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Roberts 10-64 13-Inch Pro Flooring Tile Cutter Review

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Roberts 10-64 13-Inch Pro Tile Cutter is a renowned and immaculate flooring cutter that is used to cut tiles, wood, vinyl siding and rubber. Roberts has been a well-established brand with predominance among the power tool market especially when it comes to the flooring tools. The functionality and the efficiency of the tools are the two reasons why Roberts has been excelling in the market of Power Tools and precision of the recently developed tools is adding more to the image it already has.

roberts 10-64 13-inch pro flooring tile cutter


The Roberts 10-64 13-Inch Pro Flooring Cutter that comes in two different colours; Black and Silver can be used to cut the laminates, VCT Tiles, foam tiles, Rubber, Engineering wood and Vinyl flooring with ease. It is equipped with a guillotine style cutter which cuts up to a width of 13 inches and thickness of 5 to 8 inches. It has got an aluminium base coated with plastic which provides the maximum stability while cutting and an extendible handle that gives you leverage in the cutting strength. The blade can be sharpened from time to time to make sure that the cutter is offering the maximum workability.


Roberts 10-64 13-Inch Pro Flooring Cutter is relatively more powerful and user-friendly when compared with the other flooring tools. It has been excelling in the tough Power Tools market, and the credit goes to the comfortable outer design that makes it easy for a person to hold the tool and cut the tiles and as well as the accuracy. The Pro Flooring Cutter can be used to cut the hardest of the tiles and the most elastic rubber, and this exact versatility of the tool is why people prefer to buy the cutter. Instead of buying a tile saw and a rubber cutter, you can have a single tool which does the work without any tear and as well as without any batteries.​

  • 1. Cutting Ability. It has got an adjustable handle that allows you to cut at whatever required depth within 5 to 8 inches. The profile, it offers after cutting is clean and sophisticated till the width of 13 inches
  • 2. Cutting Angles. You can make all kind of cuts including the diagonal cuts, the bevel cuts by placing the cutter at different angles using the pivots or any additional tools
  • 3. Clean and Precise. The Guillotine Style Cutter is designed inclusively to give you clean edges on all type of floor cuts. Therefore, irrespective of the material used; you can have stabilized long planks
  • 4. Extendible Handle Power. Due to the provision of the extendible handle, it provides extra leverage while cutting all kinds of flooring materials which is why you can also make locks, swivels, angle cuts, square cuts by adjusting this handle
  • 5. Smooth and Noise free. The aluminium base is responsible for providing the additional stability and smoothness to the cutting procedure. Also, the vibrations and noise involved in the cutting is relatively less when compared to the other generic tools.
  • Comfortable to use and ambiguous to store
  • A multi-functional cutting tool that has been trending in the market
  • Less noise and Less dust when you compare it with similar tools like the chop saw
  • Fast and accurate while performing the cutting operations with zero hassles
  • No proper manual is provided to make angle cuts or about how to cut different flooring materials
  • It is relatively heavier to carry considered the weight to be given as 11 Kg
  • The deck should have been more tougher especially when we are talking about the durability in the professional usage


Roberts 10-64 13-Inch Pro Flooring Cutter, Silver/Black has received a total of 4.5/5 star ratings on the Amazon based on the 72 buyer opinions which conclude that it is immaculate to use and one of the best tile cutter. With 61 positive reviews and 11 critical reviews and with more than 85% people giving it a rating more than 4 stars, I would say that the tool is versatile, ascetic, utilitarian and operative in all the ways. Considering other websites like eBay, tools4flooring.com et.al; it was rated an average of 4.5/5 with people responding without any complaints. If you need a tool to cut your flooring or if you know someone who is need, recommend this tool without any speculations.

Critical Analysis

Though it is recommended for cutting the laminate, after using it for few times; it is complained that the functionality is detoriating. When a customer tried to make a 3/8 cut on the engineering wood, the side wall entirely snapped off even when there were no abuses in the past and even when the blade is sharp. Apart from that, few complaints were saying that the two identical tools that are purchased at the same time were broke at the same place along the side frame while making a tile cut as the frame seems as if it is made of a cheap and lower strength metal. From the critical point of view, the screw holes on the cutting head are not lining up with the plastic deck holes sometimes making the cutting operation difficult.

Customer Reactions

From the elaborate analysis of the customer reviews, this product seems to be helpful, and the reason behind is the ease of its use. If you are looking for a tool that works great on engineered floors, this tool is the perfect fit for you as you only have to put a little effort and get clean cuts without any mess. You can also use it for daily projects in case if you’re looking to invest it in the professional use. The cuts are dead on especially when it comes to the laminate flooring. The durability is directly proportional to the time you have used the tool. Sometimes, it might also require foot pressure while cutting the floor to avoid the tipping.


Roberts 10-64 13-Inch Pro Flooring Cutter, Silver/Black just works as mentioned above with the exact features and specifications. It is worth every penny you’re spending as it offers the exact output as any other professional tool which might cost you double or more than what it does. Being a solid piece of tool, the base, the design and the profile of the Pro Flooring Tile Cutter feels like it is built to last long.

The blade is excruciatingly sharp. You can just kneel at the end, measure and cut pieces without even getting up by running the saw along the scored line.The handles offer you plenty leverage in the pressure. However, you need to just give a finish to the cut to make it look fine. Are you looking for a flooring tool? Do yourself a big favor and get it, right now.

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