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24 Beautiful DIY Lampshade Plans & Ideas

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Craving to acquire an intricately ambient lamp lighting setup in your home? The variety in materials used for lampshade fixtures ranges from wood, paper, fabric, stone, glass, and even color filters. Based on the natural and unnatural lighting arrangements made in your room, the type of lampshade you need could be determined.

We have collected the 30 most beautiful and visually enchanting DIY lampshade plans for you to choose from. Depending on the type of material you choose, there is a varying degree of warmth. Some may solely focus on offering you razor-sharp lighting on a spot, whereas some may radiate and reflect across the existing interiors of your room.

30 Beautiful DIY Lampshade Plans & Ideas

Either way, there is something here for everyone! Be it a lampshade plan for your hallway, sustenance room, bedroom, or even bathroom. Get ready to come across 30 mind-blowing DIY lampshade ideas!

1. DIY Dip-Dye Lampshade Plan

All credits to the usage of tulip fabric dye! 4 simple and hassle-free steps are enough to build this jazzy lampshade. You must choose cloth material for your lampshade rather than paper, as it ensures the dye will spread uniformly.

Some water and a quality paintbrush could simplify the precision needed in this DIY plan.

2. Yarn Ombre DIY Lampshade

Not many DIY lampshade plans utilize the beauty of yarns. You can either settle for the same yarn colors or choose something that fits in with the design of your lamp.

The key is to initially add your first yarn inside the shade. This helps to wrap the second one around without issues of entanglement.

3. DIY Jute Wrapped Lampshade

Natural is the way to go! By combining the essence of jute material with your lamp, you are setting the base for an extremely ambient and mildly-dim lighting.

You also want to ensure that each layer of jute is camouflaged by the other. This cancels the possibility of unpleasant gaps of light beaming through your lampshade.

4. West Elm Inspired Perforated Globe Lampshade

Could you look at this lamp and say that it is made of 2 conjoined plastic bowls? The true artistic steps arise when you need to tape the sphere and drill holes on the vacant spots, as per the geometric pattern you have in mind.

5. DIY Faux Embroidery Lampshade

For people who long for DIY projects that require skillful embroidery, this faux-embroidered lampshade would not only satisfy your eyes but also every visitor’s.

A little bit of linen fabric, adhesive fabric spray, and fancy white cording could uphold the appealing design of this lampshade.

6. DIY Geometric Pendant Lampshade

This plan teaches you a just-enough amount of geometry with the help of over 40 straws in varying sizes. The common roadblock of building a sturdy pendant-themed lamp can be tackled by Tetris-themed felt pieces.

One could either leave the outer layering exposed or add a multi-color filter to give out rainbow-like lighting across their room.

7. DIY Bohemian Style Lampshade

Looking for something jazzy and funky that a moving eye simply can’t miss? This beaded lampshade uses a monofilament along with hanging prisms and vibrant mystical accessories.

If you possess the necessary-equipment then the visual and textual support in this guide should make this a quick DIY project.

8. DIY Stenciled Lampshade Plan

You’d be surprised at the impact that a stenciled lampshade has in your living area. Keep in mind, this DIY plan involves lesser creativity and more of following the given steps. Although the end product would be an assured DIY marvel due to the perfect symmetry of the fishtails!

9. DIY Copper Wire Pendant Lamp

Does your home give out a strong vibe of minimalism? This copper-wired pendant-like lamp would be super cheap to build and lets you fuse a range of different lampshades as per your choice.

As a lampshade, you can attach red filament, a loosely-packed casing of hemp, or even a chandelier-oriented amalgamation of beads and shells.

10. DIY Simple Lampshade Plan

As you will be working with stenciling on a spherical item, make sure to use a stencil adhesive spray. This will ensure no patches are left unfurnished and that your lampshade showcases a completely sleek outlook.

The little ribbon added on the lower rim of the lamp is just a hack to add an extra furnishing touch.

11. DIY Capiz Lampshade

Do you have boob lighting installed in your house? Here are 2 fabulous ways to beautify your dull-looking boob lights. You can either use drum shade or capiz shade. We prefer using capiz shade as it a rare sighting in homes and is also super easy due to the strong cable ties attached.

12. DIY Papercut Lampshade

This video guide teaches you how to create a single layer and multi-layered lampshade using easy to perform papercuts. If you opt for the multi-layered pattern then it is suggested to maintain random shades of the same color, rather than choosing different colors altogether. This ensures that the aesthetic authenticity of this plan is intact.

13. DIY Glass Lampshade Plan

If your lamp is generally kept at a rarely accessed spot, then why not place several small lamps instead of one? Well, you could even scatter them around the room, during occasions.

All you’ll need is a few wine glasses, small candles, and A4 paper (for the molds). One could either use a stylus to create mesmerizing fractals or opt for creative quotes on these lampshades.

14. DIY Birdcage Lampshade Plan

This is a purely innovative plan and offers DIYers plenty of customization options. Placing little twigs and dummy birds in the cage could be used as a handy technique to create a shadow effect from the viewer’s side of the lampshade.

Above all, you could do trial and error to find the perfect match for the cage covering and lighting used.

15. DIY Wooden Beads Lampshade

Whether you want a chandelier or merely a lampshade, this wooden bead plan could fit both scenarios. Get ready to use large, medium, and small beads along with quilting hoops and threads. The feeling of stringing a mini self-crafted chandelier made purely of wooden beans cannot be compared to most of the DIY lampshade ideas mentioned above.

This guide is comprehensive and covers every little spec of detail that goes into executing this plan.

16. DIY Washi Tape Lampshade Plan

Nothing beats a lampshade suggestion by an esteemed designer! Tamara Maynes has an inspirational lampshade option that uses a decorative adhesive tape known as washi tape.

Never heard of washi tape? This material is purely made out of Japanese shrubs and doesn’t use the traditional western paper-making procedure of extracting tree pulp.

17. DIY Foldable Lampshade

Hate to deal with the mess of DIY projects? This issue will not arise here as paper and a couple of wooden beads are your primary requirements. The beads will be attached to a rope that lets your lampshade open and close.

Say goodbye to those old days of using a turning switch to adjust your lamplight intensity!

18. Woven Lampshade DIY Basket

A hand-woven basket is another idea for a lampshade option. You can loosen the gaps a bit to let the lamplight seep out into the room. Although this guide expects you to have a ready made basket, building one yourself only makes this plan much more entertaining and slightly more challenging.

19. DIY Balsa Wood Lampshade

Seems like a strangely attractive yet messed up whirlwind of thin wooden strips? Irrespective, the influence of the staining and forming attractive binding between the strips of balsa wood could take you a few attempts to get it right.

20. DIY Lampshade Using Old Leggings

All the busy peeps out there, here is a quick and pocket-friendly lampshade solution. Who said that either cutting, sewing, or drilling are a part of any lampshade building project? Don’t be surprised but this lampshade is literally covered using only a sleeveless cardigan!

21. DIY Lampshade Makeover

Is your existing lampshade bland and makes you kind of depressed? Too lazy to work on it? When you read these few simple steps involved in changing the outer layering of a lampshade, your mind will be raging with 100’s of ideas.

22. DIY Cloth Chandelier Lampshade

Are you a fan of grooves? Do you like to see the evident presence of wind? Leave your window open and watch your lampshade spread and recoup like the feathers of a peacock. This offers bursts of varying intensities of light as the wind keeps blowing.

23. DIY Rolled Edge Fabric Lampshade

More than rugged construction, this DIY lampshade plan is a combination of art and craft. Put in extra mental effort when rolling the fabric around the lamp framework. This would help achieve a finishing devoid of flaws.

24. DIY Spooky Google Eye Lampshade

Being as funky as it can get, this lampshade has all the attributes to reward the end product with a tag of the ‘WOW’ factor.


Who knew an object as common as a lamp could offer such a diverse range of attractive lampshade options? Whether you’re a child, teenager, working-class citizen, or a retired adult, there’s no doubt you’ll find something suiting your taste here.

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