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DIY Mail Holder Project

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I think we all would have had some days where we hunt for keys or a pen to write a quick note or wait…who has heard this?

Where is that mail that just came in? I left it on the table. Please don’t tell me the cat took it!’ Sounds familiar?

Well I have, and thought to solve that problem by making a sort of a ‘catch all’ DIY Mail holder. It’s pretty simple to make and with just a few tools, it pretty fast to make too!

Materials & Supply List

  • 10”x24 “inches wide plank
  • 4- Hooks. These I got from ebay . 10 pc was just $1.45
  • 1- Jar
  • 1- Pipe clamp larger than the jar
  • 2- Hanging hooks
  • Acrylic paint
  • Wood glue and nails

Tools Used

  • Saw – Jigsaw, miter saw, hand saw (basically any saw)
  • Drill with drill bits
  • Angle grinder with flap sanding disc
  • A speed square

How to Build a DIY Mail Holder

1. Cut the Wood to Size

Take your 10” wide plank and cut to one 16 inches length and two 3 inches pieces.

2. Fix Hanging Hooks to the Back

Mark where you want the hooks to be and drill with a large drill bit partly but not totally. I sanded it a bit so that when the frame hangs the hooks will recessed. For this I used my angle grinder as I did not have a router to cut a neat slot. Nail the hanging hooks.

3. Fixing the Pipe Clamp

Mark where you would want the pipe clamp to be. Drill the holes. This should be less than the width of the jar. Mark the width of the clamp and drill again.

Drill in the centre of the 2 drill points and move the drill side to side so that a slot appears.

Sand a recess with the angle grinder so that metal clamp stays flat with the plank. This is of course optional. Open up the clamp and pass it through the slot.Adjust the clamp and fix the jar.

4. Cut the Triangles for the Mail Slot

Place the 3” slats across as picture and mark. Then mark a 45 degree angle and cut the triangle.

Take the cut triangle and cut it right in the centre so you get 2 triangles.

5. Glue and Nail the Mail Slot

Take the 10 x3 inch plank you cut earlier and nail half way, this is just to make life easier. Next apply glue to the triangle and place the slat on top and hammer away. The slot is now done.

Mark where the slot needs to be and pre drill the location. Then apply glue and place the slot and nail from the back.

6. Mark and Fix the Hooks

Place hooks where you want them and make nail indentions. I didn’t use a drill because the screws are very tiny. Hammering with a nail and pulling off is sufficient.

7. Paint it!

As I wanted a rustic look I dry bushed with acrylic paint. While the paint dries, feel free to decorate your jar how you wish..

Once the paint dries all you have to do is screw in the hooks and jar and you are done. You can add flowers to the jar or like I did, add some feathers to pens so it completes the boho look.


That’s it! How did you like the first DIY project I shared with you guys? I am excited to know your feedback and it would be great if you all can build this yourself.

If you have any questions about the cut list, materials or want to clarify anything about this project, feel free to comment below and ask away.

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