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DEWALT DWC860W Wet/Dry Masonry Saw Review

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How about keeping a powerful electronic SAW which will be a handy tool in a lot of dire situations of home repair? When it comes to home repairing or renovating any area; chances are that you might end up making a lot of wrong choices just because you didn’t have the right equipment and tools at your disposal.

DEWALT DWC860W Wet/Dry Masonry Saw is one tool you should always have in your home or office. If you are in a construction business; this tool might not be new for you. As the name implies; this tool is used to cut all types of tiles.

Tiles can be of different types but the most popular ones are Granite, Porcelain and Concrete etc. With the help of this Masonry Saw; you will be able to cut any kind of tile in whichever shape and design you intend to cut it to.

Since 10 decades, DeWalt has been a brand name in category of power tools for its increased productivity and uniqueness. Easy to handle and can be used anywhere and anytime; this SAW is one of the most useful tools you will come across and will be a worthy addition to your tool kit.

When it comes to Tile Saws, in order to get the job done right irrespective of being a professional or a handyman, right tools are must and through its excellent quality and uniqueness, DeWalt is trusted brand for many professionals as well as households in highly competitive tile saw market. Let’s explore the Dewalt DWC860W right away!

dewalt dwc860w

Dewalt DWC860W Specifications & Features

Here are top features of this product to keep in mind before making a purchase for the same.

1. Weight & Color

One of the best features of Masonry Saw is that it is easy to carry around. Weighing not more than 9-10 pounds; this product is a very handy one. You can even pack it up or stuff it in your car as it will not take up much space. Moreover, it comes with its own packing box in which it fits perfectly. The standard color in which this device is generally available everywhere is Yellow.

2. Power Source & Voltage

The main power source of this device is Corded-Electric. The supported voltage is approx 1300 watts. It has a 10.8 amp motor installed in it which offers great force and energy to cut through tiles of all kinds without much hassle. With 10.8 amp power supply no 4-3/8 Inch Tile Saw in market can match the power that DeWalt DWC860W 4-3/8 Inch Wet/Dry Masonry Saw can generate and weighing just 6.6 pounds reduces fatigue while using as well as makes it easy to carry around making it compact and lightweight. .

3. Diamond Blade

DEWALT DWC860W WetDry Masonry SAW comes with a premium 4-3/8 inches diamond blade which is strong enough to cut the deeply embedded stones with ease. With the help of this device; you will be able to cut the stone materials which are even 3-4 centimeters deep no matter whether wet or dry.

4. Deep Digging

With the help of this device; you can cut the tiles in angled cuts as well which look absolutely beautiful. This is a remarkable feature for those tiles which are inducted in the walls or floors of beautiful bedrooms, living rooms or offices. This tool can bevel down to 45 degrees and can help to produce beautiful quick angled cuts.

5. Useful Buttons

During large production cuts; it might get a bit tiring to continuously holding the device and working for longer hours. The powerful lock on button reduces the fatigue levels during the long productions and balance out everything perfectly.

It also has a lock-on button to reduce user fatigue during production cuts and a rubber over mold grip to provide increased user comfort and ergonomics.

While buying it online; make sure that you ask for a warranty because this tool comes with a 3 year warranty. Although it will be useful for years to come; acquiring a warranty card is always recommended.

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6. Durable

It has dust sealed switch to protect the unit of contamination and to prolong its life.

7. Water Line Feature

It also comes with 13” water line and regulator to control flow of water on both sides of the blade and decreasing dust. With a long 13-feet water line feeds; the blades are ensured increased performance and the blades remain dust free.

  • Ergonomically saw is very good with good build quality.
  • Unusually powerful motor makes cutting easier than expected.
  • Despite that it is easy to control and make accurate cuts at up to 13000 rpm.
  • Suitable for production use at a stone/granite/slate fabrication shop; with the proper blade, can cut the hardest stone-like materials: concrete, concrete-stucco, patio-pavers, brick, porcelain, marble, granite, or any tile.
  • User guide lacks clear instructions dissatisfying majority of the new users.
  • Valve doesn’t close properly due to use of cheap material and plastic waterline pieces creates problems for many users due to excessive leakage.
  • Hand-held Saw doesn’t come with a case which creates problem is storage and transportation.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

DeWalt DWC860W 4-3/8 Inch Wet/Dry Masonry Saw has average Amazon rating of 4.2/5 stars based on 42 reviews and also DeWalts official website has limited but poor ratings of 3 stars and 2 starts only based on just 2 reviews. In Amazon review section this tile saw has 32 positive and only 10 critical reviews. With around 50% of 5 star ratings and up to 20% of rating less than or equal to 2 starts.

Critical Analysis

While majority buyers weren’t completely satisfied with the product, everyone including us were certainly impressed with power that this hand held saw carries and its efficiency in cutting through various different types of tiles and rocks like ceramic, granite, porcelain, concrete and other stone materials with ease. While new buyers and those who use it for small task found it bit difficult to get used as well as quality of plastic material used is questionable. But brand value of DeWalt is enough to carry this product from market to your household or office and use it.​

Customer Reactions

A great little saw. Works as advertised. I cut Belgrade pavers with it, cutting top and bottom through the stone. The blade that comes with the unit is not long-lasting, so get a good one before your project begins. The water feature really helps, although it is a bit messy. I saved a bundle by doing the work myself.


Amazon Review

Final Words

DeWalt DWC860W 4-3/8 Inch Wet/Dry Masonry Saw is designed as a small powerful tool to cater needs of households as well as professionals for small tasks but it doesn’t live up to the billing. Yes its design and power are extraordinary but when it comes to usage, many first time users as well as certain professionals show dissatisfaction.

Even we agree that DeWalt DWC860W 4-3/8 Inch Wet/Dry Masonry Saw is one of its kind tool in the market but there are lots of improvements that can make it much better. It is definitely not a bad buy considering its quality and name of DeWalt but there’s no harm as well in looking out for other products.

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