard, this is a simple to build storage shed plan for you.

20. 12*16 Vertical Shed With A Loft

12*16 Vertical Shed With A Loft

The secret to maximizing the shed space is to build it vertically. The shed features a tall loft which can also be used as an attic. The best part about this plan is that it details not only the materials and the step-by-step instructions but also the mistakes that were committed in the construction, so you don’t repeat them yourselves.

21. 12*16 Shed

12*16 Shed

Not comfortable reading through the long plans but wish to visually see the construction steps? Here we have a detailed video that guides you on how to build a 12*16 regular shed.

22. 12*16 modern shed

12*16 modern shed

Modern shed plans are in trend. It comes with double doors and overhead windows. The design ensures that the inside of the shed gets sufficient light, and the air is also well circulated.

The modern shed can be used for varied purposes. You can use it as an office or a place to watch sports and hang out with friends. Your kids can convert the shed to their play area. The backyard shed is the perfect place to relax in solitude.

Does this shed look appealing to construct?

23. 12*16 Loft Shed

12*16 Loft Shed

Not a DIY expert? There is nothing to worry about. Just go through this 12*16 large shed plan with a loft perfect to install in your backyard. The blueprint is detailed, making the entire construction process a cakewalk for you.

24. 12*16 Large Shed With A Dormer

12*16 Large Shed With A Dormer

The shed plan is for the DIY enthusiast to build a durable and robust garden shed in no time. You are free to modify the plan to make the shed look more elegant. Add extra shelves, include lighting, and make it a place to relax and unwind.

This is a durable shed made of wood. Use this plan to construct it, but before that, make sure to get the required permits. Also, stain the shed once it is done to make it weather resistant.

25. 12*16 Gambrel Roof Timber Shed

Here is your guide to construct a spacious wooden shed. The plan contains detailed instructions on how to build the door, raft, etc., efficiently without shelling a lot of money.


Be it to keep the hose, lawnmower, and the fertilizers or to convert it to a workstation, a play area, or a place to relax and meditate, whatever may be the purpose, if you have a backyard, then it goes without saying that you need a shed. There are innumerable perks of having an outbuilding, and you do not want to miss out on its benefits.

While purchasing a readymade kit or hiring a carpenter could be the default choice for many, let us tell you that it is easy to DIY a 12*16 shed. You can build the shed from scratch even if you possess no woodworking skills or expertise.

We have searched through the internet to bring to you a list of excellent 12*16 shed construction plans. All that you need to do is to follow the plan and begin with the construction. You are also free to modify the plan to suit your requirements.

The above list is a mix of free and premium plans as well as videos for those who learn better through tutorials.

So go ahead and browse through the plans. We are confident that we definitely have the right shed plan for you.