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LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36-inch Hybrid Table Saw Review

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Laguna Tools has been one such manufacturing brand that started making power tools for a while now. Known as the best source to get home improvement tools, it has been launching a variety of cutting tools and bandsaws for a while now. The company is notorious for its simple design, the performance index and of course, the optimised price tag which together, are driving it towards the top. While many tools can be used for powering your house, Laguna Tools Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V is among the best to provide you the functionality that you need.

Laguna Tools Fusion Hybrid Table Saw

As the name speaks, so as the game speaks with the Laguna Tools Fusion Series with 36″ Fence. The tool comes with a table top which is made out of cast iron and then treated to be further ground. The final output has a mirror flat surface with the accurate cuts. The tool includes a 27″*20″ table with miter slots each of 3/8″*3/4″ that are fitted with ground wings (made of cast iron, again). The moment you lay eyes on the tool, you will know how accurate it has been designed and once you turn the tool on, you will understand the quiet and smooth functionality of the 10″ blade. If you are interested, you can check out more hybrid table saw reviews on PTG as well.

Thanks to the 1-3/4th Motor, the belt drive and the tri-union which are responsible for the sophistication of the tool. The 36″ fence included in the title is both on the front and back of the saw but it never touches the table and is only responsible for giving you a smooth transition from one cut to another. The dust collection system is explicit and with the 4″ dust port; you can immediately clean the surroundings in a go.


  • Quick Release Riving Knife. The interchangeable knife is compatible to perform multiple actions even when you’re not using the blade guard for non-cutting jobs. It not only offers smooth performance but also can keep you safe from any potential dangers.
  • 36″ Fence. The fence that envelopes the table features the utmost safety keeping you safe even when you’re dealing with hard jobs and it increases the precision of the cutting profile.
  • Adequate Power. The Laguna Tools Table saw has got a motor with 1-3/4 HP and therefore can pull off the professional jobs as well with just the right amount of power.
  • Stability and Cleanliness. As the table is made of iron and is provided with extension and iron wings; you can expect the maximum stability during the cutting process. Also, the 4″ dust port included can keep the surrounding clean by reducing the time that you have to invest in cleaning.
  • In case if you’re looking forward to make this tool more versatile, you can try buying the 52″ Fence kit that contains Aluminum Fence, MDF Table and Table legs as well.
  • Apart from that, the Laguna Tools Fusion Series with 36″ Fence contains a 1-3/4 HP Motor, a cast iron table, a riving knife with quick release technology, a 10″ sawing blade, a 1″ belt drive etc.
  • It also contains miter slots as mentioned above, a 36″ fence rip, a 0-45° tilt in blade angle, a wheel system to support mobility, a blade guard for safety, standard plate for cutting, a 4″ port attached to the dust collection system, an ordinary table that can be extended by 12″ in width, a 15 amp Power meter etc.
  • The fencing system that has been offered both on the front and back has knurled knobs to be adjusted along with the cutting profile.
  • The riving knife has a quick release technology allowing you to score the lines perfectly.
  • The two miter slots allow the blade to glide smoothly and is responsible for hassle-free transition from a measure to another.
  • It is light in weight and therefore can be carried easily and can also be stored easily irrespective of the place, you go.
  • The equipment is not compatible to be used with all kind of materials when you follow the same cutting method. Based on the material you’re cutting, you should be careful and adoptive.
  • Sure, the weight of the table saw is less. But due to the design and shape of the saw, you have to be careful while transporting it from one place to another.
  • The legs are complained to be weak and therefore, you might have to change them after using them for a while to procure stability in cutting.


The Laguna Tools Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V with Riving Knife, has received a total of 4.8 stars out of 5 based on the 13 customer reviews that have been listed on the Amazon website. Considering the rating, it is one of the best-rated power tools that are available on Amazon. Out of the 13 reviews, 85% of the customers have rated it 5/5 while the rest 15% have rated it as 4/5. For a table saw, the rate of success is a directly proportional factor of the final output and the ease with which one can use the tool. Therefore, the Laguna Tools Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V is one such tool which is universally friendly and is a real pleasure to use.


From the critical point of view, one has to be careful while using the saw as some parts of it are mentioned to be delicate and will only last till the warranty period is over. Also, the table edges might eventually become hard making it difficult for you to use. So, make sure that you keep the table lubricated for smooth functioning. In case if the legs and the fence are on the verge of damage, buy the 52″ inch fence kit that comes with few additional parts.

Apart from these, the tool is the best you can find in the market and has been extremely praised by the customers to be used for both personal and professional jobs. However, the instructions given will fail to tell you how to operate the switch and the small bolts that are available on the switch should be figured out.​


Analysing the customer reactions, the tool arrives in a longer wood crate full of foam. The cast iron wings are packed separately and therefore can easily be lifted and placed while installing the saw. The setup instructions were clear and in case if you can’t understand them, there are pictorial representations to guide you through. After lubricating the table and cleaning it off, all you need to do is adjust the blade according to your cutting material and then score the lines by putting a coating of car wax to make the table slick and protect it during the cutting.

All the other parts like the fence, miter slots and blade are aligned just in the right direction. On a whole, the saw is just what you want, considering the price vs performance and also it’s workability with relative to the contractor saw.​


Concluding, Laguna Tools Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V has an easy movement which involves little effort because of the polyethene present for the sliding across the fence. The wheels and the blade tilting are so neatly finished without any imperfections. The saw has a zero percent clearance and can deliver the exact cut outputs that we usually desire.

Usually, we end up spending a lot on the contractor saws but this is the best alternative and considering that we need an electrician to rewire the other prewired table saws, the Laguna Tools Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V is better in this aspect as well; as it doesn’t involve any professional for rewiring and it also acts as a average cabinet saw as well, even when it stands at the top of the list of hybrid saws.​