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5 Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews & How to Choose One?

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After testing different hybrid table saws on various projects with our team spending over 30 hours in testing, research and consulting experts, we found out that Delta 10 is the best hybrid table saw available in the market today.

In this guide, we will share all our test results and our expert reviews on the top hybrid table saws.

Delta 10’ Cruzer Wet Tile Saw

Delta 10’ Cruzer Wet Tile Saw

Our Top Recommendation for Hybrid Table Saw!

The Delta 96-110 10″ Cruzer Wet Tile Saw is a powerful tile saw in its class that cuts through natural and man-made tile and pavers. It can easily slice stones up to 3 ⅜” with its 10 inches diamond cutting wheel. Made for accurate cutting, it cuts within 1/32 inch across a 24-inch tile, and it can rip cut up to 34″.

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If you are in a hurry and want to have a quick look at the main features of all our top picks and choose the one that suits your needs, this comparison table can help you out.

Top 5: Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

The interesting part is that… This round up of top hybrid table saws will help you skip the hassle of going through the features of several products as the benefits and drawbacks of the best ones are clearly stated. 

You see, you NOT only get to know their strengths, the reviews also elucidates their weaknesses. The weakness is what many product advertisements FAIL to mention since no one is willing to expose their Achilles heel. 

Delta 10’ Cruzer Wet Tile Saw• Lightweight & portable
• powerful 15-Amp motor
• It features a large steel frame.
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Laguna Tools Fusion – Best Rated Hybrid Table Saw• Quick Release Riving Knife
• Easy to Move
• Easy Maintenance
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DEWALT 10” Wet Tile Saw With Stand• 8-1/2 inches crosscut capacity
• Weigh 91 pounds.
• It cuts up to 41 inches with a plunge
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SKIL 10-inch Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw• 15-amp Dual-Field motor powers device
• Fence adjustment is quick and smooth
• 16 inches wheels
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Shop Fox W1837 Open-stand Hybrid Table Saw• Precision ground cast iron table
• It comes with a blade guard
• quick-release assembly
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#1. Delta 10’ Cruzer Wet Tile Saw


  • A powerful 15-Amp motor
  • Diamond cutting wheel 
  • Best-in-class rip cutting capacity of 34-inches
  • Dual water nozzles for optimal water placement.
Delta 10’ Cruzer Wet Tile Saw
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This Delta wet tile saw would be an excellent choice for those looking for something ideal for beginners while also powerful. This brand has been fulfilling the needs of the most exacting craftsmen for more than 100 years. And it has turned up with this tile saw, designed to make you money. 

It is perfect for those working on a handful of diagonal cuts in stones up to 3-3/8 inches thick, thanks to its 10-inches diamond cutting wheel. Moreover, a powerful 15-Amp motor is behind the extreme power delivered by this machine to tackle natural and manufactured tiles, pavers, and stone material. 

One of the most impressive features includes its ripping capacity. It is the largest in the rating of up to 34 inches or 39 inches. Plus, it can tackle diagonal cuts up to 24 inches. Delta has engineered this saw for longevity and rugged durability. Besides the dynamic motor, it also features a Grade #1 quality diamond cutting blade. 

Delta 96-110 10 Cruzer Wet Tile Saw Customer Review

Furthermore, you can always get exceptionally accurate, smooth, straight cuts with this saw. This is because it features a heavy-duty rail system with 12 bearings. In addition, you can adjust the dual water nozzles for optimal water placement on the blade. This helps to reduce messy over-spray and ensure the optimal cutting performance of the blade.

Delta 10’ Cruzer Wet Tile Saw Review
<strong>WHY IS THIS THE TOP PICK?</strong>
  • It has a diamond cutting wheel to tackle stone up to 3-3/8 inches thick
  • You get the best-in-class rip capacity of 34 inches 
  • Its dynamic 15 amp motor can cut through porcelain, concrete, granite, and any stone material easily
  • It is built for precise cuts that save on wasted materials, minimizing rework time and frustration
  • The adjustable dual water nozzles ensure optimal water placement on the blade.

Pros and Cons

Delta 10’ Cruzer Wet Tile Saw


  • Built-to-last
  • Optimal cutting performance
  • Engineered for exceptionally accurate and straight cuts
  • Reduces messy over-spray
  • It has an accuracy of 1/32 inches across a 34 inches tile
  • A heavy-duty twin rail system
  • Lightweight & portable
  • It features a large steel frame.


  • It may not hold up to everyday use.
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#2. Laguna Tools Fusion – Best Rated Hybrid Table Saw


  • 3/4 HP TEFC Motor
  • 10″ Blade Diameter, 5/8″ Arbor
  • Quick Release Riving Knife
  • 3-1/4″ 90º Cut Capacity, 36″ Rip
Laguna Tools Fusion
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This is suited for anyone who’s operating a medium size shop. One of the values of this saw is that you don’t need an extra wiring in your shop. Operating on a 110v, you don’t need to bother yourself with a 220-volt line.

Although, there’s a chance for you to rewire the table saw for 220 volts.

The Laguna Tools Fusion 36″ has a built-in wheel system. This simplifies the ease of movement as you don’t have to go through the hassle of moving it.

There’s greater stability as the trunnions are mounted on the frame. This offers an added advantage over other hybrid tables as you’ll be able to do more operations with more stability.

Laguna Tools Fusion

This arrangement also makes it easier for you to adjust the trunnion to any angle of your choice. It also has perfect alignment of the miter gauge, blade, and fence along the box. You see, you’ll be able to cut through any kind of wood with great ease.

Laguna Tools Fusion Review

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  • It has a quick change riving knife designed to make your work easier and better
  • The extension and top wings are literally flawless. These wings are highly polished and the finishings are top notch. The cleanliness coupled with the packaging makes it one of the best in the market
  • It is more rigid than the others in our list. It also transmits fewer vibrations during operations. Fewer vibrations mean that you’ll experience little or no disturbance while performing your woodwork and DIY projects

Pros and Cons

Laguna Tools Fusion Customer Review


  • Easy to Assemble 
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to Move
  • Provides Excellent Accuracy


  • Installation takes a little bit time
  • Blade deforms after a while
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#3. DEWALT 10” Wet Tile Saw With Stand


  • 37 inches rip cut capacity
  • Crosscut capacity is ideal for 6 inches sill cutting
  • Rip cuts up to 41 inches
  • Weigh 91 pounds.
DEWALT 10” Wet Tile Saw With Stand
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This is perfect for DIYers and professionals. The Dewalt wet tile saw packs a 15-Amp motor that helps to cut 18 inches x 36 inches and 24 inches x 24 inches tiles. Moreover, it features a rigid frame and cutline indicator. 

You can achieve cut accuracy within 1/32 inches over 30 inches with the aid of stainless-steel rollers. Well, the rip-cut capacity of this saw is impressive. Combined with 18 inches of cutting clearance, the device enables you to cut through 36 inches x 36 inches tile in half. Plus, it can rip tiles up to 41 inches with a plunge.

DEWALT 10” Wet Tile Saw With Stand Customer Review

Furthermore, this table saw is also designed for sill and plank cutting. You get 28-7/8 inches width from column to card edge. This enables you to cut through the standard 30 inches door frames. In addition, there is a modular water tray system designed to fit your job and workspace. 

DEWALT 10” Wet Tile Saw With Stand Review
  • It has a rip cutting capacity of up to 41 inches with a plunge
  • The 28-7/8 inches width from column to cart edge enables you to cut through standard 30 inches door frames.
  • The stand lets you set up a workspace on site
  • Weighing 91 pounds, this saw is built for portability to and from the worksite.

Pros and Cons

DEWALT 10” Wet Tile Saw With Stand


  • A 37 inches rip cut capacity
  • 8-1/2 inches crosscut capacity
  • The crosscut capacity is perfect for sill and plank cutting
  • It cuts up to 41 inches with a plunge
  • Controls mess when working indoors.


  • It doesn’t have a laser guide
  • Assembling instructions is not good.
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#4. SKIL 10-inch Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw


  • Transport easily with a rugged rolling stand
  • Outfeed and left support allows for large cuts
  • Easy-load handles.
SKIL 10-inch Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw
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This heavy-duty table saw is from a brand that has made its way into the power tool industry with professional-grade products. That said, the SKIL 10-Inch drive table saw is worth more than what you pay. It has the capacity and power to manage hardwood cutting and, at the same time, comes with a foldable stand. 

This 10-inch model looks highly durable and comes with features that make it a great choice for serious home users and DIYers. However, one of the biggest deals about this job site table saw is the integrated stand, featuring 16 inches wheels. So whether you go stairs or push into the bed of a truck, you can move this table saw around smoothly on uneven surfaces with no effort. More so, the easy-load handles make the job done easier.

The built-in side supporter is also a plus. Furthermore, a 15-amp dual-field motor powers the machine. What you will like is that the motor remains cool during continuous cuts. In addition, this power train delivers superior torque to rip through 4x material and plywood with ease. 

It has a rip capacity of 30 – ½ inches. Moreover, you can adjust the fence smoothly and quickly to get precise cuts thanks to the pinion and rack system.

SKIL 10-inch Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw Review
  • This 10-inch worm drive table saw houses the iconic Worm Drive powertrain that delivers excellent torque to rip through wood easily.
  • You can tackle materials without bogging down with this high-quality table saw with an impressive 3-5/8 inches depth of cut and 30-1/2 inches rip capacity.
  • It comes with a sturdy rolling stand with easy-load handles and 16-inch wheels to go anywhere on the job site, including uneven surfaces.

Pros and Cons

SKIL 10-inch Heavy-Duty Worm Drive Table Saw


  • A 15-amp Dual-Field motor powers the device
  • Delivers superior torque to rip through wood with ease
  • Has 30 – ½ inches rip capacity
  • Fence adjustment is quick and smooth
  • Features 16 inches wheels


  • The locking parts are of low quality
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Needs delicateness while making adjustments.
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#5. Shop Fox W1837 Open-stand Hybrid Table Saw


  • Rip capacity up to 30” to the right and 15” to left
  • There’s an enclosed cabinet bottom with a 4” dust port
  • Precision ground cast iron table
  • T-slot miter gauge.
Shop Fox W1837 Open-stand Hybrid Table Saw
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This high-quality saw is designed for different kinds of woodworkers. Made from robust cast iron trunnions, the machine can absorb vibration and ensures miter slot and blade-to-fence alignment. Plus, adjusting blade height and angle is easy. However, all these things ensure that this saw will last you for a long time. 

Furthermore, you will benefit from a quick-change blade guard with anti-kickback pawls. It can be placed away from the workpiece. The interchangeable riving knife is impressive. It acts as a protection for non-through cutting operations where you need to remove the blade guard. 

The built-in kickstand-operated mobile base works excellent. It simply rises off its stable feet with a simple push down on the foot levers to become mobile, allowing you to move it anywhere. In addition, this hybrid saw comes with a dust chute with a 4-inch port. This means you can keep your workspace free of dust and debris.

The process of adjusting the cutting angle is also easy. Just loosen the blade tilt lock and turn the blade tilt handwheel to the blade’s position at the desired angle. After that, you have to lock it in place for achieving repeated angled cuts.

Shop Fox W1837 Open-stand Review
  • It houses a handy, built-in kickstand-operated mobile base for easy movement to any desired location.
  • The trunnions mounted to the cabinet ensure superior performance. The cast iron table can absorb vibration and allow easy blade height/angle adjustments.
  • This hybrid table saw features an exclusive quick-release blade guard assembly that protects you from accidental contact with the blade and keeps flying wood chips contained.

Pros and Cons

Shop Fox W1837 Open-stand Hybrid Table Saw Customer Review


  • The table and wings are made of polished cast iron
  • It comes with a blade guard and quick-release assembly
  • Tilt the blade anywhere between 0 and 45-degrees
  • Made of robust cast iron trunnions that absorb vibration
  • It has a built-in kickstand operated mobile base
  • Interchangeable riving knife 
  • Rip capacity up to 30” to the right and 15” to left


  • It is hefty
  • The solid top isn’t perfectly flat
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Hybrid Table Saw Buying Guide

A hybrid table saw combines the best features of a cabinet saw and the contractor saw. With the hybrid table saw, you get double benefits for a little price. So, it is cost-effective, making you get more value for your money.

If you get one of the best models, they can be set to be very accurate, and yet they’ll also be light and small enough so you can move them around in your shop.

So how do you pick the best ones if you’re going to do your own search for the best saw for you? Although each saw has its unique features, there certain things to consider before making your purchase.

Important Fundamentals
  • Size: If you have a small shop, then you’ll need a saw that can fit your available space.
  • Power: What exact tasks do you need to do with the saw most of the time? You need to have the horsepower and the rip capacity that matches your needs. It is one thing if your most common use is to rip hardwood that measure less than an inch thick. It’s another thing entirely when you tend to rip thick maple on a daily basis. 
  • Safety Features: Table saws are by their very nature inherently dangerous. So safety is always an important consideration. Most saws offer a riving knife as a way to prevent kickbacks. Kickbacks are after all the most common cause of table saw accidents. But you may find other safety features in the different models. These may include blade guards. 
  • Dust Collection System: This is one of the main problems with contractor saws, and it’s still a problem with lower-quality hybrid table saws. At the very least, you need to have a 4-inch dust port. Without a proper dust collection system, you don’t just have to contend with pesky cleanup issues. You also risk your health.
  • Quality: How good is the fence? The quality of the fence is the main factor in getting a great fit. You also need a high quality belt system, so that you don’t suffer slippage problems and power loss. One of the reasons why it’s very important to read hybrid table saw reviews written by customers is that you can get a fair idea of which models have fences that aren’t good and which belt systems are prone to breakdowns.
  • Ease of assembly: All the features won’t matter if you aren’t able to assemble the table saw properly. This should be easy, and the instructions should be clear. Problems with assembly won’t just get you poor results—it can get very dangerous! So read the reviews written by regular folks. What’s easy for an expert may not be that easy for newbies.
  • Price: You can’t really ignore this factor. After all, part of the reason why you’re getting a hybrid is because a full-size cabinet saw is way too expensive.

Hybrid vs Cabinet vs Contractor Table Saws

Before the advent of hybrid table saws, DIY hobbyists only had 2 options for saws.

One option is to get a cabinet style table saw, which offered the best features. These are big and heavy, and they’re very expensive. While the investment may be worthwhile for contractors, the price is too expensive for regular DIY hobbyists.

The other option is a contractor saw, which is much more affordable. But the problem with these saws is that they weren’t all that good, so you tend to get lower quality results. They don’t have enough power for your furniture-making needs and they’re hard to adjust. Often they also have very poor dust collection systems. These things need lots of proper maintenance, and they still tend to break down more easily.

The hybrid is the new 3rd option. It offers many of the features you see only in cabinet saws and not in contractor saws. They’re smaller and less expensive than cabinet saws. But they produce better results than contractor saws, and they don’t need as much maintenance. Check out the below hybrid saw reviews and you’ll notice that people just prefer hybrids to contract saws.

Hybrid Table Saw Uses

A hybrid table saw is ideal for any type of residential DIY projects or Woodworking.

This is especially true if you choose a decent one from our featured list. It can do the same residential and light commercial jobs that cabinet saws can do. It’s great for making small cabinetry and for craft projects.

With this saw, you can make a lot of different types of furniture for your home. You can make simple tables and chairs, desks, cabinets, and bookshelves.

Final Words - Make Your Choice

Making the wrong choice while buying a hybrid table saw could be frustrating. In fact, it will definitely ruin your project.

Out there, there are hundreds available, but only a selected few really deliver and get the work done.

In order to save your time, effort, and resources, the top 6 best hybrid table saws have been featured in this review. Their strengths, weaknesses, and other relevant information have been comprehensively elucidated for your benefit.

This is a thorough buying guide designed to help you make the right choice. Although these top picks have some bad features, the benefits outweigh the flaws.

Let's face, there's NO perfect woodwork or DIY tool. But you can get one that delivers and produces the results you desire.

With lots of positive feedbacks and high rating, these saws are guaranteed to make your project easier, faster, accurate, and better.  You'll literally be crafting projects like a professional woodworker.

What now? Make your choice, check out your preferred hybrid table saw, make your purchase, and build that woodwork or DIY project you've always dreamt of.