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9 Easy Homemade Bar Table Plans {Must CheckOut}

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Bar tables provide an elevated surface to unwind and enjoy your favorite drinks. The idea with bar tables in your home is to provide a relaxing spot where you can eat and drink with friends and family. Homemade bar tables are easy to make, depending on the style you choose.

Homemade bar tables have similar styles to bar tables used in pubs or coffee bar stores but come in different sizes and designs. If you want to build a homemade bar table near your bar stand, examining your current home design and space will allow you to decide the type of bar table to build.

While there are so many bar tables in stores, building a homemade bar table is more fulfilling. It helps you make a more appropriate decision for your home. We understand the importance of getting a suitable bar table for your home, so we’ve compiled this list of easy homemade bar tables to build.

Easy Homemade Bar Table Plans

While bar tables are generally easy to build with little woodworking experience, some table designs and sizes make it difficult to complete the project. This guide contains only easy homemade projects requiring minimal materials and following straightforward processes.

1. 2×4 Bar Table

2x4 Bar Table

Here is a bar table made with 2×4″ lumber suitable for outdoor use in your home. It is versatile and made from durable lumber with impressive finishing that ensures longevity. The table is large enough to accommodate four people, with the robust lumber providing support and stability.

You’ll need ten pieces of 2×4” lumbers, several pieces of 2.5” and 3” decking screws, measuring tape, square, kreg jig, bar clamps, miter saw, and pencil for marking. The cut list includes four pieces of 34.5” lumber, five pieces of 20.5” lumber, two pieces of 23.5’ lumber, and eight pieces of 59” lumber.

The cleaner lumber pieces are perfect for the tabletop to get a better appeal while you make cuts after measuring using the cut list. Pocket holes are the most suitable types of joining holes for this plan to get a strong and clean surface.

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2. Lumberjack Bar Table

Lumberjack Bar Table

This design features a homemade bar table made from wood with as minimal refining as possible. The wood still shows its many imperfections, especially in shape.

You’ll need a single piece of 36″ diameter oak tree that is 5″ thick for the tabletop, while a 12″ diameter ash trunk that is 35″ long is used for the legs. To get more stability, the lumber for the legs is supported with more wood which forms additional support legs.

Other materials, like three pieces of 3″x14″X1.25″ oak rough sawn planks, are attached to the base at the center of the top piece. Six pieces of 6″x14″x1.25″ oak rough sawn planks are also attached for additional depth. Working with roughly cut pieces does not make the table unpleasant but rather creates an interesting finish.

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3. Simple Bar Table

Simple Bar Table

Simplicity is great, especially for newbies with little experience, as they can complete a functional bar table in their homes. This bar table features a basic design with a focus on functionality rather than aesthetics; however, this does not mean the table is unappealing.

The plan features all the material list, cutting list, and processes to complete the simple table in a few hours. The table is right for woodworking novices who want to build a DIY bar table. Some of the materials you’ll need are 2 x 10-8 lumber, 2×4-8 lumber, pocket hole screws, white paint for finishing the legs, and a clear finish for the tabletop.

Start by cutting the lumber into the right dimensions and ensuring the pieces are clean and accurate before building the table frame and joining the legs. Use glue and screw to join the tabletop pieces to the frame and then finish with quality materials.

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4. Square Bar Table

Square Bar Table

The design is a square-shaped, high-top bar table offering a large surface that can accommodate up to four people around its sides. Add a flower cup to the center of the table to improve its look and make it more homely. This bar table can fit right into your kitchen or bar area with the right bar stools around it.

Get tools like the Kreg jig and screws, wood glue, orbital sander, felt pads, and drill. These tools will help you work on materials like five pieces of 2×6″ lumber, two pieces of 4×4″ lumber, and two pieces of 2×4″ lumber to build the table.

Start by examining your current space and its hue to know the size of the table to build and the finish that’ll match the existing design. Use the information to cut the wooden pieces to the desired sizes before joining the frame and legs first. The tabletop boards are first glued together before it is screwed to the table frame to give it a solid surface without spaces.

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5. Outdoor Bar Table

Outdoor Bar Table

This outdoor bar table doubles up as a dining table due to its size, with the right stool helping you reach this large table. The sturdy materials used for this table, especially its legs and the dark finish, are perfect for outdoor use as it provides extra durability against harsh outdoor conditions and a nice color contrast.

The legs are sturdy and feature extra support beams to prevent the large table from losing its stability. Since it is for outdoor use, the table’s heavyweight is an added advantage as it can withstand high winds. For its sheer size, one would expect the project to be expensive, but its materials are affordable.

This outdoor bar table design is easy to build even though it requires a lot of quality materials. Use the Kreg jig for the base joinery for a smooth and stable assembly. To finish this project, first sand to get a clean and smooth surface before spray painting a black hue onto the table surface.

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6. High Bar Top Table

High Bar Top Table

Here is a high bar table design you can build for your home with a fancy leg design for added aesthetics. The leg widens towards the base for more stability which is especially important for high tables with short widths. Its long length means the table can accommodate up to 4 people with the right bar table stool.

Get the required tools for the project, which includes the miter saw for cutting, pocket hole jig for creating pocket holes for clean joinery, drill, table saw with the miter gauge, tape measure and pencil for accurate markings, safety glasses and hearing protection to prevent accidents, circular saw, hack saw, brad nailer, and speed square.

The materials needed for the table include wood glue, wood filler, ¾”X10 black steel pipe, two pieces of ¾” black pipe cap, two pieces of 2x10x10″ lumber, and six pieces of 2x4x8″ lumber, Kreg pocket screws, brad nails, woodscrews, and epoxy. With these materials aided by the plan, you can build this high bar top table in a single day.

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7. Outdoor Concrete Top Bar Table

Outdoor Concrete Top Bar Table

If you’re looking for an outdoor bar table design with the durability to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions, this concrete tabletop plan is the perfect idea for you.

It involves a concrete top with a center pot to keep chilled drinks and a wide surface to accommodate many people.

The solid surface will help the table last for several years as moisture spills from drinks, and the weather will not affect the tabletop.

While concrete may seem intimidating, building this concrete top table is quite easy, even for beginners. Get regular woodworking tools like the miter saw, table saw, and drill, among others, since the table features a wooden frame and legs.

The wooden frame uses 4×4″ for the legs and 2×4″ for the tabletop frame, with glue and screws helping to join the pieces together. For the concrete top, you’ll need a concrete mix, a 4×8 sheet of melamine, a ¼” thick clear acrylic sheet, and other materials. There are LED lights under the clear coaters that brighten the table at night and improve aesthetics.

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8. Modern Bar Table From Reclaimed Materials

Modern Bar Table From Reclaimed Materials 

Bar tables do not always have to look ancient, as this modern design has proved by utilizing old materials to make an appealing modern bar table. The most striking feature of this table is the beautiful stand with pieces finished in varying colors.

The table is 42″ high and 40″ long on each of its square sides, giving it a decent table surface to accommodate four people. The major wood used for this project is pine, with untreated pine the most preferred to get that natural look with better safety. Plywood, pocket hole screws, brad nails, and wood screws are among the other materials you’ll require for this table.

Check out the comprehensive cut list with dimensions and cut the pieces using the miter saw. Assemble the base and install cladding before attaching the tabletop. Finishing adds the necessary color to brighten up the table.

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9. Live Edge Slab Bar Table

Live Edge Slab Bar Table

Live edge slab provides a natural tree feel to your project, which is why the finish for this table involves a stain with natural wood colors. The leg’s dark color gives it the contrast for an attractive look.

Apart from the live edge slab, you’ll need a wooden dowel, steel strips, paint applier, black paint for the legs, clear coat matte stain/paint for the tabletop, 69x69mm for square beams, felt, screws, and wood glue. While the tools include cutting tools like circular and miter saws, chisel, drills, routers, orbital sanders, wood clamps, and rubber mallets.

The plan uses ipe live edge wood with extra resilience and density. Ipe woods are beautiful with high durability features that help them age gracefully. Ensure to smoothen the slab to get an even table surface and remove the bark from the edges using a rubber mallet. Paint the legs and the slab separately before joining them together to ensure the paint reaches all the corners.

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Bar tables provide high table surfaces and can be made for home use. There are easy plans to follow that will not require complex processes and can be completed within a short time. Even though these are easy bar table plans, they feature attractive designs to match your home features.

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