5 Fresh DIY Wood Pallet Projects For You

A dreamy home, with all the stylish furnishings and functional applications, gives us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Wealthy people do not need to give much effort in creating such a beautiful home with all the desired sections, but a lot of people who live on tight budgets are finding it somewhat difficult to achieve the look that what they want for their homes because of the expensive price tags of furniture and decorative pieces in the market.

5 Fresh DIY Wood Pallet Projects For You

That is why people who cannot (or won’t) shell out too much money on luxury furniture are resorting to DIY projects. They try to copy or they make their own furniture, with little or no money at all. And it only takes a little creativity and resourcefulness to come up with interesting and charming furniture pieces. Make sure you have the right tools to carry out these projects such as top-quality cordless drill, hammers and screw driver.

Probably one of the most understated pieces is discarded wood pallets around your house. But do you know that you can transform these wood pallets into lovely tables, chairs, or even shelves? Here is a list of some fresh DIY wood pallet projects that you can try making at home.

DIY Pallet Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables look all the way classy and elegant, but if you prefer a more rustic, casual look for your room, these coffee tables made of wood pallets are sure to perfectly fit the spot.

To showcase a new coffee table in no time, stack up two large four way entry wooden pallets. It is up to you if you want to give it a little makeover — coat it with paint (you may paint it with whatever color you want, maybe a bold color to make it the focal point of your room then leave everything subtle), stain it to achieve a classic vintage vibe (staining also allows versatility), or install caster wheels to each corner to easily move it around when you need to. Just make sure to sand off the sharp edges to prevent yourself, your family, and your guests from getting nasty splinters.

If you don’t want to see spaces in between slats on your coffee table, opt for a two way entry, close boarded wood pallets. There are different types of wood pallets to choose from so you might want to familiarize yourself with them and choose the best one that will suit your DIY wood pallet project.

Finish it off with a few tablepieces that will complement both the coffee table and the room — flowers, candles, and picture frames.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table


Upcycled Pallet Serving Tray

Do not dispose of an old wood pallet just yet! With just a few modifications, you can transform it into a functional serving tray.

What you need to do is cut a close boarded pallet the size of a serving tray, then secure the board on both ends with slats on two sides. Add drawer handles of your choice to make a DIY serving tray. You may want to stain, paint, or design your DIY serving tray before using it for the first time. The photo below shows a weathered wood paint effect.

Now you’re ready to start serving tea and pastries to your friends.

Upcycled Pallet Serving Tray


DIY Outdoor Pallet Bed Swing

Here is a wood pallet project that will capture the interest of both kids and kids at heart. Swings are great for backyard use, but why not upgrade it to a bed swing so that more people can sit back, relax (and even sleep!) at the same time?

If you have two large wood pallets, you are almost there to creating your very own bed swing. Make a headboard out of another piece of wood pallet, then tie the frames up using a sturdy rope. Add cushions and pillows, then hang colorful lanterns that can be lit during the night.

Safety tips: Make sure to tie the ropes properly and do not hang the bed swing on too high. Find a place that is shady and does not get wet all the time. Also, secure the items that you hang on the topmost wood pallet to prevent accidents due to falling objects.

Surprise your kids or your partner with this and you will surely get their smile of approval.

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bed Swing


Wood Pallet Herb Planter

Are you fond of spending your time in the kitchen and tending to your herb garden?

Most chefs and home cooks cannot live without fresh herbs so they grow their own herb gardens. If you haven’t put up one yet or you’re running out of ideas on how to design your own, consider using wood pallets.

A single pallet can hold almost 12 different herbs. First, you either stain or paint your pallet. Then add the necessary slats to make soil pockets. Position your pallet on the wall (check the photo below) to save space. Start growing your herbs or re-planting your grown herbs in each soil pocket. You may also alternate herbs and flowers to make a pretty pattern effect.

To make your herb garden more visually appealing, place chalkboard stickers to label your herbs. Now your herb garden is both functional and decorative. Happy planting!



Rustic Wooden Pallet Chandelier

Chandelier fairy lights? Why not! If somehow you will need a makeover that will surely make a big difference in your private space, save that wooden pallet and create something magical out of it.

To recreate this rustic wooden pallet chandelier, do some staining with your pallet, hang it on the ceiling, then add your fairy lights in each deck spacing. Easy?

To make it a little shabby chic, paint the wooden pallet white or light pink by using the weathered paint technique.

This wooden pallet chandelier also makes a cool decor for weddings and other themed occasions such as baby showers, bridal showers, proposals, etc.


Transforming your space to become inviting does not need to be super costly. All you have to do is think outside of the box, let that creative juices flow while planning to create some DIY projects, and commit to using the old items that may be up-cycled into beautiful pieces.

Shalene Salvatierra

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