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8 Awesome Round Picnic Table Plans

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Round tables create inclusiveness and togetherness. However, the shape of a table can affect the mood of those sitting around it.

While a rectangular table may have more room, it keeps some people far away from others and thus reduces communication. Some other table shapes may seem intriguing, but they also lack some qualities round tables bring.

One of the major aims of picnics is to foster bonds and have a good time. This is why round tables are one of the ideal table shapes to use for picnics. With round tables, everybody is close, jokes are heard, and laughter echoes.

However, because of its functionality in picnics, you may be forgiven for thinking a bleh-looking round table is all you can get.

Round tables can be functional and still be the center of attraction. You do not have to sacrifice its aesthetics for effectiveness when you can have both.

If you’re a DIY lover looking to make an outdoor picnic round table, there are many ways you can do this. From simple table designs to captivating styles, the options are limited.

The regular table shapes you’ll find are rectangular or square; finding circular picnic table plans is a huge challenge for many.

People with high woodworking experience can easily make a plan, but you cannot say this with intermediate and new woodworkers. A collection of beautiful round picnic table designs will help people in this category.

We’ve created this piece containing several round picnic table ideas to boost your creative juices. This includes the full plans you can follow to make the tables.

Round Picnic Table Awesome Design Ideas

When it comes to a round picnic table, there are no limitations like its counterpart oval and square, as there are hundreds of unique designs, you would be astonished to see. But that won’t be convenient to put all of them over here. So, we have curated the most awesome ones. Scroll down to check below.

1. X Leg Round Table

X Leg Round Table

Here is a round picnic table with distinct X-shaped legs. The table and accompanying benches have legs that are shaped like X. The benches are also curved slightly to continue the round table shape. The shape is unique and easily noticeable when you look at the design.

You’ll need eight pieces of 2×6 wood to make the table. The design has no special finishing aside from treatment for insects. You’ll need water and UV light-resistant wood since you’ll use it outdoors.

The chairs are moveable, which gives you a lot of room when using the table. However, while moveable chairs make shifting the table to a different location easier, strong winds have soft targets and can easily blow the chairs away.

2. Strong Round Table

Strong Round Table

The round picnic table has strong reinforced legs that ensure it doesn’t break or bend with pressure. It features a wide round table surface and as many chairs as possible around it. The chairs have throw pillows on them for more comfort.

To get its bright milky color, use woods with this hue and avoid finishes that alter its original color. Adding the basket of flowers to the table helps it blend with the surrounding flowers. The flowers also ensure the table doesn’t look out of place.

The extra protection on the table legs ensures it cannot be easily blown away by strong winds. The table can be placed anywhere in your garden, including at the center, without wind protection nearby.

The huge table is a plus for large picnics to accommodate more people. You’ll need water and UV rays-friendly fabrics for the pillows on the chair.

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3. Dark Picnic Table

Dark Picnic Table

The legs of this table are painted black, while the table surface utilizes finishes that make it dark. This setup is great for a home design requiring darker furniture hues.

The table is sturdy and has a huge candle in the center to serve as a source of light at night. The type of chairs around this table requires protection from harsh weather conditions.

The low table height and heavy wooden legs ensure it can withstand any wind. You can even place this table in the middle of your garden without worrying about damage from wind. Unfortunately, the heavy wood table will also cost a considerable amount to build.

4. Round Pallet Table

Round Pallet Table

If you can easily access used pallets, you can make this outdoor table. The pallet wood is finished so that each strip gets a different shade and creates a classic look. Because of its metal legs, you would need some experience in welding to cut and weld them together.

You can place it in the corner of your backyard or make it the center of attraction by having it right in the middle of the garden.

You’ll require different saw types to cut and smoothen the surface of the pallets. The type of finish you employ at the end will also determine the level of shine and smoothness you’ll get.

5. Adirondack Side Picnic Table

Adirondack Side Picnic Table

Adirondack furniture is known for its comfort and simplicity. This Adirondack-style side table for your picnic uses 1×4 10feet long boards to make a portable table you can use for your picnics.

Its finishing contains materials that ensure it doesn’t get damaged under the weather. In addition, the design crosses legs which enhances its simple look. Thanks to this full plan, you can make this table in a few hours with basic woodworking experience.

The table is easy to make and uses fewer materials than other designs of the same size. However, its simplicity affects its ruggedness as this table can easily be blown away by strong winds. Therefore, place the table in areas where it can get some support against strong winds.

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6. Clean Round Table

Clean Round Table

Clean and classy are some words to describe this round picnic table idea. The table starts with an octagonal shape inside the round table. There’s also a center hole where you can add an umbrella to protect you from the sun.

The finish is clear and leaves a shiny feel on the table. Four stable legs ensure you do not have to worry about the table falling over in the heavy wind. You can use any chair available and enjoy this clean round picnic table design.

You will need to sand the table carefully and cover it with several layers of your desired finish to make a clean table like the one up there. The biggest draw to this table is its shiny look, so you must perform frequent maintenance, including resanding and refinishing.

7. Small Picnic Table

Small Picnic Table

While a large table can accommodate more people and meals, likewise way smaller tables are also highly sought after as they can fit into small backyard spaces. Small picnic tables are also great when the picnic is only for 2 or 3 people.

This design uses a thick wooden slab as the table surface. Elongated sturdy legs with dowel joints raise the wooden slab above the ground. The wood slab is not painted but left with its natural wooden color that creates a sharp contrast with the black table legs.

Complete the setup with dark-hued outdoor chairs to match the dark-colored table legs. You can place the table beside your garden or the grass on the concrete ground.

8. Classic Round Picnic Table

Classic Round Picnic Table

You can design a classy round table for your picnics. Also, you don’t have to place the table in your garden before it serves its purpose. Putting the table in your backyard, under the protection of your corridors, can allow you to enjoy picnics in garage weather.

In addition, a bunch of flowers gracing the table bring warmth to the otherwise clear area.

The table has a unique leg style that offers a lot of room for people using it while still providing stability. The chairs around the table are perfect for outdoor use. You can enjoy this setup any time of the year. See the full plan here:

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You can decide to buy a round picnic table and keep it moving or get your hands dirty and your creativity flowing by making the table of your dreams. Take any ideas, follow the plans and create the perfect round table for your picnics. You can use the ideas above as a boost to help your imagination if you can’t seem to get those ideas flowing.

Round tables bring it all together and tend to fit into any available space. The good thing is that you have full plans to follow.