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14 Captivating Bathroom Door Ideas And Designs (With Images)

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Designing a house requires a lot of effort as it involves many different sections. Getting everything to fit is the ultimate dream, but some parts can prove challenging to set up.

For example, your bathroom door is one place that gets minimal attention but shouldn’t. Paying more attention to your bathroom door design can improve your space immediately.

More than the extra attention is needed; you need to come up with something befitting for this room that keeps you clean. This is where it gets a little tricky as people struggle for ideas.

Which door material, design, and style should you implement to get the bathroom looking like a valuable room?

Unfortunately, only a few can answer this question since many did not previously take the idea of a special bathroom door design seriously.

People shy away from making good bathroom door designs due to a lack of ideas. In this guide, we’ve solved the problem of the idea by providing a wide variety of bathroom door designs.

The collection involves different ideas, from plain to sophisticated, including varying door materials. As a result, there’s something for every desire.

Bathroom Door Design and Ideas

You do not have to be limited to a certain design style due to a lack of options. Here are several bathroom ideas to choose from for your building:

1. Premium Sliding Glass Door

Premium Sliding Glass Door

Some designs exude so much class that you won’t mind the extra cost. Designs like this sliding glass door, where premium frosted glass is fixed on a roller with protection at the top, increase the building’s value.

The frosted design ensures privacy, while the sliding pattern maximizes your space, giving you room for other activities.

The premium nature of this design requires a professional installer and may cost more than the average, which is not surprising considering the look.

In addition, you can slide open or close using the strong handle on the door, which adds to its appeal even further.

2. PVC and Floral Glass Door

PVC and Floral Glass Door

PVC is a popular bathroom door material because it is durable and waterproof. This door consists of PVC for most of its parts and hazy glass with a floral design.

The brown PVC door is fitted with glass for the top part. You want to ensure the color matches the bathroom’s interior design. Choosing a color with a nice contrast to the interior is more suited than using the same color.

Glass brings class to designs, and this hazy glass is no different. The door is a pull/push door that opens to one side.

Pull and push doors are the most common and easy to use. The idea fits PVC around the glass to ensure the glass gets extra protection.

3. Full Aluminium Door

Full Aluminium Door

A single material does not always have to be boring; you can create columns and patterns that appeal to its appeal. For example, this whole aluminum bathroom door idea transforms a single material door into something exciting.

The aluminum on the lower parts is fixed so air can flow through the door, helping keep the bathroom clean and dry.

This is a silver aluminum door, but you can find a more suitable color depending on the interior of your home. Aluminum is lightweight, durable, especially to corrosion, and inexpensive.

These factors make aluminum a highly sought-after material for bathroom doors; thankfully, it is easy to get.

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4. Smart Bifold Bathroom Door

Smart Bifold Bathroom Door

Small bathrooms limit our options from the type of bathroom features to add to even the kind of door you can use. This bifold door is made from wood and glass and is perfect for small bathroom spaces with small door areas.

The bi-fold door has different opening patterns as it can fold to let a single person pass through. You can also open the door completely to get more access.

The bifold bathroom door design consists of wood and glass, with the food forming a broad frame for the glass in each fold. A dark wood hue usually brings contracts to an otherwise bright bathroom feel.

5. Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door

Barn doors usually have swing designs, but not this barn door for the bathroom idea, as it follows an unconventional sliding pattern.

The sliding door design for this barn wood door brings something different and even makes it harder to be spotted as a bathroom entrance. Perfect for large bathrooms where moisture is far from the door as the wood has poor waterproof qualities.

Since barn doors are typically lightweight, this sliding door has better durability and smaller chances of shattering. Match a dark-hue barn door to a lighter color wall to make it more interesting.

6. Glass Pocket Bathroom Door

Glass Pocket Bathroom Door

Here is another small door design for a small bathroom where proper space utilization is important. Pocket doors are helpful in small spaces since they open into the wall, allowing you to use the extra space.

Take full advantage of this pocket door design made from glass and a wooden frame if you have a small bathroom. Match the floor and wall with white or bright colors to enjoy a seamless combination.

The frosted glass keeps privacy at the forefront while improving its appeal. The frame ensures added stability to the door and prevents accidents from happening. A small metallic handle with a keyhole makes sliding the door easy.

7. Large Folding Door

Large Folding Door

Here is a large folding door for a large bathroom, a match made in heaven. Wooden doors, similar to garage doors, make this bathroom look exquisite with its folding pattern.

You can fold the door a bit for quick usage or completely to get a wide entrance for anybody. Wood ensures that this door is affordable; however, because of its size, it’s going to cost a considerable amount.

Matching the light color with the floor or walls is a great idea. It consists of three wooden doors attached with hinges and strategically placed rollers to keep the door on track.

Setting a minimalistic design on the door and surroundings will make these folding doors even more attractive.

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8. Large Fretwork Sliding Bathroom Door

Large Fretwork Sliding Bathroom Door

This fretwork bathroom door fits a primary bedroom because of its style and sheer size.

A simple maze-like pattern on the door creates an aura of mystery around the door. Since the primary bedroom typically has the largest bathroom, it is fitting to use this beautiful yet intimidating door.

The door is made from PVC, which is lightweight and durable. Using lightweight materials such as sliding doors makes it easy to slide them without much energy while reducing the slide’s stress.

Heavier doors are more likely to fall and cause damage. Also, using a white color makes it look premium.

9. Small Folding Bathroom Door

Small Folding Bathroom Door

Do you have a small bathroom door area? That’s not a problem with this wooden folding door idea. If you want to utilize a folding door but need more space to incorporate a larger one, choosing a small one like this idea will help you better use your space.

The design is perfect for a vintage bathroom interior with the wood type and old-school design, making it the ideal addition to a vintage bathroom design.

Wood is readily available and inexpensive, so you should only spend a little money to fix this. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try this design as a DIY project.

10. Stylish Bathroom Door

Stylish Bathroom Door

If you’re tired of the regular plain-painted bathroom door ideas, you’ll love this design that dares to go off the norm with an exciting painting. It is a clean and attractive painting that immediately attracts people to the door.

Of course, you’ll need a professional painter to get this design off or buy already painted doors. However, already-painted doors will limit your design options.

Before utilizing this door design, check the bathroom interior style from the floor to the wall. Contemporary designs will blend well with this captivating door design.

In addition, there is a correlation between the bathroom door’s dark hue color design and the wooden floor.

11. French Doors

French Doors

French doors may not be common for bathrooms, but that’s why it gets interesting as you immediately get something different for your bathroom door.

It involves a two-door that opens from the center out. Because of their double sling opening pattern, you’ll need enough space to use French doors.

It uses wood and transparent glass to make a beautiful bathroom door. A dark brown with bright walls is the perfect contrast.

Unfortunately, transparent glass does not take your privacy into account, so you may want to use frozen glasses, which are more expensive unless you do not care about your privacy.

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12. Plastic Bathroom Door

Plastic Bathroom Door

Sometimes, a basic design does it, and you won’t need to go overboard. This plastic bathroom door ticks many boxes, making it a people’s favorite, especially as it is affordable.

Plastic doors are also water-resistant, with their single-paneled body ensuring more durability.

Be on the lookout for the right color combinations to use. While this design utilizes a single panel and is durable, it lacks appeal and sophistication.

On the other hand, Brown is a wonderful furniture color a lot of people use to match their bathroom area.

13. Exotic Panel Wooden Door

Exotic Panel Wooden Door

Panel wooden bathroom doors are one of the most popular door types; however, this does not mean they are all basic.

This idea uses wood to exude class and an exotic feeling. The door is big and coated with an excellent finish. The type of wood and quality of finish makes this wooden door stand out.

It is great for large bathrooms where moisture is far from the door to prolong its lifespan. However, if you’re looking to utilize wood for your bathroom design and searching for a kingly design, you’ll only do this.

14. Swinging Door

Swinging Door

Swing doors are common in public areas like bars and schools as they require minimal effort to open while it closes by themselves due to the string on the door.

You can utilize this swing door in your private residence with a few tweaks, like reducing the ground clearance.

It can fit into vintage bathroom settings in your home or business places. While dark colors are great with bright walls, you can tweak the colors and select the best color for your project.

Final Thoughts

Spend a little more time and money on your bathroom door design and see a quick turnaround in the look of your building.

There are many materials ranging from wood, aluminum, PVC, and more that you can use for your bathroom door.

So whether you’re a DIY lover or intend to bring in the services of professionals to help in the process, the aim is to get a befitting bathroom toilet.