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16 Outhouse Plans – Simple and Modern Designs

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An outhouse is a small, often wooden structure covering an outdoor structure such as a little barn or toilet. It is separate from the main building and is usually built where plumbing is not available. Outhouses typically have non-flushing toilets or pit latrines. They were widely used in olden times due to the lack of modern plumbing. However, they have phased out since then.

If you are moving off-grid or want to build an outhouse at your property, you are on the right page! We have a list of outhouse plans ranging from modern to rustic to chic. Hopefully, you find a set of plans that resonate with you and inspire you to build your outhouse.

16 Outhouse Plans

Outhouse Plans

1. Sleek Modern Outhouse

Sleek Modern Outhouse

This outhouse plan is appropriate for those who want to build their outhouse on a larger land area.

Few important requirements for building this beauty are:

  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Pit latrine
  • Metal sliding
  • Tyvek or something similar

This outhouse is made to stand out and has a different appearance than most others. If you often visit a huge property, this outhouse is the perfect option for you. This project is a great way to test your hands-on design and construction. It does not require extraordinary skill and gives you what you require.

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2. Ana White’s Simple Outhouse

Ana White’s Simple Outhouse

This plan is highly recommended for DIYers who are planning to build their outhouse in a cold place. It does not require a lot of effort, and you can make even it without any assistance.

The major steps to follow for this plan are:

  • Building the base and the walls
  • Attaching plywood on the roof and back
  • Installing a toilet

It is most advisable to use treated or weather-resistant wood for building this outhouse. You can even transport the panels of the outhouse to a different place where they can be installed. This outhouse was built in Alaska. Therefore, the materials and overall construction steps are ideal to follow for rough weather conditions.

3. Basic Wooden Outhouse

Basic Wooden Out-House

This outhouse plan is perfect for beginner DIY enthusiasts. It comes with a proper blueprint and step-by-step instructions. If you have no prior experience with designing and construction, following this plan is the best option. It is highly recommended to invest in the best material you can afford to achieve the perfect outhouse.

The main materials required for this plan are:

  • Drill machines and drill bits
  • Weather-resistant wood (pine or cedar)
  • Wood glue
  • Safety gloves and glasses

Remember to take accurate measurements, and you will be able to achieve perfection. This outhouse is perfect for smaller areas and is very convenient to build. It takes a day to make and requires basic materials. Moreover, this outhouse has a platform in the front, which gives it an aesthetic edge over the rest.

4. Off The Grid Chic Out-House

Off The Grid Chic Out-House

If you are living life off the grid, this outhouse plan is made for you. It teaches you how to build an outhouse that matches the vibe of seclusion. What is even better is that this plan ensures that your outhouse looks chic. There are amazing tips on how to decompose organic matter faster and also methods for waste disposal.

It even has many pictures demonstrating the construction process. Use this plan to learn how to maintain an outhouse and build one. You will even understand how to build a sturdy foundation to last through rough weather conditions. With proper measurements, pictures, and steps, this is a great plan to build an attractive, chic outhouse.

5. Modern Outhouse on a Budget

Modern Out-House on a Budget

If you are looking for budget-friendly outhouse plans, you have come across the perfect plan. It tells you how to build an outhouse using things you already have at home. Call it the art of repurposing.

 For example, wood from another structure and faucets that are not being used. It even has a video of the outhouse to help you understand the plan better. Each step is accompanied by a picture that demonstrates what the result should look like. You can easily duplicate the process and build the outhouse on your property.

Few tools you will need are:

  • Drill machines
  • Ladder
  • Saw (preferably electric)

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6. Simple Outhouse – Dog Narrated

If you are tired of reading multitudes of outhouse plans with the same set of instructions, we have some reliving news for you. A three-legged dog companion narrates this plan! Therefore, making it different than any other plan you have read so far.

This plan will inspire you to build your own outhouse with the perfect amount of humor and just enough information. It is basic to build and to look at, but it does the job well. The plan has pictures of each step, all of which feature the dog companion! If you have a dog at your home, take this project up with him/her and keep yourself engaged in building a useful outhouse!

7. Non-Smelly Modern Out-House

This plan teaches you how to build an outhouse that is visually appealing and non-smelly. It gives two amazing tips for making your dream outhouse more appealing:

Few expert idea’s you will need are:

  • Adding shingles and painting the outhouse to improve visual appeal.
  • Installing a window for ventilation to get rid of unpleasant odors.
  • Using sawdust and woodchips to compost and facilitate composting.

You can use that compost for your gardens and promote healthy vegetable growth.

Tip: Be sure to place your outhouse 50’-150’ away from the house to avoid any unwanted stench.

8. Upcycled Outhouse Plan

Upcycled Out-House Plan

If you want to be environmentally friendly when building your outhouse, then upcycling is the way to go. While upcycled outhouses may look a little rough on the outside, they provide all facilities a proper outhouse should.

This plan upcycles things like:

  • Sun-Tea Jug
  • Junked RV
  • Old Fishhouse

Moreover, it even teaches you how to porcupine proof your outhouse and save the toilet seats from getting gnawed. This outhouse is one of the most environmentally conscious outhouses you could make. It follows methods to conserve water, drain sewage in an eco-friendly way, and upcycle things. By following a few simple steps, you can build your own upcycled outhouse too.

9. East Texas Outhouse

East Texas Out-House

Follow this plan to have a bug and critter-proof and stylish-looking outhouse. The brightly painted wood makes this outhouse appealing to look at, and all the tiny details add to its appeal. You can achieve an odorless outhouse using a little peat moss and lime according to this plan.

The final product has beaded paneling, stained glass windows, a 12-volt PC vent fan, and a colorful outward appearance.

The little plant details on the sides of this outhouse make it even more attractive to look at. And its sloping roof ensures to prevent any water-logging.

If you are planning to build a tiny outhouse, which looks good externally and works well, this is the plan for you.

10. Hobbit Outhouse

Hobbit Out-House

A hobbit-inspired outhouse looks as unique as it sounds. This plan is interesting to read about, and hopefully, to even work on.

The owners initially had an outhouse that could hold two people. But realizing how it was not a particularly useful idea, they transformed it into a Hobbit-themed outhouse.

They have built an efficient system that makes the water drain out of the sink and pot. A little water goes a long way. It even has a cobbled roof to give it a rustic and unique look. Additionally, the smaller details on its exterior make it different and attractive to look at.

11. Pallet Outhouse

This outhouse is built entirely using pallets. Even better, how the construction process takes place helps in building an outhouse if you have a restricted budget. It explains in detail each step to be followed for building a durable structure. This outhouse even has a small storage area to keep your clothes or other gardening items.

The sidewalls of this outhouse have a lot of opening space. Thus, serving as an area to plant small plants inside and improve the overall aesthetic of your outhouse. More than all, it even has solar inlays to supply power to the lightbulbs fixed in it.

Suppose you are looking to build an eco-friendly and budget-friendly outhouse. In that case, this is the most appropriate option for you.

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12. Mother Earth News’ Outhouse

Mother Earth News’ Outhouse

This plan comes with detailed diagrams of each step and the process of building an outhouse. It gives some important tips to follow while building a rustic, old-school outhouse.

A few of those tips are:

  • An outhouse should always be on the downgrade side of the water supply so it does not contaminate the water.
  • Airtight privies are the best.
  • Surface privies need to be raked regularly for proper maintenance.
  • Following general rules for building an outhouse is important.

The plan even talks about the benefits of using wood ash, coal ash, and tray to get rid of foul odors that may come out of outhouses. And to simplify matters, it provides the basic measurements you will need to follow to make yourself an outhouse.

13. “How Stuff Works?” Outhouse Plan

“How Stuff Works?” Out-House Plan

The best way to ensure odorless outhouses is by building composting toilets, and this plan teaches exactly that. Composting toilets are fairly low maintenance if everything goes according to plan.

This plan provides a long tutorial on finding the safest ways to compost. When composting, four main variables need to be monitored and correlated: temperature, moisture, oxygenation, and time. Moreover, this plan even differentiates between the composting requirements in hot and cold climates. It even allows responsibilities to the person in charge of the composting system.

Expect to be provided some excellent insight into the process of composting and very detailed instructions for the same. There are a variety of setups you can choose from, each with its pros and cons.

14. Basic Wooden Outhouse Plan

Basic Wooden Out-House Plan

This plan helps create an outhouse under $300. From the foundation to a framework to roofs, this plan covers everything in strict detail. It even has pictures for each step, demonstrating what your progress should look like.

Few important tips from this plan are:

  • A good foundation is a key to a good outhouse.
  • Paint the interior with mold-resistant paint.
  • Putting a screen over the windows to prevent bugs from entering.

Other than these tips, the plan even talks about what to do to prevent water flooding. For added knowledge, it explains how to design the roof for proper efficiency.

This is a great plan to follow if you’re looking to build an outhouse near a campsite.

15. Ana White’s Outhouse for Cold Weather 

Ana White’s Out-House for Cold Weather

Ana White gives some important tips to keep in mind when building an outhouse in a cold place.

A few of these points are:

  • Composting toilets need to be 55F degrees or warmer to function properly.
  • A slatted deck will keep the floor cleaner.
  • Put a large barrel under the bottom of the outhouse to keep water out of the hole.
  • Making a larger deck is more convenient and prevents erosion of the actual hole in the ground.

This outhouse even looks aesthetically appealing with antlers as handles and coat hooks on the side. Based in Alaska itself, it is the perfect plan to follow if you live in a cold place.

16. Outdoor Plans’ Outhouse

Outdoor Plans’ Outhouse

This is a pretty well-segregated plan to follow for beginners. It is a step-by-step DIY process with a proper descriptive breakdown to help people with no prior experience in woodworking. It talks about the type of lumber to be used and how to get a symmetrical look for your outhouse.

Building an outhouse according to this plan should take a day. For inspiration purposes, it even has images of other outhouses built using the same plan.

With pictures accompanying each step, any doubt you might have about building an outhouse shall be eliminated.


An outhouse can be a fun way to test your construction and design skills. You can simply choose anyone from these 16 Outhouse Plans, collect the material needed and get to work. It is most advisable to use a composting toilet when building your outhouse to keep foul odors at bay. All you’ve to do now is to keep your imagination running and get your hands working.