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68 Amazing DIY Bunk Bed Plans

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On our way to your heart as the best frugality site for woodworkers and DIYers, we present to you an all-inclusive list of the 68 best DIY bunk bed plans out there in one place for your convenience.

Bunk beds are a great space saving tactic because they open up space beneath the bed for storage, play areas or desks. Woodworking as a hobby will save you a lot of money and unsatisfying market builds.

When you’re planning to invest so much effort, time and money in building something for your family, it better be the best and to choose the best you need to go through as many designs as possible. Choose well, work well DIYers!

Table of Contents

1. The Triple Bunk Bed Frame Design

Is the conventional longitudinal triple bunk bed hampering your late night conversations? Then don’t let your furniture decide your lights-off time anymore and check out this triple bunk bed frame design project.

It proves to be a simple, cost effective plan if follow meticulously. The crafter suggests you to drill pocket holes before inserting the galvanized screws, to prevent the wood from splitting. Statutory warning, this design gives leverage to the top bunkers in case of a pillow fight.


2. The Sketchup Basic Bunk Bed Design

This basic design for a bunk bed came handy to the crafter while he was out on a hunting camp. This DIY project requires no more than beginner level skills in woodworking and some basic materials and some common tools to be kept handy. Check out this simple design in the link given below.


3. The Twin Over Double Build

Here’s another project design from 3Dwarehouse that is easy to build, quick to assemble and a pleasure to sleep in! The site provides you with a 3D perspective for any model to give you a better idea about the project and helps you execute it more easily. Remember to be careful with the measurements though, because this is not accompanies by a detailed manual of instructions.


4. The Curtained Build

With our houses taking a modernist look, why not our bunk beds be given a minimalist look too? This project has a double decker curtained bed with storage shelves and a small bedside night lamp on a swivelling arm. The ladder is made of plumbing pipes adding to the chrome and steel theme. This plan has an industrial look overall.

This DIY is a bit tricky and you might need to hire professional for the same. However the caulking, sanding, painting and finishing touches is something you would enjoy doing by yourselves.


5. The Easy Disassembling Wood Design

If you’re unsure about where you want to keep the bunk bed or about a probable move in the near future, then here’s the perfect solution for you. Inspired by Ana White’s farmhouse style furniture plans, this DIY project is estimated to cost you just about $50-100.

It is an easy to build and disassemble plan that will require you intermediate level of woodworking skills. The following link provides detailed guidance for constructing the end rails, leg pieces, trim pieces, ladder rungs, ladder sides, and bed slats.


6. The Twin Over Full Simple Bed

A bunk bed will help you save space and make your bedroom look more organized and spacious. The following link is for Ana White’s site where she walks you through the process of converting your simple beds into a bunk bed.

This easy to build design will cost you somewhere between $100-150. Several design configurations available on this site ranging from bare wooden frameworks to creative ones with a ladder that attaches the two bunk beds rather than extending out from the top-most bed.


7. The Little Cottage Loft Design

Coming up with another one of her brilliant DIY plans, Ana White presents to you a little cottage loft bed which looks like a fun indoor playhouse which Features cottage styling, open ladder, full railings, three large windows and a doorway.

The spacious bottom play area could also hold a mattress and make functional bunk bed for two. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could modify this plan to come up with a princess themed bed, forest service cabin look or even a sheriff’s jailhouse from the wild wild West.


8. The Modern Side Street Build

Vary of the fancy designs all over the market? Here is a simple and modern DIY plan for you to suit your sober and modern taste. This easy and quick project requires no more than beginner level skills and the overall build will fit a budget of about $50-100. This Ana White design is inspired by the Land of Nod Addison bunk bed.


9. The Low Loft Cabin Build

Now, this is a very interesting yet simplistic project from Ana White that supports a top bunk bed with a lower open loft that is accessible and has enough space for a mattress in case any surprise guest turns up.

This junior height bunk bed has closed spaced rungs on a ladder that ends on a platform cum performance stage for your kids! The bed is a safe haven with rails on all sides and an elevation just about enough for them to look out the window they earlier couldn’t reach.


10. The Sweet Pea Bunk Bed

True to its name, this DIY bunk bed is going to be memorable not only for you but also for your sweet little daughter. This extensively decorated cottage style project is an opportunity for you to let your creative horses running.

From butterflies and birdhouses to window boxes and pink corrugated roof, this bed will carry it all! It also provides for a functional storage below and a rear panel shelving as a bonus.


11. The Individual or Stackable Kid’s Bunk Bed

This DIY plan is exlusively for your children’s room. Since it is not an adult sized bed, it saves a lot of play room space, is minimalist and easy to build and also disassemble. This futon option can be transformed into a single bed also. Following is the link to the builder’s thorough guide that takes you through the entire procedure to construct this beautiful bed.


12. The Durable Stock Plan

This DIY idea gives an easy to build and highly durable bunk bed plan which will last through years of use and abuse within the lowest budget possible. The crafter provides you with a methodical guide covering pictured details of everything ranging from prepping yourself to the measurements, assembly and finishing of the bed with a polyurethane stain.


13. The Construction Grade Lumber Bunk Bed

This bed is constructed almost totally from 2 x 10 construction-grade lumber. The instructions will walk you through how to choose and combine grain patterns, how to use a planer to mill the boards, how to rough cut the bull nose strips, styles, rails, support boards, ladder parts etc., how to laminate its legs, how to refine the safety rails and legs, and fit everything together.


14. The Quadruple Bunk Bed Plan

If you’re looking for a quadruple bunk bed design then you’re looking at a lot of work at your disposal. A lot of wood, a lot of cutting for making 6 headboards for 4 bed frames and a lot patience! Therefore, simplistic designs as such help minimize the work and maximize the satisfaction. For project guidelines and details refer to the link given below.


15. The Wall Attached Ladder Bed Plan

DIY Network, here, provides you with a general plan to make a bunk bed attached to the wall secured using wood cleats in a helpful instructive video along with written procedures and guide.

Their plan is open to modifications as per your requirements with respect to color, style, theme and material used. The base also provides for a storage space for your blankets, books and night time accessories.


16. The Side Fold Murphy Design

This is a very innovative idea to save up space by placing a custom sized bunk bed in an unused closet or an odd shaped nook which doesn’t allow other furniture to fit in. the bottom side of the bed can be used for artwork, playing board games etc. Remember to to establish the pivot points carefully and test them before you proceed.

The spring-load tension should be set so that the bed has a slight upward movement when released near the closed position. This step is very important as the bed can cause a hazard to young children that attempt to open it.


17. The Classic Floating Bunk Beds

This is one of the coolest bed bunk plan that you will ever come across. It has a pirate themed look with a rope ladder and is anchored in way to give it a floating appearance! The 2x8s used make the main frame nice and sturdy. With no fancy angles cuts, this is easier to build than it seems.

To ensure extra stability, they suggest using Rugged Structural Strength (RSS) screws that are designed to hold a lot of weight. Remember to use a stud finder to locate studs behind the wall to attach the bed frame to.


18. The Heavy Triple Bunk Bed Plan

Three is a crowd, especially when there are only two bunk beds! Here’s a DIY project with an optional third bed that can be used whenever required. This helps construct a strong and heavy bed that is safe for a wide range of age and has some room available for shelving. This plan uses easily available wood sizes and keeps some extra gap to make it easier for you to change mattress sheets later on.


19. The Small FootPrint Bunk Bed Plan

Here’s an easy to make bunk bed that will be ready in six steps, few hours and a pocket friendly budget! This has been designed especially to fit into cramped spaces of your house. Frames are secured in place using angle brackets screwed to legs and short lenghts of MDF on the outside which also adds rigidness to structure. The bed has been lued to the wall to avoid it from rattling when used by kids.


20. Castle Style Bunk Bed with Slide

Here’s an exquisite royal design perfect for your princess, to play in and sleep when tired after cooking in that beautiful playroom kitchen! This elaborate design took about a year for the crafter to build because of prior commitments but even without those, this one’s a bit exhausting to build.

This hyper-realistic dream bed is equipped with a secondary Murphy bed as a bonus addition to the train themed storage compartment, the climbing wall, manual lift and the slide, of course.


21. Pine Laddered Bunk Bed Plan

On the minimalist front, this DIY project probably stands among the top ones. The width of your bunk bed is an important factor here because the sides double as a ladder. The entire bed uses common construction grade pine wood with only 90 degree cuts, avoiding any effort from your side to make complex manoeuvres with your tools. All screws are installed from the inside giving it a clean appearance.


22. The Modular Pine Plan

The crafter came up with this DIY bunk bed plan to fit the beds exactly between two bedroom doors. This one also has its sides doubling as flat ladders, is of a fine looking, sturdy build and fits into a feasible budget of $200! Once the parts are built, it is very easy to assemble, break down for any moves and reassemble as a traditionally stacked bunk bed or an L shaped bunk bed as per your liking.


23. The Minimalistic Plywood Design

The minimalist woodworkers are in luck today as this crafter brings us the ultimate dream of modernists. This plan gives a sleek and a rock solid bunk bed that though seems very clean and simple, is fairly complicated to build and will require you to have intermediate level of woodworking skills. Open to alterations, this design makes for a quick and economical solution for lack of playroom for your boys.


24. One Legged Bunk Bed

Though easy to build, this one design will need you to take help from a strong (and patient) person. If fits nicely into a cozy corner giving your kid a nice cuddle nest against the walls. You’ll need a stud-finder because this bed needs to be attached to the walls if it’s to have only one leg. The crafter suggests using a router for rounding edges, but sandpaper and elbow grease works just as well.


25. The Basic Pine 4 Poster Bed

If you’re conscious of your beginner woodworking skills, then here’s a plan for you to take inspiration from! The crafter himself is a beginner yet presents to you this modification of the Modular DIY bunk bed design described earlier.

Reading through his entire step wise instructions before attempting to build the bed would be advisable as he lists the materials need in each step. This will save you a lot of trips to home depot.


26. The Princess Castle Bunk Bed for Girls

Is the basic thrift shop bunk bed to bland for your liking? Then consider redecorating it just like this innovative crafter did for his daughter’s first bed. Curtains for the lower bunk to be transformed into a nice cozy play area, pink and white paint themes and two towers, and voila!

A castle ready for your growing princess. Connected by an arch and decorated with parapets and castellations, these towers enhance the look along with the craft store plastic jewels that the builder glued on to them.


27. The Bus Bunk Bed PlayhouseDesign

To add an adventurous streak to your automobile enthusiast child’s bunk bed, here’s the ideal design for you to follow up! The automobile add-ons are easily available in auto stores.

With a play area, and the space for a single mattress, the car space is easily accessible by adults also. The accents and paints are especially important in bringing out the concept, so be very particular about the colors you choose.


28. The Treehouse Bed Plan

This one’s for the nature zealots out there who would transform their current bunk beds into something to get them closer to their love! This brilliant crafter designed this project to convert his basic Ikea Mydal bed into a tree house bunk bed with an L shaped structure with the upper bunk functioning as a play area daily and as a bed during sleepovers.

Constructing a fake tree would be the most difficult part of this procedure. With a few add-ons like LED strips and glow worms you’ll be good to go. Special mention to the fact that removing the lower bunk affects the rigidity of the bed and hence you must follow the reinforcement instructions very carefully.


29. Twin Bunk Bed with Stairs

This DIY project is a Montana style triple wall unit bunk bed stair and captain’s drawers. The crafter very considerately urges you to wear Personal Protection Equipment and reminds you that this project requires at least intermediate level of woodworking skills.

This unit will require space for the beds and extra space will be occupied by the stairs. So hang on and refer to the following link for further details.


30. Standing Triple Bed Plan

If you have siblings then you’d definitely remember the battle for space will sharing the same bed or blanket and the intimate late night chats that followed. This DIY design accommodates that need of closeness to your siblings and is adaptable enough to be restructured as per your desires. Since it is not attached to the wall, the location is flexible too.

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31. The Orange-Blue Bed with Stairs

This colorful loft bed design is for your exuberant little children to play and snuggle in. the lower area is converted into a play dining area for the kids who refuse to eat without their toys accompanying them!

The site provides detailed instructions along with certain tricks such as the ones to sand all the panels effectively. So don’t delay, get working for this project might take you 1-2 weeks and intermediate level of skills.


32. The Contemporary Bunk Bed Plan

Here’s one more of the simplest options to be considered. The blog keeps emphasizing on urging you to make sure that slats are equally spaced and locked to the cleats using screws.

Remember to ensure that the corners are right-angled before gluing the joints. To enhance the look of the project and to protect it from decay, you can make use of paints and stains of your choice.


33. 2×4 Guest Bunk Bed Plan

This DIY project is highly simplified with reduced lumber costs especially for all those newbies who are scared to go for more complicated looking bunk beds. you can secure the top bunk with safety rails and add a ladder. This project will hardly take you two days to build. So chop chop!


34. The Mint Green Bunk Bed Plan

Would it surprise you to know that the crafter was 33 weeks pregnant when she made this beautiful bunk bed from scratch? I guess it just points out how easy this is o build. You can use pine wood if you’re short on budget and maybe poplar if not so. The crafter recommends referring to Ana white’s simple bed plan because a very detailed and comprehensive is available there at your free disposal.


35. DIY Staircase Bunk Bed Plan

This one’s a little different with a full-sized bed on the bottom and a twin bed on the top. Stairs, mind you not ladder but cute little stairs lead to the top bunk.

The bottom of the stairs can converted into storage for your nighttime accessories and toys. The crafter recommends the Kreg Jig Set as a very fruitful investment and the Zippy Sack in case you have kids.


36. Custom Triple Bunk Bed Plan

The best part about this project idea is that each of the three fortunate owners of the beds will get to choose which color they want to snuggle up against. It gives the room a vibrant and positive vibe! The bed in the picture above is not quite done yet and the crafter plans t add a few decorative pieces and fringes.

The site gives a pictorial representation of the entire procedure but proper written instructions do not follow. So this project is recommended to be attempted only if you have prior experience and don’t need the basics told to you.


37. The Kenwood Bunk Bed Design

If you’re unsure about the bunk bed plan, then this could be the answer to some of your prayers. The two bunks are detachable but remember it’s quite some weight to stack back up.

The site gives very easy to follow instructions and even has separate sections for various parts of the procedure such as Getting started, Finishing, Painting and staining which will ensure a smooth journey throughout the process.


38. Full Sized Low Lying Bunk Bed with Stairs

Here’s a design for those of you who are dying for a vertical storage space. If the size is not to your satisfaction, the furniture builder provides plans for a queen-sized loft bunk, twin-sized loft bunk, and a toddler size bunk bed. It is recommended that you finish your boards and posts prior to assembling and simply touching up later. This makes the painting easier.


39. Bunk Bed with Roll Out Desk Plan

If you think we’re done with idea to help you save some space, you’re not even close to the truth. Here’s an amazing DIY project for a bunk bed with closed ends, a ladder and a rolling out desk with shelves to keep your books and other accessories in. this looks quite complicated but the well explained procedure will save your day. Check it out on the following link.


40. The Triple Stacked Bunk Bed for Kids

This fun design is special in that it allows you to try out new configurations in stacking the three bunks while utilizing the best of the space available to you! You could even add a storage table beneath the second bunk. Make sure you take careful measurements and keep enough space between two bunks.


41. The LumberJack Laddered Bunk Bed Plan

If you’re looking for a fresh design for your bunk beds, then you must check this one out. What makes this plan interesting is the fact that even though it looks built-in, it actually can be dismantled pretty easily in case you want to move it.

It provides for a full-sized lower bed, an upper bunk and a special reading corner for you kids! The crafter recommends consulting a professional constructor if you are a beginner.


42. The ‘A’ Frame Bunk Bed Design

If you’re looking for something to fall into the trend, then this house-bed design is just perfect for you. It’s a unique design that can be decorated in more ways than one can imagine. The build gives it a very sturdy skeleton and hence you need not worry about it collapsing.

It would be good to have someone hold up the pieces while you’re at work. Refer to the following link for a detailed description of the construction process.


43. The Contemporary Built-in Plan

Looking for inspiration just like you are now, this crafter came across this amazing space saver idea of a built-in bunk bed. She highlights the procedure for the same on her blog, but unfortunately she was not able to put up a tutorial for the same.

Getting creative with ways in which a bunk bed can be used, she has now installed the toddler bunk bed inside her closet which can be used as a proper cupboard when the toddlers outgrow the beds.


44, The Industrial Bunk Bed Plan

This one’s for the “metal lovers” out there with a plan that uses only grayscale colors. The steel pipes enhance the industrial look. To bring into your notice, the crafter adds that theirs is a place against the walls therefore this plan doesn’t have side rails.

Also, she reminds you that due to the gap between the mattress and the guard rail, it wouldn’t be advisable to put a small kid on the top bunk unless you’ve used safety measure.


45. The Private Cabin Bunk Bed Plan

This DIY bunk bed hack from Instructables lets you create a private cabin like cozy space around your bed. The site gives photos and instructions for the construction of the same, do check it out.

Remember that the bunk may get a bit stuffy due to the curtain therefore adding a fan is recommended. You can add storage spaces or shelves or even a monitor as per your requirements.


46. Simple Floating Loft Bunk Bed

This space saver helps you retain that old desk you’ve been hesitant to throw out even though it is eating up a lot of space in the tiny bedroom! Just try out this DIY plan to build a floating bed and keep the desk beneath it.

Remember, though the base is built to fit the mattress, one end is left long so that it is easy to find a rafter in the ceiling later on. The idea is well demonstrated in the guide on the following site.


47. Beach House Bunk Bed Plan

This DIY wall-to-wall bunk bed plan is of a good sturdy build that is ready to take the weight of even two adults on the top bunks. The following blog gives a very sequential and well-presented manual to prep up for the project, assemble it into being and finishing it up beautifully.

So if you’re nervous of building your first bed bunk, then don’t be! What good is a nervous crafter after all?


48. Simple Bunk Bed Dzine Style

Aren’t bunk beds amazing? This crafter isn’t particularly a fan of bunk beds but when it helps save space, who would mind building one? The fact that it has side railings for safety and for metaphorical limits to her kids’ mischief is a plus point for her.

In the following blog she gives encyclopaedic details of her plan and materials and tools used with cut diagrams and proper measurements.


49. The Pottery Barn Bunk Bed Plan

Instead of reminiscing over the days your little boys enjoyed the little boy toys, why not celebrate the sudden transition of their liking to Sports, Comics, and super heroes? Here’s a fun way to do that. A Sports themed room with a DIY pottery barn bunk bed design!

Not only will it please them but helping you out with the project might actually be a good way to spend some quality time together. This design is also commercially available. It has carpeted stairs so that your hyperactive boys are less prone to injuries.


50. HomeDit Triple Bunk Bed Hack

If you’re having trouble accommodating three beds into a room, you could tweak some double bed bunk designs to make a triple bed bunk! If you’re looking to make one, Homedit is the site for you as it provides a variety of ways in which you could design your triple bed bunk and a number of configurations for placing the same.

It displays ideas with bold colors which could end your bed bunk up with a rustic look, a built-in bunk bed, one with a masculine allure, maybe with some storage or other add-ons.


51. Bunk Bed with Reading Nook

If you are having a trouble building the bunk beds due to a low ceiling height, then you should definitely visit this blog once. The crafter highlights how she chose the height for the bunk beds according to her ceiling height in a detailed manner.

The stairs in this design have been made as small as the crafter was comfortable with because she needed space for a special reading nook beside the bed for her kids. She stresses on the importance of planning out before you start.


52. The Spaceship Bunk Bed Plan

Nothing will satisfy your kids more than having their own spaceship with a little cockpit area and a lot of buttons! For some reason, kids adore buttons. Here’s a super cool idea to make a rocket ship bunk bed with a timer that cuts the power at night and turns on only when the kids are actively playing.

The buttons control real lights, sounds, fans, meters, and headlights and utilize 12V power. Note that the backside has few of the bigger pieces and hence, the inside could be a bit cramped up when it comes to wiring. This one you must check out from the following link.


53. The Single Loft Bunk Bed Idea

Now, there can be umpteen reasons as to why you’d want to build a loft bed. Maybe there’s less space, maybe it’s your aesthetic, maybe you just like the idea of your kids running around and under the bed or maybe a proper sized bed on the floor will block the radiators, as it did in this crafter’s case.

No matter what the reason, this loft bed design is a simple, easy to build plan which any beginner DIYer will fall in love with. The plan is inspired by Ana White’s plan for a simple bed. Refer to the following link for further details.


54. The Crib Turned Loft Bed Plan

Here’s a fun DIY option for you to transform your toddler’s crib into a small loft bed which his adventurous little self will love to climb up and down from! Not only does this cute idea not change the footprint of your bedroom but it also adds space under the loft to keep your kid’s toys.

All you will need is sturdy crib, a little more than you can find in your garage and obviously, the DIYer spirit! Check out the plans for this creative makeover from the link given below.


55. Junior Loft Bunk Bed

This design has been inspired from Ana White junior loft design and made by a close follower of Ana’s site. She recommends the same for any DIYer out there in need for a comprehensive guide. She just tweaked the staircase plan a bit to keep it from blocking their furnace vent.

The estimated budget of this project is nice $100 and it might take greater part of two weekends to construct it but it’s totally worth the effort. Refer to the following link for more details and images.


56. The Fire Truck Bed Plan

Here’s an innovative idea to have your little one in awe of your amazingness! Make a fire engine loft bed equipped with working lights, steering wheels, ladder buckets and even hanging helmets! Note that the buckets are not for climbing in (though they make a good night stand) and you can add a ladder to this design using Ana White’s design for loft bed with stairs.

The sides are planned to conserve material but you always add extra railings. The overall height is bit shorter than normal bu. The overall height is bit shorter than the normal bunk bed.


57. IKEA Bunk Bed

When it comes to transformation ideas, we’re not short of designs. Here’s another crafter who came up with a makeover plan for her Mydal bunk bed bought from Ikea.

It’s just a box of pre-cut lumber with predrilled holes, she states reasoning out why it desperately needed a makeover. She covered the lower bunk of the Mint Majesty colored bed with curtains to make a snug playroom for her daughter.


58. The DIY Cat Suitcase Bed

We have tons of ideas for bunk beds for your family, and pets are family. So here’s a cute bunk bed project for your kitties to hop on to for their favorite part of the day, sleeping! Maybe if it is comfortable enough, your cat will stop trying to sleep on your face. Maybe.

If you have a cat, you must check the following site out for the video tutorial. Make sure you sprinkle catnip your kitty’s new pod.


59. The Twin Loft Bed Design

Another of the adaptations of Ana White’s simple loft bed design, this DIY project is as easy as it could get and all for under $100! A loft bed is pretty high on the “cool factor” radar of a child who would love to incorporate its stair case, elevated platform and the lower free area in his daily games.

Plus it would be a great space saver for you. So this is something definitely worth investing your time in.


60. An Alternative for Readymade Beds

This DIY bed bunk blueprint can be used to make a good, sturdy bunk bed for twin mattresses that would last you much longer than Ikea readymade bunk beds would and for a much cheaper cost! This plan has a long piece of wood running across the back diagonally for extra support.

The blog gives a detailed description of every step of the process from making legs to assembly and then finishing. The crafter mentions the features they plan to add sometime later on.


61. L Shaped Triple Bunk Bed

One of the main concerns in the comments sections of DIY sites is the lack of space and the lack of ceiling height to accommodate a triple bed bunk. This DIY design cleverly tackles it all. The two lower bunks are perpendicular to each other with only one bunk elevated to the top. It is made of plywood and has a readymade ladder attached to it.

The crafter claims their bunk bed to be about a decade old and still very sturdy. If you have a large family too, triple bed bunks are the need of the hour for you, so check the following site out.


62. The Conventional Bunk Bed Plan

Not all of us prefer fancy, modern designs in our traditionally designed houses so this DIY bunk bed design here walks us through the making of a traditionally designed bunk bed with a good sturdy quality that is easy to build.

The crafter explains that even though he is quite the beginner in woodworking, he was successful in building this bed in the limited time available till his kids went to bed! Refer to the link given below for an overarching explanation of the entire process.


63. The Classic Loft Bed with Under Space

Adding to our collection of simple twin loft beds, is this Black and Decker idea for DIY loft bed with a location underneath for your kids to play, keep their toys or for you to keep shelves or a working desk so you don’t feel bed-sick when you’re working!

This design is special in the oomph that it has as compared to the many other ideas. Look up the plans for this idea from the link given below.


64. The Doll Bunk Bed

You know how your daughter is really attached to those little barbies and dolls of hers? She bathes them, readies them, plays with them and even has long chats with her making her doll very much an integral part of the family.

So it’s time to consider building a comfort place for the doll. This bunk bed design can support 18 inches doll and will add to the aesthetic of your daughter’s bedroom. This uses no pocket or pilot holes.


65. The Napoleanic Bunk Bed Plan

This DIY bunk bed design has a double bed on the bottom and twin bed on the top. Inspired by the Ana White’s design for bunk bed, the crafter designed a modified bunk bed blueprint to build for his two boys.

The process will take you about a day or two and cost an overall of $150-200. She went with plaid blankets instead of comforters to save money. Refer to the following link.


66. The Basic Bunk Bed Plans

The following is a referral site for DIYers like you in search of a good DIY project for daily purposes. It enlists various DIY bunk bed plans for all age groups, toddlers to adults and from styles ranging from funky to classic, with stairs, storage, slides, underneath desk or couch. All sorts of raging trends for bunk beds with differing sizes and configurations are available here.

67. The Cottage Bunk Bed Idea

The crafter has come up with a very clean-line look for her cottage Bunkie bunk beds along either walls of her cottage because what is a Bunkie without bunk beds, right?

The ladder affixed to this bunk bed reached just up to the lower bunk and till the ground so that the space underneath can be easily accessed for storage. They went for a weathered look which you might want to emulate because it is pretty popular these days.


68. The Tractor Bunk Bed Plan

This innovative design has been inspired by the John Deere tractor build, followed by modifications to give you the New Holland tractor, dump truck, and a bulldozer build!

The tractor bunk bed is specially designed for toddlers but be cautious if you’re placing a kid below 4 years on the top bunk! This design is fit with working headlights powered by batteries. So get set woodworking and build to amuse your kids and their friends.


Bunk Bed Safety Information

To study the safety issues in full detail, check out the Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The gist is summarized in the points below.

  • Children should be 6 years or more to be allowed to use the upper bunk as recommended by the CPSC.
  • Adding guard rails on all sides of the top bunk even if it is pushed against the wall is highly recommended. The top guard rail should be 5” or more above the top mattress.
  • The mattress should be supported by a Bunkie board or a slat roll that meets all the standard regulations.
  • Allow at least 3 feet distance between the beds and the upper bed and ceiling.


This article has been an endeavour to create an overarching collection of the best of the DIY bunk bed designs out there so that you are saved from those tirades of frustrating Google searches.

Remember that bunk beds, if not built with utmost care can be dangerous for you and your family and hence investing in good quality material and extra steps to ensure rigidity would be preferential, make sure the screws are tightened and double check in a couple of weeks. It usually is more convenient to assemble the bunks right where there supposed to be kept.

Good luck working the wood!

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