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15 Great DIY Floating Bed Frame Plans

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Sturdy and with a supportive foundation, floating beds flaunt a modern and sleek design with discrete legs giving an illusion of a bed that is hovering in the air. Floating beds are a low-profile bed frame with legs close to the mattress center that gives it a unique yet elegant look.

Similar to other kinds of bed frames, a floating bed frame comes with a headboard, nightstand, storage drawer, and some are even equipped with a LED light built into them at the bottom.

So why should you choose to build a floating bed?

  • These bed frames enlarge your bedroom visually.
  • They offer ample space to store your rugs and accessories. There is storage space on the side of a headboard which usually is not the case in a standard bed frame.
  • The platform style saves you on the expense of adding a box spring to your bed frame.

Floating beds can be a fresh addition to your minimalistic bedroom design and stand out as your interiors’ focal point. But before you go to the store to purchase a floating bed frame, take a look below at the various DIY floating bed frame plans that let you build the bed frame on a budget.

1. Floating Bed Frame With Light

Floating Bed Frame With Light

This is an original floating bed plan, easy to build, and awesome to look at. The bed glows at night, letting you enjoy a sound sleep. And it gets even better with the light that gets lit up at night.

The design is compact, making it perfect for a small bedroom. The embedded light adds to the look of the bed.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on the materials required and the instructions to assemble the floating bed frame.

2. Floating Bed Frame With Regular Lumber

Floating Bed Frame With Regular Lumber

This floating bed frame DIY project uses framing lumber that can be purchased from your local store. The design is for a queen-sized bed, but you are free to customize the size by measuring your mattress’s length and width. You can then cut the wood frame accordingly.

The plan has been explained in a video to handhold you through the entire building process.

3. Full-Sized Queen Floating Bed Frame

Full-Sized Queen Floating Bed Frame

The woodworking project plan is to guide you to build a queen-sized floating bed with clear instructions. Make sure to buy the best materials. Also, take the measurements accurately to make a professional-looking floating bed frame.

The plan is so simple that you can complete building the entire bed frame on a weekend if you are determined. The tutorial gives you the complete list of materials you will need to prepare when you go to the hardware store. The guide also shares a few tips to make the project easy.

4. King-Sized Floating Bed Frame

King-Sized Floating Bed Frame 

A perfect addition to your master bedroom, this plan covers all that you need to do to build the best-looking floating bed frame. The plan clearly states the details of how to build each part of the bed frame, namely the platform, base, and slats. Follow the step-by-step instruction to DIY your floating bed frame.

The floating bed design is cozy and gives a lightweight look which is the characteristic of all floating beds. The frame and the base are sturdy. To know all about the design and the building process go through this complete tutorial.

5. Easy to Build Floating Bed Frame

Easy to Build Floating Bed Frame

If you wish to build a sturdy yet dramatic floating bed frame, this is the right plan. Go through the plan and work on the project with complete attention. Pre-planning saves you money and also does not overwhelm you.

Use high-quality materials like redwood or pine and waterproof glue for the joints to enhance the structure and make it rigid.

6. DIY Floating Bed With Light

DIY Floating Bed With Light

Here is a complete video on how to build a floating bed frame. Scroll below to the description section that mentions the measurements for any sized floating bed that you may want to build for your bedroom.

While the video covers the details to build a queen-sized floating bed frame, you can get the measurements to build a twin and a king-sized bed too in the description section. The construction steps however stay the same.

7. Inexpensive Yet Beautiful DIY Floating Bed Frame

Inexpensive Yet Beautiful DIY Floating Bed Frame

The bed frame is a staple furniture piece in a bedroom, which also is the central point around which the entire room is decorated. Bed frames come in all ranges, and the quality ones can turn out to be really expensive. If you are not in the mood to spend a bomb but at the same time are not ready to compromise on the look and the robustness of the bed frame, then check out this DIY floating bed plan below.

8. Elegant Looking Floating Bed Frame

Elegant Looking Floating Bed Frame

Tired of the platform bed frame and wish to renovate your master bedroom? Then a floating bed frame could be the right addition to your room. These are aesthetically pleasing and let you build your room décor around them.

There are many steps that you need to follow right from the planning phase to the assembly. The planning phase is where you decide on the overall design of the frame and work on the measurements. Put the plan down on paper to visualize the design and follow all the steps as stated in the plan. Here is the complete guide on building this floating bed frame.

9. Floating Bed Frame With Built-in LED Strips

Floating Bed Frame With Built-in LED Strips

This is a video tutorial that guides you through the steps of assembling the floating bed frame. The LED lights make the bed stand out and give it an interesting and modern look.

10. Wooden DIY Floating Bed Frame

Wooden DIY Floating Bed Frame

Wood is the preferred material for beds, and this tutorial explains how to use lumber wood to build the floating bed frame. It is a queen-sized bed with a material list and a detailed description of how to build the bed. Each step is further broken down into smaller steps to help ease the understanding.

11. Simple Floating Bed Frame Design

Simple Floating Bed Frame Design

If you are looking for a clean floating bed frame plan, then here we have a simple but clean-looking design that fits into a minimalistic and contemporary bedroom. The bed frame is wide and long with a headboard that extends to the sides. It also comes with a floating nightstand.

12. Sleek Floating Bed

Sleek Floating Bed

If you desire to make a floating bed frame with steel square tubes instead of wood, then this is the plan to look at. The bed frame is a true floating bed and not one that just gives you the impression of floating. The bed frame is durable, and since it is attached to a cedar headboard, the design is fantastic.

13. Modern Floating Bed Frame Design

Modern Floating Bed Frame Design

This floating bed frame plan has an amazing vibe. Made of wood, it can be painted or stained in a color of your choice to match the look of your room. The bed frame is sturdy, and the floating nightstand and attached headboard suits the design well.

14. Floating Bed Frame DIY From Scratch to Finish

Floating Bed Frame DIY From Scratch to Finish

Looking to add a floating bed frame that adds to the ambiance of your room and gives your master bedroom a cool look? Then check out this DIY floating bed frame plan. Clean and simple in design, the video explains even the minute steps to let you make the floating bed frame with ease.

15. Sturdy Floating Bed Frame

Sturdy Floating Bed Frame

Here is a robust floating bed plan with a twist. There is a lot of detailing in this plan. Watch the tutorial video to see the inner part to understand all the steps to assemble the floating bed frame.


If you want to add a floating bed in your bedroom or wish to renovate an existing bed, go through these DIY floating bed plans to build the bed yourself. The project is big but not complicated. There are varied styles and types that you can choose from, ranging from simple to complex designs.

Check out all the plans listed above to know which floating bed frame plan is the best suited for you.

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