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11 Creative DIY Table Legs Ideas

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Table DIY plans are incomplete without designing and making gorgeous table legs to add to them as well.

There are innumerable styles that you can design table legs in. Most of these designs are so intricate that simply fixing them under plain tabletops will transform the entire look of the fixture into nothing short of marvelous.

We have put together 11 ultra-creative DIY table legs ideas to inspire your next table DIY project. Take a look and get your toolkits out!

1. DIY X-Shaped Table Legs

DIY X-Shaped Table Legs

X-shaped legs are sturdy, besides looking stylish and adding to the personality of your furniture. On that note, this X-base table design is perfect if you are looking for functional yet stunning DIY table legs ideas.

First up, you need to get dried kiln wood boards and a 4×4” block of wood. Next, measure and cut them to size. Attach three of the boards side by side using glue or screws to make the top. For the next step, you have to secure the 4×4” post to the baseboards using screws and also similarly attach the tabletop.

The part that requires the use of your skills the most is creating the X-shaped pieces. To make it easy, measure and draw the pattern on the floor, place the wooden pieces over it, and then cut them for a perfect shape. All that remains now is screwing the two X-legs to the prepared structure and there, you are done!

For a more visually-appealing finish, you can stain the wood in a dark shade, using three coats of an oil-based stain.

2. DIY Scrap Pine Wood Table Legs

DIY Scrap Pine Wood Table Legs

For folks who love upcycling old pieces of furniture or scrap material lying around, this project from Ecorelics is something you should look at. If you have pieces of pine or any quality wood lying around, you are all set to begin.

For cutting and shaping this piece of wood, you would need either a circular saw or a table saw. You can also opt for a miter saw if you want. It works just as well.

After cutting the pieces, join two of them together using glue such that 8 pieces make 4 legs. A brad nailer can then be used to secure them firmly. To give the legs extra strength and support, add a triangle brace cut out of the same scrap pine, at the top. Lastly, paint the legs in the colors and textures of your choice. There you go! Your custom-made table legs are ready.

For tips on how to use a Brad nailer, read this comprehensive brad nailer guide.

3. DIY Pedestal Leg Table

DIY Pedestal Leg Table

How would you like a table leg that looks exactly like a leg? Not to mention, one that works as a pedestal table on its own. Ingenious, right?

This artful piece of furniture can be crafted entirely from blocks of maple wood by gluing five layers of it together and then molding them in the shape of a leg. For this, you need a paper template that can be traced onto the glued piece of wood. Once the shape is drawn, you can use a power carver to carve the wood accordingly.

Smooth the carved wooden leg with a sander and lastly, assemble the pedestal by screwing the base and tabletop on either end of the leg. All that remains to be done is applying a wood stain for a beautiful finish.

4. DIY Geometric Table Legs

DIY Geometric Table Legs

Another one among DIY table legs ideas involving reclaimed wood, this simple trapezoid design is sure to appeal to lovers of geometric patterns.

For making these table legs, use leftover 2”x4” wood pieces, or buy them from a local timber store. Proceed to cut them down on a table saw so that they are all of the same widths. Follow that up with more precise cuts using a miter saw.

Be mindful of the fact that the edges of the wood pieces are cut at an angle of 10 degrees. Two of these act as the base plates to which the rest of the pieces are attached, giving the legs their angled, geometric look.

Finish the legs by sanding them and then giving them a distressed look by using spray paint.

5. Tapered DIY Table Legs

Tapered DIY Table Legs

This is a simple and basic design that is great for DIY beginners. What’s more, the instructions on making these are uncomplicated as well.

To make tapered legs using this technique, you need only one wooden 1×6 board. This board further needs to be cut into three equal pieces, which are then stacked and glued together. Once the glue dries, use a miter saw to cut and shape the block into four tapered legs. Additionally, the edges can be rounded using an orbital sander.

That’s it. Your DIY table legs are ready. Fit them under a table of any style for a clean contemporary look!

6. DIY Steel Table Legs

DIY Steel Table Legs

Love the idea of industrial yet chic looking tables? Create DIY table legs made out of steel using this plan by HomeMadeModern and add them to your tabletop to get just the look you want.

Apart from the substantial amount of welding involved, the rest of the plan is simple enough. You require steel bars which you can buy from a hardware store. These should then be cut into smaller pieces, according to the measurements provided, using an angled grinder.

Next, use a small electric weld to attach the cut pieces forming a steel bracket. To this, add steel rods that have been cut and fused at one end for the criss-cross design.

Remember to smooth the pointed ends of the legs before adding a plastic dip to form the protective tips.

7. DIY Hairpin Table Legs

DIY Hairpin Table Legs

If you are someone who loves to keep up with what’s trending, hairpin DIY table legs ideas are the ultimate projects for you. This versatile style is easy to create and equally easy to modify to suit your taste.

All you need are an angle iron, flat corner brackets, and a steel rod to begin with. Cut the steel rod into 4 pieces of equal length, use a torch to bend the rod from the middle. The key is to heat the same area of each rod at the same temperature for an identical bend.

The next step is to attach the angle iron to make an assembly fixture and then slide the corner bracket on it. For the finish, weld the ends of the hairpin legs. After this, just apply paint of any color you like to get your perfect modern DIY hairpin table legs.

8. DIY Carved Pedestal Table Legs

DIY Carved Pedestal Table Legs

This intricately carved table base looks straight out of a classic French setting. Agreed, the carving is not easy, but where’s the fun in DIY if you don’t sweat a little? Also, the result of your labor will be this gorgeous table leg, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To start with, you need a few 2×8 wooden boards and one wooden post along with screws and brad nails. Draw the bracket template provided in the plan on the wooden boards and cut them accordingly using a band saw. Once cut, sand the edges for a smooth finish.

Fix the carved bracket pieces to the central wooden post using wood glue and 2” brad nails. Next, apply glue on the top and the bottom of the brackets. Stack the remaining boards over both ends in increasing order of length. If you prefer to have a movable table, you can add wheels at the base of the pedestal.

Done! Your farmhouse style DIY pedestal table legs are completed.

9. DIY Storage Basket Table Legs

DIY Storage Basket Table Legs

DIY table legs ideas that center around out-of-use household items are our favorite. Not only do they help to reclaim the utility of things that would otherwise be sitting as junk, but also prove to be economical.

If you find the detail and care required to complete some of the DIY table legs ideas mentioned above tedious, this one-step project is ideal for you. The only thing you need for this plan is a wired storage basket. Just flip it over and attach a tabletop to it. Voila! The quickest DIY table legs are ready for use.

10. DIY Metal Table Leg Design

DIY Metal Table Leg Design

A variation of the X-shaped design we mentioned above, this DIY idea involves making metal table legs. It takes a fair amount of craftsmanship, but you can always choose to skip the more complicated portions of the plan and only focus on creating a basic frame shaped like an X.

The first step is to print the sketch for easy reference during the entire process. Next, gather supplies, namely, a 2×4 metal tube, screws, and an electric weld. Make the cuts on the metal tube using a band saw and then weld all the pieces together as per the sketch.

A coat of primer on top of the metal frame will enhance the metallic look besides giving it a lasting finish.

11. DIY Wooden Blocks Pedestal Table Legs

DIY Wooden Blocks Pedestal Table Legs

For adding quick and easy table legs to your circular tabletops, follow this DIY plan by Family Handyman. The X-shaped feet enhance the beauty of the design.

You would need four blocks of wood and a few boards as well. The boards need to be cut using a miter saw to make the X-shaped base. After that, you should lay this flat on the ground and then attach the upright wooden posts one on each arm of the X. You can add small wooden blocks under the ends of the arms to elevate the base.

In the end, make sure to use an orbital sander to get a smooth finish. 


This roundup of 11 creative DIY table legs ideas is sure to inspire the DIY lover in you towards creating a stunning set of table legs for your home.

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